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AEW Dynamite Preview For February 15, 2023

After last week's edition of DYNAMITE, and Bryan Danielson's victory over Rush, the AEW World Championship Match for REVOLUTION 2023 is official! On March 5th, “The American Dragon” will collide with Maxwell Jacob Friedman in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match, but there is still a lot of row to hoe before San Francisco. Part of that road saw The Gunns defeat The Acclaimed to become the new AEW World Tag Team Champions on Wednesday night while Orange Cassidy turned away the All-Atlantic Championship challenge of Lee Moriarty on Friday. Jamie Hayter and MJF turned away their respective Eliminator bout challengers, Ricky Starks was frustrated in his Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet, The BCC won their Trios battle with Kip, The Butcher, and The Blade, and we saw Dustin Rhodes assaulted by Mogul Affiliates.

This Wednesday on TBS, DYNAMITE hails from Laredo, TX and the Sames Auto Arena! The AEW World Champion is contractually obligated to appear, we will hear from both Adam Cole and Wardlow during the course of the night, and The BCC will be in Texas Tornado action against LFI. Plus, with REVOLUTION 2023 on the horizon, The Acclaimed, Orange Cassidy, and Daddy Ass will be in 8-Man action against Jay Lethal's contingent, Hangman Page will collide with Kip Sabian, and Mark Briscoe will dance with “The Technical Beast” Josh Woods!

The fights get started at 6pm CT, with DYNAMITE going live at 8pm ET/7pm CT on TBS, and at for our international audiences! The best place to get ready for the action is, of course, the official AEW YouTube channel where highlights from DYNAMITE and RAMPAGE live, as well as the every edition of AEW DARK: ELEVATION, AEW DARK, and ROAD TO!


The Blackpool Combat Club (ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli & Jon Moxley)


La Faccion Ingobernable (Preston Vance & Rush)

There has been speculation about Bryan Danielson's standing within The Blackpool Combat Club over the last several months; whispers about their continued affiliation, questions about The American Dragon's status, especially when he has largely stood on his own during this quest to claim a World Championship match with MJF. Fans have seen Konosuke Takeshita come to Danielson's aid while BCC members were nowhere to be found, and aside from Bryan's tag bout alongside Moxley on the January 6th RAMPAGE, it seems as if this fourth of the BCC is an island.

Bryan has continued wearing The Blackpool colors, and has the BCC letters emblazoned on his ring gear, then on this past Wednesday it all came back together when the other three-quarters of The BCC came to the aid of “The American Dragon” as his rather helpless person was assaulted by MJF and LFI. Clearly the ties that bind The Blackpool Combat Club were still strong, and that will be further evidenced this Wednesday night on DYNAMITE with ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli and former 3-Time AEW World Champion Jon Moxley collide with former 2-Time ROH World Champion Rush and “El Perro Peligroso” Preston Vance in a Texas Tornado Match!

This has chaos written all over it; all four men fighting at the same time, Rush and Jon Moxley using anything not nailed down (and a few items that are) as weapons, Claudio and Vance trying to see who really is the strongest man in the locker room, and just general violence taking place at every turn. This is a bit of BCC evening the score for one of their own, even if he has seemed distant from the family as of late, and it's going to be a wild night in Laredo!


“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Kip Sabian

Rewind to July 13, 2019, the original AEW FIGHT FOR THE FALLEN event, three months before the first episode of DYNAMITE, and just the third show held under the All Elite Wrestling banner. That night, in a nineteen minute battle, “Hangman” Adam Page defeated “SuperBad” Kip Sabian in a one-on-one battle. At that point, by virtue of winning the Casino Battle Royal at DOUBLE OR NOTHING 2019, Page had already secured his spot in the AEW World Championship battle at ALL OUT 2019, this was a matter of maintaining momentum heading into that September pay-per-view extravaganza.

For Sabian however, it was an opportunity to upset the apple cart, and use a win to throw a huge wrench into the machine. It was a chance to put doubt into people's minds that Hangman was deserving of his opportunity, but instead it served to further solidify Hangman's momentum heading towards his collision with Chris Jericho.

Fast forward to February 2023; Hangman Page has reigned as both AEW World Tag Team Champion and AEW World Champion, he's been victorious in the Casino Ladder Match, and become one of the faces of All Elite Wrestling. His recent wars with Jon Moxley have further cemented his status as one of the elite competitors in the men's locker room, despite the injury sustained in the first fight, and now Hangman has to circle back to his AEW origins this Wednesday in Laredo.

As for Kip Sabian, after a strong start to his AEW career, one that saw him score the first victory in the first singles match in company history when he beat Sammy Guevara at DOUBLE OR NOTHING 2019, an injury saw his momentum seemingly grind to a screeching halt. But instead of just sitting on the shelf rehabbing for his eventual return, Kip took the time to explore himself, to find who he really is inside his soul, but to call it a reinvention would be inaccurate. Kip's transformation from who he was in 2019 to the box-headed enigma wandering around live events, both AEW and even New York Comic Con, to the man who assaulted “The Bastard” PAC to herald his return to action, it has been more revelation than reinvention.

So now this rematch, over three years in the making, will take place on Wednesday night with both men drastically changed from who they were in July 2019. They've grown, matured, even gained an edge that wasn't there before, and both men will bring to bear all they've acquired when they lock horns this Wednesday in Laredo. Will history repeat itself?


ROH World Tag Team Champion Mark Briscoe vs. “The Technical Beast” Josh Woods

In the history of ROH, The Briscoe brothers are Hall of Fame legends; thirteen-time ROH World Tag Team Champions, Jay a former 2-Time ROH World Champion, both involved in the first official match in ROH history, and part of the greatest tag team trilogy in modern wrestling with their FTR bouts. Now, with the tragic passing of Jay Briscoe, Mark ventures forward into All Elite Wrestling on his own; it started with he and Jay Lethal's tribute to Jay on DYNAMITE, and continues this week in Laredo with an old familiar foe in “The Technical Beast” Josh Woods.

For Mark and Josh, this will mark the third one-on-one meeting of their careers, the first taking place STATE OF THE ART, NIGHT 2 in June 2019, and the second being one of the most...unique...bouts in ROH's history at ROH UNAUTHORIZED five months later. They've been tag team foes, and they've been tag team partners, but now it comes back around with this third singles match live on DYNAMITE.

Mark scored the victory in both prior meetings, but it's been over three years since that last head-to-head clash, and Woods has become quite a different animal in that time. His skills have been honed, sharpened, and now he'll get the chance to show Mark Briscoe how he's grown in that time. Can Josh spoil Mark's DYNAMITE outing?


Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D vs. Ruby Soho vs. Toni Storm

This match should've gone down several weeks ago, but an injury inflicted upon Britt by Saraya and Storm turned it into a singles bout between Ruby and Toni Storm. Soho stopped Storm that night, but that didn't mean it quelled any questions about where her allegiances lie; with the women with whom she shares a similar background or the women of AEW who have been referred to as “homegrown”.

Last week on RAMPAGE, when a brawl erupted between Saraya, Storm, Baker, and Hayter erupted in the aftermath of Soho's victory against Marina Shafir, Soho just stood by inside the ring and watched the chaos unfold. She didn't move towards either side of the fight, merely let the four women tear each other apart outside the ring, as Excalibur announced that this Three Way Match would go down in Laredo.

So with this dynamic, will Ruby be forced to pick a side? Will either Britt Baker or Toni Storm expect Soho to pick a side in order to team-up against the odd woman out? Or can Ruby simply not pick a side and follow her own path in this situation? After all, she could just punch both of them in the mouth...


Adam Cole returned to the AEW ring for the first-time in months back in Los Angeles, and the anticipation for his return to in-ring competition is reaching a fever pitch. With each passing day, fans are clamoring to see the only 3-Time ROH World Champion step back into the squared circle for his first match since FORBIDDEN DOOR 2022 back in June.

This Wednesday night, when Adam Cole has story time with Renee Paquette, perhaps we will all get a stronger idea of what the future holds for Adam, and just when we may see him back in action!


The former TNT Champion returned to the scene following Samoa Joe's victory over Darby Allin a few weeks back, and after how he was humiliated by the self-proclaimed “King of Television”, his sights were obviously set on just one man. As the ROH World Television & 2-Time TNT Champion, Samoa Joe always has a target on his back, but now “The War Dog” also has his scent, and it's only a matter of time before he sinks his teeth in Joe.

Before that moment comes though, Wardlow will sit-down with the legendary Jim Ross for a very special interview, one that “Mr. Mayhem” was said will get very personal. Throughout his Hall of Fame broadcasting career, Jim Ross has been known to conduct some hard-hitting one-on-one interviews, and it sounds like Wardlow is ready to deliver one of his own come Wednesday night.


“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs. ROH World Six Man Champion Brian Cage

At WINTER IS COMING 2022, “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry picked up a singles victory over “The Machine” Brian Cage in their very first singles encounter. The roll-up pinfall came after Cage accidentally struck Prince Nana, leaving “The Machine” open for Jack to get the win, and it appears that has done nothing but eat Brian Cage up since December.

This Wednesday night on DYNAMITE, Brian Cage will have an opportunity to even the score with JB when they meet in their second singles match live on TBS! Now Jack Perry has declared that 2023 will be the year he wins his first singles championship in AEW, but Cage aims to stop that momentum in its tracks, and get a measure of revenge for last year's defeat. If “Jungle Boy” wants to keep his championship hopes alive, he's going to have to repeat his 2022 success against Brian Cage, otherwise his championship dream may have to remain just that.


All-Atlantic Champion Orange Cassidy, The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster), & Daddy Ass


Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh, & Sonjay Dutt

The Lethal Quartet has managed to make enemies of oh so many individuals in All Elite Wrestling and done so in short order. This Wednesday night in Laredo, Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh, and Sonjay Dutt will have to answer to four such men when the collide with All-Atlantic Champion Orange Cassidy, Daddy Ass, and the recently-dethroned AEW World Tag Team Champion Acclaimed in an eight-man tag team battle!

The Acclaimed turned away the challenge of Lethal and Jarrett twice in their championship reign, Orange Cassidy did the same with Jay in their All-Atlantic Championship bout but Lethal holds a victory over OC prior to his championship victory. OC and The Best Friends have danced with Lethal, Satnam, and Sonjay in Trios action, but this will be the very first time that OC has stood on the same side of the ring as The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass!

It's certainly a case of strange bedfellows, but sharing mutual enemies has a tendency to create that kind of situation. Can that foursome work together to topple Lethal's legion this Wednesday on DYNAMITE?


After brutally assaulting “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson following his victory over Rush, AEW World Champion is contractually obligated to appear in Laredo this Wednesday night for DYNAMITE. With less than two weeks to go before he faces Danielson at REVOLUTION 2023 in an Iron Man Match, what will MJF bring to the table? He's already demonstrated to fans time and again that he's a complete scumbag with no redeeming traits, what else can he do before that championship fight to convince himself as well?

All Elite Wrestling is back in Texas this week with a massive edition of DYNAMITE for our debut in Laredo at the Sames Auto Arena! REVOLUTION 2023 is just over two weeks away, Bryan Danielson has secured his AEW World Championship fight against MJF, but there's still so much to be set! With that in mind, we've got a huge 8-Man tag on tap, Hangman battling Sabian, a Three Way Dance between some of the best in the Women's Division, The BCC dancing with LFI in a Texas Tornado Tag, and so much more!

The excitement gets underway at 8pm ET/7pm CT live on TBS, and at for our international audiences! Be sure to visit the official AEW YouTube channel for highlights from last week's episodes of DYNAMITE and RAMPAGE, as well as the most recent editions of AEW DARK: ELEVATION, AEW DARK, and ROAD TO!


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