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AEW Dynamite Preview for June 4, 2021

After a tremendous DOUBLE OR NOTHING 2021 pay-per-view event, with our raucous fans back in the house at full capacity, All Elite Wrestling is coming back for another special FRIDAY NIGHT DYNAMITE this week!

DoN 2021 saw the World, Tag Team, and TNT champions retain their titles in hard-fought battles, as a brand new Women's World Champion was crowned in Britt Baker, and Jungle Boy Jack Perry earned himself a future shot at Kenny Omega's championship. Plus, the jam-packed house and all the fans watching on BRLive (Order Replay) were witness to the legendary Sting making his return to live action for the first time in six years, and welcomed “The World's Strongest Man” Mark Henry to the AEW Family!

This week, the fallout from DOUBLE OR NOTHING 2021 unfolds as The Young Bucks are right back in tag team action, Dr. Britt Baker celebrates her championship victory, and The Factory/Nightmare Family war continues in two distinct bouts! It's FRIDAY NIGHT DYNAMITE, live on TNT at 10pm EST/9pm CST, or available at for our International audience! Do not miss out as the All Elite Summer gets underway this Friday night, and be sure to catch all the exciting content on the official AEW YouTube page (Watch Here) like the superb NWA World Women's Title match from THE BUY-IN, AEW DARK: ELEVATION, AEW DARK, WRESTLING WITH THE WEEK, and more!!!


World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. The Death Triangle (PAC & Penta El Zero Miedo)

On Sunday night at DOUBLE OR NOTHING 2021, The Young Bucks went through hell in order to retain their World Tag Team Titles against Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley. Both teams pulled out every last trick, in the case of Matt and Nick that certainly means every dirty trick from The Good Brothers to cold spray, but after multiple BTE Triggers to Mox, the heated contest came to an end with the champs remaining the champs. One would think that might earn them a night off for DYNAMITE, but instead it is out of the frying pan and into the fire!

On Friday night The Young Bucks renew a rivalry with The Death Triangle, but instead of the PAC/Rey Fenix pairing who lost their World Tag Team Title bid on April 14th or The Lucha Brothers with whom the brothers Jackson have had their share of wars, it will be the first-time ever pairing of PAC and Penta El Zero Miedo. They've united in Six-Man and Ten-Man tags, they've even been opponents in their pre-AEW careers, but June 4th will mark their first night as a duo, and what a bout for that experience!

Three of the four men here have got to be feeling less than 100% after their experiences at DoN, Matt and Nick went through that aforementioned tag team fight while PAC was on the receiving end of FOUR shots from four different title belts courtesy of Kenny Omega. Penta experienced the least punishment on Sunday, competing as part of the Casino Battle Royale where he was eliminated by eventual winner Jungle Boy. That may be the best advantage Death Triangle has here because the edge as a team is clearly in the favor of the World Tag Team Champions given their lifetime together as brothers, and their near two decades as a tag team.

This is a golden opportunity for Death Triangle though, as a victory over The Young Bucks would immediately catapult them into title contention in this World Tag Title Eliminator match-up. They, much like their Elite brother Kenny Omega, could find an unexpected challenger coming after their titles in short order, and with just a few days to recover from the hellacious fight against Moxley/Kingston, The Young Bucks could be ripe for the picking.


She did it; Sunday night at DOUBLE OR NOTHING 2021, Dr. Britt Baker accomplished the goal she had set for herself way back when she was the first woman signed by All Elite Wrestling over two years ago. On May 30th, Baker ended the historic 372 day title reign of Hikaru Shida on her ninth defense and began The Era Of D.M.D!

Baker is certainly ecstatic about her new status as the Women's World Champion, she has every right to be because she worked hard to get to this point, she earned her way to the top of the heap, and now Britt can definitively own that “face of the women's division” moniker she affixed to herself some time ago. This week on FRIDAY NIGHT DYNAMITE, the Good Doctor will celebrate her championship success live on TNT, but the festivities may be a short-lived as a certain former NWA World Women's Champion has her eyes once more fixed on Baker now that she's got the AEW Women's World Title:

Will fans get to see a rematch of that epic Unsanctioned Lights Out Match down the line? If Thunder Rosa gets her wish, and maintains her top rankings, then this Friday night might be the only chance Dr. Britt Baker gets to celebrate her championship conquest.


“The Natural” Dustin Rhodes vs. Nick Comoroto (w/ The Factory)

On Sunday night, during the Casino Battle Royale, Dustin Rhodes managed to eliminate Ten and Nick Comoroto simultaneously but would suffer for it in short order when The Factory member cracked Rhodes across the head with his own bull rope prior to Dustin's elimination. Suffice to say, as can be heard in the tweet embedded above, none of this sits well with “The Natural” and his time for revenge is at hand.

Friday night, that bull rope is fair game when Rhodes and Comoroto meet one-on-one, and although Comoroto is a younger and more powerful athlete, one capable of having a wooden chair smashed over his head and just shrugging it off, he is not the master of the bull rope. Rhodes, on the other hand, has done battle against men like Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, Black Bart, Steve Corino, and Raven under these stipulations and emerged victorious against all of them. This is his match, one which Rhodes has defined, and he enters into it on DYNAMITE in defense of himself and his family.

In his AEW tenure, Comoroto has had matches with Jon Moxley, Darby Allin, and Scorpio Sky, but this is certainly the biggest fight of his time thus far. A victory here is career-defining for Comoroto, the ability to say he beat Rhodes in a Bull Rope match is a bragging right no one else can claim, and would be a huge boost to The Factory as a whole.

Will it be the power and youth of Comoroto that wins the day, or the passion and experience of Rhodes? Tune into TNT on Friday night to see it go down!


“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes/”Big Shotty” Lee Johnson vs. QT Marshall/Anthony Ogogo

And speaking of The Factory and Nightmare Family feud, on the heels of their clash at DOUBLE OR NOTHING 2021, Cody Rhodes and Anthony Ogogo will meet once more, this time in tag team action! Rhodes, who took a hellacious beating from The Guv'nor on Sunday, will unite with “Big Shotty” to take on Ogogo and AEW's own Benedict Arnold, QT Marshall.

In that fight on Sunday, Rhodes' ribs were battered by the hands of Ogogo while the Olympic Bronze Medalist found his head split open and felt his own blood trickle down the face. The drastic edge in wrestling experience was certainly a huge part in helping Rhodes pick up the victory, not to mention that vicious Vertebreaker that ended it, but Ogogo showed himself a prime time player with a huge upside. QT has an absolute diamond with The Guv'nor on The Factory's side of this fight, and this weekend on DYNAMITE, he and Ogogo have a second chance to take Cody down.

Psychologically speaking though, it has to gnaw at both men that Cody has beaten each of them in singles bouts over the last month; Ogogo took the “L” on Sunday, and Marshall at DYNAMITE: BLOOD & GUTS on May 5th. Factor in the victory Cody holds over another Factory member, Aaron Solow, back at THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS on April 9th, and there must be some frustration on the part of QT with how his men have performed against Rhodes.

That can all be changed in one night though, one match can make all the difference, and with this tag team affair going down on Friday night, as well as the Rhodes/Comoroto Bull Rope match, the time could be at hand for The Factory to decimate The Nightmare Family.


Mark Henry has long been hailed as “The World's Strongest Man”, even before he entered into professional wrestling twenty-five years ago, and now this Olympian will bring the experiences that made him a Hall of Famer to All Elite Wrestling!

Starting August 13th, with the premiere edition of AEW RAMPAGE on TNT, Mark Henry will join the commentary team to offer his expert analysis! Having honed his broadcasting skills as a co-host on SiriusXM's Busted Open program, Henry brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the broadcast booth, complimenting AEW's tremendous commentary squad of Excalibur, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Paul Wight, and Taz.

This Friday night, we will hear from AEW's newest acquisition when Mark Henry joins us LIVE on TNT for DYNAMITE!


2021 Casino Battle Royale Winner (#1 Singles) Jungle Boy & Christian


(#3 Tag Team) Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen)

Next week on DYNAMITE, Jungle Boy will reap his rewards for winning the Casino Battle Royale and challenge Kenny Omega for the AEW World Title. Before he can focus on that potentially life-changing evening though, he has to turn his attention to The Hardy Family Office and specifically the number three ranked Private Party.

At DOUBLE OR NOTHING 2021, Jungle dumped Kassidy while Cage eliminated Quen just a few seconds later. Matt Hardy got it in his head that he and Christian Cage would unite to get rid of Jungle Boy, presumably based off their shared history, but would actually end up eliminated by Cage just like King Marq before him. That left Jungle Boy in a familiar position as one of the last two men standing in a Battle Royale situation.

He had been there before in the TNT Title contender Battle Royale during the 5/27/20 DYNAMITE with Orange Cassidy and would win out to challenge Cody Rhodes for that newly minted championship. Jungle Boy would be there again at REVOLUTION 2021 in the Casino Tag Team Royale, that night opposite Rey Fenix, but it would be the Death Triangle member who would end up the victor. Sunday night it was the legendary Christian Cage standing in Jungle's way of becoming the top contender for the AEW World Title, and after several minutes with just the two of them in the ring, it would be the Jurassic Express member who came out the winner! Cage, having been in there since the start some twenty-four minutes prior, would congratulate Jungle, but it's what happened following the pay-per-view that set the stage for Friday night.

As seen in the video embedded above from DARK: ELEVATION, everything went to hell when Tony Schiavone attempted to interview Jungle Boy about the victory. It began with Christian Cage coming out to show his admiration for Jungle Boy despite the loss, turned into Matt Hardy and Private Party interrupting the moment in a tasteless example of poor sportsmanship, and ended with all the competitors fighting outside the ring.

In short order this tag team bout was signed for FRIDAY NIGHT DYNAMITE, and now it is time for Big Money Matt Hardy to put that money where his mouth is! Except, as is often the case with Hardy since forming the HFO, it's not Matt who is doing the fighting but rather the men whose money he takes a cut of every single pay day, Private Party of Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen. Financial dealings aside, Kassidy and Quen can take some solace in knowing that with Hardy in their corner, they've got a mind that knows Christian Cage just about as well as anyone else in the wrestling world.

It's been over a decade since they last shared a ring, but with the time spent together before that and the wars they went through during it all, Hardy and Cage are bonded like few others. That inside info may be the key Private Party needs to toppling the #1 Contender and Christian Cage!


Red Velvet vs. The Bunny

As seen on DARK: ELEVATION, The Bunny and Nyla Rose stole a win from Red Velvet and Big Swole thanks to an assist from The Blade and a pair of brass knux he had stashed away. The chance for vengeance comes in short order though as The Bunny must face Red Velvet in a one-on-one contest during FRIDAY NIGHT DYNAMITE!

Both women have looked incredibly impressive in their singles outings, but neither are currently in the top rankings at this moment. Not only does this bout allow an opportunity to settle a score, it is also the kind of match-up that plays well into rankings consideration, which means ever closer to a title fight with the new AEW Women's World Champion Dr. Britt Baker!

Which of these women will rise to the occasion LIVE on Friday night? Tune into TNT at 10pm EST to find out!


On Sunday night, Sting stepped into the ring in front of a live audience for the first time in six years to one of the loudest responses AEW has experienced to date! A sold-out Daily's Place was ecstatic to welcome the legend to DOUBLE OR NOTHING 2021, and in-turn, he and Darby Allin gave the fans a tremendous showing in their victory over Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky. It was truly electric to witness Sting counter Sky's Slingshot Cutter into the Scorpion Death Drop, and cover the original AEW World Tag Team Champion to score the win for his team.

Friday night on DYNAMITE, we will hear from the former TNT Champion and The Icon in the aftermath of Sting's triumphant return to action!


The Inner Circle conquered their foes on Sunday night at Stadium Stampede II when Sammy Guevara pinned Shawn Spears to score the victory for his team. One year prior, Inner Circle was on the losing end of the wild, unpredictable bout but this time out, it was Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Ortiz, Santana, and Sammy who survived the fight to stand tall in the closing moments of DOUBLE OR NOTHING 2021!

On Friday night, The Inner Circle will take a well-earned victory lap for their Stadium Stampede triumph! Will they mange to celebrate the moment without a hitch, or will we also end up stuck with an insufferable MJF shoving his nose into this one?


On Friday night, we will also hear from the TNT Champion Miro in the aftermath of his hard-hitting victory over “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer. Those two behemoths had what Jim Ross would certainly call a slobbernocker at DOUBLE OR NOTHING 2021, and now Miro will be in the house to address that fight and what is next!

The Era of D.M.D begins! Mark Henry introduces himself to the AEW audience! The Young Bucks & Death Triangle rivalry renews! Factory versus Family! What else will we see this week on a special FRIDAY NIGHT DYNAMITE?!!? Tune into TNT at 10pm EST/9pm CST or on if you're in the International audience! And be sure to check the official AEW YouTube (Watch Here) channel for episodes of DARK: ELEVATION, AEW DARK, INSIDE THE RING, and more for that All Elite Experience!!


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