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AEW Rampage Results for May 20, 2022


Tonight’s episode of AEW RAMPAGE was broadcast from the Fertitta Center in Houston, TX!

It’s Friday and you know what that means!

Tonight’s announce team was Excalibur, “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz, and “The Wizard” Chris Jericho.

Trios Match!

The House of Black—Brody King, Buddy Matthews, & Malakai Black


Fuego Del Sol & The Dark Order—Evil Uno and Ten!

Evil Uno tried to take the attack to Brody King, but Brody King quickly outmuscled Uno and tagged in Malakai Black!

Malakai Black fired in some big kicks to Evil Uno, but Evil Uno knocked Black off his feet with a shoulder tackle. Ten tagged in and used a belly-to-belly suplex on Black. Malakai Black used a leg capture into a heel hook on Ten.

Ten chopped away at Black and then Fuego Del Sol tagged himself in! Fuego ate an arm drag from Malakai Black. Buddy Matthews tagged in and stomped down on Fuego Del Sol’s arm. Buddy Matthews snapped Fuego Del Sol’s arm, making a hand gesture to mock Penta Oscura and send a message to Death Triangle.

The House of Black triple teamed Evil Uno with stereo kicks.

“The House of Black have singled out Evil Uno,” said Taz.

Fuego Del Sol tagged in but was knocked off the apron onto the arena floor by Brody King. Outside the ring, Brody King chopped away at Fuego Del Sol. Brody King brought Fuego back into the ring and continued to punish Fuego.

Ten tagged in and cleaned house…on the House of Black! Ten ducked a roundhouse from Malakai Black. Dark Order used tandem offense on Malakai Black. Ten tried a double chokeslam on Buddy and Malakai but Malakai escaped and applied a knee bar to Ten! Evil Uno ran in and saved his Dark Order stablemate. Ten rocked Malakai with a discus lariat.

Evil Uno and Brody King tagged in for their respective teams. Evil Uno waffled Brody with several running boots, chopping Brody down to size. Matthews nailed Fuego with a DDT on the ramp! Brody finished off Evil Uno with a gonzo bomb for the three count!

After the match, Death Triangle walked onto the ramp. Penta Oscura unveiled a tombstone that was engraved “House of Black” and “Double Or Nothing,” and they will face off at the DOUBLE OR NOTHING pay-per-view!

“The Chairman” Shawn Spears vs. Big Damo!

“Shawn Spears, the giant killer, is on a mission to show that he can take out Wardlow this Wednesday on DYNAMITE in the steel cage match,” said Excalibur.

Big Damo charged in at Spears but Spears left the ring. Spears kicked Damo in the jaw but Damo shrugged it off. Big Damo hit a running cross body block on Spears on the arena floor! Damo followed up with a cannonball senton on Spears. Damo tried for a Vader Bomb but Spears dodged it.

Spears cracked Big Damo with a big knee! Spears delivered the C4 to Big Damo and pinned him, sending a message to Wardlow at the same time!

Spears: “I told you all that I was Wardlow’s kryptonite. Two days ago I left him in the ring, proving he’s not Superman. Next week in the main event, Shawn Spears isn’t going to be in the steel cage with Wardlow. No, Wardlow will be locked in the ring with the ‘giant killer’ Shawn Spears.”

Backstage, the Undisputed Elite had some choice words.

The Bucks challenged the Hardys at DOUBLE OR NOTHING. “We are cordially inviting you to a superkick party,” said Matt Jackson.

Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Quarter-Final Match!

Kris Statlander vs. Red Velvet (with TBS Champion Jade Cargill, “Smart” Mark Sterling, and Kiera Hogan)!

Ruby Soho joined the commentary team for this match.

Red Velvet slapped Kris in the corner. Statlander powerslammed Red Velvet! Statlander rag dolled Red Velvet. Kris attempted a baseball slide but Red Velvet lifted the ring skirt, capturing Kris in it. Red Velvet tried to jump on Statlander but Statlander grabbed Red Velvet and planted her hard on the ring apron!

Kris blasted Red Velvet with a massive German suplex for a near fall! Red Velvet rallied back with the Final Slice on Statlander but Statlander kicked out! Red Velvet fired off elbow strikes to Statlander.

Kris planted Red Velvet with the Blue Thunder Bomb! Red Velvet came back with a double knee strike, and then flattened Kris for a (very) near fall!

“Velvet can’t believe it,” said Chris Jericho.

“What a battle here!” said Taz.

Kris blocked a kick from Red Velvet and then rolled up Red to pin her!

Kris Statlander advances!

The baddies attacked Kris from behind. Ruby Soho ran down to even up the odds. Jade Cargill jumped into the ring and neutralized Ruby! Anna Jay grabbed Sterling’s crutch and forced Jade and the baddies to retreat!

Scorpio Sky was out to demand the return of his TNT Championship, along with American Top Team’s Dan Lambert, and “All Ego” Ethan Page!

Page: “Bad things happen to people when they cross the Men of the Year and ATT. I’d have you ask the Inner Circle but they don’t exist anymore. Better yet, why don’t you see what we did to Sammy and Tay.”

Sky: “Talking is not something I came out here to do, so Sammy, bring out my belt or I’ll come back there and bury you.”

Sammy and Tay appeared on the big screen. They were outside the arena. Sammy threatened to smash the belt with a sledge hammer unless Scorpio Sky gave him another match. Sky wouldn’t budge, so Sammy began to smash the TNT Title with the sledge hammer. Frankie Kazarian joined in and he finished off the belt, breaking it into pieces with the sledge hammer.

Backstage, Jade Cargill announced she’ll defend her championship against Anna Jay at DOUBLE OR NOTHING!

Main Event Time!

The Blackpool Combat Club—“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley

vs. Dante Martin & Matt Sydal!

William Regal joined the commentary team for this match. Jake Hager stood behind Chris Jericho.

The Blackpool Combat Club charged Dante and Matt as the match began. Danielson rocked Dante Martin with a European uppercut! Moxley tagged in and connected with a big kick to Dante.

Danielson tagged in and stomped on Dante’s leg. Danielson locked on the Romero Special. Bryan clubbed Dante with forearms. Moxley tagged in and started to box Dante Martin.

“Dante Martin desperately needs to make a tag,” said Excalibur.

Finally Sydal tagged in and chopped Mox’s legs with kicks. Matt Sydal was using rapid fire pinfall attempts, trying to tax Mox’s cardio conditioning. Moxley snatched Sydal out of thin air and dropped him across the ring ropes. Danielson tagged in and nailed Sydal with a diving knee strike!

Dante tagged in a hit a huge cross body press on Danielson. Moxley made the save, breaking up the pin. Dante climbed to the top rope but Danielson shut him down, superplexing Dante. Bryan transitioned into the LeBell Lock. Dante, showing off his heart, clawed his way to the ropes, finally reaching it with his boot.

Danielson, frustrated, began dishing crushing round kicks to Dante Martin. Moxley tagged in but Sydal disrupted things. Sydal and Martin used stereo roundhouses on Moxley. Dante surprised Mox with the Nosebleed but Danielson broke up the pin attempt. Dante attempted a poison rana off the middle rope but Mox caught him! Dante pushed off the turnbuckles for a near fall on Mox.

Moxley spiked Dante with a piledriver for a two-count!

“This kid is showing some fire here,” said Jericho.

Moxley started torturing Dante with the hammer and anvil elbow strike. Mox pinned Dante after crushing him with the Paradigm Shift!

Jericho and Hager ambushed Moxley and Danielson after the match! Santana, Ortiz and Kingston rang out to even up the odds and they brawled with the Jericho Appreciation Society as the show went off the air!

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas, NV on the final stretch before DOUBLE OR NOTHING!

And remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling!


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