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Bullet Club Gold Are The Unified World Trios Champions

Winner Takes All! Titles for Titles!

AEW World Trios Champs The Acclaimed—Anthony Bowens, Max Caster, & Daddy Ass


ROH World Six-Man Champs The Bang Bang Gang— “Switchblade” Jay White & The Gunns—Austin & Colten Gunn!

Bowens back body dropped Colten. Austin grabbed a blind tag and tripped up Bowens. Daddy Ass tagged in and used a side headlock takeover on Austin. Daddy Ass clubbed Austin with a clothesline.

Jay White tagged in and battered Billy Gunn in the corner. Colten grabbed a blind tag and hit Billy from behind. Billy didn’t budge. Billy clocked Colten and tagged Max Caster. “Platinum” Max held Austin while Bowens hit the Scissor Me Timbers.

Colten cracked Billy with the Fame Asser. Jay White struck Billy with the baseball bat as the ref had his back turned. The Gunns nailed Billy with the 3:10 to Yuma but Billy kicked out of Colten’s pin attempt! White planted Bowens with a uranage. Billy countered a dragon suplex by Jay White with a Fame Asser. Jay White avoided a second Fame Asser and countered with the Blade Runner on Billy, scoring the pin!

The Bang Bang Gang are your new Unified World Trios Champions!

“Bullet Club Gold got the gold. Wow!” said Taz.


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