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Bye, Bye, Bye....The Best Friends & The Dark Order Vie For The Bye

There is virtually no common ground between The Dark Order and The Best Friends. Even from the most basic standpoints of their look and their wrestling styles, the two teams who will compete at “All Out” for a bye in the AEW Tag Title Tournament could not be more different.

Take The Dark Order first: in Evil Uno, you have a masked monster who is perpetually surrounded by an army of...devotees...that use their bodies to create a human throne upon which Uno sits as they congregate around him. In Stu Grayson, you have a shredded engine of destruction, a man who seemingly exists for no reason other than to inflict pain upon his opponents. These two men have operated as partners since 2006, where they united on the independent scene in Quebec, and have been tag team champions across multiple companies, including Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

After making their presence felt on the first two AEW events, including attacking The Best Friends and Jack Evans/Angelico at “Double or Nothing” and sending a video threat to The Best Friends at “Fyter Fest” (Watch Here) after their victory, Uno & Grayson stepped into competition for the first time at “Fight For The Fallen. The duo proved dominant that night over Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus as well as Jack & Angelico, and now they roll towards Chicago and “All Out”...

As For The Best Friends, Chuck Taylor and Trent, there may be six years of partnership, a partnership that saw its birth during PWG's 2013 “Battle of Los Angeles” event by the way, but there is a distinct lack of championship titles in their mutual history. They have battled across the world together prior to stepping in the AEW ring, and faced off against the best competition the world has to offer, including members of The Elite, but a championship reign has eluded them thus far.

One thing that has not eluded The Best Friends since their AEW debut though is success; in their two outings as a team, they have scored victory on both occasions. First at “DoN” where they defeated Jack Evans & Angelico, and then at “Fyter Fest” where Chuck and Trent beat both Private Party and SCU, as represented by Kazarian and Sky (Watch Here). That victory mind you, put them in the position they are now in for “All Out”...

On July 26th though, as part of the PWG “Sixteen” event, it should be acknowledged that The Dark Order did technically defeat The Best Friends after Trent was caught using a low blow, albeit only after he and his partner were on the receiving end of several of the same from Evil Uno & Grayson. The Dark Order also scored a recent victory over The Strong Hearts duo of El Lindaman & T-Hawk at the OWE Toronto event on August 7th. So suffice it to say, both teams are heading towards the match at “All Out” with considerable momentum behind them and, thanks to the events of “Sixteen” and what came before, a definite grudge to be resolved.

Just listen to the words of The Best Friends from “The Road To AEW All Out – Episode 5” here (Watch Here), and you'll get all you need to know about their mentality going into the “All Out” pay-per-view event: “We don't need a bye...” screams the level of confidence Trent and Chuck feel about this entire Tag Team Title Tournament.

Regardless of if they want it, a bye in that tournament will be the prize at stake when The Best Friends meet The Dark Order on August 31st at “All Out”, live on Pay-per-view! It starts at 8pm EST and you can read all the details on how to order right here on B/R Live!


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