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AEW Rampage Results for December 10, 2021

**CONTAINS SPOILERS** Tonight’s AEW RAMPAGE emanated from the UBS Arena in Long Island, NY!

It’s Friday and you know what that means!

Our commentary team was “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz and Excalibur!

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match!

AEW World Tag Team Champions The Lucha Bros—Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix (with Alex Abrahantes) vs. AAA Tag Team Champions #FTR—Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler (with Tully Blanchard)!

“This match is big. You can feel it, Excalibur,” said Taz.

“Six days ago at TripleMania, FTR defended their AAA Tag Team Championship against the Lucha Bros in a ladder match. And now FTR coming into RAMPAGE tonight, wanting to be crowned the only ever two-time AEW Tag Team Champions,” added Excalibur.

Rey Fenix went for a drop toe hold but Dax smothered him and rolled him up for a one-count. Rey Fenix used an arm drag on Harwood and then a thrust kick on Cash Wheeler. He spring boarded off the ropes and wiped out both members of FTR! Penta El Zero Miedo tagged in and Rey Fenix jumped off his brother’s back and splashed Dax for a near fall.

Penta El Zero Miedo stripped a glove off but Cash interrupted and Penta El Zero Miedo rolled him up for a near fall. He followed up with a thrust kick on Cash Wheeler. On the outside of the ring, Harwood smashed Rey Fenix spine-first onto the edge of the ring! As the ref was distracted, Tully and Dax choked Rey Fenix.

“That’s what FTR does, great teamwork,” said Taz.

Dax leveled Rey Fenix before Rey Fenix could tag out to his brother. Dax climbed to the top turnbuckle but Rey Fenix met him up, jumping up like a cat, and sent Dax to the mat with a hurracanrana. FTR double teamed Rey Fenix but Fenix fought through for the tag to Penta El Zero Miedo!

Penta El Zero Miedo countered a powerslam by Cash for a near fall. He flattened Cash Wheeler with the Made in Japan for a near fall! Tully jumped up on the apron but Rey Fenix stopped him and clocked him with a right hand!

Dax Harwood caught Rey Fenix with a slingshot Liger Bomb for a near fall. Rey Fenix quickly got an O’Connor Roll on Dax but Dax shoved Rey Fenix off and into the ropes. Cash Wheeler was on the apron and was about to smash the incoming Rey Fenix with the Triple A championship title belt but Rey Fenix had it scouted.

“Remember, that’s how FTR won those Triple A World Tag Team Championships,” said Excalibur.

Rey Fenix had a hand on the belt and tried to pry it away from Cash Wheeler, and Dax Harwood got inadvertently rocked with the title belt! Rey Fenix ran across the top rope from one corner to another and kicked Cash Wheeler in the face!

Rey Fenix launched himself for a frog splash on Dax but Dax lifted up the Triple A title belt while ref Rick Knox had his back turned to deal with Cash Wheeler’s interference! Dax covered Rey Fenix but Rey Fenix kicked out just before the three-count!

“How did that not just beat Fenix?” said Taz.

“Tag team wrestling at its finest,” replied Excalibur.

Rey Fenix jumped off the top rope but FTR countered with the Big Rig! Cash Wheeler covered Rey Fenix for the pin but Penta El Zero Miedo jumped from the top rope to the middle of the ring to break up the pin attempt!

All four wrestlers slugged it out in the middle of the ring! Rey Fenix rolled through with a cutter to Dax Harwood. He tried for a cutter on Cash Wheeler but Wheeler was waiting for him and dropped Rey Fenix down hard on the mat! Penta El Zero Miedo lifted up Cash Wheeler and the Lucha Bros spiked Cash with the Fear Factor!

Rey Fenix launched himself through the ropes with a tope con hiro to Dax Harwood! Penta El Zero Miedo was finally able to pin Cash Wheeler after that Fear Factor, capping off an epic encounter between the two world renown teams!

And still the AEW World Tag Team Champions…The Lucha Brothers!

“This was truly a masterclass in tag team professional wrestling,” said Excalibur.

Trios Match!

Ruby Soho, Anna Jay, and Tay Conti vs. “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose (with Vickie Guerrero), The Bunny, and Penelope Ford!

Nyla shoved Tay and then connected with a knee strike. The Bunny tagged in but Tay dropped her with some throws. Tay Conti connected with a big pump kick to The Bunny! Vickie Guerrero tried to swipe at Tay’s ankle, but Tay moved out of the way, only to eat a boot from Penelope Ford.

Ruby Soho tagged in and wiped-out Penelope Ford by sweeping her legs out from underneath her. Nyla Rose tagged in, shoulder tackled Ruby, and dropped a leg across Ruby’s throat! The Bunny cracked Ruby across the jaw with a sliding elbow strike. Nyla smashed Ruby with a spinebuster.

Anna Jay tagged in and went to work on Nyla Rose with a series of kicks! Tay Conti nailed The Bunny with the Tay-KO but Nyla met Tay and cut her off in the ring. Vickie passed brass knux to The Bunny and decked Anna Jay with them!

Nyla Rose walloped Anna Jay with the Beast Bomb and pinned her!

“And they stole it! Nyla Rose enlisted Penelope Ford and The Bunny to take out Ruby Soho ahead of the TBS Championship Semi-Final Round. How much damage were they able to do?” said Excalibur.

Tony Schiavone was backstage with Darby Allin and Sting!

“December 22nd, Holiday Bash, Greensboro Coliseum, AEW makes its debut. Sting, your first title match was in that legendary facility back in 1988, you haven’t wrestled there since—” Tony Schiavone was cut off as Dax Harwood blindsided Sting and Darby Allin! Cash Wheeler jumped in the fray and began stomping a mudhole into Darby!

“FTR with this ambush! An absolutely classless assault” said Excalibur.

FTR held up Sting, and Tully Blanchard was about to kick Sting. Darby Allin launched himself at FTR, knocking them down before Tully could get the kick in! Cash Wheeler sent Darby flying into the loading dock door! FTR held up Sting again and Tully finally connected with the low blow to Sting!

“One more time, Sting,” said Tully Blanchard with a smirk.

Team Taz’s Hook (making his AEW debut) against Fuego Del Sol!

“Big time debut here tonight for Team Taz,” said Excalibur.

“It had to happen because we got swerved by Lio Rush and Dante Martin. Now Hook will show the world what he’s all about!” said Taz.

Hook turned his back to Fuego Del Sol (who is on a three-match winning streak), showing no respect to his opponent.

They began with a collar and elbow tie up. Hook dropped Fuego with a seamless trip. Hook transitioned into a North South choke. Fuego desperately made it to the bottom rope to force the ref break.

Hook walked down ref Bryce Remsburg and Fuego rolled up Hook for a near fall. Hook captured Fuego’s ankle and locked him in a freestyle bow and arrow. Fuego elbowed his way out of the bow and arrow. Hook fired back with a ridge hand chop to the side of Fuego’s head.

Hook tossed Fuego with the El Camino and began posturing to the crowd. Fuego seized the moment and speared Hook’s midsection. Fuego Del Sol attempted the tornado DDT but Hook stopped him in his tracks and flattened Fuego! Hook followed up with a brutal lariat!

“Look at Hook! He is barely breathing heavy. His conditioning is otherworldly,” said Excalibur.

Hook locked on the grapevine, stretched Fuego, and tapped him out with the Kata-Ha-Jime!

“Fuego Del Sol put to sleep!” said Excalibur.

“Hook has rebranded the Kata-Ha-Jime as ‘RedRum,’” noted Taz.

“Team Taz, you guys build assassins,” added Excalibur.

Main Event Time!

Adam Cole #BayBay (with The Young Bucks, Brandon Cutler, and Bobby Fish) vs. Wheeler Yuta (with Rocky Romero, Trent, “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy, and Chuck Taylor)!

“Wheeler Yuta likes to deconstruct his opponent and look for weaknesses in their game,” said Excalibur.

Cole and Yuta traded forearms but Cole got the better of it, sending Yuta to the mat. Cole anticipated a dropkick from Yuta but Yuta rolled up Cole for a near fall. Cole connected with a superkick on Wheeler Yuta, who ran full force into it!

Adam Cole hit a snap suplex on Wheeler Yuta. He kicked at Yuta’s back lightly, mocking Orange Cassidy who was on the outside. Cole caught Yuta with a well-placed pump kick. Cole wrenched at Yuta’s neck. He followed up with a fireman’s carry neck breaker. Cole dumped Yuta to the arena floor. Cole and Orange had a stare down.

Adam Cole attempted the Panama Sunrise but Yuta sat down for a near fall on Cole! Yuta followed up with a crossbody press and a Manhattan Drop. Wheeler Yuta nailed Cole with a diving elbow. Yuta stuck Cole with a German Suplex for a near fall!

Yuta climbed to the top turnbuckle but Cole met him up there with a strike. Yuta peppered Cole with elbow strikes and then used a modified Olympic Slam on Cole for another near fall on Cole! Yuta jumped off the top rope but Cole raised his knees to counter!

Adam Cole kicked Wheeler Yuta in the side of the head. Cole lowered the boom with the running knee and pinned Yuta!

“Message sent to Orange Cassidy,” said Excalibur.

Best Friends, Orange Cassidy, and Rocky Romero entered the ring to check on Wheeler Yuta. Bobby Fish pulled out Trent by the ankles and cracked him with a roundhouse kick to Trent’s surgically repaired neck! The Young Bucks and Adam Cole descended upon Orange Cassidy, Wheeler Yuta, Chuck Taylor, and Rocky Romero with stomps!

“Look at this! Cole and the Bucks with an all-out assault on the Best Friends!” said Excalibur.

The Bucks held back Orange Cassidy as Adam Cole kicked Orange with a low blow! Bobby Fish rolled Trent back into the ring.

“The triple BTE Trigger on Trent! Such a formidable trio,” said Excalibur.

Be sure to tune in this Wednesday to AEW DYNAMITE: Winter is Coming live on TNT from the Curtis Cullwell Center in Garland, TX featuring:

-The Dynamite Diamond Final—MJF vs. Dante Martin!

-Serena Deeb vs. Hikaru Shida III!

-Plus the AEW World Championship is on the line as champ “Hangman” Adam Page faces challenger “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson!

You do not want to miss it!

And remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling!


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