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“Part 2” - Being The Elite Ep. 199

This is part 2 of 3.

The BTE roster battle it out in a 9 man Under The Limit Battle Royale. The winner gets to headline #BTE200 with a match of their choosing.

We at BTE are fully aware of the gravity of the current situation. At this point in time we are obeying all stay at home orders and following all necessary precautions. At the time of this taping, we followed all guidelines that were in effect at the time, most importantly the limit on gatherings larger than 10 people. Rest assured that all participants of this taping were examined prior to filming and perceived to be healthy enough to participate. As important as we believe entertainment be in this difficult time, we would never risk our health or the health of our family to pursue it. Please enjoy this episode in the safety of your homes, and continue to follow all current health guidelines.


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