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The Bastard Finally Arrives

And just like the span of 32 minutes..the face of “All Out” changed. At 4:57pm EST on August 23rd, everyone still anticipated the battle between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley that was set to go down on August 31st at the Sears Centre. One minute later, as seen in the first tweet above, everything changed when Moxley announced a MRSA diagnosis that necessitated him pulling out of the highly anticipated bout with Omega that was set to go down in just 7 days.

The well-wishes from the AEW fanbase were immediate, as was the speculation about how such a massive void would be filled only a week away from the “All Out” pay-per-view event. Many guesses and assumptions were bandied about, but at 5:30pm that same day, the speculation came to an abrupt end when the self-proclaimed Bastard, the “Problem Child” as his Twitter handle proclaims...when none other than PAC was announced as the opponent for Kenny Omega come “All Out”!

Not only is this monumental because it marks the FIRST time these two men ever step foot inside the squared circle with one another, but it also marks PAC's first time inside the AEW ring after a rather...tumultuous... path to get here.

See PAC was originally announced as the opponent for “Hangman” Adam Page back at “Double or Nothing” in May following the inaugural rally in Jacksonville, FL and the follow-up in Las Vegas, NV. That bout would come prematurely at a Wrestle Gate Pro show where Page would defeat PAC by DQ, leading to The Bastard laying waste to the knee of “Hangman” and nearly making it impossible for Page to compete at “DoN”. PAC's efforts ultimately failed as Adam Page would go on to compete at “DoN” and earn his way into the AEW World Title match at “All Out” opposite Chris Jericho.

Since that day, absolutely nothing has been heard from PAC as it pertains to AEW....

But as was said at the top of this piece, just like that the face of “All Out” changed and Jon Moxley was forced out of his highly-anticipated battle with Kenny Omega due to a battle with MRSA. But all it took was 30 minutes, 30 minutes for PAC to step up to the plate and insure Kenny Omega had an opponent this Labor Day weekend when AEW lands at the Sears Centre. To say this is a dream match may be an understatement, in actuality it is more like a match that NEVER was going to happen.

And we week away from “All Out” airing live on PPV on B/R Live, and PAC has shockingly stepped back into the AEW spotlight. One must ask just what impact this could have on the bigger picture? After all Omega is 1-1 with one of the men heading into the title fight in Chris Jericho, and PAC taking Kenny down could color the future of the AEW World Title. He also has that match with Page that never came to fruition should “Hangman” be the one to walk out of Chicago as the very first AEW World Champion.

It all goes down August 31st at The Sears Centre a part of the “All Out” PPV Extravaganza. If you haven't already, sign up now for B/R Live to enjoy this historic event!!!


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