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Late Night Dynamite Preview for September 22, 2020

Not one, but two episodes of DYNAMITE will be broadcast for our amazing fans this week! The first comes on Tuesday night at 10pm, or immediately following the NBA Playoffs on TNT, and features three tremendous match-ups! Factor in AEW DARK dropping on our official YouTube page (Click Here) on Tuesday afternoon, and Tuesday basically belongs to All Elite Wrestling!

***RANKINGS AS OF 9/16***


(#5) Scorpio Sky vs. Ben Carter

Several weeks ago, the September 8th edition of AEW DARK to be precise, Ben Carter made his All Elite Wrestling debut against Ricky Starks. You can watch the match in completion in the video embedded above, but suffice it to say that young Mister Carter was impressive in defeat.

Only a couple years into his professional wrestling career, the native of Jersey, an island located near France in the Channel Islands, traveled to the United States in pursuit of his wrestling dreams with a little help from a soccer scholarship. Having received his initial training in his homeland, Ben continued his wrestling tutelage at The Black & The Brave Wrestling Academy in Iowa while breaking into the indie scene in the the Mid-West, as well as into the Northeast, Tennessee, and Georgia, to name a few areas.

Carter certainly caught the attention of AEW with his battle against Team Taz's Starks, and thus earned this second opportunity to show what he brings to the table against former AEW World Tag Team Champion Scorpio Sky! Sky is seven for nine in his singles outings this year, and having unsuccessfully challenged Cody for the TNT Championship, is looking to get back in the title hunt with Mr. Brodie Lee now carrying the belt.

The battle-tested Sky is the perfect match-up to break Ben Carter into the AEW ranks, but a victory for the young man on LATE NIGHT DYNAMITE would announce to the world that he has what it takes to be a major player.


Brandi Rhodes vs. Anna Jay (w/ The Dark Order)

In the aftermath of Mr. Brodie Lee's victory in the TNT Championship match with Cody, The Dark Order took it upon themselves to decimate The Nightmare Family. Cody suffered the worst of it, and has not returned to action since August 13th, but his family also felt the wrath. Arn Anderson was laid out by the new champion's minions, and so too was Brandi Rhodes choked out by Anna Jay, and left laying.

Now dubbed The Queen Slayer, Jay has choked her last two opponents on AEW DARK into unconsciousness, and is competing with a level of confidence that had not developed prior to Anna embracing The Dark Order as her family.

As seen in the video directly above, on the September 15th edition of AEW DARK, Brandi Rhodes competed in just her second singles match since the inception of AEW, and her first since July of 2019. With the eyes of Anna Jay watching from the stage, Rhodes sunk in a choke of her own on Red Velvet, which forced the referee to stop the contest. It was a direct shot at “The Queen Slayer” from The Queen herself, and the message was heard quite clearly because this Tuesday night, the two women will go head-to-head on LATE NIGHT DYNAMITE!

Can the CBO of AEW garner some measure of revenge for the assault perpetrated upon her and her family several weeks ago? Or will “The Queen Slayer” live up to her name inside the squared circle?


Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard) vs. Matt Sydal

Pulling the joker card for the Casino Battle Royale at ALL OUT 2020, Matt Sydal made a surprising AEW debut as the twenty-first entry that was nearly cut short by a slip and fall. But like a true professional, the world traveled Sydal recovered and fought his heart out alongside twenty other men to secure a future World Title opportunity.

Unfortunately for Sydal, that title shot was not in the cards as Eddie Kingston would dump him out of the match just shy of the twenty-one minute mark , but not before Matt was able to eliminate a pair of men himself in The Butcher, and Sydal's opponent for LATE NIGHT DYNAMITE, Shawn Spears.

Spears, despite a twelve for fourteen record in singles matches this year, has been frustrated time and again in his pursuit of an AEW championship. He was stopped by eventual champion Cody in the TNT Title Tournament, he was not included in the #1 Contender Battle Royale for that championship on May 27th, and despite the eight singles match winning streak that goes along with the aforementioned record, hasn't cracked the Top Five Rankings a single time in 2020.

To say he is an unhappy individual about all this would be quite an understatement, and getting removed from the Casino Battle Royale by a guy making his debut was rubbing salt in the wound. Well on Tuesday night, the man with the black glove will have an opportunity to right one of his perceived wrongs when Spears and Sydal collide on LATE NIGHT DYNAMITE.

A long time ago, in a former life, these two occupied the same Kentucky space at the same time, but that was over a decade ago and neither man is the same individual they were back then. They are two well-traveled wrestlers, world class athletes, with a tremendous depth of experience that makes this one intriguing match-up.

Will Sydal score the big win in his first AEW singles match, or will Spears continue building a championship-worthy resume that eventually cannot be denied?

LATE NIGHT DYNAMITE hits the airwaves on Tuesday night at 10pm, or immediately after the NBA Playoffs wrap-up on TNT! Three action-packed matches for your enjoyment, right on the heels of AEW DARK on YouTube, and getting you primed for DYNAMITE coming to you LIVE on Wednesday night at 8pm EST/7pm CST! Do not miss out on this special presentation of All Elite Wrestling!


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