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AEW Dynamite: Anniversary Results for October 5, 2022


Tonight’s 3rd year anniversary episode of AEW DYNAMITE was broadcast live from the Entertainment & Sports Arena in Washington, D.C.!

Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

MJF vs. Wheeler Yuta!

William Regal joined the broadcast booth for this match.

“129 days since MJF’s last night and he is here back in action on DYNAMITE tonight,” said Excalibur.

Yuta clubbed away at MJF in the corner and then followed up with two arm drags. Yuta strutted to mock MJF.

MJF grabbed Yuta’s waistband and drove him into the turnbuckles. MJF hit a gut wrench suplex on Wheeler Yuta. Wheeler fired back with a series of German suplexes.

MJF caught Yuta and powerbombed Yuta onto his knee! Wheeler came back and cracked MJF in the back of the head with a kick. Yuta and MJF exchanged pinning attempts and then took each other down with clotheslines.

Yuta climbed to the top rope but MJF threw his body weight against the ropes, knocking Yuta onto the turnbuckles. MJF attempted an avalanche tombstone piledriver but Yuta escaped and then chomped down on MJF’s forehead. Yuta hit a massive hurracanrana and then followed up with a tope suicida to MJF!

“Yuta has momentum!” said Taz.

Yuta rocketed off the top rope with a diving splash to MJF for a near fall!

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Yuta hit MJF with the hammer and anvil elbows. Yuta was looking for the seatbelt submission but MJF reversed it and transitioned into the Salt of the Earth arm bar. Wheeler Yuta tried to touch the ropes but then MJF flipped over with a modified Salt of the Earth. Wheeler Yuta was forced to tap!

After the match Wheeler Yuta attempted to shake MJF’s hand. MJF thought about it but then Lee Moriarty jumped into the ring and blindsided Wheeler Yuta. MJF yelled at Lee, “I didn’t tell you to do that!”

Stokely Hathaway handed the Dynamite Diamond Ring to MJF. William Regal put on a pair of brass knux and met MJF in the ring. The Firm retreated, leaving Regal and MJF alone in the ring. MJF thought better of squaring off with Regal and walked out.

Darby Allin vs. Jay Lethal!

Jay Lethal hit Darby with a dropkick to the knee. Lethal kept working over Darby’s knee.

Darby countered a suplex with a Scorpion death drop! Darby had Lethal on the turnbuckles but Lethal used an avalanche dragon screw. Lethal followed up with the figure four, wrenching back with all of his weight, keeping the pressure on Darby’s knee. Darby found the strength for a Code Red on Lethal for a near fall.

“Lethal got jarred,” said Excalibur.

Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh walked onto the ramp, seeing that Lethal was in trouble. Lethal told them to get in the back, saying he didn’t need them. Darby reversed a cradle attempt by Lethal with the Last Supper, finishing Lethal.

“Satnam and Sonjay threw off Lethal’s attention,” said Taz.

Darby forced Lethal to shake his hand after the match and Lethal finally obliged.

TNT Championship Open Challenge!

“Mr. Mayhem” Wardlow (c.) vs. “The Machine” Brian Cage (with Prince Nana)!

Cage fired shoulders into the midsection of Wardlow. Wardlow muscled “The Machine” into the turnbuckles. Wardlow and Cage slugged it out in the center of the ring until Wardlow used a hurracanrana to take Cage off his feet. Wardlow intercepted Cage and slammed him.

Wardlow used a belly-to-belly suplex on Brian Cage. Wardlow went up to the top rope but Cage kicked him down. Cage suplexed Wardlow back into the ring. Wardlow escaped a Drill Claw attempted and smashed Cash with a spinebuster for a two-count.

Cage had Wardlow’s wind-up lariat scouted. Cage pancaked Wardlow for a near fall. Wardlow headbutted Cage and then took Cage off his feet with the wind-up lariat. Wardlow powerbombed Brian Cage! Wardlow powerbombed Cage a second time! Wardlow hit a third and a fourth powerbomb and then pinned Brian Cage!

“Wow!” said Schiavone.

“What an explosive battle,” replied Taz.

The Gates of Agony and Khan rushed the ring to punish Wardlow until Samoa Joe sprinted down. The Embassy had the numbers advantage though, and they swarmed Samoa Joe. FTR’s music hit and ROH World Tag Team Champions FTR joined the fray, evening up the odds for Samoa Joe and Wardlow.

“What a quartet of talent—Wardlow, Samoa Joe, and FTR,” said Excalibur.

Earlier in the day, Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. had an important announcement for her fans.

“Saraya will not be competing in AEW. The doctors have not cleared her to compete. So I guess that makes it my house now.”

Trios Match!

AEW Interim Women’s World Champ Toni Storm, Athena, & Willow Nightingale (with Saraya)


Jamie Hayter, Penelope Ford (with Kip Sabian), & Serena Deeb (with Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and Rebel)!

Athena tripped up Penelope and blasted her with a shotgun dropkick. Penelope rammed Athena into the corner and followed up with a backspring elbow.

Deeb tagged and ate a dropkick from Toni Storm. Toni used her hip attack on Deeb. When Storm was distracted, Deeb took down Toni with a chop block. Willow tagged in and hit Hayter with a spinebuster.

Rebel grabbed a crutch from beneath the ring but Saraya pulled it away and threw it down. Willow hit Deeb with the pounce! Penelope Ford ran in and rocked Willow with a back heel kick! Willow rallied back and walloped Penelope with the doctor bomb for the pin!

Britt Baker jumped in the ring and got in the face of Saraya. Baker and Saraya slugged it out until Saraya bounced Baker out of the ring!

“Saraya just exploding on the scene here,” said Taz.

“I think Saraya is in pretty good ring shape,” added Schiavone.

It was time for the National Scissoring Day Celebration with AEW World Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed—“Platinum” Max Caster & Anthony Bowens—with Billy Gunn!

Bowens: “Daddy loves to scissor. Washington, D.C., welcome to the very first annual National Scissoring Day. It’s a very special night. And it’s brought to you by The Acclaimed. The most popular team in all of professional wrestling. The winningest team in all of AEW history. The best damn homegrown team in all of AEW history.

“And today it was made official thanks to every one of you. Our t-shirt is the bestselling AEW t-shirt this year! And we brought home gold and now AEW stands for Acclaimed Every Wednesday.

“Now it’s cause for celebration. And we celebrate by scissoring. I’m the sultan of scissor! Scissoring is a handshake. It’s a sign of friendship. The people want to celebrated by a real team. Not a team thrown together like Swerve and Keith Lee. Swerve, this isn’t your house.”

Billy Gunn: “This is Daddy Ass’s house. Now for everybody in the building and the millions of people at home, it’s National Scissoring Day! I was sent down to city hall today and asked if I would present you guys with this.”

Billy handed them giant gold scissors.

Caster: “As National Scissoring Day comes to a close, I want to talk about greatness. About 40 years ago in this city, Washington won the Superbowl. My dad was on that championship team. And his Superbowl ring is his prized possession. He achieved greatness just like The Acclaimed greatness when we won the AEW Tag Team Titles.”

Swerve Strickland’s music hit and he walked onto the ramp.

Swerve: “This is the most idiotic thing I think I’ve ever seen. Congrats on your number one selling shirt on These are the role models you want for your children? If it wasn’t for Billy, we’d still be the AEW Tag Team Champions. Next week in Toronto it’s going to be Swerve against Billy one-on-one.”

Smart Mark Sterling interrupted and walked into the ring.

Sterling: “You need me to beat Swerve because you can’t do it yourself. Let’s join together and let me represent you against your fight against Swerve Strickland.”

Billy and The Acclaimed nailed Sterling, rejecting his offer! And then Billy Gunn accepted Swerve’s challenge for next week in Toronto!

Tony Schiavone was backstage with Madison Rayne and Skye Blue!

Anna Jay and Tay Melo interrupted them. Anna Jay and Tay challenged Madison and Skye to a match on Friday and Madison and Skye accepted!

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Rush (with Jose the Assistant)!

Rush and Page traded stiff chops! Hangman was looking for the Buckshot Lariat but Jose had held Page’s boot. This gave Rush enough time to rock Page with a strike, sending Page to the arena floor. Rush wrapped a TV cable around Hangman. Next he sent Hangman crashing into the steel barricade!

Back in the ring, Hangman caught Rush and tossed him with the fallaway slam! MJF was seen watching backstage, clutching his giant poker chip.

Page caught Rush in midair and dropped him hard with the Death Valley Driver! Rush reared back and hit Hangman with a forearm.

Jose interfered again and grabbed Hangman’s ankle. Rush used a straitjacket piledriver for a near fall on Page. But Hangman battled back with the Buckshot Lariat and then pinned Rush!

Private Party walked down to the ring to confront Hangman Page. AEW World Champion Jon Moxley came down and Private Party bailed.

Mox: “I’ve been waiting for this for three years. Three years of AEW DYNAMITE. Three years of watching you. Three years of studying you, three years of us circling each other. Between the two of us, we’ve beaten just about everyone in AEW, except each other.

“On October 18th there will be one last man standing here in AEW. In 13 days cowboy I’m going to leave my house, show up at the arena and I’m going to break your face and choke you until you turn blue. Because you’re in the way of me being the one top guy here in AEW and the world champion and the best in the world.

“I have all the respect in the world for your abilities and talents. I admire you as a person. But when that bell rings, I don’t have any respect for anything.”

Hangman: “If you’ve been waiting for this for so long, where you going right now?”

Mox: “You’re a sweet kid. Your mouth is going to get you in trouble. This is your final warning. You watch your damn mouth.”

Tony Schiavone was backstage with Willow Nightingale!

Willow: “At Battle of the Belts, I want to challenge for the TBS Championship!”

Jade and the Baddies crashed the interview. Willow said Jade can’t win forever.

Luchasaurus (with Christian Cage) vs. Fuego Del Sol!

Fuego charged at Luchasaurus but Luchasaurus spiked him with a chokeslam! Luchasaurus planted Fuego with the cutthroat and then pinned him!

Jungle Boy ran down to the ring and cracked Luchasaurus with a chair to Luchasaurus’ ribs.

Jungle Boy: “Look at me. You were my best friend in the entire world! After everything we’ve been through together you chose him. And you broke my heart. But now I am going to break your fingers. I am going to break your nose. I am going to break your arm. I am going to break you piece by miserable piece until I break you! You pick the time and you pick the place. I’ll be ready.”

Christian Cage: “I told you not to come back here this week Jungle Boy. The time is next Wednesday live on DYNAMITE. The place is my hometown. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.”

“Wow, they’ve agreed to it,” said Schiavone.

ROH Pure Champion Daniel Garcia & “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson


ROH World Champion “The Ocho” Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara!

Jericho observed the Code of Honor with Garcia. Daniel wrestled Jericho to the mat. Jericho chopped at Garcia but Garcia didn’t back down.

Sammy tagged in and Garcia dropkicked Sammy’s leg. Danielson tagged in and used a flurry of kicks on Sammy. Danielson flew at Jericho with a tope!

Sammy and Danielson went at it in the ring, with Sammy using a Spanish Fly for a near fall on the American Dragon. Jericho tagged in and he and Sammy double teamed Danielson. Garcia grabbed the tag and he and Jericho had a stare down.

“A hockey fight in the center of the ring!” said Excalibur.

Jericho and Garcia exchanged strikes. Garcia suplexed Jericho. Garcia locked on the Dragon Tamer!

“He’s got Jericho all tied up,” said Excalibur.

Sammy interfered and Sammy nailed Garcia with a thrust kick. Sammy was looking for the cutter but was baited in by Garcia. Danielson dropped hammer and anvil elbows on Jericho while Garcia did the same to Sammy!

Sammy fired back with a standing Spanish fly on American Dragon! Sammy tried for the GTH but Garcia blocked it and stuck Sammy with a piledriver.

Sammy peppered Garcia with elbows. Outside the ring Jericho suplexed Danielson on the timekeeper’s table! Sammy cracked Garcia on the side of the head with the GTH. Sammy attempted the shooting star press but Garcia blocked it with his knees. Garcia locked in the Dragon Slayer in the center of the ring. As the ref was distracted, Jericho nailed Garcia in the head with the ROH World Title. Sammy covered Garcia and pinned him!

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from the Coca-Cola Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!

This Friday tune in to RAMPAGE on TNT at 10pm ET and then Battle Of The Belts IV at 11pm ET!

And remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling!


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