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AEW DYNAMITE Preview for January 22nd

The last several weeks of “Dynamite” have been quite celebratory; we've had a Homecoming, an Anniversary, a Bash, an extension for “Dynamite”, and now we've got a cruise on our hands as well! This week's edition of “Dynamite” is going to be a rocking rager with a Tag Title match, a bout to determine the top contender for the AEW World Title, six-man tag action, and more!


(#1) Jon Moxley vs. (#4) PAC

Moxley knocked down Sammy Guevara to get to this point, but as you can see in the above video from the “Bash at The Beach” edition of “Dynamite” last week, he paid the price for that victory with a vicious assault at the hands of Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle. The assault left Moxley with damage that left many worried it could cost him his eye sight, but did not stop him from making his presence felt after PAC defeated Darby Allin in the main event of the evening. There may not have been any physical contact between the two top contenders for Jericho's AEW World Title, but Mox making his way to the entrance area after PAC basically declared Mox incapable of fighting demonstrated the kind of fight fans have in store this coming Wednesday on TNT.

Both men have had their sights on the World Title for some time, and now they are each one win away from the opportunity to wrest it from the hands of Le Champion. Everyone witnessed the state of Moxley at the close of last week versus the state of PAC, but what will walk into the ring one week removed from that moment? Is Mox in any shape to compete, and even if a doctor said he wasn't, does anyone actually think that would stop him? And PAC is in the best shape of his life, even though a bit obsessed in seeking a rubber match with Kenny Omega, with no nagging injuries or damage to hamper him in battle.

The will of Moxley versus the will of PAC...which one will give first?


SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) (c) vs. (#4) Kenny Omega & Hangman Page

They did it, despite their differences and the outside-the-ring antics of Adam Page, he and Kenny Omega managed to best The Young Bucks, Proud-n-Powerful, and The Best Friends to earn themselves a championship match with the SCU duo of Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky. Kaz and Sky have been the reigning and defending World Tag Team Champions since October 30th, with three successful defenses under the proverbial belts. Now they find themselves facing a pair on quite a roll after picking up that victory over three of the best teams, and defeating Private Party the week prior. Page and Omega may be a duo essentially kept together by Kenny's force of will, but they have proven quite an effective duo nonetheless.

Can they keep it together to become the second ever AEW World Tag Team Champions this Wednesday night on TNT? Or will Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky continue their dominance over the tag team division with another tick in the win column? Oh yeah, and did we mention this one is all going down on a boat!!!!


The Inner Circle (AEW World Champion Chris Jericho, Santana, & Ortiz) vs. Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, Marko Stunt)

Just a few weeks ago, to close out 2019, World Champion Chris Jericho challenged Jungle Boy to last ten minutes with Le Champion, and he did. Despite the protestations of Jericho, despite his claims otherwise, Jungle Boy did just that and it is something that Jericho cannot deny. It's on tape, the whole world saw it live on “Dynamite”, and not only did Jericho demand 5 more minutes after Jungle Boy survived the initial 10, the champion also bailed on the extended time before those 5 minutes expired! Now, as part of the very cruise that Jericho founded, Jungle Boy has another shot at cracking the champ in the mouth, and this time it's with the rest of The Jurassic Express at his side!

But Jericho isn't alone either, at his side are two of the most dangerous men on the All Elite roster, Santana and Ortiz. After several weeks away to take care of personal business, Proud-n-Powerful returned in the #1 Contender's match, and although unsuccessful in their attempt to earn the spot, demonstrated they are still a threat to anyone inside the squared circle with them. Now they will side up with the World Champ to make the Jurassic Express as extinct as Luchasaurus' relatives. P-n-P hold a victory over Marko and Lucha back on “AEW Dark” from the Sears Centre in November, so this is also that pairings chance for a little redemption over Santana & Ortiz. Something to note going into this...Chris Jericho only has one loss on his record in AEW, and that came in a tag team match where he was pinned by Scorpio Sky. Sky was rewarded a World Title match as a result of that win...just saying.


MJF vs. “Bad Boy” Joey Janela

Are there two more opposite ends of the spectrum on the AEW roster? On one side is Joey Janela, who has busted his body for years to get where he is today, and continues to do so every time he steps foot in the AEW ring. The man who has gone toe-to-toe with BOTH Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega in Lights Out matches, as well as a traditional one-on-one bouts, who bested Shawn Spears on “Dark” from Corpus Christi, and who had a hell of a match with Rey Fenix on the “Dark” that will air this week.

And the other is Maxwell Jacob Friedman. The man who only wants Cody in a match if he's been beaten down and “humbled” (at least in Max's eyes), the man who shows no respect to the legends who paved the road on which he now walks, the man who hires others to do his dirty work but then rejoices in the spoils of his victory, and the man who has pretty much done the opposite of Janela when it comes to earning his keep between the ropes.

Now, with Max getting all his wishes granted by Cody last week, he will have to lock horns with one of the hardest working men in AEW in Joey Janela. “The Bad Boy” is looking to make 2020 his year, and what better way to do so than by slapping the silver spoon right out of MJF's mouth and tossing it into the ocean below...


The fifth ranked woman on the AEW roster will be competing in the ring on this week's edition of “Dynamite” as she attempts to climb back to the top and challenge for Riho's AEW Women's World Championship. Baker came so close to the mountain top once before, can she ascend there once again and actually claim the summit this time? Her journey continues this week on TNT!

It's “Dynamite” from the high seas this week, coming your way at 8pm EST/7pm CST, on TNT! Tag Titles up for grabs, the #1 Contender for the World Title will be set, MJF vs. Janela, and a whole lot more coming to you this week as our “Bash At The Beach” continues!!


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