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AEW Dynamite Results for July 10, 2024


AEW DYNAMITE was broadcast live on TBS from the Calgary Stampede Saddledome in Calgary, AB!

Excalibur, Nigel McGuinness, and Tony Schiavone were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

AEW International Champion “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay kicked off tonight’s show, making his way to the ring to address the crowd!

Ospreay: “Last week, at the end of Dynamite, I was disgusted, but to be honest, I’m not surprised. I’ve heard rumors about MJF. I’ve heard rumors that you are one of the most insecure men in pro wrestling. And you showed it.

“Because a guy like Daniel Garcia earns every opportunity that he gets. And the moment Garcia creeps up on MJF’s popularity, MJF does whatever he can to stop it—a piledriver off the second turnbuckle. And MJF—you want to blame the people?

“You want to blame them for being open and vulnerable with them. I’ve only had a few interactions with MJF, and I can already tell you don’t like me. Reason number one, that bidding war of 2024 didn’t go your way because Tony Khan would rather spend his money on guys that will elevate AEW rather than bury it.

“Reason number two: apparently, I’m a talentless hack. You’re welcome to that opinion, but last I checked, I’m in Calgary. I think we can all agree I’ve got more talent in my left nut than MJF has in his entire body.

“And I think the main reason you don’t like me is because I remind people what the identify of what AEW is meant to be. I represent the foundation of this place. You came back after injury and you had a tattoo that said: ‘AEW: Bet on yourself,’ but you only care about yourself. From the minute I stepped into AEW, I’ve been cleaning up messes, but I’ve found the guy who’s been making the messes. 

“Trust me, the whole act is you’re a scumbag. Some people are going to cheer you on because you’re their scumbag. And that’s the best version of MJF and it’s been the same old stuff for five years. The level of the devil is the ground floor, but I’m on the top floor of a skyscraper. 

“And this time I’m not in England grieving after the loss of my grandmother. I’m here and I’m ready to fight, so let’s handle this, bruv!”

MJF’s music began to play! MJF appeared on the big screen.

MJF: “Hey Will, up here. You’re doing great. Oh, you thought I was going to come out there. No, these people don’t deserve that privilege. I’ve beaten every one of their favorites. You think you’re different? You’re a joke. I don’t have to murder myself to get them interested in me. I just have to speak. You’re a wind-up monkey for them and once they see your routine, they’ll get tired of it and try to throw you in the trash like they tried with me. But I’m not replaceable. But with you, they’ll throw you out and replace you with the next flippy guy to come along.

“You want to wrestle me tonight?! No. I’m not like you Will. I don’t wrestle for fun or for the fans’ amusement. Say, next week, MJF versus Will Ospreay for the International Championship. That way for the first time, you won’t be wrestling for stars, Will, I’ll be punching you in your face until you start seeing them.”

Ospreay: “Adorable. Max, I’ll see you next week, you little bitch!”

“That’ll be must-see-TV next week on Dynamite,” said Tony Schiavone. 

The Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Final!

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

“The Last Outlaw” Jeff Jarrett was the special guest enforcer for this match.

Excalibur notified us that Taz was banned from the building tonight because of the EVPs.

Hangman hammered down with right hands on Danielson. Page chopped Bryan into the corner. Danielson dropped down and grabbed a single leg crab, but Page crawled to the ropes, forcing the ref to break the hold. 

Danielson rocketed out of the ring with a tope suicida to Page. The back of Danielson’s head cracked the ring barricade. Danielson clutched his neck. Danielson connected with a dropkick from the top rope to Page. Danielson charged at Page, but Page countered by raising his boot. Hangman clubbed Danielson with a lariat on the apron.

Danielson’s head was busted open, and Page rammed Bryan’s head into the steel ring steps over and over. Back in the ring, they traded strikes. Page blocked a kick from Bryan and applied a swinging sleeper on Bryan. Hangman stomped down on Danielson, as the blood ran into Danielson’s eyes. 

Page blistered Bryan’s chest with repeated chops. Danielson stunned Hangman, firing back with chops of his own. Danielson applied a flying cross arm breaker. Bryan went over the top and transitioned to the LeBell Lock, but Page broke the hold by touching the ropes with his boot. 

Danielson rocked Page with round kicks. Hangman countered by picking up Bryan with a fireman’s carry. Danielson tried to fight out of it, but Hangman drilled Bryan right on his neck with a high angle suplex.

The fans chanted “Let’s go Bryan! Let’s go Bryan!”

Danielson snapped Hangman back with a spider German Suplex! Danielson tried for a diving headbutt. Page dodged it! Hangman applied a cross face, but Danielson reached the ropes. Page removed the leather cover off the top turnbuckle and then rammed Danielson’s head into the exposed steel. Page moonsaulted off the top, Danielson countered, but Page stuffed Bryan with a tombstone piledriver for a near fall!

Page climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Bryan shoved him off, knocking Page to the arena floor. Danielson jumped with a springboard dive onto Page onto the arena floor, pulling out all the stops. Danielson was clutching his neck once again, potentially suffering a stinger. 

Danielson clobbered Page with kicks to the chest. Page ducked the knock out shot and spiked Bryan with a piledriver on the floor! Doc Sampson and Jeff Jarrett checked on Danielson.

Hangman shoved Doc Sampson out of the way and to the floor. Hangman pie faced Jarrett. 

“That’s not the integrity that Owen Hart represents. I congratulate Jeff Jarrett for not taking Hangman’s bait,” said Excalibur.

Bryan ducked the discus lariat from Page and Danielson countered with a running knee strike! Page and Bryan traded headbutts. Danielson cracked Page with a roundhouse kick. Danielson went for another charging knee strike, but Page dodged it and Danielson inadvertently smashed referee Paul Turner!

Page rocked Danielson with a discus lariat. Page whipped Danielson with his leather belt! Jeff Jarrett entered the ring and admonished Page. Hangman shoved Jarrett to the mat. Jeff Jarrett removed his t-shirt to reveal he was wearing a referee uniform. Danielson rolled up Page for a near fall!

Hangman escaped a Lebell Lock and nailed Danielson with the Dead Eye, but Danielson kicked out at the two-count! Hangman blasted Bryan with the buckshot lariat! Page went for a second buckshot lariat, but Danielson countered with a rollup pin for a near fall. Hangman transitioned into a cross face submission on Danielson! Jeff Jarrett checked on Danielson, but Danielson’s arm did not drop. Danielson hooked Hangman tight and pinned him!

“We are all stunned, Hangman is stunned, Bryan Danielson will compete for the AEW World Championship at Wembley Stadium at AEW ALL IN: London!”

Dr. Martha Hart and Jeff Jarrett carried the Owen Hart Foundation Cup to the ring!

Dr. Martha Hart: “It’s great to be back here in Calgary during Stampede Week, in Owen Hart’s hometown. And it is with great, great pleasure that I award the Owen Cup to Bryan Danielson. Bryan, we’ll see you at Wembley Stadium at All In: London for your title shot!”

AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland made his return, walking to the ring with Prince Nana!

“Swerve knows who he’ll face at All In: London,” said Excalibur. 

Swerve: “I stood on that stage not more than a week ago staring across from Will Ospreay, looking at this man eye to eye, and you know what he told me? He said the best in the world is whoever holds this World championship. I had to silence that, so now that I beat Will Ospreay, you’re looking at the best in the world and the AEW World Champion.

“By the way, congratulations to Bryan Danielson for winning the Owen Cup. It’ll be a true honor facing you in the main event for the AEW World Championship at Wembley this year. But I’m still not over the fact that you hold a pinfall victory over me Bryan, and I’m someone that holds onto grudges. 

“We’re at two different points in our careers right now, Bryan. You on the downslide, me, you can say you’re looking at the most dangerous man in AEW. Speaking of which, it wasn’t more than a couple of weeks ago that the EVPs walked down to this ring and offered me, and tried to bribe me with Reebok Pumps, they also tried to offer me a spot at Blood & Guts in Team Elite. Well, I am here to officially announce I will be joining Blood & Guts on Team AEW. 

“Now like I said, you do not make a Team AEW and not offer the World Champion a spot on that team. So, I’m going to lead that team. I’m going to do not just one, but two things that Bryan Danielson failed to do this year. One: beat Will Ospreay, and two, lead Team AEW in a victory against the Elite.

“Speaking of the Elite, we’re now in the Dynasty era, right? There’s three men that were appointed the lead of the Dynasty. First and number one, yours truly, Swerve Strickland, and number two the AEW International Champion Will Ospreay, and three the Continental Champion Okada, so how about we do this? I offer you a challenge Okada. You versus me, and the World Champion will really show you how to make it rain, bitch.

“So, in closing, I’ll see you at All In: London, Bryan, and I promise you, this will be your final countdown.”

A music video played made by the Acclaimed featuring their dis track for the AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks!

Up next: A Stampede Street Fight!

FTW Champion “The Learning Tree” Chris Jericho (with “Bad Apple” Bryan Keith


Samoa Joe!

Samoa Joe pummeled Chris Jericho in the corner. Samoa Joe splashed Jericho and then kicked him. Joe followed up with heavy jabs. Jericho fired back with a forearm and then wicked chops to Samoa Joe. 

Samoa Joe wiped out Bryan Keith outside the ring with an elbow suicida! Chris Jericho whipped Joe into the barricade. Chris Jericho grabbed a steel chair and whacked the chair across Samoa Joe’s back. 

Chris Jericho pulled a black bag from beneath the ring. Chris Jericho emptied the contents in the ring. Out spilled steel horseshoes. Samoa Joe hoisted up Jericho and dropped him across the horseshoes. Joe followed up with a senton for a near fall.

Jericho kicked Samoa Joe with a low blow, perfectly legal in this match. Jericho applied the Walls on Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe grabbed a horseshoe and popped Jericho in the head with one, allowing Joe to escape. 

Chris Jericho retaliated with a dropkick from the middle turnbuckle. Jericho jumped off the apron, but Samoa Joe walked out of the way. Samoa Joe grabbed Jericho by the hair and pulled him backstage. 

“Now they have just raised the stakes,” said Nigel.

Jericho threw hot coffee in Samoa Joe’s face. Samoa Joe countered the Judas Effect with a rear naked choke. Big Bill came out from a room and cracked Samoa Joe in the back with a steel chair. Bryan Keith and Big Bill held Samoa Joe back. Chris Jericho wrapped his belt around his fist and punched Samoa Joe in the head. Big Bill and Bryan Keith forcefully put Samoa Joe on a pallet on a forklift. Jericho smiled and drove the forklift through a wall! The walled collapsed onto Samoa Joe! The doctor stopped the match and Chris Jericho was declared the winner. 

An unconscious Samoa Joe was taken away by paramedics in an ambulance. 

“First Hook, and now Samoa Joe,” said Excalibur.

Chris Jericho, along with Big Bill and Bryan Keith watched the ambulance leave the arena.

“Bye, Joe, thanks,” said a diabolical Chris Jericho, waving good-bye to Samoa Joe in the ambulance. 

Global Glory 4-Way Match!

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Kyle Fletcher vs. “The Bastard” Pac vs. Tomohiro Ishii!

The winner of this match will receive a shot at the AEW International Champion. 

Don Callis joined the broadcast booth for this match.

Claudio and Ishii traded strikes. Kyle Fletcher blindsided both of them. Claudio cracked Kyle, and then Claudio and Ishii went back at it. Ishii wiped out Claudio with a shoulder tackle, but Pac dropkicked Ishii from the top rope. 

Kyle Fletcher tripped Pac, but Pac came back with a step-up hurracanrana. Fletcher fired a thrust kick at Claudio. Ishii grabbed Fletcher and dropped Fletcher on Fletcher’s back. Claudio gut wrenched Ishii! Claudio wiped out all three of his competitors with a dive over the top rope to the arena floor!

Back in the ring, Ishii cleaned house with a series of headbutts. Pac drilled Kyle with a reverse rana. Claudio clubbed Pac with an uppercut. Fletcher stuffed Ishii with a tombstone piledriver for a near fall!

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Claudio grabbed Fletcher and hurled him around the ring like a rag doll with the Giant Swing! Claudio applied the Sharpshooter! Pac climbed to the top turnbuckle and dropped an elbow on Fletcher. Pac locked in the Brutalizer on Fletcher! Ishii headbutted Claudio and suplexed Claudio. Ishii decimated Pac with a lariat. Ishii blasted Fletcher with a lariat for a near fall!

Claudio grabbed Fletcher and planted him with the Neutralizer. Pac ran in to square off with Claudio. Ishii was rocked by a German Suplex from Pac. Fletcher rolled up Pac for a near fall!

Pac climbed to the top turnbuckle and splashed Fletcher with the Black Arrow! Pac locked on the Brutalizer and Fletcher tapped out! Don Callis walked off in disgust.

“Pac has now earned a shot at the AEW International Championship,” said Excalibur.

Pac: “Safe to say, things have not been going well for me recently. Since returning to AEW in March, I have made many bold promises and I have suffered many humiliating failures. I don’t know what I’m going to do next, but what I do know is it’s All In season, and I won’t be denied by Wembley moment. So let tonight’s victory stand as a line in the sand. The Bastard will be back!”

Renee Paquette was backstage and tried to get an interview with “Hangman” Adam Page!

Page ignored Renee and knocked on the Elite’s dressing room door. Okada answered, “Can I help you?” Hangman tried to push his way past Okada. 

Okada: “Can I help you?”

The Bucks told Okada to stand down. Matt Jackson asked if there was anything they could do for Hangman. 

Hangman replied, “I’ll do it,” and then stormed off. 

Okada: “You guys OK?”

Nicholas: “Now we are.”

Matthew: “I think we’re going to be just fine.”

It was time for TBS Champion & NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion “The CEO” Mercedes Moné and her double championship victory toast!

Mercedes: “Calgary, please hello to your CEO! I am so honored to be here with you tonight to celebrate my history making double victory. And huge shout out to my boys Nicholas and Matthew Jackson for the extra security tonight. Because I will not be interrupted. 

“These two titles prove that I am the past, present and the future because I am the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be. And as far as Britt Baker goes, you’d better wake up from your stupid fantasy of facing me at All In, because if you did face me at All In, I would leave you with way more than a couple herniated discs and a stroke. I would leave you for dead!

So, it’s time to celebrate, so grab your glass. Let’s pour a little toast and raise a little toast to the greatest of all time—”

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. walked down the ramp, thrust kicking the security. Mercedes ran out of the ring, wanting no part of Britt Baker!

“The doctor is upstaging the CEO once again,” said Excalibur.

The fan chanted “D.M.D! D.M.D.!”

Backstage, Brandon Cutler was begging Darby Allin to stop!

Darby pummeled Cuter!

Darby: “Jack Perry, what’s that you say? We all have to make sacrifices. Brandon Cutler just made his. The Elite really thought this was over? Dynamite: 250, we’re just getting started!”

The Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Final!

Willow Nightingale 


Mariah May (with AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm & Luther the Butler)!

Willow was looking for her version of the Doctor Bomb but Mariah May grabbed the ropes. Willow chopped Mariah May and then wiped out Mariah with a shoulder tackle. Mariah retaliated with a dropkick. 

Mariah May dropkicked Willow in the spine. Willow blocked a kick from Mariah and then followed up with a cannonball off the apron and down onto Mariah on the arena floor! Mariah regained momentum with a dropkick from the top rope. Mariah May smashed Willow with a hip attack and then a DDT for a near fall on Willow!

Willow planted Mariah with a spinebuster out of nowhere. Mariah fought her way out of a sharpshooter attempt. Mariah cracked Willow with a running uppercut in the corner. Mariah wiped out Willow with a hurracanrana for a near fall!

Willow avoided a knee strike. Willow blasted Mariah with a fisherman’s bomb for a near fall. Willow went for the pounce, but Mariah countered with a headbutt at the right time, right place! 

Someone with a Sting sweatshirt jumped onto the apron and tried to distract Willow. As this was transpiring, Toni jumped on the apron on the other side of the ring. Toni distracted the referee. 

Kris Statlander ambushed Willow with a pump kick! The person in the Sting sweatshirt revealed themselves to be Stokley Hathaway, and he and Kris Statlander ran to the back, laughing the entire way!

“The official didn’t see it,” said Nigel.

“Toni Storm, perhaps providing the intervention that Mariah May needed, and Kris Statlander proving the kick to the head that Mariah May needed,” replied Excalibur.

Mariah May nailed Willow with a running knee strike! Willow kicked out at the two-count! Mariah was looking for May Day, but Willow escaped. Mariah rolled up Willow with a cradle, but Willow escaped the pin attempt! 

Mariah May hit a lariat on Willow for a two-count! Willow splashed Mariah with a cannonball in the corner! Willow hoisted up Mariah in the center of the ring, looking for the Death Valley Driver, but Mariah countered with a roll up and pinned Willow!

“Mariah May will face her mentor ‘Timeless’ Toni Storm for her AEW Women’s World Championship, Sunday, August 25th, at All In: London!” said Excalibur. 

After the match, Mariah May took the Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Title Belt and smashed it into Toni Storm’s head! Mariah May whipped Toni Storm with the belt! Luther tried to stop Mariah May but Mariah May nailed Luther with a belt shot!

“What the hell is wrong with Mariah May?” asked a stunned Excalibur.

“She has snapped!” replied Tony Schiavone. 

“Has she snapped, or has she been playing us all along?!” exclaimed Excalibur.

Toni Storm was busted wide open, blood gushing from her forehead. Mariah May knocked Luther off the stage and sent him crashing through a table on the floor! Mariah May bludgeoned Toni Storm with Toni’s high heel shoe! The referees tried to stop Mariah May, and Mariah May shoved referee Aubrey Edwards to the floor!

“It’s the end of an affair,” said Nigel.

“This is despicable,” added Excalibur.

“Ungodly,” replied Tony Schiavone. 

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Catch the 250th episode of AEW DYNAMITE: 250 on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from the Simmons Bank Arena in Little Rock, AR featuring:

-AEW International Champion Will Ospreay putting his title on the line against MJF!

-Champion vs. Champion! AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland vs. AEW Continental Champion Kazuchika Okada!

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