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AEW Dynamite Results for September 30, 2020


Excalibur, Taz, and Jim Ross kicked things off at the broadcast table! At the moment, Tony Schiavone was endeavoring to get an interview with AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR—Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler.

Our opening contest was “Absolute” Ricky Starks (on a roll with eight straight singles victories) vs. Darby Allin!

Starks slapped Allin, and Allin answered with a shotgun dropkick! Starks went for a spear but Allin caught him and grapevined Allin into a submission.

“We didn’t expect a plethora of submissions here,” noted Taz.

“Darby is known for his daredevil style but he’s a tremendous technician on the mat when he needs to be,” replied Excalibur.

Darby suplexed Starks spine-first on the ring apron! Then Darby crashed into Starks with a tope suicida!

Team Taz member “The Machine” Brian Cage walked out to the ring! He tried to enter through the ropes but Will Hobbs sprinted out and intercepted Cage to make sure it was a fair fight!

“These two big bulls are hammering each other!” said Jim Ross.

They brawled back through the tunnel and in the meantime, Starks grabbed Darby’s wrist and whipped him off the ring apron and onto the arena floor! Back in the ring, he dropped an elbow and followed up with a kick and a chop to Darby. Starks sat down into Darby with a single crab. Darby hammered at Starks’ lower back with kidney shots and finally grabbed the ropes to break the hold.

“Both men are depleted by this war of attrition,” said Excalibur.

Starks suplexed Darby for a near fall. Starks drove the point of his knee into the face of Darby Allin. Darby kicked out at two!

“I love Starks’ aggression. That’s the Louisiana blood running through his veins,” observed Jim Ross.

Darby rallied back with a Yoshi tonic for a near fall on Starks! Darby captured the wrist of Ricky Starks and applied the Fujiwara armbar. Starks was tough enough to grip the bottom rope causing ref Rick Knox to break the hold. Darby and Starks began paint brushing one another, which escalated quickly to hard elbow strikes. Starks went for the chop block but Darby floated over with a leapfrog! Darby went over the top and connected with a stunner on Starks! Darby spring boarded off the ropes but Starks countered with a mid-air spear!

“That’s the resilience, that’s the tenacity of Darby Allin,” said Excalibur after Allin kicked out at the 2-count!

“One hell of a midair collision, let me tell you, folks. It’s a gut check for both men. They both desperately need to win here,” added Jim Ross.

“They represent the future of AEW and what a great look at things to come,” observed Excalibur.

“I agree with you but the future is right now for Ricky Starks and we need this win for Team Taz,” added Taz.

Starks attempted the avalanche Roshambo from the turnbuckle but Darby countered, kicking Starks square in the face, which caused Starks to lose his balance and fall to the mat. Darby followed up with the coffin drop onto Starks’ spine and pinned him!

“Darby Allin wins this thing but it could have gone either way on more than one occasion, but the coffin drop did it to that injured lower back,” said Jim Ross.

“One day very soon that Will Hobbs will learn not to stick his nose in Team Taz’s business,” warned Taz.

“The American Nightmare” Cody’s music hit!

“There he is, ladies and gentlemen, the former TNT Champion. We are going to hear him speak tonight for the first time since losing the championship in three minutes and ten seconds to Mr. Brodie Lee,” said Jim Ross.

“And Brodie Lee issued the challenge last week, the dog collar match for the TNT Championship. Will Cody accept?” wondered Excalibur.

Dasha Gonzalez was inside the ring to interview Cody: “Welcome back! Now your injury has been a bit of a mystery so I have to ask: How are you feeling?”

“The man who trained me—Al Snow—I remember he said, ‘You’ll always wrestle hurt, never wrestle injured.’ And had I known then what I know now I would have offered this retort: What if the injury transcends the physical? What if the breaking of the body is secondary to the spirit?” wondered Cody.

Cody continued: “Pre pandemic, all of us wrestlers shook hands ad nauseum. Wrestlers—it’s a particular quirk backstage in wrestling locker rooms, all of us shake hands over and over and over again. Often it is incorrectly chalked up as respect. That’s not why we shake hands. The reason we shake hands is because we need each other. The marquee for example, it has two names on it: It has you versus somebody else. So imagine my shame when I lose the TNT Title in three minutes. And then I get the call—the call all wrestlers pray for but pretend we don’t—that 323 area code—it’s a Hollywood call. It’s an opportunity. And I jump at it. And I find myself sitting at another show. And I’m sitting next to a world renown actress, Rosario Dawson, two seats down from a pioneer in the rap game, Snoop Dogg, and right at the end Grammy award winning songstress, the beautiful Jennifer Nettles. And I’m asking myself—who the hell am I? I’m the guy who got beat in three minutes.”

“But Cody you’re back now, you’re back on your feet,” replied Dasha.

“Yeah my feet are planted firmly in the ground and while I was gone my ear was as well. And I hear that same pro wrestling promo pontification. People talking about being the future. There’s even people talking about being the ‘Ace.’ C’mon, don’t make me laugh, that ship has sailed. DYNAMITE is already a year old. And I’d love to punch that in further and say that honored distinction belongs to me but it doesn’t: That can only belong to one of three people—the full metal champ, Hikaru Shida—the World’s Champion, the best wrestler in the world for the last 207 days, Jon Moxley—or the man carrying the Ace belt himself, Brodie Lee.”

“Now speaking of Mr. Brodie Lee, do you accept his challenge for a dog collar match?” asked Dasha.

“Well that’s simple. The optics in wrestling are incredibly important. The optics of a match that unsafe, that bloody, that violent—as the executive vice president of this company, a title I am so damn proud to have, my answer is no,” replied Cody, who then walked out of the ring.

“I’m shocked,” said Taz.

“Cody’s psychological injury that he alluded to may be deeper than we thought,” remarked Excalibur.

Cody returned to the ring and grabbed the microphone from Dasha: “No, as in no regrets! No, as in no looking back! We enter much different than we leave! TNT Title! Dog collar match! Next week! I accept!”

Mr. Brodie Lee stormed to the ring! Cody and Brodie Lee were slugging away at one another! Finally they were separated from one another by AEW officials and other wrestlers.

Brandi Rhodes ran down to the ring and connected with a flipping senton onto members of the Dark Order! She turned to face Mr. Brodie Lee but “The Queen Slayer” Anna Jay was there to stop her! Brandi and Anna exchanged rights and lefts!

“God almighty, there are fights all over the place!” said Jim Ross.

While they were attempting to pull apart Brandi Rhodes and Anna Jay, “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose grabbed Kilynn King by the hair and slammed her down to the arena floor! Nyla stomped on Kilynn King and then rammed her into the steel barricade.

“Brodie Lee is wisely getting himself some distance between himself and Cody,” said Jim Ross, as “The Exalted One” returned to the locker room tunnel.

“One week before the dog collar match, shades of Roddy Piper and Greg ‘the Hammer’ Valentine, the most famous dog collar match of all time,” added J.R.

Brodie Lee returned, charging back towards the ring like a juggernaut, he and Cody colliding like rams!

“Brodie thought he was going to get a little advantage by making that unexpected return but it didn’t work out that way. Now he’s regrouping once again,” said Jim Ross.

“Dark Order trying to give some counsel to their boss, telling him to wait until next week,” observed Excalibur.

Mr. Brodie Lee stood at the top of the ramp with his TNT Championship held high, taunting “The American Nightmare” Cody! Brodie Lee returned again to the ring, trying to sneak in some shots at Cody, who was being held back by a small army of wrestlers!

“The first ever dog collar match in AEW will go down next week,” said Excalibur.

“I’ve been calling wrestling matches for forty years. I think I may have called four or five dog collar matches the entire time,” replied Jim Ross.

“They’re extremely rare, extremely violent and brutal also,” added Taz.

“The danger to both competitors is nearly unparalleled in that type of match,” said Excalibur.

Tony Schiavone was backstage with the AEW World Tag Team Champions—Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood, along with Tully Blanchard.

Cash: “Tony, we did the Best Friends a favor last week. They weren’t ready to step in the ring with us. They weren’t 100%. They just went to war. They were beat up. And they’re not on our level. We are the pinnacle of tag team wrestling, okay? And these guys—they’re glorified backyarders, at best. They are ‘Participation’ trophy guys. They don’t deserve championship opportunities. So we did them a favor. But SCU—they’re a different story. They’re two of the best in the world. They’re one of the best tag teams in the world. They are the first ever AEW World Tag Team Champions. So now, for us to cement our legacy, we have to beat SCU.”

“But Dax, everyone is asking, ‘What about the Young Bucks?’” remarked Tony Schiavone.

Dax: “You tell me, Tony, what constitutes an AEW World Tag Team Championship match for the Young Bucks? Every time they’ve got the opportunity they’ve blown it. Think about it. Go back to the first round match-up with Private Party. They blew it. They have a championship match against Kenny and ‘Hangman.’ They blew it. Even the gauntlet match that we won to go to ALL OUT—they blew it. So if it’s because Dave Meltzer loves them and throws them all the stars, then yeah, line ‘em up, that constitutes an AEW World Tag Team Championship match. But other than that, they don’t deserve it.”

“All right guys, then let’s talk about this. We know FULL GEAR is coming up on November 7th and I was wondering who you guys are going to face?” asked Tony Schiavone. Before he could finish getting the question out, the Young Bucks stereo superkicked him!

“Oh, geez, did we interrupt something?” asked Matt Jackson.

“No, no, we’re right here, why don’t you kick us?” asked Dax, as the Bucks walked away.

SCU were interviewed by Dasha prior to their match. Backstage they passed Shawn Spears, who smirked and said, “Good luck.”

Next up it was time for the AEW World Tag Team Championship Match!

SCU—Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky (with Christopher Daniels) vs. AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR—Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler (with Tully Blanchard)!

“FTR dictated the rules: There’s a twenty minute time limit for this championship match,” noted Excalibur.

“Hangman” Adam Page joined the broadcast booth for this match. He had some whiskey with him.

“FTR calls this ‘the Brush with Greatness.’ They said that they’re giving fans the opportunity to witness the tag title match on DYNAMITE by making it a twenty minute time limit,” said Excalibur. He reminded “Hangman” Page that Page and Omega defended the tag team titles plenty of times on DYNAMITE.

“Plenty of times on DYNAMITE, and hey, against FTR, it took them more than thirty minutes so do the math there,” said ‘Hangman’ Page.

Dax and Frankie chain wrestled with Frankie getting the better of it with a nice drop toe hold into a side headlock.

“As a former longtime champion, Page, are you done with tag team wrestling? Because it seems like Kenny Omega is,” said J.R.

“I don’t like to think so, that’s why I’m here. I’ve got a vested interest in the tag team division here in AEW, it’s the best tag division in the world, and I’m proud to have been and still be, hopefully, a part of it,” replied Page.

Kazarian connected with a clothesline on Harwood and tagged in Scorpio Sky, who hit the Kobe dropkick on Harwood. Cash tagged himself in and Sky took Cash to the mat with a side headlock takeover. Cash ran into the ropes towards Christopher Daniels, who was observing the match on the outside of the ring. Cash complained to ref Paul Turner that Christopher Daniels tripped him, but it was all a ploy by FTR to get CD ejected from the ringside area!

“Paul Turner ejecting Christopher Daniels from ringside for some imaginary offense,” said Excalibur.

As he asked for another drink, ‘Hangman’ Page noted that FTR are great manipulators.

Meanwhile, SCU were cleaning house on FTR! Kazarian strategically maneuvered himself on the outside around FTR, placing them in the flight path of Scorpio Sky’s tope con giro!

“Man, FTR got played,” said Jim Ross.

Dax pulled Sky out of the ring, setting up a lariat from Cash!

“Turnabout is fair play,” noted Taz.

Sky tried to fight out of enemy territory but the tag champs had him isolated in their corner of the ring. After a wicked Russian leg sweep on Cash, Sky tagged Frankie Kazarian! FTR were both taken off their feet by lariats from Frankie! He hit a big flying forearm on Dax, and then caught Cash’s leg and flipped him over, sending him splashing onto Dax! Frankie used a Northern lights suplex on Cash while simultaneously using a pinning combination on Dax, but Dax kicked out at two!

“This ‘Twenty Minute Brush with Greatness” for FTR isn’t going too well,” said Taz.

At the ten minute-mark, FTR double-teamed Frankie, with Dax nearly getting a three count! Kazarian escaped a backslide from Dax and tagged in Sky. Now SCU double-teamed FTR with a German suplex and then Sky nearly scored the three count on Dax! SCU tried for a double pin on FTR but the champs kicked out at two! SCU hit a pair of cutters on FTR and Sky went for the pin on Dax, who kicked out in the nick of time! Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky accidentally collided with one another, and FTR took over on Frankie. Cash dragon suplexed Frankie for a near fall!

Sky tagged in and used near fall after near fall on Cash, but Cash successfully kicked out each time. Sky grabbed Cash by the ankle but from the outside of the ring, Tully Blanchard pulled Cash’s arm and held onto it, trying to prevent another pin attempt by Scorpio Sky. Ref Paul Turner kicked away Tully’s hand, but Cash was able to get out of the pin attempt one more time.

Cash rolled toward the ring apron, near Tully Blanchard. Sky attempted to suplex Cash back into the ring, but Tully, out of the referee’s sight, tripped up Sky, pulling his ankle. Because of Tully’s assistance, Cash was able to position himself and land on top of Sky. Tully held down Sky’s boot, and Dax pulled back on Tully for added leverage, and Cash scored the pin on Sky!

“FTR steals one!” said Jim Ross.

The announcers received word from Tony Khan about an upcoming tournament.

“It’s an eight-man tournament, single elimination, and the finals will be at FULL GEAR. And the winner will get a shot at the AEW World Championship Title. We can announce three of the eight competitors right now: the first is Jungle Boy; the second is Rey Fenix; and the third is Kenny Omega,” said Excalibur.

“‘Hangman’ is that a shock to you?” asked Jim Ross.

“I gotta go,” replied Page, removing his headset and walking away from the broadcast table with his whiskey.

Up next, making his AEW singles debut, was Private Party’s Isiah Kassidy (accompanied by Marq Quen & Matt Hardy) vs. “Demo God” Chris Jericho (along with Inner Circle’s Santana, Ortiz, Jake Hager, and Sammy Guevara)!

Jericho pie-faced Kassidy, then slapped him. As a glib Jericho turned his back, Kassidy jumped him! He swept out Jericho’s legs and started dropping lefts and rights as Jericho did his best to cover up! Kassidy slid between Jericho’s legs and followed up with a hurracanrana, an arm drag, and then a drop toehold. Isiah Kassidy cradled Jericho for a very close pin, Jericho kicking out within inches!

“Isiah Kassidy doing a marvelous job of dictating the pace thus far,” said Excalibur.

Jericho was frustrated and clocked Kassidy with a big time right hand! Kassidy dodged a dropkick from Jericho and catapulted him out of the ring and at the members of Inner Circle! They brawled on the outside. Jericho even got tagged with a strike by Luther, who was just on the other side of the guardrail. Kassidy soared over the top rope and landed right on the “Demo God”!

“Jericho’s in trouble here, guys,” said Taz.

Kassidy went to the top turnbuckle and dropped a senton bomb onto Jericho in the center of the ring for a near fall! Out of desperation, Jericho lifted Kassidy and pancaked him down onto the mat. He catapulted Kassidy’s throat into the bottom rope! Jericho used a vertical suplex on Kassidy and then laughed. Kassidy tried to fight back with punches to Jericho’s abdomen and then ran to the ropes but Hager blasted him. Jericho followed up by grabbing Kassidy by the head for the running bulldog, but Kassidy pushed away, using Jericho’s own momentum to send the “Demo God” straight into the corner turnbuckle.

“Jericho straddling the turnbuckle, and unless he’s wearing a cup, he’s hurting like hell,” said Jim Ross.

Kassidy jumped off the ropes with a flipping forward into a stunner for a near fall on Jericho! Kassidy hit a second stunner on Jericho for another near fall!

“Jericho might not make it to the ‘30 Years of Jericho’ next week,” said Taz.

Kassidy was hitting Jericho with repeated forearms until Jericho chopped him across the esophagus. Jericho tried for the lionsault but Kassidy lifted his knees! Kassidy hit Jericho with a lionsault of his own for a two-count! Kassidy used a code breaker on Jericho but Jericho kicked out at two!

“That’s a Jericho move there. The Inner Circle can’t believe what they’re seeing, seeing the great effort and game planning that Matt Hardy has instilled in Isiah Kassidy,” said Jim Ross.

Kassidy spring boarded directly into the Judas Effect from Jericho, who then pinned Kassidy!

The Inner Circle tried to put a beating on Isiah Kassidy but Matt Hardy ran in with a steel chair, and Marq Quen jumped to the aid of his tag partner too! As they walked away from the ring, Jericho and Hager threw hands at Luther and Serpentico, getting retribution for earlier.

“Luther is one of Jericho’s earliest career rivals, dating back to their time at Stu Hart’s Dungeon up in Calgary,” noted Excalibur.

“Luther and Serpentico are known as Chaos Project and they’re undefeated as a tag team,” said Taz.

“The Best Man” Miro and Kip Sabian were hanging out at an arcade talking about the upcoming bachelor party that Miro is planning for Kip. Arcade World Record holder Billy Mitchell showed up and said he could help out, “…if you want to do something really crazy.” Miro was intrigued by the idea.

Dasha was backstage with Best Friends and Orange Cassidy.

FTR interrupted the interview. FTR called themselves “Top Guys,” insulted Best Friends, and started to walk away when Best Friends acted as if they were going to hit FTR. Cash and Dax flinched, putting up their guards. Orange Cassidy took the mic and called FTR “weinies.”

“Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy (accompanied by Best Friends—Trent & Chuck Taylor) vs. Dark Order’s ‘10’ (with Colt Cabana, John Silver, and Alan Angels) was up next!

Ten blasted Orange from behind and then faceplanted him! Orange kicked out at one! Ten used a delayed vertical suplex on Orange, and “Freshly Squeezed” kicked out at one again! Ten used a spinebuster and then a pump kick on Orange, sending him crashing to the arena floor, in front of the other Dark Order members. Dark Order mocked Best Friends and copied Best Friends’ trademark hug. Orange Cassidy used the distraction to leap off the top rope and crash down onto Dark Order! Cassidy hit his swinging DDT on Ten! He staggered Ten with the Orange Punch! Cassidy wasted no time and spiked Ten with Beach Break, scoring the pin!

MJF, along with Wardlow, who was carrying a gift-wrapped box, walked into Chris Jericho’s dressing room. Jericho and the Inner Circle were celebrating with some bubbly. MJF said he had a gift for Jericho because he wanted to congratulate Jericho on his big win tonight. MJF opened the box and pulled out Inner Circle jackets. MJF said he was embarrassed but he “unintentionally” forgot one for Sammy.

“What are you doing in here?” asked Jericho.

MJF: “Guys, I am simply here to congratulate you on your victory. It’s just like I said.”

Jericho: “We appreciate this but I asked you a question a long time ago and I’m kind of picking up what you’re laying down here. So I’m going to ask you again: Do you want to join the Inner Circle?”

MJF: “Chris I don’t want to be rude here but I asked you a question a long time ago: do you want me to join the Inner Circle?”

Neither seemed to answer the other’s question, and finally MJF congratulated Jericho on the legendary 30-year run. MJF and Wardlow saw themselves out of the room.

Sammy said, “What a loser!”

“Perhaps he’s not,” replied Jericho.

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (with Reba) vs. Red Velvet!

Baker used a wristlock to take Red Velvet down. Baker followed up by stretching Velvet with a double arm bar “barb wire” submission hold. Baker cracked Red Velvet across the jaw with a back elbow. After a swing and a miss by Baker, Red Velvet countered with a leg lariat. She connected with a bulldog on Baker for a two-count.

Baker nearly took of Red Velvet’s head with a sweeping clothesline! She followed up with a double underhook butterfly suplex on Red Velvet. Baker hit the sling blade on her opponent.

“She hasn’t missed a beat, guys. Look at her,” said Taz.

Dr. Britt Baker used a swinging fishermen’s neck breaker on Red Velvet. Baker stomped the heel of her boot onto the back of Red Velvet’s skull and pinned her for the win!

“Conclusively, convincingly, no questions asked, Dr. Britt Baker is back and she is better than she has ever been,” said Jim Ross.

After the match, Baker applied her lock jaw finisher on Red Velvet to send a message to the rest of the roster!

Excalibur announced that next week, “Demo God” Chris Jericho and Jake Hager will be wrestling Chaos Project—Luther and Serpentico! And Will Hobbs will go one-on-one with FTW Champ Brian Cage! Plus TNT Champion Mr. Brodie Lee will be defending the title in a Dog Collar Match against “The American Nightmare” Cody!

Eddie Kingston came out to the ring, with Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix. Kingston had a helpless Bryce Remsburg by the shirt collar.

Kingston said he did not tap out to Moxley’s bulldog choke. Kingston said he gets to pick Jon Moxley’s opponent tonight. “Before I disclose who’s gonna kick your ass tonight, I gotta talk to a friend of mine, or I thought,” said Kingston.

“Remsburg, I never tapped. You never heard me say ‘I quit.’ So what made you think, what gave you the right, what gave you the balls to ring that bell?” Kingston asked Remsburg.

“Eddie, you were unresponsive. I’ve known you 18 years, you can’t call or text me all week. You want to bring me out here? You know my wife, my kids, right? We go back. So that’s our personal life, but here when we’re in the ring, that’s our professional life. And when you’re in a world title match on national television, we’re at work. And it’s my job to protect you from yourself,” replied Remsburg.

Kingston signaled to the Lucha Bros and they surrounded Bryce Remsburg!

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley’s music hit!

“The fightin’ champion of AEW is here,” said Jim Ross.

“He’s got a barbed wire bat with him,” observed Excalibur.

Mox entered the ring while Kingston and the Lucha Bros retreated to the outside. The Butcher entered the ring from behind, unbeknownst to Moxley.

“You’re fighting the Butcher tonight. Remsburg, ring the bell,” said Kingston.

It was time for the main event! For the AEW World Title—The Butcher against champ Jon Moxley!

Mox turned around just in time to eat a lariat from the Butcher!

“Jon Moxley didn’t have to defend the title this week. This is a voluntary defense because he was so angered, so fired up after the attack by Kingston and the Lucha Bros last week that he offered to put the title up against anybody and it’s a completely fresh challenger in the Butcher!” said Excalibur.

The Butcher pounded and chopped Moxley’s chest! Moxley tried to fight back with forearms but Butcher shut him down with another lariat!

Butcher charged Mox but Mox avoided him, sending Butcher through the ropes to the outside of the ring. Mox built up a full head of steam for a tope suicida but Butcher cut him off at the pass with a forearm shot! Butcher wrenched Mox’s leg down across the ring apron, tweaking the champ’s knee. Back inside the ring, Butcher continued to focus his assault on Mox’s left leg and knee.

“Big time game plan by Butch,” remarked Taz.

Mox fought back, connecting with a neck breaker to Butcher! He kicked Butcher and covered him for a near fall. Mox applied a crossarm breaker on Butcher. Before long, Butcher countered with a single leg crab on the champ.

“The bad knee! How much more can Jon Moxley take?” asked Jim Ross.

Butcher began peppering Moxley with shots in the mounted position. He stomped Mox’s injured knee. Butcher power slammed Moxley for a two-count! He went back to the leg and locked it up with the single leg crab.

“Moxley is being dominated, quite frankly,” said Jim Ross.

Butcher went for the power slam again but Moxley shoved him into the corner! Mox was looking to use the Paradigm Shift but Butcher powered out and went back to working over Mox’s leg.

“It’s clear that Moxley is depleted after that brutal match up with Eddie Kingston last week and then the sneak attack by Butcher to start this match,” said Excalibur.

Butcher charged Moxley on the outside but Moxley moved and pushed Butcher into the steel guardrail! Back in the ring, they traded stiff forearms. Butcher ran over Mox like a freight train with a crossbody block. Mox kicked out at two! Moxley attempted a German suplex on Butcher but the challenger countered with a pump handle uranage. Butcher dropped a leg across Mox for a near fall! Butcher climbed the corner turnbuckles but Moxley sprang up to his feet and rocked Butcher with a nasty shot!

“Moxley with a rush of adrenaline trying to get himself back in this thing on one leg against a big, powerful, strong man,” said Jim Ross.

Mox hurled Butcher down to the mat with a superplex! Butcher rolled through and went to attack on the left leg again. Moxley was able to fight free and drove Butcher face-first into the turnbuckle pad. Mox spiked Butcher with a jumping piledriver for a near fall! Moxley hoisted Butcher up to the turnbuckles but Butcher countered with a crossbody! Mox kicked out at two!

“Best match I’ve seen from the Butcher since he made his first appearance here,” commented Jim Ross.

Butcher went for the lariat but Moxley countered with the Paradigm Shift DDT! Mox applied the bulldog choke to Butcher! Mox wrenched back on Butcher’s neck, forcing Butcher to tap out!

“The Butcher taps! Moxley retains! The fighting champion has fought through it again! The number one man in AEW. The face of the brand,” said Jim Ross.

Be sure to join us next Wednesday for all the explosive action as AEW DYNAMITE is broadcast on TNT! Witness the anniversary celebration for 30 years of Jericho!


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