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AEW Fyter Fest Event Recap

Warning: *This article contains SPOILERS *

On Saturday, June 29, 2019, streaming on B/R Live and Fite TV, from Daytona Beach, Florida, All Elite Wrestling (in conjunction with CEO Gaming) presented its second event, FYTER FEST.

This was a wild night of bell-to-bell action and a worthy follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut pay-per-view, DOUBLE OR NOTHING. Calling tonight’s action at the broadcast booth were Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Goldenboy.

The preshow BUY IN saw the Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Baretta) vs. SoCal Uncensored (Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen). It was a hot opener and a perfect way to kick off the show, with all three teams shining, and Private Party, in particular, putting on a star making performance. It was hotly contested, because the winners will get an opportunity at ALL OUT to compete for a Bye in the AEW Tag Team Title Tournament. Trent Baretta scored the pin fall on Kassidy.

Your winners: The Best Friends

In an unannounced match, “the Librarian”, Leva Bates, (accompanied by “the Librarian” Peter Avalon), was silenced by Allie.

Your winner: Allie

Closing out the preshow in a match that has to be seen to be believed, Michael Nakazawa fought non wrestler, CEO’s Alex Jebailey, in a hardcore match. The match was full of Nakazawa’s baby oil, along with arcade console buttons and various other plunder. After using his thong as a distraction, Nakazawa reversed a La Magistral cradle by Jebailey for the win.

Your winner: Michael Nakazawa

FYTER FEST’s opened with “the Fallen Angel”, Christopher Daniels, competing against longtime rival CIMA. Both competitors know the other like the back of their hand, and this contest was about as evenly matched as any bout on tonight’s card. Cima scored the upper hand and won with the Meteora.

Your winner: CIMA

In a three-way match, it was Nyla Rose vs. Yuka Sakazaki vs. Riho. Just like DOUBLE OR NOTHING, the female wrestlers had the spectators on their feet. Despite the distinct size advantage, and after some tremendous power moves, Nyla Rose was pinned suddenly after a roll through as she attempted a Beast Bomb on Riho.

Your winner: Riho

Hangman Page, Jimmy Havoc, MJF, and Jungle Boy (accompanied by Luchasaurus) battled it out in a four-way match. With Hangman Page scheduled to face Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship in Chicago, this was a chance for someone besides Page to make a name if they could score a victory and leave him in the dust. Ultimately, Page pinned Jimmy Havoc after a Deadeye in a very competitive match.

Your winner: Hangman Page

A lot of buzz and social media chatter surrounded the Cody and Darby Allin match, and that was even before the post match attack on Cody from Shawn Spears. Cody had the power advantage on the debuting Darby Allin, but there was no denying Allin’s fighting spirit. Allin is a bit of an enigma, seen coming out to the ring carrying a body bag with Cody’s name spray-painted onto it. Allin took a brutal beating from Cody, and Cody seemed a bit perplexed at times. What would it take to put this man down? How was Allin still standing after everything Cody was dishing out? The longer the match went on, the more frenzied it became, but just as it appeared Cody was about to score an official three-count, the bell rang as the 20-minute time limit expired.

Your winner: Draw

As Cody and Brandi Rhodes demanded five more minutes, Shawn Spears ran in with a steel chair and wrapped it around Cody’s skull with a wicked shot. Cody was left in a puddle of blood, and after medical attention, “the American Nightmare” required 12 staples.

With Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela being non-sanctioned, technically the main event of FYTER FEST was Kenny Omega with Nick and Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks in a three-man tag against the Lucha Bros. and the Laredo Kid. In a nice nod to the CEO Gaming fans in attendance, the Elite were cosplaying as Ryu, Ken, and Akuma from the Street Fighter games. This match was anything but a button-masher, as both teams executed smooth, calculated combos, at the highest level of difficulty. It was apropos that the Elite had attire matching video game characters, because the high risk, high flying on display didn’t appear to be human; it was more akin to watching a live-action video game. After hitting his patented One Winged Angel, Omega pinned Laredo Kid.

Your winners: The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega

Jon Moxley made his AEW in-ring debut in an unsanctioned match against “Bad Boy” Joey Janela. AEW officials were uncertain as to what Moxley was capable of now that he’s escaped from the confines of his straight jacket, so they didn’t want to be held liable for what might occur once he and Janela were let loose. It was a wise decision, because like sadistic, starving sharks, both men wanted first blood and the taste of victory. All the stops were pulled out as this became a hardcore display of violence; thumbtacks, tables, barbed wire, chairs, and ladders were all utilized to gruesome effect. It was a valiant effort by both men, with each suffering copious amounts of punishment, but Moxley’s experience edge made him the odds on favorite over the younger Janela. Finally, it was a DDT that put Janela away.

Your winner: Jon Moxley

Unfortunately for Moxley, his night was only just beginning. Seeking to gain revenge after the events of DOUBLE OR NOTHING, Kenny Omega returned to even the score. Omega ambushed Moxley, dragging him to the entrance ramp. It’s there that Omega used band equipment from the FYTER FEST set, such as a drum kit and guitar, to play the greatest hits on an already worn down and bloody Moxley. Once they were finally separated, Moxley was helped out, but with a sly grin on his face. Things have escalated and there’s no telling what’ll go down when the two face off in Chicago at ALL OUT.


To watch the replay of FYTER FEST, free of charge, visit


AEW Present Fight For The Fallen Saturday, July 13th Jacksonville, Florida. This event will be streaming on the B/R Live app FREE OF CHARGE when it takes place on July 13th!

Fight For The Fallen Card:

• Chris Jericho Appearing

• The Young Bucks vs. Cody & Dustin Rhodes

• Kenny Omega vs. CIMA

• Brandi Rhodes vs. Allie


AEW Present ALL OUT Saturday, August 31st Chicago, Illinois

All Out Card:

• Adam Page vs. Chris Jericho (AEW World Championship)

• Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley


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