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AEW Rampage Preview for November 19, 2021

Wednesday night was a tremendous kick-off to The Cowboy Sh*T Era of All Elite Wrestling! The new AEW World Champion Hangman Page and the new #1 Contender Bryan Danielson wasted no time in mixing it up in advance of their eventual championship match, The Gunn Club mixed it up with Darby Allin, Jay Lethal made his in-ring debut in a superb TNT Title loss to Sammy Guevara, and an intense 8-Man Tag was established for next week on DYNAMITE!

RAMPAGE is ready to follow that wild night with a tremendous Friday night staring at 10pm EST/9pm CST on TNT, and at for our international audiences! Get ready for Friday by visiting the official AEW YouTube channel for highlights from DYNAMITE, as well as the latest editions of DARK: ELEVATION, AEW DARK, and this week's ROAD TO episode! Be sure to follow the official Twitter for the latest breaking news, event highlights AS THEY HAPPEN, and more! If you still haven't caught the historic action from FULL GEAR 2021, be sure to catch the replay right here (Order Now) on Bleacher Report!


Adam Cole & “The Infamous” Bobby Fish vs. Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus)

At FULL GEAR 2021, the Jurassic Express and Christian Cage proved themselves the dominant trio in their Falls Count Anywhere fight with The SuperKliq. That fight culminated in Jungle Boy decimating Matt Jackson with a Con-Chair-To and, as it would turn out, putting The Young Bucks on the shelf for the time being. Without the brothers Jackson getting medical clearance to compete, with Kenny Omega taking some much needed time away from AEW and The Elite, Adam Cole once more reached out to... his other family...for support in an effort to get some revenge. As can be heard in the above embedded interview, “The Infamous” Bobby Fish has been tapped by Cole to try to even the score for the worst night in The SuperKliq's career last Saturday!

Despite being two very beat up individuals, especially in the case of Jungle Boy, the members of JurEx had no problem accepting this challenge for a fight on RAMPAGE! In fact, it seems reasonable to say that Jungle and Luchasaurus are looking forward to another round. Eating thumbtacks for breakfast; that's the kind of fight Jurassic Express is willing to have if it means scoring another win over The Elite!


Jade Cargill vs. Red Velvet

Jade Cargill and Red Velvet have been in the ring with each other on three occasions in their AEW careers. Their first time also marked the professional wrestling debut of Jade Cargill as she teamed with NBA Legend Shaquille O'Neal to defeat Red and Cody Rhodes in a wild tag team affair back in March. After Cody and Shaq crashed through a table on the outside, Jade scored the win for her team to start her AEW career off on the good foot.

Round two, their lone singles meeting prior to this Friday night, took place just over a month later on the April 14th edition of DYNAMITE. In seven and a half minutes, it was once again Jade who came out victorious, continuing her unbeaten streak that persists to this day with seventeen straight singles wins and eighteen victories overall.

Their third encounter came not in a singles or tag team format, but rather as participants in the Women's Casino Battle Royale at ALL OUT 2021. Although neither woman earned a Women's World Championship match as the victor, Cargill found some satisfaction in being the one to eliminate Red Velvet from the competition. Unfortunately for Jade, her arrogance at that accomplishment cost her the opportunity as well when Nyla Rose dumped Cargill over the top rope a mere ten seconds after Red Velvet was eliminated.

Clearly the bad blood that exists between Jade and Velvet never faded, and as soon as the brackets for the TBS Women's Championship Tournament were released, one of the most intriguing possibilities was this bout right here. Jade, given her standings in the rankings, was one of the women given a bye in the first round while Red Velvet had to fight her way through The Bunny on RAMPAGE two weeks ago. Once that victory was secured, and Velvet advanced to the Quarter-Finals, her eyes were firmly locked on a second singles dance with Cargill. Red even planted herself ringside when Jade was given a match with Santana Garrett to celebrate her one-year AEW anniversary, and made sure to ruin Smart Mark Sterling's attempt at a post-match celebration by smashing the cake on his face before brawling with his client.

On Friday night, these two women will get a chance to fight in an official capacity as each one not only aims to maim, but also looks to advance in the TBS Women's Championship Tournament and face the winner of the Thunder Rosa/Jamie Hayter Quarter-Final match-up!


Darby Allin vs. Billy Gunn

Darby Allin is coming off a heart-breaking loss to MJF at FULL GEAR 2021, but he isn't crying over that proverbial spilled milk, just looking to get right back into the fight until he can get his hands on Max one more time. It just so happened that The Gunn Club was within earshot when The Relentless One said he wanted to face the biggest and the baddest in AEW, and quite frankly, that description fits Hall of Famer Billy Gunn to a tee.

One of the most imposing figures in the AEW locker room, Billy Gunn brings a level of experience into the ring that few can match, and a bit beyond anyone Allin has faced in All Elite Wrestling. Billy is a massive human, absolutely shredded, with rope-like veins protruding in places most humans do not have veins. His diet is insane, his fitness regimen is bar none, and he has a 25 year experience edge on Darby. These are all elements that Allin cannot compensate for, things he cannot match, instead what he must do is bring that do-or-die mentality and his willingness to push all the limits to bear in an attempt to find the key to victory. It's going to be an uphill battle for Darby Allin, but there is no fight he has ever backed down from in his life, and he isn't about to start now!

RAMPAGE is set to kick off at 10pm EST/9pm CST on TNT, as well as on for our international fanbase! And you can get yourself prepared for all that action by heading over to the official AEW YouTube channel for highlights from DYNAMITE, plus the most recent episodes of DARK: ELEVATION, AEW DARK, as well as the latest ROAD TO episode! Be sure to follow the official Twitter for the latest news, event highlights AS THEY HAPPEN, and more! If you still haven't caught the historic action from FULL GEAR 2021, be sure to catch the replay right here (Order Now) on Bleacher Report!


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