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AEW Rampage Results for September 10, 2021


AEW RAMPAGE was broadcast from the Fifth Third Arena in Cincinnati, OH!

Tonight’s RAMPAGE broadcast team is Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz, and “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry!

It’s Friday and you know what that means!

“The Bastard” PAC vs. Andrade El Idolo (with Chavo Guerrero)!

“J.R., we’ve been waiting for this one for quite some time, haven’t we?” asked Schiavone.

“Yes sir, on again, off again, missing flights, missing plane tickets,” replied Jim Ross.

“Some speculation maybe Chavo Guerrero, Jr. was behind that,” added Taz.

PAC and Andrade El Idolo had a stare down and then began shoving one another. Tony Schiavone informed viewers that AEW Tag Team Champions Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix initially had come out along with PAC during his entrance but PAC told them he wanted to handle this on his own.

“Both guys are so evenly matched,” said Schiavone.

Andrade El Idolo surprised PAC with a shotgun dropkick. Andrade El Idolo worked over PAC in the corner. Andrade tried for a backdrop but PAC had it scouted and kicked him, and then followed up with a hurracanrana! PAC soared with a tope con gyro over the top to Andrade El Idolo!

“Big respect to PAC. He’s fearless,” said Taz.

PAC whipped Andrade El Idolo into the security railing. PAC chopped at El Idolo, and he was more than happy to oblige with more chops when El Idolo said, “Let’s go!” Andrade caught off PAC’s momentum with a DDT onto the ring apron—the hardest part of the ring. Andrade El Idolo followed up with an explosive, twisting planchet to PAC!

“This is awesome!” chanted the AEW fans.

Andrade El Idolo and PAC fought on the top turnbuckle. PAC got hung up and was at the mercy of El Idolo! Andrade walloped PAC with a double foot stomp to the arena floor! Back in the ring, Andrade El Idolo hit a split leg moonsault onto PAC ala RVD!

PAC fought back with a hurracanrana off the top rope! PAC ran into Andrade El Idolo with a pump kick!

“Andrade is on proverbial Dream Street,” said Taz.

PAC attempted a sunset flip powerbomb over the top rope and onto the arena floor but Andrade El Idolo countered with a backflip of his own. PAC was there to meet him with a thrust kick right in the face!

PAC was climbing up top again when El Idolo hit him, causing PAC to lose his balance and get twisted up in the ropes again. Andrade El Idolo attempted a second double foot stomp but PAC narrowly avoided it!

“PAC was able to move out of the way after he had the first one scouted,” noted Jim Ross.

“The Bastard” floated up and came crashed down onto Andrade El Idolo with a top rope moonsault!

“Both of these guys are fearless. They’ll try anything,” said Jim Ross.

“It looks like PAC hit his head on that steel rail coming down, too,” added Mark Henry.

PAC propped himself up and connected with a 450 splash onto Andrade, but Andrade grabbed the bottom rope before the three-count! PAC dragged El Idolo back toward the turnbuckles. PAC was looking for the Black Arrow but El Idolo retaliated with a Pele kick from a handspring!

Andrade El Idolo had PAC knotted up with double underhooks but PAC escaped and countered with a snap suplex! PAC followed up with a belly-to-belly suplex on El Idolo into the corner turnbuckles! PAC used a crucifix pinning combination but Andrade escaped. PAC transitioned with the Brutalizer. Jose jumped onto the ring apron with a stun gun! The Lucha Bros sprinted down and neutralized Jose with stereo thrust kicks! While the referee was distracted, Chavo nailed PAC from behind with an iPad! Andrade El Idolo rolled onto PAC and pinned him!

“Chavo Guerrero had something to do with this when he rolled in and the referee turned his back,” said Schiavone.

Andrade El Idolo hugged Chavo on the ramp and then decked him!

“What the hell just happened?” asked Taz.

“Jose told him what happened and Andrade El Idolo apparently wanted to win this one alone,” replied Tony Schiavone.

Chavo got to his feet but before long, The Lucha Bros blasted him with thrust kicks! They threw Chavo back into the ring and PAC put him in the Brutalizer!

“He brought it on himself,” said Mark Henry.

After several agonizing minutes, PAC finally released the hold!

Next: Tony Schiavone was in the ring to interview Darby Allin and Sting, who wanted to address Tully Blanchard’s comments from DYNAMITE!

“Tully Blanchard—you want to say Sting is riding my coattails? Shawn Spears—listen to me you generic piece of s—t! Without Tully, you are absolutely nothing!” said Darby Allin.

“Tully, didn’t you ride on the tails of Slick Ric for many, many years? What about Arn Anderson’s? And if you want to look at me eye to eye, why wait? Let’s do it right here in Cincy! C’mon Tully!” said Sting.

Tully Blanchard walked out onto the ramp: “Look at you two. Two on one. That’s what you want. You’ve always liked the numbers game, haven’t you Sting? Talk about riding on coattails…that never happened…be a little bit more aware,” said Tully, as Shawn Spears quietly took out Darby from behind. Spears hit the C4 Death Valley Driver on Darby on the arena floor, unbeknownst to Sting!

“Be a little bit more aware as one of your guys gets taken down,” said Tully.

Sting hopped out of the ring and went to look for Spears, who had already run off through the crowd.

“Way to go, Shawn, just like we planned it. Sting, now look into my eyes, baby,” said Tully.

“Good luck trying to outsmart Tully Blanchard,” added Taz.

A video montage aired from Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson’s debuts, including new comments from each:

“The Elite as a faction, but as I like to call it, as a brotherhood, is incredibly special. The Elite was designed as a bunch of very individually talented professional wrestlers coming together to show how powerful we really are. I trust Kenny Omega with my life, and he trusts me. I trust The Young Bucks with my life, and they trust me.

“Christian and Bryan Danielson—they’re special. There’s a reason the people look at them so highly. There’s a reason people respect them so much, because their body of work is undeniable. The difference is they think they’re going to be able to keep up with guys like me. I can promise you I’m not even in my prime yet and I will wipe the floor with Bryan Danielson,” said Adam Cole.

Bryan Danielson: The way that all of The Elite acts and dresses sound to me like people who are insecure. So I’m not exactly going after all of The Elite. I’m going after one member of The Elite. I’ve heard how great Kenny Omega is. I’ve seen how great Kenny Omega is.

“The reality is I’m just excited to get into the ring and wrestle. I’d love for it to be Kenny Omega. I would love for Kenny Omega to be my first match. If he doesn’t want to step up, there’ll be somebody else. Because one of the things I love about AEW is everybody is hungry. Everybody wants to prove themselves. I’m here and I’m game. Let’s go.”

Trios Match!

AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D., Jamie Hayter, and Rebel vs. “The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien” Kris Statlander, Riho and ALL OUT 2021 Casino Battle Royale Winner Ruby Soho!

Baker took down Riho and was looking for a pin right away. Riho bridged out and caught Baker with a dropkick to the nose.

Kris tagged in and Baker almost had her in an arm bar but Kris rolled out. Kris powerslammed the AEW Women’s World Champion! Statlander propped Riho on her back and then used her to kick Rebel!

Jamie Hayter tagged in and Riho tripped her up. Hayter was draped over the middle ropes. Riho ran across the ring and then waffled Hayter with double boots to the face! Behind ref Paul Turner’s back, Rebel kicked Riho from behind when Riho ran into the ropes. Hayter moved in and nailed Riho with a snapping vertical suplex.

Ruby Soho made the tag and cleaned house on Jamie Hayter!

“That was great execution by Ruby Soho. She used her leverage and her quickness against a much stronger opponent,” said Jim Ross.

Hayter rallied back and planted Kris Statlander with a back breaker! Rebel tagged in and she and Hayter tried for a double suplex on Statlander. Kris Statlander countered with a double suplex on Rebel and Hayter!

Britt Baker entered the fray but was quickly dispatched of by Kris Statlander! Rebel threw her body on top of Britt Baker to act as a human shield. Riho jumped off the shoulders of Kris Statlander and double foot stomped onto Rebel and Dr. Britt Baker! Ruby Soho tagged in and rocked Rebel with a Pele kick and then pinned her!

“That was a quick strike right there. Ruby is red hot! Nice victory,” said Jim Ross.

Main Event Time!

The Acclaimed’s Max Caster (with Anthony Bowens) vs. Brian Pillman, Jr.!

“Two young lions both needing a win here on national television,” said Jim Ross.

Pillman wasted no time and charged into the ring! He dumped Caster with a double leg takedown! Pillman grounded and then pounded on “Platinum” Max!

“He wasted no time in getting a big piece of Max Caster,” said Jim Ross.

The hometown fans were chanting “Flyin’ Brian!”

“He’s wearing the orange and black in honor of his dad,” added Taz.

Pillman showed off his agility with a dropkick through the ropes to The Acclaimed! Pillman was about to springboard up onto the ropes when Bowens grabbed his leg and pulled him down onto the floor! Caster hurled Pillman down onto the ring apron. Caster dropped a knee on Pillman as members of Pillman’s family watched from ringside.

Caster planted Pillman with a suplex and followed up with a hard kick.

“Leather on flesh…generally leather wins,” observed Jim Ross.

Pillman came back with a crisp clothesline to Max Caster! Pillman ran in with another clothesline! Caster met Pillman on the top turnbuckle but Pillman knocked him down with a headbutt. Pillman took flight to the outside with a crossbody press to Bowens!

Caster tried to hit the Mic Drop elbow off the top rope but Pillman dodged it! Pillman spring boarded off the ropes with a clothesline and pinned Caster!

“That springboard clothesline was an ode to his dad up in the heavens. An extremely emotional victory for Brian Pillman, Jr.,” said Taz.

After the match, Bowens blindsided Pillman! The Acclaimed began to double team Pillman, Jr. Bowens impaled Pillman with a DDT! Jon Moxley ran out to even up the odds! He rocked Bowens with a boombox shot to the head! Pillman connected with a thrust kick to Caster, who was sent into the waiting arms of Jon Moxley! Mox finished off Caster with the Paradigm Shift!

“What a way to close out RAMPAGE!” said Tony Schiavone.

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday to AEW DYNAMITE live on TNT (8pm ET/7pm CT) from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.

And remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling!


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