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Young Bucks Become First Three-Time AEW World Tag Team Champions

AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Final Ladder Match!

The Young Bucks—Matthew & Nicholas Jackson


FTR—Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood!

The Bucks smashed a ladder into Dax. Cash used a sliding baseball dropkick, knocking the ladder into the faces of the Bucks. Matthew and Nicholas served up superkicks to FTR. The Bucks wiped out Cash with a ladder shot. Dax grabbed Nicholas off the top rope and body slammed him onto the ladder. Dax body dropped Nicholas onto the ladder!

Nicholas crashed onto Cash with a cannonball senton onto the ladder! Dax was busted wide open from a drop toehold into the edge of the steps. The Bucks battered Dax with chair shots to the back. Dax was sandwiched between the ladder while Nicholas whacked him with the steel chair. Cash tried to get into the ring, but Nicholas whipped the chair right at Cash’s head!

The Bucks propped up a ladder between the ring and the time keeper’s table and whipped Dax into it. Cash moonsaulted off the ladder and wiped out the Bucks! The Bucks retaliated with an EVP Trigger to Cash on the ladder!

Somehow Cash found the energy to unleash a flurry of offense on the Bucks in the ring! Cash hoisted up Nicholas on his shoulders while Dax came down with a bulldog from the top! Cash speared Matthew through the ropes, sending Matthew off the apron and crashing through a table on the floor. Dax went for a powerbomb on the apron, but Nicholas countered with a hurracanrana, sending Dax hurling through the air and down through a table on the arena floor!

Matthew climbed the ladder, but Dax pulled off Matthew’s shoe and FTR neutralized Matthew with the Shatter Machine off the ladder! Nicholas rammed Cash into a ladder. Dax superplexed Nicholas off the ladder and Cash followed up with a dive off the ladder!

The fans chanted “FTR! FTR! FTR!”

Nicholas wiped out Cash with a 450 splash onto the ladder! Meanwhile, Dax drilled Matthew with a piledriver through a propped up ladder! Dax began to climb the ladder in the ring, but Nicholas was there to powerbomb Dax off the ladder! Nicholas climbed the ladder, but Cash pulled Nicholas back down and sent Nicholas over the top rope with a clothesline. Cash rocketed out of the ring with a tope, but Nicholas dodged it and Cash crashed through a table!

Dax and Nicholas traded shots on top of the ladder. Dax knocked Nicholas off the ladder! Dax was about to grab the title belt hanging overhead when someone wearing a mask jumped into the ring and knocked Dax off the ladder! Security jumped in the ring to grab the fan, but his mask was removed, and it was revealed to be…Jack Perry! Nicholas pulled the belts down and the Bucks won!

“We’ll be watching that footage for a long time,” said Nigel McGuinness.

And new AEW World Tag Team Champions…Matthew and Nicholas Jackson—AEW EVPs The Young Bucks!


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