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AEW All Out 2020 Preview

All Elite Wrestling returns to pay-per-view THIS Saturday night at 8pm EST/7pm CST for ALL OUT 2020, coming to you LIVE from Daily's Place in Jacksonville, FL! The road to get here has been fraught with twists and turns, betrayals and surprises, orange juice and champagne, and all the escalation comes to a head on Saturday night!

The World Title will be defended when Jon Moxley faces Maxwell Jacob Friedman, plus the World Tag Team Titles will be on the line as Page and Omega attempt to turn back the challenge of the number one ranked FTR duo! Plus the Women's World Title is up for grabs between Hikaru Shida and the NWA Women's Champion Thunder Rosa, Jericho and Orange Cassidy battle in a very unique rubber match, the return of the Casino Battle Royale, and a whole lot more on tap!

The party gets started on YouTube (Watch Here) at 5pm EST with a special Red Carpet event, and continues with the “Countdown To All Out” special airing at 5:30pm EST on TNT! Then the Buy-In comes at you at 7pm, followed by ALL OUT 2020 kicks on Direct TV, Fite TV, BR Live (Buy Here), and all other major PPV providers at 8pm EST/7pm CST, and you can get your orders in now for this AEW PPV extravaganza!



Jon Moxley (c) vs. (#1) MJF

Since the dawn of All Elite Wrestling, Maxwell Jacob Friedman has building an impressive resume of in-ring work, and an equally impressive machine around him. Initially he portrayed himself as a mere cog in the Nightmare Family machine, a friend and protege to Cody who, despite his many character flaws, found a way to endear himself to “The American Nightmare” for quite some time. Despite the protestations of all, Cody held MJF close to the fold and recognized he was a bad guy, but endearing referred to him as “his bad guy”.

Two-thirds of that moniker proved true, and it certainly was not the “his” part, after Max cost Cody his AEW World Title match against Chris Jericho at “Full Gear”, and then fully betrayed his mentor in the aftermath of the match, leaving the man unable to ever challenge for the AEW World Title ever again. He then took on Wardlow as his bodyguard, his protector, his War Dog if you will, and began to build a machine of his own, as well as continue to amass an unbeaten streak in his singles matches.

He put down Cody at REVOLUTION after forcing the man through a series of lashings on live TV, through a cage match with War Dog, and then into that match with Max himself. And although some assumed he would continue his campaign against “The American Nightmare” once Cody became the first ever TNT Champion, that would not prove to be the case.

As it would turn out, Max put that beast to rest in Chicago, and his #NOTMYCHAMP that went along with MJF2020, as well as WE DESERVE BETTER, were not about the newest champion in AEW, but rather the champion carrying the AEW World Title: Jon Moxley. With an undefeated streak in singles competition as his justification, and extended stays at the top spot of the rankings, Maxwell Jacob Friedman kicked off a campaign against Mox on DYNAMITE, and has relentlessly pursued it since that proclamation.

He has dubbed our AEW World Champion as “Dictator John”, and compared him to the some of the worst leaders in the history of the world. He has evolved this machine around him from just Wardlow to a group of sycophantic supporters (probably paid off because who could truly support this man), poster hangers, consultants, and lawyers like Mark Sterling.

That lawyer though, he has proven a crucial tool in this championship endeavor upon which Max has engaged. See it was only several weeks ago that Max showed his hand when he tried to cost Moxley the World Title in his defense against Darby Allin on DYNAMITE. With Wardlow serving as distraction, MJF cracked the champ across the head with his own title belt, hoping it would be enough to stop Moxley reign. To the surprise of only Mox and Wardlow, it was not enough to put him down, and he would go on to defeat Darby. MJF's intent was clearly to shift the championship to an opponent he believed would have been easier pickings at ALL OUT 2020, but all it did was show the world that Max was afraid to fight Jon Moxley.

So it was only fair play for Moxley to give as good as he got, and a week later, during yet another bit of MJF pontificating, the World Champ would slide up behind Mister “Salt of The Earth” and drop him on his head with the Paradigm Shift DDT. The “injury” suffered from that attack shifted Max into a rather litigious mind, leading him to push for a ban, made up fake poll numbers to show he had support, and ultimately got the aforementioned Mark Sterling to put the Paradigm Shift ban into the contract for the title bout.

As we saw this week, that contract also had the addendum forcing Sterling into a match with Moxley, non-title of course, to give the champ a little tune-up before the big fight. The caveat being if Sterling no-showed the match, MJF would lose his ALL OUT 2020 title fight. Like a good hired weasel, Sterling showed up, but as we all saw on DYNAMITE, and in the video embedded above, it was the World Champion who violently suffered the consequences of Page 17.

So with the pay-per-view title fight just days away, what condition is Moxley in after suffering that assault at the hands of Wardlow and the number one contender? We all know, especially after that, there is no injury nor human on Earth who is going to keep the champion from showing up to defend his title and exact retribution on MJF.

In this instance, with the health of Moxley after that assault, are we facing, as Arthur Golden said, “a wounded tiger is a dangerous beast” or is the champion more akin to the broken legged horse waiting to be put down after the race?


Hikaru Shida (c) vs. NWA Women's Champion Thunder Rosa

For weeks, the AEW Women's World Champion Hikaru Shida has been looking for competition to step-up to her and prove they deserve to climb into the ring with her at all, much less challenge for the championship. Penelope Ford was the last woman to do it, pinning Shida on DYNAMITE to earn herself a championship match at FYTER FEST 2020, NIGHT 1, but Ford would go down in defeat during her bid to become the fourth champion.

Besides that challenge, in some part due to the travel restrictions and some due to injuries, Shida has been hard pressed to find a worthy challenger. Most of her opponents have barely lasted five minutes with the champ, even the ultra talented Diamante fell in just under six minutes, and Red Velvet lasted all of twelve seconds with Shida. For a competitor as hungry for a true test as the AEW Women's World Champion, none of that has sufficed, so when the NWA Women's Champion Thunder Rosa stepped up to the challenge, Shida was more than eager to accept the bout for ALL OUT 2020.

Rosa, who had an extremely impressive outing with Serena Deeb on DYNAMITE just days ago, has reigned as NWA Women's Champion since January 24th, and has been competing for over 5 years as a professional wrestler. In that time, she has faced many faces familiar to AEW audiences including Britt Baker, Penelope Ford, Kris Statlander, Leva Bates, Ivelisse, Priscilla Kelly, and even Sammy Guevara. She has fought around the country, in Mexico, and in Japan, and captured various titles throughout her career in addition to her current NWA gold.

So it is with great respect, and great honor, that All Elite Wrestling hosts this match between the AEW Women's World Champion and the NWA World Women's Champion live on pay-per-view this Saturday night! It is certainly an historic occasion when two athletes such as these women square off with both representing their respective companies as champion. Will Shida defeat Rosa and establish herself as the superior champion on that night? Or will Thunder Rosa walk out of Jacksonville with two belts in her possession?


Hangman Page & Kenny Omega (c) vs. (#1) FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood w/ Tully Blanchard)

Where has Adam Page gone? Where oh where can he be?

It's a reasonable question to ask over these last several weeks isn't it? Fans have watched him saddle up with FTR, which makes sense given that the three men knew each other long before any of them were internationally known talents, and certainly before The Elite was a glimmer in anyone's eye. The three men have exchanged drinks, celebrated each other's successes, and been there to help each other out on multiple occasions.

And that's all okay, perfectly acceptable behavior among friends, especially when another friend, a different friend from a different group, namely one Kenny Omega, doesn't exactly seem in his right state of mind as of late. Kenny's been a little late to the party when it's come to having his championship partner's back, he's been more than aggressive when unneeded towards FTR, towards Marko Stunt, and even towards The Young Bucks. Despite the months of fighting to get and then stay on the same page, to hold on to the World Tag Team Titles, it felt like the champions were as far apart as ever.

And then the Gauntlet match happened, then Page elected to cost The Young Bucks their match against Best Friends, robbing men he once called his brothers of their opportunity to challenge for the World Tag Team Titles. Now, it wasn't a lock, the winner of that match still had to fight FTR to determine who got the ALL OUT 2020 title opportunity, but Page insured Matt and Nick did not even get to that point. FTR would go on to win the Gauntlet series and thus the title opportunity this Saturday night, all Page got was himself evicted from The Elite at long last. Truthfully it had been building for a long time, Page himself took what amounted to a leave of absence from The Elite for months on end, only really coming to a close with The Stadium Stampede match several months back.

He's barely been there for anyone save Kenny Omega (to be fair the idea of “being there” is a whole other batch of drama with The Elite as Cody himself pointed out months ago), and even with Kenny his attempts have been lackadaisical at best. And then we've got the mess that unfolded this past Wednesday on DYNAMITE between the four men who will fight over the World Tag Team Titles at ALL OUT 20202.

As fans can see in the video embedded above, all is not good in any way, shape, or form here. FTR did not have good things to say about Page, referring to him as an “insecure little boy”, and they certainly delivered any praise for the champions in as smarmy a fashion as possible. Their play, similar to one they seemed to enact with The Young Bucks, was to ingratiate themselves to Page and then pull it all out from underneath at the most opportune moment. Right before the biggest match of FTR's AEW career seems like that moment, feels like a very Tully Blanchard thing to do. And with the momentum Dax and Cash have built since their arrival in AEW, with the men they've beat and the legends they've assaulted, it feels as if every aspect of the pregame is in their corner.

And for Page and Omega, yes they have been champions for 225-plus days and have successfully defended their championship on nine occasions. They have beaten SCU, The Young Bucks, Dark Order, Jurassic Express, Private Party, Best Friends, Natural Nightmares, Sabian & Havoc, and the Lucha Brothers.

But in all that, even at their most awkward moments, never have the champions felt so broken as they are right now. Think of tag teams as a married couple; they require trust, honesty, respect, loyalty, and commitment. They require that feeling of knowing that you can reach out at any time, without even looking, and be confident a hand will reach back in response.

Clearly all of that is gone with the AEW World Tag Team Champions; there is no reaching back, no one to help pick up the pieces, no partnership or commitment. There is just Adam Page and Kenny Omega and they happen to be called champions at this moment in time. That moment persisting past Saturday night is entirely dependent on if they can get back on the same page, even for twenty minutes, to add FTR as their tenth successful title defense. If not, fans will be hearing the words NEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS in short order come ALL OUT 2020.



“The DemoGod” Chris Jericho vs. “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy

“I'm going to show you who the better man is, and send you back where you belong!”

Those are the words of Chris Jericho from Wednesday night, and they sum up just why the former AEW World Champion has taken such umbrage with “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy. Despite the fight OC has given the whole Inner Circle, despite the pinfall victory he holds over the self-proclaimed “DemoGod”, Chris Jericho still believes Orange Cassidy does not belong in All Elite Wrestling. Those words above illustrate just where Jericho feels Cassidy fits in wrestling, and it is probably working for hot dogs and handshakes.

Or perhaps all of this bluster, the violence perpetrated on “Freshly Squeezed”, the verbal diarrhea flung his way, perhaps it is Jericho raging against the dying of the light. Perhaps it is a thirty year veteran clinging to what, and who, he believes fits into the equation. Perhaps he's become what he once hated in the veterans who came before him. Or maybe he's just pissed off that Orange Cassidy is just one of two men who have beaten him in a singles match.

Whatever rational lies in the heart and soul of Jericho, whatever it is about OC that gets the goat of a man many consider the G.O.A.T, it has brought us to this Mimosa Mayhem match concocted by Chris Jericho. Given that we have seen Orange Cassidy give The Inner Circle an OJ bath, that Jericho has happily used his Bubbly as an instrument of disrespect on any opponent, fits perfectly that one of these men could end up in a vat of Mimosa by night's end.

So to could one of these men end up a bloody pulp by the match's conclusion, Orange has ended up a crimson mess on multiple instances over these last several months, even by proxy as Jericho rubbed Joey Janela's blood on the OC shirt he was wearing for their match on DYNAMITE. That is one favor that could be returned over the course of this contest, but also one Jericho would enjoy offering up once more.

But he best by wary, this rivalry may trigger Jericho, but it has also unearthed an intensity in Orange Cassidy heretofore unseen in AEW. Over the last year, fans have seen OC in some goofy situations, doing his slacker thing, just kind of hanging out without a whole lot of verbal engagement, and doing some cool stuff when he has matches. It's only been through these hostilities with Jericho that fans have witnessed the depth of Orange, have heard him speak his truth, and unleash his inner fury.

OC triggered Jericho simply by doing nothing, and Jericho's response has in turn triggered the animal inside Orange Cassidy. Only question left to answer is who will we be toasting when the Mimosa Mayhem comes to an end?



Matt Hardy vs. “The Spanish God” Sammy Guevara

Last man standing, anything goes, and if Matt Hardy loses then he walks away from All Elite Wrestling for good; that is what is at stake in this battle come Saturday night, and it all started from a good place where the veteran extended a hand to the up-and-coming talent only to have it slapped away.

See Matt Hardy wanted to help Sammy Guevera, not selfishly like Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle, but to actually teach Sammy how to grow in this vicious game known as professional wrestling. He wanted to help Guevara live up to his potential as an athlete, and a man, rather than seeing the Jericho-proclaimed Spanish God be cultivated into something despicable under the tutelage of the former AEW World Champion. Unfortunately Hardy's offer fell on deaf ears, and the escalation of violence we have seen in the months since has led us to the point where a man's living is on the line.

The golf carts, the tables, the chairs, and the blood that has resulted from it all, that was all just prelude to this final confrontation being contested under Broken Rules. Now generally speaking, one would assume Guevara would rely on the helping hand of The Inner Circle to get him through this one, but that was not the case during their Tables Match on DYNAMITE. Sammy seems intent on ending Hardy on his own merit if that match is any indication, but even if he was partial to their assistance on Saturday, between the Casino Battle Royale and Mimosa Mayhem, all of his compatriots are embroiled in affairs of their own that evening.

This one may indeed be a fight between two men to see who is the better individual, but if it ends in defeat for Matt Hardy, if he is forced to walk off into the sunset, perhaps his initial intent with Sammy was a success, perhaps he did make Guevara a better wrestler only it was through adversity instead of apprenticeship...


The Dark Order (TNT Champion Brodie Lee, Stu Grayson, and Evil Uno) & Colt Cabana vs. Matt Cardona, Scorpio Sky, Dustin Rhodes, & QT Marshall

To paraphrase QT Marshall, family isn't always blood, and that is certainly evident by the quartet who has gathered here in the name of former TNT Champion Cody. Of the four men standing in opposition to Mr. Brodie Lee and his Dark Order, only one of the individuals shares the same bloodline, but, at least in the cases of QT Marshall and Matt Cardona, there is a bond running deep. Over the last year, we have seen the evolution of the relationship between QT and the Rhodes family. Be it that of Cody as friend, mentor, boss, or that of Dustin as friend, mentor, tag team partner, it is clear QT has earned his way into the fold of one of professional wrestling's royal families. It is through that hard-earned bond that QT stands here prepared to fight Dark Order after the heinous onslaught perpetrated on Cody, Arn Anderson, and Brandi.

With Dustin, well that is quite clear; it's the bond of Brotherhood, of blood shared as grandson's of a plumber, as products of the American dream. But it's more than blood that makes family, it is also the love and respect they have for each other inside the ring, be it as teammates or as opponents, as two men who produced one of the classic matches of 2019 in violent combat with one another. It's been earned, not just expected, and that has made the bond stronger, deeper, than ever before.

Matt Cardona, although one of the newest faces entering into AEW, is by no means a strange one to wrestling fans worldwide, nor was he one to Cody when he showed up on DYNAMITE to assist the then-TNT Champion against The Dark Order. They've traveled many of the same roads, fought many of the same people, including one another on many occasions, but never been on the same side of the ring until several weeks ago when they teamed on DYNAMITE. But despite being opponents, there was a bond formed between the two men that transcended employers, and brought Cardona to AEW in Cody's time of need. And now that bond rears up here, in the absence of the man's ability to fight for himself, joining Cardona with others like himself to fend off the cult.

Scorpio Sky is the outlier of his team in some ways and although, like Cardona, he has been a foe to Cody more often than not, he may prove the necessary glue to keep the team together. Sky is not brother, protege, or best friend to the ex-champ, there is no shared blood or tag team entanglements, in fact the last time Cody and Sky met, it proved to be the former's final TNT Championship defense before Mr. Brodie Lee ripped the belt from his hands. But there is respect, mutual admiration for each other's abilities, and a bond that develops between two men who have traversed many of the same paths for the last handful of years. And it is out of that respect that Scorpio Sky steps up to the plate to battle The Dark Order.

That's not the only story though, Sky's desire to fight Lee and his minions is also born out of the history that has developed throughout 2020. SCU has been entangled with The DO on numerous occasions throughout the year, fans even speculated Christopher Daniels himself was The Exalted One behind the scenes, and Colt Cabana even aligned himself with SCU against Dark Order when he first came to AEW. But that was prior to Lee sinking his claws into the heart and mind of Boom Boom. Suffice it to say, Sky has many reasons beyond the Cody factor for wanting to jump into this fray with Dustin, QT, and Cardona.

As for The Dark Order, well behind Mr. Brodie Lee who now has the TNT Championship firmly in his possession, they are a force like they have never been before. Lee has power, his men and women have rallied behind that power, and unlike their foes, there is only one purpose, Brodie Lee's purpose. There are no emotional entanglements, Lee didn't actually care about Cody the person, it was about the title he held and what he represented to AEW, and once that was wiped out of the picture, it's onto the next mountain to be conquered. That mountain comes Saturday night, and we will all wait with baited breath to see which quartet conquers that summit...



At the inaugural DOUBLE OR NOTHING event back in May of 2019, fans witnessed as Hangman Adam Page eliminated MJF to earn a shot at becoming the very first AEW World Champion. One year ago, at the first ALL OUT event, Page would take on Chris Jericho to determine that first champion, and it would prove to be Jericho earning his “Le Champion” moniker that evening.

Fast forward one year, the 2020 edition of ALL OUT, and twenty one competitors will enter into the ring in Jacksonville looking to secure a future World Title opportunity. The last couple weeks fans witnessed the likes of Lance Archer, Brian Cage, and Ricky Starks begin to jockey for position with this opportunity. Eddie Kingston would throw his hat, as well as that of Butcher, Blade, Penta El Zero M, and Rey Fenix, into the mix. Then on Wednesday night, we really saw the chaos explode when members of the AEW Locker Room hit the ring en masse to get the fight rolling early! Proud-n-Powerful were fighting it out with Best Friends after Chuck and Trent lost to them earlier in the night, Darby Allin made his presence known with sights set on Team Taz, Shawn Spears came out from the back, it was pure pandemonium, and just a small preview of what fans can anticipate going down when a World Title opportunity is at stake for the winner.

Who will be the next man to step up in contention, and who will be the man holding the belt when their time comes?


(#3) The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. (#5) Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus)

Matt and Nick Jackson are not in a good place right now despite having won the eight-man tag Wednesday night on DYNAMITE and earning their way onto ALL OUT 2020 this Saturday. Mentally, they are having to struggle with the fact one of their friends, an ally, an Elite brethren, Hangman Page, cost them an opportunity to contend for the World Titles Saturday night. He also cost The Young Bucks a chance to fight FTR in the final match of that Gauntlet Series, something that both those teams, as well as the fans, have wanted for quite some time.

In the back of their head, Matt and Nick may even be thinking that one year ago at ALL OUT, they were fighting for their lives against Penta and Fenix in Escalera De La Muerte over the AAA Tag Team Titles, and that they anticipated an AEW World Tag Title rematch with Page & Omega for this year. But because of Hangman Page, they did not even get the chance to make it happen, and found their way onto the ALL OUT 2020 event at the zero hour in this tag team affair.

This is not to sell short the fight with Jurassic Express, and the very first traditional meeting between these two teams, it is simply to state that it's doubtful the brothers Jackson though they'd be in the position of fighting for a PPV spot, much less because of someone they thought was a friend.

But now that they have their match, it is time to bring the focus squarely on the two men with whom they just united on Wednesday night in victorious competition. The JurEx pair of Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy proved worthy allies on DYNAMITE in the eight man tag match-up against Private Party and SCU, in fact it seemed as if Luchasaurus had the match all wrapped up for his team at the end. But, The Young Bucks went and tagged themselves in to nail The BTE Trigger on Marq Quen and get the pinfall themselves. Not the friendliest of moves, forcing Luchasaurus out like that, but it seemed as if Matt and Nick were making a statement with their own take on one of Kenny Omega's signature maneuvers.

They just have to remember, they're not fighting Page and Omega on Saturday, they're fighting one of the biggest men on the AEW roster in Luchasaurus who offers precision striking power from tree trunk-esque legs, and a Jungle Boy who brings a speed, agility, youth, and heart that almost none on the AEW roster can touch. The AEW tag team roster is loaded with the most talented units in the wrestling world, and they are the fifth ranked team for a reason. At ALL OUT 2020, you can bet JurEx is going to throw the house at The Young Bucks...


(#2) Big Swole vs. (#5) Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D

It's been a long road for Big Swole to get her hands on Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D in a match; it started way before Baker suffered her knee injury with verbal disrespect as both jockeyed for position in the Women's division.

Post-knee injury, it has escalated drastically with Baker ending up in a dumpster, Swole getting banned from DYNAMITE one week, Rebel getting forced to fight for Baker, and then the handicap match from a week ago that Swole had to endure in order to get Britt in a match. Well Swole persevered as seen in the video above, beat Baker, Rebel, and Penelope Ford in the Handicap match, and now she gets her opportunity to knock some respect into Baker at ALL OUT 2020.

But as you can hear in that video there, so Britt can't duck and dodge the fight anymore, Swole has promised to show up at Baker's job and bring the fight to her. So of course Baker uses the opportunity to attack Swole, using Rebel as the distraction and pizza as the weapon, getting one last leg up on her foe before they meet on Saturday night.

It sounds like this one is going down in Dr. Britt Baker's office, and based on what Tony Khan said on this week's AEW UNRESTRICED podcast, falls are going to count anywhere inside the dental office. This is going to be wild, and it is going down at ALL OUT 2020!


Private Party (Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy) vs. The Dark Order 3 & 4 (Alex Reynolds & John Silver)

THE BUY-OUT gets started at 7pm EST, and the phenomenal tag team division of AEW will be featured as Private Party collides with two members of The Dark Order, Alex Reynolds and John Silver, or perhaps we should call them 3 and 4.

It's a chance to showcase to the world what sets the tag team scene in All Elite Wrestling apart from everyone else, and these four young men are the perfect quartet to do it. Back in July, Private Party tasted the title experience when they challenged Page and Omega at FYTER FEST 2020, NIGHT 2, but failed to capture the championship. A win here can begin the trek to get back into the title hunt for Marq Quen and Kassidy.

This Dark Order pairing has never challenged for the World Tag Team Titles, and Silver especially is in need of getting into the good graces of Mr. Brodie Lee. A victory here on THE BUY-IN could provide not only that boost, but also serve as a good omen for The Dark Order before their huge eight-man tag later in the evening.


Joey Janela (w/ Sonny Kiss) vs. Serpentico (w/ Luther)

Coming off a fight with Chris Jericho on DYNAMITE that left him bloodied and battered, Joey Janela is stepping back into the ring Saturday night on THE BUY-IN. His opponent for the evening is a man who has been attracting attention on AEW DARK in singles action, as well as in a tag team with Luther: Serpentico.

Serpentico has gone at it one-on-one with the likes of Orange Cassidy, Scorpio Sky, and Darby Allin to name a few, and impressed many within All Elite Wrestling. But with this contest going down on THE BUY-OUT, it is certainly the highest profile fight of Serpentico's time competing in All Elite Wrestling.

Will we see Serpentico elevate his game and pick up the win? Or will it be Janela getting back on track after the beating Jericho laid down Wednesday night?

Either way, this will make an exciting bout to kick off the in-ring action, and it is available absolutely free to all as part of THE BUY-IN!

The festivities kick off Saturday with the red carpet event at 5pm only on our YouTube channel (Watch Here), continues with “Countdown To All Out” show coming to you at 5:30pm EST on TNT, the Buy-In at 7pm EST, and ALL OUT 2020 starting at 8pm EST/7pm CST!

AEW's latest pay-per-view extravaganza will be available on Direct TV, Fite TV, BR Live (Buy Now), as well as all other major PPV providers, and you can order it now! With three massive title matches, the Mimosa Mayhem match, and plenty of grudges to be settled over the course of the night, ALL OUT 2020 is not to be missed! Get your orders in now!


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