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AEW DYNAMITE Preview for March 4th


Just wow...

Saturday night we witnessed a “Revolution” PPV event that shook up the foundation of All Elite Wrestling, we saw a new World Champion crowned in Jon Moxley, Cody lose the battle with his former best friend, the World Tag Team Title match blow away everyone but possibly also blow-up any chance of Hangman Page becoming Elite once again, plus plenty more action and surprises, like the surprising appearance of Colt Cabana on the “Buy-In” for one!

The question now, as we head to Denver and the 1st Bank Center for “Dynamite” this Wednesday night, is what is next?


NEW AEW World Champion Jon Moxley & Darby Allin vs. The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara)

This past Saturday night, at the culmination of “Revolution”, Jon Moxley ended the World Title reign of Chris Jericho at 182 days. One hundred and eighty-two days that saw Le Champion defeat Adam Page to claim the title, and successfully defend against Darby Allin, Cody, and Scorpio Sky before falling to Moxley at the Wintrust Arena.

In the aftermath of his victory, Moxley stated he would continue to take on any fight that came his way, and it starts immediately with this tag team contest stemming from Saturday night's results. Both members of The Inner Circle came up on the losing end of their respective bouts, and are in need of getting revenge for the defeats. Moxley wrested the World Title from the hands of Jericho to cap the night, while Allin delivered a hellacious Coffin Drop to Guevara to defeat “The Spanish God” earlier in the night. Overall, a very bad night for the Inner Circle, despite Jake Hager kicking it off with a victory over Dustin Rhodes.

So it is with our Colorado debut that Jericho and Guevara will have their chance to save some face when they team up once more to take on the new World Champion and Darby in our main event! Moxley and Darby could very well be kindred spirits, two men who have blazed their own paths in professional wrestling, have destroyed any mold any one every attempted to make for them, and as such, have been embraced wholeheartedly by the AEW fans. It wasn't that long ago either that Darby stepped up to the plate when Moxley was looking for a fight, and even though Allin lost that night in Indianapolis, Darby showed Moxley the kind of fight that he has inside.

So now these two veritable forces of nature will look to roll their momentum from “Revolution” into a tag team victory over The Inner Circle. If the champ and his ally put down Jericho and his, where will that leave Le Ex-Champion and his cohorts as we barrel towards “Blood and Guts” in Newark, NJ in just a matter of weeks!


Colt Cabana & SCU (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, & Scorpio Sky) vs. The Dark Order (Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, John Silver, & Alex Reynolds)

As part of the “Buy-In” prior to “Revolution”, fans witnessed the return of Colt Cabana to All Elite Wrestling, but this time it wasn't positioned at the announcer's desk, but rather in gear, and ready to fight! The Dark Order was in the middle of a full-on assault on Sky and Kazarian, with no Daniels to be found, when Colt Cabana emerged to enter the fray. With fists and elbows flying, Boom Boom stood up for the SCU members as long as possible before the sheer numbers of The Dark Order overwhelmed him as well, and Colt was swallowed up by the swarm.

Then, a hooded figure emerged on the entrance, presumably heralding the arrival of The Exalted One. When the figure disrobed, revealing Christopher Daniels underneath, many figured it verified their expectations that The Fallen Angel had been behind The DO all along. But Daniels quickly dashed the fears of those disappointed in his actions when he too attacked Stu Grayson, Evil Uno, and their assorted Creepers. Despite the fears of many, the fears of his own friends, Daniels remained with his SCU brothers, and they had found a new ally against The Dark Order in Colt Cabana.

So while the question remains of just who sits behind the veil of The Exalted One, there is no longer a question of where Christopher Daniels' allegiances lie, and there is no question that this 8 Man Tag going down in Denver will be a fight with SCU on the same page & Colt Cabana lacing up his boots for his first official AEW match!


PAC vs. Chuck Taylor (w/ Trent & Orange Cassidy)

Many viewers of Saturday night's “Revolution” PPV hailed the PAC versus Orange Cassidy bout as the showstealer, the one that exceeded all expectations, and showed the world what Cassidy has in his tank. And while it may have been Orange's first singles match in AEW, it may have also marked his first win as well, if not for the inexplicable involvement of The Lucha Bros. For whatever reason, Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix got involved with Trent and Chuck Taylor outside the ring, even though they were not scheduled to compete that night. Perhaps it's because The Best Friends hold a tag victory over the pair, or because of the singles victory Trent holds over Rey Fenix. Whatever the explanation, we are all left with questions coming out of Saturday night?

One thing that is not in question though, is that Chuck Taylor will now get his first singles match in All Elite Wrestling when he goes head up against “The Bastard” PAC on this week's edition of “Dynamite”! We have seen the skills of Sexy Chuckie T's compadres when running solo, now it is his time to shine, but he certainly drew the stiffest of competition with PAC for this one. “The Bastard” has malicious intentions whenever he gets in the ring, a rather sadistic streak that we have seen many times over since PAC debuted at “All Our”, and now Chuck Taylor is in those crosshairs. Can he survive that onslaught and come out on top? Will Chuck finally get to say the s-word on live TV if he wins? Or will we see Penta and Fenix once more stick their masks into business that has nothing to do with them?


Jake Hager vs. QT Marshall

“Revolution” also marked the AEW in-ring debut for Jake Hager when he defeated Dustin Rhodes in the opening contest of the evening. Regardless of how he may have gotten there, of where that knee of Jake's may have landed, it was Dustin who took the “L” at The Wintrust Arena. So now that Hager has competed in his first match, the flood gates are open, and he is being thrown right into his second match already. This time it is the other half of the newly christened Natural Nightmares tag team who will step up to challenge the undefeated MMA superstar, the one and only QT Marshall. At the dawn of AEW, QT did not expect to enter the ring as a competitor, instead serving many roles behind the scenes, but following a sit-down interview with Cody many weeks ago, Marshall has seen his in-ring opportunities continue to grow. And it certainly helps that QT has had a quite a number of impressive moments during those matches, and that in Dustin Rhodes he has found a friend to ally with in tag team competition, maybe more family than friend when it comes down to the bond.

And that's what this one is about, why QT is engaging in just his second AEW singles match in Denver; it's about standing up for his family against a man in Hager who has shown zero respect for anyone outside of The Inner Circle. Can Marshall succeed where his partner failed Saturday night? Tune in to “Dynamite” to find out!


In addition to the above matches, Big Swole will also be in action as she works towards earning a future shot at the AEW Women's World Title still held by Nyla Rose!

Plus, one has to wonder where Cody's head is at following the loss to MJF Saturday night. In a match that “The American Nightmare” likely expected would put the demons of MJF and Wardlow to rest, instead he found himself on the losing end, telling the fans “I'm sorry” as he exited the ring, disappointment etched across his face. Does Cody put this aside and try to move on with his life? CAN he even do that? There are likely a thousand questions spinning around in his head, multiple scenarios of just what path to take now, but only Cody can decide how to proceed.

And then there is the situation with Hangman Page and the rest of The Elite. In one of the most amazing tag team matches in recent memory, Page and Kenny Omega successfully retained the AEW World Tag Team Titles over The Young Bucks, but not without going through absolute hell to get there. All four men were left bruised and battered, a trip to Doc Samson mandatory as soon as the match was over, but the injuries were more than skin deep. Despite their insistence after the match, The Young Bucks were unable to bridge that gap with Hangman, and salve their friendship.

Even a victory over two men who were once his brothers was not enough to bring some peace to Adam Page, and it even seemed, if only for a moment, Hangman internally deliberated on laying out Omega with a Buckshot Lariat. Go back, watch closely as Page stood on the ramp, the hands were there in position, and he seemed poised to slingshot into the ring, but then stopped to hold the ropes open for his partner. Even Kenny was cognizant of the moment, questioning just what Hangman was about to do, but ultimately they made their way back up the ramp as a unit. What, or should it be who, is next for the champs? And what of the Young Bucks as they once more failed to capture the World Tag Team Titles they covet so dearly?


Prior to the start of the event, fans will have an opportunity to meet the athletes of AEW! AEW Women's World Champion Nyla Rose, all three members of SCU, and Brandon Cutler will be available when the doors open for fans to snap a picture with as well as get a signed 8x10 photo! Line-up at the 1st Bank Center's North Entrance, adjacent to the Box Office, and tickets will go on-sale at 3:30pm! Quantities are limited, so make sure you're there!

It's the dawning of a new era for “All Elite Wrestling” and it starts this Wednesday night in Denver, CO! What does the future hold for our new World Champion, and the former World Champion? What is in store for Cody, or for MJF going forward? Is there any Elite in the future of Hangman Page, or was that indeed the moment for Adam that it appeared to be after the Tag Title victory? What's the story with The Lucha Bros? Next for the AEW Women's World Champion?

The next chapter of AEW begins now, and your tickets can be bought at to see it all live firsthand! Can't be there in person, then make sure you tune in to TNT at 8pm EST/7pm CST to catch it all!


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