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AEW Dynamite Preview for October 12, 2022

Last week Washington D.C., AEW presented three major events in celebration of our flagship's third anniversary! Following “Hangman” Page's victory over Rush, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley went face-to-face with the Golden Ticket Battle Royale winner ahead of their World Championship fight in Cincinnati on Tuesday, October 18th, TBS Champion Jade Cargill continued her dominance over the AEW locker room, and TNT Champion Wardlow turned away the challenge of The Embassy's Brian Cage! Speaking of Prince Nana's lot, Gates of Agony failed to take the ROH World Tag Team Championship from FTR, Death Triangle retained their AEW World Trios Championship, and The J.A.S. toppled “The American Dragon” and “Red Death” in tag team action!

Now, for the first time in AEW's history, the action heads into Canada for All Elite Wrestling's debut in Toronto, ON at the Coca-Cola Coliseum(Buy Tickets)! For the first of two huge nights, DYNAMITE comes your way this Wednesday live on TBS and features “Lionheart” Chris Jericho putting the ROH World Championship on the line against a former ROH World Champion in “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson! In addition, “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn returns to singles competition to face Swerve Strickland, “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry looks to take the head of Luchasaurus, and the All-Atlantic Championship is on the line when PAC welcomes Orange Cassidy into battle once again. Plus, AEW Interim Women's World Champion Toni Storm finally unites with Hikaru Shida to battle Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D and Jamie Hayter in a tag team bout the Good Doctor already spoiled once!

This historic Canadian debut begins LIVE on TBS starting at 8pm EDT/7pm CDT, and at for international audiences, and the official AEW YouTube page is the place to catch-up on the highlights from last week's three Anniversary events, plus the latest episodes of AEW Dark: Elevation, AEW Dark, Road To, and The Control Center with Tony Schiavone!


“Lionheart” Chris Jericho(c) vs. “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson

From September 17, 2005 at GLORY BY HONOR IV until December 23, 2006 at FINAL BATTLE 2006, “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson reigned over Ring of Honor Wrestling as the World Champion. During the course of that legendary run, Danielson would defend his championship against men such as Christopher Daniels, Nigel McGuinness, Sonjay Dutt, Naomichi Marufuji, SUWA, Rocky Romero, Lance Storm, and Alex Shelley. He would suffer a torn labrum and separated shoulder during a 60-minute bout with Cabana in August of 2006, and continue defending his championship for another four months while dealing with that injury, fighting competitors such as Samoa Joe and “The Ugandan Giant” Kamala during those months, and engaging in one of ROH's most legendary bouts against KENTA at GLORY BY HONOR V, NIGHT 2 just two weeks after the injury. And although he never reclaimed the championship a second time after losing it to Homicide, Bryan forever remains the most successful champion to ever hold the ROH World Title, with only Nigel McGuinness matching Bryan's 38 successful title defenses, but “The American Dragon” accomplished it in 462 days whereas McGuinness took 545 days to reach the benchmark. Samoa Joe didn't reach it during his historic 645-day reign, and it took Jay Lethal two World Championship runs, a combined 707 days, to achieve more defenses as the ROH World Champion than Danielson's single endeavor.

Unfortunately, all of that means nothing to the current ROH World Champion “Lionheart” Chris Jericho. In fact, none of the accomplishments of the 36 champions before him mean a thing to Jericho. All of the efforts of the thirty men who have held the title prior to Jericho amount to so much dust in the mind of the man now in possession of said championship. The fact the first champion was crowned in a grueling Four Way 60 Minute Iron Man Match in 100-plus degree heat means nothing to Chris, the fact Adam Cole made history as the only three-time champion is useless information to Jericho, the minutia that Samoa Joe made the ROH Title a World Title by taking it to England for an event known as FRONTIERS OF HONOR where he defeated Saraya's half-brother Zebra Kid is utterly devoid of meaning to “Lionheart”. All that matters to Chris is that Chris is ROH World Champion, and how many ways he can desecrate the legacy so many helped to build:

This Wednesday night on DYNAMITE, when AEW comes to Jericho's home country for the first-time, Jericho will bring the “Lionheart” to the ring because that's what he thinks brought him success against Danielson at ALL OUT 2022, not the cheating tactics, but the “Lionheart” persona, and perhaps he is right. Perhaps there is something in “Lionheart” that propels Chris Jericho to his greatest abilities as a professional wrestler, but perhaps there is something in the letters ROH that propel “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson to his greatest abilities as a pro wrestler. Perhaps the chants whose initials go YGGYFHKI bring out the beast in Bryan, perhaps what Jericho aims to do to the legacy of the company Danielson sacrificed his body, heart, and soul to for over seven years, perhaps that will bring out something in “The American Dragon” that Jericho hasn't experienced in their two prior AEW matches.

This is a battle for the belt representing the ROH World Champion, over the title being added to one man's name, but Jericho has also made it a fight over the heart and soul of Ring of Honor Wrestling. In the over twenty years since ROH's inception, there are a great many people within All Elite Wrestling for whom Jericho's is a threat hitting too close to home, and that's just speaking to individuals in AEW, saying nothing of competitors outside for whom those three letters represent something near and dear. Should Danielson fall to Jericho, there are undoubtedly others who will step up to restore the honor that Jericho actively wants to tarnish, but if “Lionheart” beats Bryan for a second time, are there any out there who actually can stop Jericho's heinous mission?


“The Bastard” PAC(c) vs. “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy tried once, at REVOLUTION 2020, when he faced “The Bastard” PAC in OC's first singles match under the AEW banner. He took every disrespectful, dismissive, doubting voice, most importantly PAC's, and showed them all that he was as gifted a professional wrestler as any individual in All Elite Wrestling. Orange may not have won that bitter cold night in Chicago, but he frustrated “The Bastard” like no man before him, and showed no fear in taking the fight to his foe. In an equitable world, Cassidy would've earned the respect of “The Bastard” based on that fight, but instead, the fact that Orange actually gave PAC a fight and he didn't just steamroll over “Freshly Squeezed”, well that only amped up the enmity “The Bastard” felt.

To admit Orange Cassidy gave him a run for his money, would be to admit that he was wrong, and clearly, even two years on, that is not something PAC is ready or willing to do. He was just as dismissive of Orange's challenge towards the All-Atlantic Championship prior to DYNAMITE: GRAND SLAM 2022 as he was in February 2020, making the same judgmental statements about OC's abilities as he had before, as if he'd learned nothing over the two years since their last singles encounter.

Clearly, as before, the All-Atlantic Champion underestimated his foe, only this time instead of just unleashing violence upon Orange as he did in 2020, “The Bastard” was forced to live up to his nickname. After narrowly saving his title by getting a hand on the ropes following an Orange Punch, PAC rolled to the outside of the ring and headed straight towards the time keeper's table where his two championship titles rested, as did the bell and hammer used to signal the open and close to a contest. Unbeknownst to Cassidy, “The Bastard” had taken the hammer into his grip, so when the challenger pulled the champion into his grasp, PAC drilled Orange in the head with this tool-turned-weapon, and pinned Cassidy to retain the All-Atlantic Championship.

With OC on the shelf following that assault, Trent Beretta stepped up at BATTLE OF THE BELTS IV to take on PAC for said championship, and just as he did with OC, “The Bastard” drove the hammer into the skull of Beretta in order to secure the victory. This incited Cassidy, pulling him out to the ring where he attacked the All-Atlantic Champion himself, and that has brought us to this rematch in Toronto on Wednesday night!

Can Orange Cassidy finally defeat “The Bastard” after two failed attempts in two encounters? Can “Freshly Squeezed” claim his first championship in All Elite Wrestling at PAC's expense, and add to the already historic first venture into The Great White North? Or will it be “The Bastard” living up to his moniker once again, and finding a way to keep a stranglehold on the All-Atlantic Championship?


“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs. Luchasaurus

From the very beginning of All Elite Wrestling, they were in this together. The Jurassic Express of Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, and Marko Stunt started the fight together, and from the very first time JB and Luchasaurus united as a tag team at FIGHT FOR THE FALLEN 2019, it was clear they had something special. Be it as a trio with Marko, as a team, or showing each other support in the occasional singles matches, it was quite obvious Jack Perry and Luchasaurus were bonded beyond just what happened inside the wrestling ring. They were friends, not just tag team partners, and were there to support each other's successes, be there for each other in failure, and celebrate championship victory together at DYNAMITE on January 5, 2022 when Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus defeated The Lucha Brothers. And standing right alongside them, as he had almost since the moment he came to AEW, was Christian Cage, the man who'd served as mentor, friend, and partner to JB and Luchasaurus over all these months, and who seemed just as ecstatic at their win as the champions themselves.

It was a triumphant moment, one born of hard work and determination, of an unwillingness to quit fighting the good fight no matter the odds, and it finally paid off that night in Newark, NJ. The work continued for 161 days, through seven successful championship defenses, including two 3-Way bouts, against teams like Swerve In Our Glory, Team Taz, reDRagon, The Young Bucks, and The Acclaimed. It was only when faced with The Young Bucks in a Ladder Match did their grueling championship schedule catch-up with them, and JurEx became ex-champions.

But all that history, all that hard work, the success and failure of their careers, it all rapidly deteriorated in just a matter of moments when Christian Cage slid a knife into Jack Perry's back after the championship loss. Cage proved himself a great betrayer, a manipulator, a scumbag of the highest order, as he ranted about JB's departed father Luke Perry, railed against his mother and sister, and even turned his closest friend against him, luring Luchasaurus away to Cage's side of the aisle.

It seemed short-lived however, and Luchasaurus seemed to reveal his allegiance to Christian was a ruse all along, one designed so pull Cage in close, so he and Jungle Boy could return the favor of betrayal. Turns out Cage outplayed every one, and used Luchasaurus to give Jack false hope that he had his friend back in their JurEx camp. At ALL OUT 2022, the truth became clear to all: Christian Cage's new “Right Hand of Destruction” was firmly entrenched at his side, and “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry was now a man alone.

Clearly that suits JB just fine as he has shown zero fear in coming for the heads of both Christian Cage and his former best friend, although Perry is more than willing to wait for the former to heal up from his injuries so he can fight against a 100% Cage, leaving him no excuses for his defeat. But that doesn't mean Jungle Boy won't fight Luchasaurus any time and any place, and as a modern day poet once wrote in a song, “What better place than here? What better time than now?”

This Wednesday night in Toronto, Jurassic Express explodes when “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry battle “The Right Hand of Destruction” Luchasaurus one-on-one! The physical disadvantage is obvious to all, but what JB is bringing to Ontario is something dark and violent and ugly that Luchasaurus has never seen from his former best friend. Will Cage's lackey survive the experience? Or will Luchasaurus end up as a message to Christian Cage for his great betrayal?


AEW Interim Women's World Champion Thunder Rosa & Hikaru Shida


Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D & Jamie Hayter

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D could only avoid this rematch for so long; after losing at DYNAMITE on August 31st with Hayter as her partner, she took out Shida last month to duck a tag with Serena Deeb as her partner, only to have Athena step up to the plate as Toni Storm's partner. The gamble worked out for Baker, her and Deeb were victorious, which in turn led to The Professor's unsuccessful bid to become the AEW Interim Women's World Champion. Still, despite the best efforts of Baker to prevent this bout from happening a second time, it is now at her doorstep this Wednesday night in Toronto!

The first time around it was Storm and Shida who were victorious, and that was before things got extremely tense between Baker and Hayter since ALL OUT 2022. Can the champ and her ally repeat their August performance, or will AEW's newest city also provide a new outcome for the former AEW Women's World Champion and her ally? Tune Wednesday night to find out!


Swerve Strickland vs. “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn

The Acclaimed achieved their dream several weeks ago at DYNAMITE: GRAND SLAM 2022 when they defeated Swerve In Our Glory to claim the AEW World Tag Team Championship. It was a monumental moment for Anthony Bowens and Max Caster, the culmination of their journey from the empty arenas of Daily's Place to the jam-packed Arthur Ashe Stadium, and validation for everything they'd sacrificed along the way.

But that's not how Keith Lee or Swerve Strickland see it; for them, there should be an asterisk in the records books that denotes “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn's involvement in the contest. In the eyes of Swerve and Keith, the only way those championship titles changed hands was because of the involvement of Gunn in the contest, and without him, Swerve In Our Glory would still be the reigning and defending.

That is what brought Swerve and “Daddy Ass” into this conflict taking place in Toronto on Wednesday night, that is what's putting Gunn into the ring for his first AEW singles match in two months, and just his third in the last year. That being said, this is one of the most experienced individuals in all of AEW entering the ring here, a man who has been competing for over three decades and faced the best of every generation that has come along during his pro wrestling career. Gunn has done it as a singles, as a tag team, and just looking at his AEW career alone, joined his sons to become the most successful trio All Elite Wrestling has seen to date.

Still, even with all that history being taken into consideration, Swerve has been an active competitor, week in and week out, for the last thirteen years. He's been in constant competition since coming to All Elite Wrestling, and done it in both singles and as a team with Keith Lee, he is always ready for the fight, and does not care who is standing across the ring.

But this bout with Gunn, this is a bit more personal, a bit more of a statement bout, considering how he and Keith view Billy's responsibility in their championship loss. This fight is intended as a message to The Acclaimed, but Billy Gunn is not about to be someone's statement. Will it be the veteran experience of Gunn or the skills of Swerve that win the day at the Coca-Cola Coliseum?

On Wednesday night, All Elite Wrestling finally makes its way into The Great White North for two huge events in Toronto, ON, Canada at the Coca-Cola Coliseum! The first, the newest edition of DYNAMITE, comes to you live on TBS at 8pm ET/7pm CT, and features ROH World Champion Chris Jericho defending his title against former-ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson! Christian Cage's “Right Hand of Destruction” Luchasaurus will do battle with his former best friend Jungle Boy, and the rivalry between Swerve In Our Glory and The Acclaimed takes a new twist when “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn gets back into the squared circle to face Swerve Strickland! In addition, the tag match that Dr. Britt Baker did her best to insure did not happen WILL take place in Toronto when The Good Doctor and Jamie Hayter finally meet Hikaru Shida and AEW Interim Women's World Champion Toni Storm in tag team action, and the All-Atlantic Championship will be on the line when “The Bastard” PAC and Orange Cassidy bring their rivalry across the border!

The action begins at 8pm EDT/7pm CDT on TBS, and fans can prepare for it by visiting the official AEW YouTube channel for Dynamite and Rampage highlights, as well as the latest editions of AEW Dark: Elevation, AEW Dark, and Road To!


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