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AEW Dynamite Results for February 17, 2021


Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

Matt Hardy & “Hangman” Adam Page vs. The Hybrid2—Angelico & Jack Evans was our opening match!

TH2 jumped Hardy and Page before the bell rang, taking the fight directly to their opponents. Page returned fired, chopping away at Evans and then he tagged in Hardy. Page tagged back in and hit a running shooting star press for a near fall on Jack Evans. They double suplexed Evans. Hardy hit a powerbomb on Evans but in the process Angelico got the blind tag. Angelico took the boots to Hardy. Angelico hoisted up Hardy and from the top rope Evans hit the double foot stomp on Big Money Matt!

TH2 double teamed Hardy in their corner. Evans attempted a back spring elbow but Hardy countered with a Side Effect! Page tagged in and cleaned house on The Hybrid2. Page rocked Angelico with a spinebuster and then rattled him with a big lariat. Page was building momentum and jumped over the top rope onto Evans on the arena floor! Page powerbombed Evans onto Angelico! Page was going for the buckshot lariat but Hardy tagged himself in—and he paid for it—as TH2 gained the upper hand.

Luckily for Hardy, Page connected with a double buckshot lariat on TH2 and then Hardy spiked Angelico with the Twist of Fate and pinned him!

Hardy grabbed a microphone after the match: “You looked like a billion bucks, and that makes me very excited because I’m going to make a lot of money off you. I’m glad you decided to sign with me last week,” said Hardy.

“I don’t know how well you read that contract, Matt, but it’s fully executed,” said Page.

“I didn’t read it,” replied Hardy.

The Jaguars mascot came to the ring with a contract. The contract wasn’t a talent contract. It was for a match—Page vs. Hardy at REVOLUTION, and if Hardy loses, Page gets all of Hardy’s earnings from the first quarter of 2021!

“You’re nothing but a carny,” said Hardy. “But I think you’re a man of honor, and if I have to put something on the line, how about you too? How about if I beat you, you have to give me all of your earnings from Quarter 1 of 2021?”

Page agreed and said, “I think we have ourselves a big money match!”

The Jaguars’ mascot attacked Page from behind and it was revealed to be Isiah Kassidy of Private Party! Hardy then offered a bounty to TH2 if they’d join the attack on Hardy, and they accepted! The Dark Order came out to Page’s aid, and they ran off Matt Hardy, Kassidy, and TH2!

Alex Marvez interviewed Santana and Ortiz, along with the Inner Circle backstage. Chris Jericho said Sammy Guevara is dead to him because Sammy walked out on the Inner Circle.

Up next: 1st Round Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament Match!

NWA World Women’s Champion Serena Deeb vs. Riho!

Deeb and Riho locked up. Riho got behind Deeb with a waist lock. Riho grappled her to the mat. Deeb countered with a side headlock. Riho stepped on the back of Deeb’s left leg to escape. Jim Ross acknowledged Deeb is having issues with her left knee, and in fact she was wearing a leg brace.

Riho bridged out of a pin attempt by Deeb and then connected with a basement dropkick. Deeb battled back by catapulting Riho, aiming her neck squarely on the bottom rope!

Riho took down Deeb with a snap dragon suplex. Deeb landed hard on her shoulder. Riho backed Deeb to the counter with big elbow strikes. Deeb came back with European uppercuts on Riho and hurled her into the corner. Deeb charged in but Riho countered with head scissors. Riho attempted a northern lights suplex but Deeb had it scouted and blocked it, but Riho jumped off the top rope with a cross body press! Riho charged at Deeb but Deeb hit a dragon screw leg whip on Riho, and followed up with a swinging neck breaker. Riho kicked out just in the nick of time!

Riho grabbed Deeb’s leg and then rocked her with stiff shots. She used a 619 on Deeb and followed up with a diving foot stomp onto Deeb’s spine! Riho jumped off the top rope with a diving cross body for a near fall on Deeb. Out of nowhere Deeb powerbombed Riho and then applied the stretch muffler. Riho got the bottom rope and then got firm control after a northern lights suplex on Deeb. Riho came off the top rope and landed with both feet on Deeb’s sternum! Deeb kicked out at two! Riho tried for a running knee strike but Deeb dodged it. After several pinning attempts were reversed back and forth, Riho finally came out on top and pinned Serena Deeb!

“The fans are chanting ‘This is awesome!’” said Jim Ross.

A video package aired of Shaq and Jade Cargill training for their upcoming match against Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet (taking place on the March 3rd episode of DYNAMITE)!

This was followed by “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy (with Chuck Taylor) vs. Luther (with Serpentico)!

Serpentico used a tope suicida on Chuck Taylor before the match began. It distracted Orange, who was nailed by Luther with a pump kick and a powerbomb. Orange Cassidy wiped out Luther with a powerbomb of his own from the apron onto the arena floor. Serpentico entered the ring again and Chuck Taylor stopped him with the awful waffle! Orange Cassidy hit the orange punch on Luther and it was plenty to pin Luther with the three-count!

“The Machine” Brian Cage, Taz, and Hook walked to the ring.

Taz had a microphone and he said he was tired about hearing all this talk about Sting calling out Team Taz every week.

“Sting sent his snow down to Texas, so Team Taz is down a few men tonight. It’s only the three of us here tonight, Sting, so why don’t you come out now?!” asked Taz.

Sting walked to the ring with just his bat.

“You just stepped in this ring. That’s the worst thing you’ve done, my friend. There’s no Darby Allin tonight. And without that bat, you’re done. You need that bat,” said Taz.

Sting tossed the bat aside, and then removed his jacket. Sting wasted no time and started striking Brian Cage! Hook picked up Sting’s bat and hit Sting from behind with it. When Sting turned around to face Hook, Cage blasted Sting! “The Machine” Brian Cage powerbombed Sting! Cage and Team Taz walked off, leaving Sting on the mat.

AEW World Champ Kenny Omega, along with Don Callis, were visiting a kindergarten class. Omega brought along a copy of The Young Bucks’ autobiography to read to the class of kids.

“Uncle Kenny’s gotta go. Lots of business to do. Lots of charities today,” said Don Callis.

They left Michael Nakazawa to stay with the kids, but the kids said they hated Nakazawa. The children ganged up on him and attacked him.

Next: World Tag Team Title Match!

AEW Champs The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. Santana & Ortiz!

Papa and Mama Buck were watching from the front row.

Santana used his power to prevent an arm drag from Nick Jackson. Ortiz tagged in and so did Matt Jackson. Jackson hip tossed Santana and Ortiz. Matt hit a dropkick on Ortiz. Santana tagged in and The Bucks double dropkicked him! Santana and Ortiz used the Magic Killer backbreaker combo!

Omega, Callis, and The Good Brothers were seen watching the match on a TV monitor backstage.

Because of interference, ref Rick Knox ejected the Inner Circle from ringside, and while this happened, Santana and Ortiz double-teamed Nick Jackson. Finally, Nick Jackson superkicked Ortiz and got the tag to Matt Jackson!

Matt Jackson was a one-man wrecking crew on Santana and Ortiz! Matt used a twisting stunner on Santana for a near fall! Nick tagged in and blasted Santana with a powerbomb! The Bucks were setting up for More Bang for Your Buck but Santana and Ortiz had it scouted! Santana nailed Nick with the avalanche falcon arrow but somehow Nick found the strength to kick out! Ortiz cranked Nick’s neck in a submission hold. Matt Jackson dropped a Savage-like elbow off the top onto Ortiz to save his brother! The Bucks used the Doomsday Device on Santana! Matt buckle bombed Santana. They set Santana up for the BTE trigger but their knees collided as Santana moved! Santana and Ortiz followed up with the street sweeper and Matt Jackson broke the pin at the last possible moment!

Santana and Ortiz powerbombed Matt Jackson into the front row! Ortiz was yelling that they were the best but Nick cradled Ortiz with a small package and scored the victory for The Bucks! The Inner Circle ran down after the match and began assaulting The Bucks!

Kenny Omega, Don Callis, and The Good Brothers were watching on the monitor. Omega kept asking if they were going to run to save their best friends. Brandon Cutler tried to save his The Bucks himself but Hager halted him in his tracks with a slam onto the ramp!

MJF and Jericho had The Bucks in their respective submission moves (Salt of the Earth and the Lion tamer) and The Bucks were tapping! The Good Brothers sprinted to the ring and the Inner Circle retreated from the ring, but not before Jericho shoved Papa Buck at ringside!

Brandi Rhodes said she was going to do the gender reveal of the baby live on DYNAMITE. She said even Cody didn’t know yet. They walked onto the ramp. Pink pyro went off and it’s a girl! Congrats to Brandi and Cody!

FTR—Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood vs. Matt & Mike Sydal!

Cody Rhodes joined the commentary team for this match. He revealed his Face of the Revolution ladder match that will take place at REVOLUTION.

Cash rammed Mike into the turnbuckle. Dax chopped away at Mike Sydal. Matt tagged in and kicked away at Dax! Cash got a tag, unbeknownst to Mike Sydal, who had been taking the offense to Dax. Cash surprised Mike with a wicked belly to back suplex!

Matt Sydal took out both members of FTR with his offense. Mike used a moonsault to the outside for good measure! Back in the ring, Matt reversed a roll up on Dax, but Cash blasted Matt with a Dory Funk-like uppercut!

Matt Sydal attempted to jump from the top rope but Dax grabbed his leg from the outside, forcing Matt to lose his balance. FTR finished off Mike in the ring with the Big Rig, grabbing the victory. Ref Paul Turner called Doc Sampson into the ring to check on Mike. FTR jumped into the ring, grabbed the bag, and pulled out surgical scissors. They were going to cut the hair of Mike Sydal but the arena lights went dark!

Jurassic Express were in the ring when the lights came back on! Luchasaurus was wearing a new mask that had both horns again! Jungle Boy had Dax in the snare trap and then Jurassic Express ran off FTR!

Main Event Time!

“Mad King” Eddie Kingston, The Butcher & The Blade (with The Bunny) vs. IWGP United States Champion Jon Moxley, “The MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer (with Jake “The Snake” Roberts), & Rey Fenix!

We were off to the races as the match began with a brawl between both teams!

Blade held Mox while Butcher tagged in and dropped a leg on him. Kingston tagged in and charged Moxley with a clothesline. Blade tagged in and hit a powerslam on Moxley.

“Quick tags…it’s a good strategy,” said Jim Ross.

Archer tagged in and decimated Blade with a belly to belly suplex. Archer walked the top rope, holding Blade’s arm, and then came crashing down on Blade! Mox tagged in and punted Blade, and then dished out a suplex to him.

Kingston tagged in and neutralized Archer with headbutts. Archer took down Butcher and Kingston with a running cross body block. Rey Fenix was tagged in and caught Butcher with a cutter! Rey Fenix used a frog splash on Butcher for a near fall. Mox jumped into the ring and German suplexed Butcher. Rey Fenix caught Blade with a dropkick out of nowhere! All six competitors were down at this point, as the match had completely broken down!

Mox and Kingston traded forearms. Kingston tried for the spinning backfist but Mox moved out of the way. Mox applied the bulldog sleeper to Kingston but it was broken up. Kingston got back to his feet, hit the spinning backfist, but Mox absorbed it. Mox powered through with the Paradigm Shift and pinned Kingston!

The Good Brothers jumped Moxley from behind! They held Moxley back as Kenny Omega and Don Callis came to the ring. Omega was holding a piece of paper and said he was aware there was a rematch clause in the contract. Omega said he would in fact face Moxley at REVOLUTION, but Omega is going to name the stipulation of the match, and he wants an exploding barbed wire death match! Omega got a little too close and Mox managed to headbutt the champ, busting him open with the shot. Omega fired back by ramming Mox with two vicious V-triggers!

Be sure to join us next week as AEW DYNAMITE is broadcast live on TNT!


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