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AEW DYNAMITE Results for March 25, 2020


Tony Schiavone, Kenny Omega, and “The American Nightmare” Cody kicked off the show from the broadcast table, running down tonight’s card!

And the opening contest was “The American Nightmare” Cody vs. Jimmy Havoc!

Brandi Rhodes was the ring announcer tonight! She gave Cody a kiss as he entered the ring.

Havoc got Cody down with some leg sweeps, and an arm drag. Cody used his bulk and brawn to push Havoc into the corner, but Havoc rolled through for a near fall.

“I think the more this match becomes a mat-based contest, the more it favors Cody,” said Kenny Omega.

Cody hit a cutter off the ropes, and then went for a figure four leg-lock. Havoc poked Cody’s eyes to break the hold. Cody knocked Havoc outside and then blasted him with a tope suicida! They brawled on the outside, and this style favored Havoc.

Jimmy Havoc suplexed Cody into the turnbuckle, wrenching Cody’s legs on the ropes in the process. Havoc stomped on Cody’s hands and right elbow.

Cody went back to the entrance tunnel, ran down the ramp, and used a running lariat on Jimmy Havoc…”shades of the Great Muta!” said Tony Schiavone.

Cody attempted a cutter but was caught in an arm bar by Havoc! Cody rolled to the ropes, and Havoc took him down with a clothesline. Jimmy Havoc was laying in the shots in the corner, but Cody put the brakes on it. Down to the mat they crashed as Cody gave Havoc a reverse suplex! Cody spiked Havoc with two CrossRhodes for the victory via pin fall!

Jake “the Snake” Roberts had a message for Cody, played over the big screen. Cody watched from inside the ring.

“Lance Archer is chomping at the bit just to get in the ring with somebody from All Elite Wrestling,” Jake said. “Here I am, the best mind that wrestling’s ever had, yet not a phone call when All Elite Wrestling started last year. And not a phone call for Lance Archer, who was in Japan, romping and stomping. Because you guys were afraid. Bring your people. Bring Arn Anderson. Bring all of ‘em. Give us something to sign that says you, Cody, will meet us, one time. One time! That’s all I’m asking for Cody. What are you going to do? It’s up to you, Cody. Trust me.”

Cody joined Tony Schiavone at the broadcast table. Tony asked Cody about Jake’s challenge. “I’m aware of Lance Archer’s work in Japan, but he doesn’t have a body of work here. I don’t want to be a whiny babyface so Lance can debut next week. Spoiler!” replied Cody.

Next was “SuperBad” Kip Sabian (with Penelope Ford) vs. Darby Allin!

“Do you get the young Sting vibes when you look at Darby Allin?” asked Cody.

“I get that,” replied Schiavone.

Darby got tremendous elevation off the top rope and pulled Kip down with an arm drag. Things escalated quickly on the outside of the ring, with Darby getting launched into the metal barricade.

Penelope Ford got physically involved in the match, and Cody compared her to legendary pro wrestling valet Baby Doll.

Darby smashed Kip with the John Woo dropkick, and then a stunner, good for a two count! From the ring apron, Ford grabbed Darby’s legs, giving Kip enough time to switch gears. Kip smacked Darby with a right hook, but Darby pulled out the win using the Last Supper leg submission!

“Big Hurt” Jake Hager squared up with Chico Adams!

Hager rammed Chico into the corner post. He followed up with a Vader Bomb! Chico tried to fight back but Hager squashed him with a chokeslam. Hager put him to sleep with an arm triangle in a quick, decisive victory!

The AEW World Champion Jon Moxley walked down to the ring.

Moxley wasted no time and nailed Hager with the Paradigm Shift! Hager rolled up and snatched Moxley’s leg, applying the ankle lock! Hager retreated out of the ring as Mox swung the AEW championship belt at him!

There was a camera backstage and Mox had some choice words for Hager.

“I’m 100% good to go, cleared for action, and I’m ready for blood! When this belt is on the line, you’re not walking away, you’re getting carted out on a stretcher, or I’m gonna die trying!”

In a video package taped earlier, Brodie Lee was shown eating a steak dinner as two of his Dark Order minions waited for permission at the table to have their first bite.

“Strength in numbers. This is the new Dark Order. We do what we want, when we want to now, ok? You understand that? We are the lions of AEW. We prey on the weak. What is wrong with you two? You don’t eat before I’m done. You understand that? That’ll smarten you!” yelled the Exalted One.

QT Marshall vs. “The Exalted One” Brodie Lee was next!

“QT has an uphill battle for sure,” said Cody on commentary.

Brodie booted QT to the mat! He slammed QT into the metal barricade on the outside. Brodie used a running back elbow in the corner and then two vertical suplexes!

“QT may have a stinger,” said Cody.

Brodie picked up QT and after a few glimmers of hope from QT’s offense, Brodie gave him a spinning sidewalk slam. Brodie then turned QT inside out with a discus lariat. Brodie was victorious in his AEW debut!

One of the minions dropped a Dark Order mask onto the torso of QT Marshall, who was writhing in pain.

Tony Schiavone said there was an update on Nick Jackson’s condition, brought to us via Vanguard 1 (v 2.0). The drone flew down to Nick Jackson’s house in Rancho Cucamonga, California, where it transmitted its signal. Vanguard 1 spied Nick training his way back to good health! Jackson’s recovery was reported as being at 61%!

In an AAA Mega Campeon Championship Match—Kenny Omega defended the title against “Spanish God” Sammy Guevara!

“Sammy needs to stay light on his feet here,” said Tony Schiavone.

Sammy and Kenny grappled on the mat until Sammy gouged Kenny’s face. They went to the outside and traded chops, slugging it out. Sammy lured Kenny in and clocked him with a forearm!

Sammy ducked a clothesline but Kenny followed up with a vertical suplex onto the floor.

“I love Kenny but he’s a shark and he smells blood,” said Cody.

Kenny went up top for a crossbody block on Sammy. Kenny missed a splash and Sammy countered with an arm bar. Kenny forced the break when he touched the ropes. Sammy continued to work over Kenny’s arm and hand.

Sammy missed a moonsault and Kenny capitalized with strikes and a head-butt. Somehow Sammy managed to roll up Kenny with a pinning combination but Kenny kicked out!

The AAA Mega Campeon was in trouble as Sammy was connecting with serious shots to Kenny’s jaw! Sammy was rocked with a swift boot from Kenny! He followed that up with double ax handles to Sammy G.!

Kenny hooked Sammy and attempted a snapdragon suplex but Sammy rolled out and stomped onto the Cleaner with double boots to the midsection! Sammy used the ropes to springboard and drop Kenny with a cutter!

Sammy was caught by Kenny, who powerbombed the Spanish God, then used a V-Trigger! Sammy escaped a Liger Bomb attempt by Kenny! Sammy missed a shooting star press, as Kenny moved just in the nick of time! Kenny wiped out Sammy with a V-Trigger, and then another!

Sammy flipped out of Kenny’s snapdragon suplex, but Kenny outsmarted Sammy with the J-Driller! Kenny Omega grabbed the victory after the One-Winged Angel!

Le Champion Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy met face to face inside an AEW ring for the first time!

“Those arrogant S.O.B.’s got Matt Hardy to pledge his allegiance to The Elite last week. Come down to the ring Matt Hardy.”

Vanguard 1 flew down to the ring instead. Jericho said Vanguard 1 was a piece of trash. And then Jericho asked the drone to join The Inner Circle. Vanguard 1 flew away and it outraged Jericho.

Matt Hardy was standing at the top of the arena, and then in the blink of an eye, he was teleporting to different parts of the arena, until finally appearing ringside.

“Maker of pain, you knew I’d come!” said Matt Hardy.

“How did you do that?” asked Jericho.

“Because I am magic!” replied Matt Hardy.

“When you show up in AEW, you want to align yourself with me, not with the arrogant Elite,” said Jericho.

“No, I owe the Bucks of Youth a debt, because they helped resurrect me. And AEW represents freedom. It is my Arcadia. And I cannot allow you and The Inner Circle to run roughshod on AEW!” said Hardy.

“I’m gonna give you another shot to join The Inner Circle.”

“I am Damascus. And Damascus is over 3,000 years old,” said Hardy.

“Then you must be extremely wise. Outside you look very different. But inside you’re the same Matt Hardy that I’ve known for 25 years. Always living in the shadow. The shadow of your brother, the shadow of bad booking, and now the shadow of Le Champion. I’m gonna ask you one more time: are you Inner Circle or are you Elite?” asked Jericho.

“Delete! Delete! Delete! Delete!” shouted Matt Hardy.

Hardy continued: “Take off your sunglasses because I want you to take a good look at the entity that will delete you and The Inner Circle!”

Jericho slapped Hardy, but Hardy punched back, knocking Jericho to the mat!

Sammy G. jumped Hardy from behind. Kenny Omega and Cody ran down to help Matt Hardy, swinging steel chairs at Sammy and Le Champion!

Catch all the explosive action as AEW DYNAMITE is broadcast on TNT next week!


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