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AEW Dynamite Results for March 30, 2022


Tonight’s episode of AEW DYNAMITE was broadcast live from the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, SC!

Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, and Jim Ross were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

CM Punk vs. The Acclaimed’s “Platinum” Max Caster (with Anthony Bowens)!

Caster and Punk tied up in the center of the ring. Caster reversed a wrist lock. Punk took down Caster and worked over Caster’s taped up shoulder. Punk shoulder tackled Caster, but then Caster caught Punk out of midair and hit a rib breaker on Punk.

Max Caster whipped CM Punk sternum-first into the turnbuckles. Caster tried again but Punk flipped over and then fired back with a snap suplex on Caster. Punk charged in with a knee strike but Caster dodged it. Caster chopped Punk on the side of the neck and followed up with a fisherman’s buster for a near fall.

Max Caster was looking for the Mic Drop off the top rope but Punk had it scouted. Punk defended himself with a hurracanrana, bringing Caster down the hard way. Punk used a running bulldog on Caster for a near fall.

Punk attempted a springboard clothesline but Bowens grabbed Punk’s leg. Caster jumped off the top turnbuckle and hit Punk with a dropkick. Caster went for the homerun shot with the Mic Drop but Punk moved out of the way. Punk followed up with a tombstone piledriver and then transitioned into the Anaconda Vice, forcing Caster to tap out!

“Punk with yet another submission victory here in All Elite Wrestling,” said Excalibur.

Tony Schiavone interviewed CM Punk in the ring after the match.

CM Punk: “C’mon Tony Schiavone, what does this mean?” asked Punk as he gestured for a championship belt around his waist.

CM Punk: “Before my time in AEW is over, there will be a lot more gray in my beard and a lot more scars, and I will be World’s Champion!”

Alex Marvez interviewed MJF and FTR backstage!

“Smart” Mark Sterling was posting pictures of Wardlow backstage.

MJF: “We don’t talk about Wardlow anymore, he’s barred from the arena, and the Pinnacle is moving on up.”

Harwood: “Max, you’re our friend, but Wardlow is our friend too.”

MJF: “Hey, Wardlow used to talk trash about you all the time.”

Jay Lethal vs. Jon Moxley!

Lethal extended his hand to shake hands with Moxley but Moxley slapped it away.

There were dueling chants in the arena: “Let’s go Lethal!” and “Let’s go Moxley!”

Moxley had a tight side headlock on Lethal but Lethal scissored the head of Moxley. Lethal was searching for a figure four leglock early but Mox shoved him away with his combat boots.

Moxley and Lethal traded stiff forearms until Lethal faded down. Mox went for a backdrop but Lethal countered with a kick. Mox German suplexed Lethal and followed up with a wild, swinging lariat! Lethal shoved Mox off the top turnbuckle and Mox landed on the top rope, crotching himself. Lethal hit a tope suicida to the floor on Moxley! And then a second tope suicida!

Both men went for a crossbody and they collided into one another.

“This is awesome!” the fans chanted.

Lethal and Mox began trading strikes again. Moxley turned Lethal inside-out with a King Kong lariat. Jay Lethal rallied back with the Lethal Combination for a near fall! Moxley nailed Lethal with a rolling elbow strike.

Mox attempted the Paradigm Shift but his knee gave out! Lethal stopped Moxley in his tracks with a thrust kick! Lethal smashed Mox with a brainbuster! Jay Lethal dropped an elbow off the top rope for a near fall on Moxley!

Lethal tried for the figure four but Moxley rolled him up for a near fall. Moxley finally connected with the DDT and pinned Lethal!

After the match, Moxley extended his hand to shake Lethal’s hand, and Lethal accepted.

“A great win by Jon Moxley,” said Excalibur.

A highlight package aired featuring “The Problem” Marina Shafir!

AAA Tag Team Champions FTR—Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler vs. The Gunn Club—Austin & Colten Gunn (with Billy Gunn)!

Before the match began, MJF’s music began to play. Max walked out and joined the commentary team for this match.

Dax and Colten began for their respective sides. Colten quickly tagged out to Austin and Austin walked over Dax’s back. Cash tagged in and used a fireman’s takeover on Austin.

Cash Wheeler connected with two arm drags and then a dropkick on Austin. Harwood tagged in and took his forearm and began to grind it into Austin’s forehead.

Austin rolled to the outside, out of bounds, to give himself a breather. Colten grabbed the boot of Cash and then Billy Gunn blasted Cash with a big haymaker!

“This may have leveled the playing field,” said Jim Ross.

Colten stomped a mudhole into Cash and followed up with a big splash for a near fall. Austin tagged in and so did Dax, and Dax Harwood slugged away at the Gunn Club! Dax “the Ax” nearly decapitated Austin with a lariat!

Wardlow entered the arena and wiped out a whole team of arena security! Wardlow walked through the arena, charging towards MJF. About fifteen more security guards swarmed Wardlow and finally pulled him Wardlow away.

Back in the ring, despite Billy Gunn’s interference, FTR hit the Big Rig on Austin and pinned him!

MJF joined FTR in the ring to help them celebrate but FTR shoved him away, upset at how MJF had Wardlow ejected from the arena. “Wardlow is our friend too,” said Dax Harwood.

Chris Jericho & the Jericho Appreciation Society—Daniel Garcia, Angelo Parker, Matt Menard, & Jake Hager—were backstage.

Jericho: “When I call myself ‘The Influencer’ it’s because it’s the truth. And there’s only five of us, no one else is going to join us and if you’re trying, I say ‘G.F.Y.’”

Santana, Ortiz, and Eddie Kingston ambushed Jericho and the Jericho Appreciation Society. They brawled with the Jericho Appreciation Society, forcing them from the backstage area into the ring. Kingston wiped out Jericho with the spinning backfist! Santana and Ortiz took out Parker and Menard!

Santana and Ortiz were looking to hit the Street Sweeper on Jericho but Hager took them down and then planted Kingston!

“The numbers for Santana, Ortiz, and Kingston are proving to be too much right now,” said Excalibur.

Garcia locked Kingston in the sharpshooter while Jericho smashed his baseball bat into Kingston’s back! Jericho removed his belt and began to whip Kingston.

“The Jericho Appreciate Society just completing the destruction of these men they betrayed a few weeks ago,” said Excalibur.

Jericho walloped Kingston with the Judas Effect!

“Jericho and his henchmen have done what they intended to do, and that is dominate Eddie Kingston and his friends,” said Jim Ross.

Wheeler Yuta vs. “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson (with William Regal)!

On commentary, Regal said he was very interested in Wheeler Yuta.

Danielson blasted Yuta with a forearm. Danielson tried to pin Yuta but Yuta bridged out. “The American Dragon” slapped Yuta across the jaw. Yuta charged out of the corner with a dropkick to Danielson! Yuta applied an inverted figure four on Danielson until Danielson grabbed the ropes to break the hold.

“I think we’re seeing a star being made here guys,” said Tony Schiavone, as Yuta took it to Danielson.

Danielson hit a dragon suplex on Yuta but Yuta kicked out! Danielson used the hammer and anvil elbow strikes to the side of Yuta’s head.

“Yuta is fading,” said Excalibur.

Danielson was looking for the cattle mutilation but Wheeler Yuta had it scouted and he began hitting Danielson with hammer and anvil elbows! Yuta applied a “seatbelt” pinning attempt and got a near fall on Bryan!

Bryan blasted Yuta with the running knee! Yuta spat in Bryan’s face! Bryan Danielson nailed Yuta with the Gotch style piledriver! Danielson put Yuta in the cross face and the ref had no choice but to stop the match with Danielson scoring the victory!

Time for the Undisputed Elite Championship Celebration with Adam Cole #BayBay & ReDRagon—Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly!

Cole walked out with the stolen AEW World Championship, while ReDRagon carried the stolen AEW Tag Championships!

The Undisputed Elite had a box in the ring and opened it up. A couple of balloons floated out.

Cole: “Welcome to our championship celebration. Hangman Page and the Jurassic Express are not here tonight. Not only because they weren’t invited but because they’re ashamed we took these championships away from them. We didn’t steal them, we took them, because you can’t steal something that doesn’t belong to you.

“AEW needs a new era, a new crew to run the show. And AEW has the best three wrestlers on the planet, baybay!”

Fish: “The celebration has been epic and I will put our resume up against anyone’s in the industry. You are looking at the three baddest dudes this company has to offer.”

The AEW World Champion “Hangman” Adam Page arrived in his tricked-out Tesla. He ran to the ring and he cleaned house on the Undisputed Elite! Page was lining up for the buckshot lariat but ReDRagon pulled Cole out of the ring. Jurassic Express and Christian Cage sprinted to the ring and dished out punishment to the Undisputed Elite!

“It’s time the belts go back to their rightful owners,” said Schiavone.

“That was a very short-lived celebration,” replied Excalibur.

Tony Schiavone interviewed the newly crowned AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa!

Thunder Rosa: “It was such a shame that my celebration was cut short last week. But I am the first Mexican born wrestler to become the champ and it happened here in AEW. I fought and clawed my way to the top to be the face of this division.

“I want to be the face of all women’s wrestling. But every time I get to the top, there’s always bullies that want to bring me down. Pillars get knocked down, but foundations remain standing. And I will be a foundation in this company. Whoever wants me, come and get me. And Nyla Rose, I didn’t go through hell for anyone to attack me right away. I want to wrestle the best in the world. I will defend this!”

FTR were backstage. They said they came to AEW to build a reputation, not to lose a reputation. They issued a challenge to the Young Bucks to see who the greatest tag team is. Top Guys…out!

The Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Qualifier!

The Bunny vs. Toni Storm!

“Toni Storm has arrived in AEW!” said Excalibur, as the fans became unglued.

The Bunny took a swing at Toni but Toni knocked the Bunny off her feet. Toni followed up with an elbow strike and then a suplex for a near fall.

The Bunny thumbed Toni in the eye. The Bunny connected with a big knee.

“That knee was right on target,” said Tony Schiavone.

The Bunny charged in with a lariat and Toni Storm hit the arena floor from the impact. The Bunny whipped Toni into the steel ring post!

Back in the ring, the Bunny and Toni Storm traded forearms. Toni headbutted the Bunny and followed up with a hip attack! Toni got a near fall after a fisherman’s suplex. The Bunny managed to connect with the Death Valley Driver on Toni but Toni kicked out before the three-count!

The Bunny blasted Toni with two thrust kicks! The Bunny was looking to take Toni down the rabbit hole but Toni countered with Storm Zero and pinned the Bunny!

Tony Schiavone interviewed Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero backstage!

Nyla: “You seem to have a death wish, Thunder. I’ll be your genie and grant your wish!”

Darby Allin (with Sting) vs. Andrade El Idolo (with Jose the Assistant)!

Andrade got the early advantage with a huge tornillo over the top! Andrade threw Darby Allin over the timekeeper’s table and into the barricade!

“Andrade has kicked it up here a notch,” said Tony Schiavone.

Andrade charged at Darby but Darby dodged Andrade. Darby hit Andrade with the skateboard! Darby jumped off the ring steps but Andrade caught Darby in the air!

“The bell has not rung yet,” said Excalibur.

Darby fired back with a massive right hand. Andrade hoisted up Darby and then planted him hard on the metal ring steps! Darby managed to crawl into the ring and the match officially began.

Andrade sent Darby crashing hard into the turnbuckles! Andrade rattled Darby’s brains with running double knees in the corner! Andrade backdropped Darby Allin and turned Darby inside-out! Andrade absorbed a Code Red from Darby!

Darby and Andrade teed off on one another! Andrade’s weight advantage was a bit too much and Andrade finally took Darby off his feet with a hard open palm strike!

“Darby called his shot and Andrade made him pay,” said Excalibur.

Darby nailed Andrade with a stunner for a near fall! The momentum shifted again when Andrade connected with a back breaker! Andrade hoisted Darby on his shoulders on the second turnbuckle but Darby flipped back with a crucifix!

Darby attempted an arm bar but the Butcher and the Blade ran down to take out Sting! Darby hit the Coffin Drop on the Butcher, the Blade and Jose the Assistant to come to help out his friend Sting! Andrade grabbed Darby from behind and smashed him into the mat, finally pinning Darby!

Private Party ran to the ring and along with Butcher and the Blade, they began to attack Sting! The Hardys sprinted to the ring to even up the odds!

Matt Hardy gave a Twist of Fate to Marq Quen and then Jeff followed up with a swanton bomb!

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from the Agganis Arena in Boston, MA!

Don’t miss AEW RAMPAGE this Friday on TNT at 10/9c featuring a main event of “Limitless” Keith Lee vs. Team Taz’s Powerhouse Hobbs, plus The Young Bucks vs. Top Flight!

And remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling!


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