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AEW Dynamite Results for May 25, 2022


Tonight’s 3-Year Anniversary of AEW episode of DYNAMITE was broadcast live from the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas, NV!

Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, and Jim Ross were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

Steel Cage Match!

“The Chairman” Shawn Spears vs. Wardlow!

MJF was special referee for this match!

If Wardlow wins, per contract stipulations, he earns his match against MJF this Sunday at DOUBLE OR NOTHING!

Wardlow was escorted out to the ring in handcuffs by an AEW security detail.

MJF couldn’t find the handcuff keys to unlock Wardlow. Shawn Spears jumped the shackled Wardlow.

“It’s a stacked deck. Wardlow is still handcuffed,” said Jim Ross.

Wardlow pushed Spears back with a kick, but MJF gouged Wardlow’s eyes. They double shoulder blocked Wardlow, shoving him face first into the steel cage! MJF spat at Wardlow and then Wardlow broke his own handcuffs off!

“The superhuman strength of Wardlow on display,” said Excalibur.

Shawn Spears tried to escape the cage but Wardlow scaled the fence and shoved Spears down. Wardlow followed up with a senton atomico but MJF wouldn’t count the pin. MJF begged Wardlow to hit him, because he knew if Wardlow touched MJF, their match at DOUBLE OR NOTHING would be called off.

MJF hit Wardlow with a low blow from behind and Spears planted Wardlow with the C4. MJF tried a fast count on Wardlow but Wardlow still kicked out! Spears walked out of the cage to retrieve a steel chair. Spears tried to hit Wardlow with the chair but Wardlow ducked! Spears accidentally clobbered Spears with the chair.

“This leviathan rising behind Shawn Spears and no one to protect him,” said Excalibur of Wardlow.

Wardlow began conducting the Powerbomb Symphony on Shawn Spears! Bryce Remsburg ran to the ring to take over for an unconscious MJF. Wardlow powerbombed Spears on a steel chair and then pinned him!

Wardlow was about to powerbomb MJF but security ran into the cage. Wardlow leveled them one by one! In the melee, MJF escaped the cage.

AEW World Champion “Hangman” Adam Page and CM Punk went face-to-face ahead of their match this Sunday at DOUBLE OR NOTHING!

Tony Schiavone was in the ring to interview the champion and the challenger.

CM Punk: “I think it’s safe to say that the biggest moment of my career happened right here in Las Vegas. I am grateful to be in the position I am in. I love all of you fans across the world and I plan to walk into DOUBLE OR NOTHING on Sunday as challenger and very respectfully walking out as the champion.”

Hangman Page: “I said exactly what I was going to do to you, CM Punk. And did I stutter? There is nothing that you can do to me to take this championship away from me.”

CM Punk: “I’m not exactly sure why you seem to be taking this so personally. You’re possibly the toughest SOB on this roster and you hold the gold for a reason. This is just business to me. It’s my title shot. This is not personal.”

Hangman Page: “I said three weeks ago exactly what I was going to do to you. I said I was going to destroy you, annihilate you, embarrass you. And I did not mean at DOUBLE OR NOTHING. I meant right now.

“See I’ve been waiting for the moment not for weeks, but for months. Now that we’re here in this moment I realize I can’t do it. Not because I’m afraid I’d get fired, and not because I’m afraid of you, but the more I thought about what I wanted to say to you, I realized it’s exactly what you would do. And I just don’t think it’s the right thing to do.

“I don’t hate you. I almost pity you. And I have no respect for what you’ve done since you got here. I don’t think you get what it means to be champion, in those small quiet moments when no one is watching. That’s what makes a champion. You talk about great workers, you’ve shown the exact opposite since you got here. I will be defending All Elite from you.”

CM Punk: “Like I said, I don’t know why you’re taking this personally. You’re kinda talking in circles and it’s a big riddle. And if you’re so upset that I’m here, you’ll have to do something about it on Sunday.

“Those roads you traveled to get here, remember, they were paved by me. This house that you built: it was constructed with lumber from trees that I chopped down. I gave you the blueprint. You will shake my hand Sunday. In fact, you’ll shake my hand right now. All your misplaced anger, you’re mad at yourself.”

Punk urged Page to shake his hand, then nudged him, and then Page knocked Punk to the mat with a stiff shot.

Jon Moxley & “Mad King” Eddie Kingston vs. Private Party—Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy!

The Blackpool Combat Club’s William Regal and the Jericho Appreciation Society leader “The Wizard” Chris Jericho were on commentary for this match! The Jericho Appreciation Society— Jake Hager, Angelo Parker, Daniel Garcia, and Matt Menard—stood behind Jericho.

Kingston charged up the ramp at Kassidy as the match began. Moxley took it to Marq Quen!

Quen hit a moonsault press to Mox and Mox kicked out quickly. Kingston tagged in and used a headbutt on Marq Quen. Kingston splashed Quen in the corner. Kassidy tagged in and Private Party hit a double dropkick on Moxley.

Quen connected with a shooting star press on Moxley but Moxley kicked out! Kassidy tagged in and Private Party was searching for Silly String but Moxley and Kingston neutralized Private Party! Moxley used hammer and anvil elbows on Kassidy. Moxley followed up with the Paradigm Shift and pinned Kassidy while giving Jericho and his crew the middle finger!

The Jericho Appreciation Society sprinted down the ring to attack Kingston and Moxley. Bryan Danielson, Santana and Ortiz quickly followed to even up the odds. All hell broke loose ahead of this Sunday’s Anarchy in the Arena Match at this Sunday’s DOUBLE OR NOTHING!

“I can tell you one thing: Chris Jericho is going to suffer for this,” said William Regal.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match!

ROH World Tag Champs FTR—Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler vs. Roppongi Vice—Trent Beretta &Rocky Romero!

ROH’s Caprice Coleman joined the commentary team for this match.

Cash and Rocky chain wrestled at the start of the match. Rocky shoulder tackled Cash, taking Cash off his feet. Rocky blocked a dropkick from Cash and then transitioned into a flying cross arm breaker. Cash retreated to the outside of the ring, taking a moment to collect himself.

Trent tagged in, as did Dax, and they traded chops to the chest. FTR used tandem offense on Trent for a two-count. Rocky grabbed a blind tag and fired in kicks to Cash Wheeler. Trent used a half and half suplex on Cash.

Dax Harwood tagged in but Trent sent Harwood sternum first into the turnbuckles. Rocky double stomped Harwood’s ribs. Rocky got a blind tag to Trent and Roppongi Vice blasted Dax with a double knee strike!

“Roppongi Vice are playing all the hits here tonight,” said Excalibur.

They were looking for the strong zero but Dax rolled up Trent for a near fall. Trent came back with a victory roll up on Dax but Dax kicked out. Roppongi Vice finally connected with the strong zero but Jeff Cobb and the Great O-Khan stormed out to the ring and attacked FTR and Roppongi Vice! Cobb gave Rocky a nasty Tour of the Islands! The match ended in a disqualification.

“I guess we can say New Japan Pro Wrestling has arrived,” said Tony Schiavone.

Cobb hit a Doctor Bomb on Dax, smashing him through a table. O-Khan sent Trent flying with the Iron Claw through the table!

“They have completely hijacked this show,” said Tony Schiavone, as the Unite Empire held up the ROH World Tag Team titles.

AEW World Tag Team Champion Jungle Boy vs. Swerve Strickland vs. FTW Champ “Absolute” Ricky Starks!

Jungle Boy tried for an arm drag off the ropes but Swerve pulled him down. Jungle Boy fired back with a dropkick. Starks snuck up and gained the upper hand on both Swerve and Jungle Boy.

Jungle Boy had a pin on Swerve but Starks broke it up. Jungle Boy hoisted up Starks and planted him for a near fall! Swerve placed Jungle Boy on the top turnbuckle but Starks met them up there. They shoved Starks to the arena floor! Jungle Boy tried a poison rana on Swerve but Swerve landed on his feet!

“It’s Swerve’s house right now,” said Tony Schiavone.

Swerve lifted up Jungle Boy for a vertical suplex but Starks speared Swerve! Starks tried to finish off Swerve but Swerve escaped and clubbed Starks with forearms. Jungle Boy grabbed Starks from behind and locked in the Snare Trap! Starks reached the ropes but Jungle Boy pulled him back to the center of the ring.

Swerve came out of nowhere with an amazing kick to Jungle Boy. Swerve blasted Starks with the Swerve Stomp and pinned Starks! Powerhouse Hobbs ran to the ring and ambushed Swerve. Luchasaurus came down to the ring and was about to chokeslam Hobbs, but then Keith Lee stormed down the ramp! Keith Lee, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Luchasaurus traded strikes!

Tony Schiavone was on the ramp to interview AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa!

Thunder Rosa: “Tony I want you to see my face. This is the real me. This is the face of someone who has worked and earned everything she has, that has never complained. And Serena Deeb, you are not a champion.

“Serena, you complained, you’re a little petty about this. You blame your past on others but maybe you should look in the mirror and blame yourself. On Sunday you’re not going to see this face. On Sunday the warpaint comes on.

“On Sunday I will teach you a lesson of respect for disrespecting Tony, my mentor Dustin, all of you fans, and especially the AEW Women’s World Champion. I will haunt you forever!”

Match One of the Double Main Event was up next!

Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Match!

Toni Storm vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (with Rebel & Jamie Hayter)!

Storm had head scissors on Baker but Baker reached the ropes with her boot. Baker fired a kick to Storm’s midsection. Storm rallied back with a dropkick. They brawled outside the ring!

Baker smashed Toni head first into the steel ring steps! Baker used ground and pound striking techniques on Toni Storm on the arena floor!

Back in the ring, Toni countered the Pittsburgh Sunrise with a swinging DDT! She followed up with a high velocity hip attack and then a waterwheel drop! Baker countered a strong zero with the Air Raid Crash for a near fall on Storm!

Jamie Hayter came down to the ring! Baker used the twisting neck breaker on Storm for a two-count! Baker tried the ripcord lariat but Toni tucked her head under to avoid it. Toni Storm hit Hayter off the ring apron! Britt grabbed the ropes and used them to pin Toni Storm. After the match, Baker and Hayter celebrated!

Dr. Britt Baker has advanced to the finals!

This was followed by the second half of the Double Main Event!

Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Match!

ROH World TV Champion Samoa Joe vs. ReDRagon’s Kyle O’Reilly!

“O’Reilly is two-dollar steak tough,” said Jim Ross.

Kyle tried kicking Joe in the thigh but Joe moved in and landed shots of his own. Kyle tried to use his hand speed to his advantage but Joe mauled him down to the mat.

Kyle grabbed an ankle but Joe escaped and chopped Kyle down to size. Joe followed up with jabs. Samoa Joe body slammed Kyle and then dropped an elbow. Joe headbutted Kyle and then suplexed him for a one-count. O’Reilly wrenched Joe’s arm, yanking him down.

O’Reilly launched a knee strike on Joe and then applied a cross arm breaker. Joe reached the ropes, forcing the ref to break the hold.

“They’re battling it out to face Adam Cole in the finals this Sunday,” said Excalibur.

Samoa Joe tackled Kyle O’Reilly with a leg sweep. Joe booted Kyle and then hit a senton for a near fall. Joe turned Kyle inside out with a lariat! Samoa Joe targeted Kye’s jaw with palm strikes. Joe lifted up Kyle for the muscle buster but Kyle managed to escape and transition into an arm bar on Joe.

Kyle rolled up Joe but Joe defended with a rear naked choke. Kyle wrenched on Joe’s wrist but he lost consciousness!

“Samoa Joe wins! Samoa Joe wins! And he’ll take on Adam Cole this Sunday and it could be the wrestling match of the year,” said Jim Ross.

Adam Cole #BayBay walked out onto the ramp and had a stare down with Samoa Joe!

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from the Forum in Los Angeles and witness the fallout from DOUBLE OR NOTHING!

This Friday tune in to RAMPAGE on TNT at a special start time!

Be sure to order AEW DOUBLE OR NOTHING—live on pay-per-view—this Sunday, May 29, 2022!

And remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling!


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