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AEW Rampage Results for April 28, 2023


Tonight’s AEW RAMPAGE was broadcast from the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, FL!

It’s Friday night and you know what that means!

Tonight’s announce team was Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Jim Ross.

Bullet Club Gold’s “Switchblade” Jay White & “Rock Hard” Juice Robinson


“Absolute” Ricky Starks & “The Perfect 10” Shawn Spears!

Both teams began brawling at the start of the match. Ricky whipped Robinson into the guardrail. Spears pulled Jay White off the apron and to the floor.

“Starks and Spears have some pretty good tag team chemistry,” said Excalibur.

“They’re hungry and they’re hungry for more,” replied Jim Ross.

Spears hammered Juice with shots. Jay White distracted Spears and then Juice wiped out Spears with an axe kick. Jay White grabbed Spears and planted him hard on the edge of the ring. White and Robinson isolated Shawn Spears in their corner, with Jay White laying in the heavy leather. Jay White cut off Spears’ comeback attempt.

Spears turned things around with a suplex on Jay White. Starks and Robinson grabbed tags and Ricky sent Juice for a ride with a back body drop. Ricky blasted Juice with a Northern Lights Driver. Starks charged at Juice in the corner and smacked him with a back elbow. Spears tagged in and hit a diving splash on Juice for a near fall.

“That was incredible teamwork by two men who are teaming together for the first time,” said Excalibur of Starks and Spears.

Spears connected with a thrust kick to Jay White. Spears went for the C4 but Jay escaped. Jay White drilled Spears with the Blade Runner and then pinned him for the three-count!

Ricky was looking for the spear after the match but Juice Robinson bailed out of the ring.

“I own that ring,” yelled Jay White as he back peddled up the ramp.

Lexy Nair was backstage with FTW Champ HOOK and Matt & Jeff Hardy!

Matt: “I know the Firm is behind Isiah’s disappearance. Where is he?!”

Stokely Hathaway appeared on the monitor. “We got your boy right here, Matt!” Big Bill and “All Ego” Ethan Page had Isiah Kassidy raised up on scaffolding.

Ethan Page: “This Firm Deletion match is gonna go down next Friday on Rampage at the Compound!”

Matt Hardy agreed to the match next week but Big Bill still choke slammed Kassidy off the scaffolding, despite Ethan Page assuring Matt that they wouldn’t harm Kassidy.

HOOK: “The Firm is getting deleted.”

Naturally Limitless—Dustin Rhodes & Keith Lee vs. Brady Pierce & Charlie James!

Pierce tried for a trip but Dustin jumped over it. Keith Lee tagged in and he and Dustin double backdropped Pierce. James tagged in and ran into a brick wall—Keith Lee!

Keith Lee picked up Charlie and hurled him halfway across the ring. Keith Lee hit a double clothesline on the opposition. Dustin whipped Charlie James into Keith Lee and Lee nailed James with a pop-up spirit bomb! Keith Lee grabbed the pin.

As Dustin Rhodes and Keith Lee were celebrating their victory, out walked The Mogul Embassy—Prince Nana, Swerve Strickland, Brian Cage, Toa Leona, & Bishop Kaun, who glared at Naturally Limitless from the stage!

“The Mogul Embassy are not done with Keith Lee just yet,” said Excalibur.

Lexy Nair was backstage to interview Sammy Guevara!

Tay Conti interrupted the interview. “You’re going to lay down for MJF?! You don’t even like him! You need to listen,” said Tay.

Jericho Appreciation Society’s Anna Jay A.S. vs. Ashley D’Amboise!

Ashley was making her Rampage debut here tonight.

Anna Jay backed Ashley into the turnbuckles. Ashley fired back with an arm drag and then rammed Anna Jay with her shoulders.

The tide turned and Anna Jay wrenched back on Ashley, pulling her spine-first against the steel ring post. Back in the ring, Anna hit Ashley with two knee strikes to the back. Anna Jay bent Ashley backwards with a neck breaker. Anna made Ashley tap out with the Queen Slayer!

The arena went black! When the arena lights came back on, Julia Hart was in the ring! She ambushed Anna Jay! They brawled out onto the floor but then Anna got the upper hand until AEW Officials separated the two wrestlers!

We heard from The Outcasts—Saraya, Ruby Soho, & Toni Storm!

Saraya: “Willow is trying to prove a point. Guess what? You get to face me on Dynamite and I’m going to walk you like a dog. We’re going to show you why AEW is our house!”

The Acclaimed—Anthony Bowens & Max Caster—& Daddy Ass

vs. Cameron Stewart, Ryzin & a partner!

Billy Gunn smashed Cameron with the Fame-Asser! Bowens hit the Arrival while Caster used the Mic Drop for the pin!

“The rap was longer than the match,” said Excalibur.

Main Event Time!

AEW World Tag Team Champion Cash Wheeler of FTR (with Dax Harwood)


Jay Lethal (with Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh, & Jeff Jarrett)!

Mark Briscoe was the Special Enforcer for this match.

Lethal went after Cash with body shots. Lethal followed up with a shoulder block and then a scoop slam. Cash Wheeler took Lethal down with a hip toss.

Cash countered the Lethal Injection, avoiding it and then nailing Lethal with a nice dropkick. Cash clotheslined Lethal over the top rope, sending Lethal to the arena floor.

Back in the ring, Lethal got the upper hand with an abdominal stretch to Cash Wheeler. Sonjay Dutt tried to get involved but Mark Briscoe pulled Sonjay off the apron, preventing him from interfering.

Cash rolled up Lethal for a near fall. Lethal picked up Cash and dropped him across the ropes, knocking the wind out of Cash. Lethal strutted confidently. Lethal was looking for the elbow drop but Cash raised his knees in time. Cash clocked Lethal with an uppercut. Cash plucked Lethal out of midair and power slammed him.

Cash rocked Lethal with a DDT for a two-count! Lethal, desperate, pushed Wheeler into Mark Briscoe. Lethal seized the opportunity to blast Cash with the Lethal Injection and steal the pin. Mark Briscoe didn’t realize it was Lethal who shoved Cash into him and began to question Cash.

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from the CFG Bank Arena in Baltimore, MD!

And remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling!


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