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AEW Rampage Results for August 4, 2023


Tonight’s episode of AEW RAMPAGE was broadcast from the Yuengling Center in Tampa, FL!

Your broadcast team was Excalibur, Chris Jericho, and Taz.

It’s Friday night and know what that means!

Trios Match!

“Limitless” Keith Lee & The Hardys—Matt & Jeff (with Brother Zay & Ethan Page)


Kip Sabian (with Penelope Ford), The Butcher & The Blade!

Kip shook hands with Jeff Hardy and then kicked him in the midsection. Sabian mocked Jeff Hardy by dancing like him. Jeff came back with a Russian Leg Sweep. Matt Hardy tagged in, and Jeff vaulted off Matt’s back and splashed Kip in the corner.

Matt Hardy dropped an elbow on Kip. He tried for the Twist of Fate, but Kip rammed him into the turnbuckles and then tagged out to Blade. Matt rocked Blade with the Side Effect for a near fall.

Butcher charged at Matt Hardy, but Hardy dodged him. Hardy pounded Butcher’s head into the turnbuckles and then tagged in Jeff.

“Jeff has to use his speed because he can’t deal with the power of the Butcher,” said Taz.

Butcher rocked Jeff with a half nelson into a back breaker. Jeff rallied back with a jawbreaker and then grabbed a tag to Keith Lee.

Keith Lee cleaned house on all three members of the opposition. Keith Lee powerslammed Kip and went for the pin but Butcher broke up the pin. Matt Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on Blade and Butcher. Keith Lee swatted Sabian out of the air and then choke slammed him. Jeff Hardy smashed Kip with the Swanton and then pinned him!

The Young Bucks were backstage!

Nick Jackson: “We’ve been focusing on trios, but I think it’s time we got back to the tag team division.”

Matt Jackson: “Hey, Matt and Jeff, I see you standing there awkwardly staring at us. Thanks for having our back on Wednesday. Great match tonight on Rampage.”

Matt Hardy: “So I heard you guys are reentering the tag team division. So why not just dive into the deep end and face the GOATs—Matt and Jeff Hardy?”

Matt Jackson: “Holy crap, that would be awesome to wrestle the second-best brother tag team of all time. How about we see you on Wednesday?”

Matt Hardy: “We’ll see you on Dynamite.”

This Wednesday on Dynamite it’ll be The Hardys vs. the Young Bucks!

Anna Jay (with Matt Menard & Angelo Parker) vs. Skye Blue!

Skye Blue used a side headlock. Skye tested out the jaw of Anna with elbow strikes. Skye followed up with a thrust kick. Anna Jay fought back with the dangerous jay kick.

Skye Blue connected with a diving cross body onto Anna Jay. She rocked Anna with a running knee strike. Blue cradled Anna for a near fall. Anna Jay cracked Skye with a mule kick and then a flatliner for a two-count on Skye Blue.

Anna Jay got rocked by a thrust kick. Angelo Parker and Matt Menard jumped on the apron to distract Skye Blue. Anna Jay jumped Blue from behind while Blue was dealing with Parker. Anna locked on the Queen Slayer and forced Skye Blue to tap out!

Tony Schiavone and Paul Wight were at Daily’s Place!

They announced that “The Bastard” PAC is injured but this Wednesday the Lucha Bros will face the winners of the Parking Lot Fight!

The Mogul Embassy—Swerve Strickland & AR Fox (with Prince Nana)


Logan Cruz & Tyshaun Perez!

AR Fox blasted Cruz and Perez with a dropkick off the top rope. He wiped them out, launching himself over the top rope and crashing down onto them on the arena floor.

Swerve and Fox double teamed their opponents. Fox nailed Cruz with a cutter. Swerve hit a brainbuster and then Fox finished off Cruz with the 450 splash, scoring the pin!

Main Event Time!

Parking Lot Fight!

The Blackpool Combat Club—ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli & Jon Moxley


The Best Friends—Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta!

Moxley jammed Trent with a fork in the forehead. Trent was busted wide open. Claudio suplexed Chuck Taylor onto the hood of a car!

Trent jumped off the top of a car with a cross body press to Moxley. Trent used the fork on Moxley’s forehead. Claudio ripped off a spoiler from the back of a car and cracked Trent over the back with it.

The Best Friends slammed the hood of a car onto Claudio’s head! The BCC turned the tables and slammed the car hood onto Trent. And then they power bombed Chuck onto the hood, smashing it onto his partner.

Claudio swung Trent in the big swing and then whipped him right into a trash can! Chuck wacked Claudio and Mox over the head with a street sign! Moxley headbutted Chuck and then suplexed Chuck onto a safety rail!

Trent crushed Claudio with a senton on a bike rack! Moxley spiked Chuck with a Paradigm Shift onto the roof of a car. Trent hit the Dude Buster on Claudio on the car’s roof! Moxley jumped up and applied a rear naked choke to Trent.

Moxley and Trent traded strikes on the hood of a car. Mox smashed Trent through the windshield of a car with the Death Rider! Chuck Taylor had a flaming barb wire 2x4 and was ready to maul Moxley with it when Wheeler Yuta jumped out of the back of a parked vehicle!

Yuta dared Taylor to hit him, but Taylor couldn’t get himself to do it. While this was occurring, Moxley snuck behind Chuck Taylor and grabbed the 2x4 out of his hands. Moxley swung it into Chuck Taylor’s abdomen. Wheeler went to work on Chuck Taylor’s forehead with a screwdriver!

Trent’s mom Sue pulled up in a minivan! Orange Cassidy was riding on the roof, coming to the rescue! Cassidy jumped off the top of the minivan and hit Mox and Claudio with a crossbody press.

Orange Cassidy wrapped a steel chain around his fist. He approached Wheeler Yuta but Claudio chop blocked Orange. The BCC swarmed Orange Cassidy and began to pummel him with strikes. Wheeler Yuta DDT’ed Orange Cassidy onto the hood of Sue’s minivan.

Moxley curb stomped Trent’s head onto the minivan windshield! Claudio covered Trent and pinned him. Wheeler Yuta continued to ground and pound Orange Cassidy. Moxley destroyed the minivan.

Don’t miss AEW Collision on Saturday live on TNT at 8/7c from the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, SC featuring:

-TBS Championship Match: Kris Statlander (c.) vs. Mercedes Martinez!

-We’ll hear from The Acclaimed

-AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: FTR (c.) vs. Brian Cage & Big Bill!

-AEW Real World Championship Match: CM Punk (c.) vs. Ricky Starks, with the legendary Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat calling it down the middle!

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH!

And remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling!


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