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Official AEW Fight For The Fallen Preview

On Saturday, July 13th, from Daily’s Place Amphitheater, in Jacksonville, FL, presented by sponsor Farah & Farah, AEW will be running its third colossal event, FIGHT FOR THE FALLEN. This show will be streaming live and free of charge on B/R Live (visit for full details). The pre-show BUY IN begins at 7:30 p.m. EST, with the main card action beginning promptly at 8:15 p.m. EST.

Scheduled for action:


Both pro wrestlers in this match are keenly aware of the expectations and high standards set before them. At DOUBLE OR NOTHING and at FYTER FEST, the female side of the roster brought the crowd to their feet. Perhaps some of that has been weighing on Brandi Rhodes, who in a very candid interview during episode two of Road to Fight For the Fallen, expressed some of her personal insecurities as a pro athlete. A winning record is a heavy psychological burden for any performer, but Brandi has the added pressure of being AEW’s Chief Brand Officer and architect behind the women’s roster. Her opponent, Allie, is fresh off a victory over “the Librarian” Leva Bates at FYTER FEST. The Chief Brand Officer needs to be extra motivated here to back up her position in the company, and to silence her self-doubt, but Allie has years of experience in her back pocket.



On one side, there’s Havoc, Allin, and Janela, who are natural born .GIF generators, fearless (and by many accounts reckless) to push the envelope of what is humanly possible in a pro wrestling ring. And their opponents at FIGHT FOR THE FALLEN bring more heat than a nuclear reactor: Guevara made quite the impression by flipping off the crowd in Vegas at the DOUBLE OR NOTHING weigh-in/press conference, Spears split open Cody with the wicked chair shot at FYTER FEST, and MJF spits fire like Godzilla every time he opens his mouth. And let’s not forget MJF has pledged allegiance to “the American Nightmare” Cody, because at FYTER FEST, MJF and Spears will need to put aside their personal differences and cooperate if they expect their team (along with Sammy G.) to walk away victorious.



Both teams are coming off a loss at FYTER FEST, so expect to see SCU and the Lucha Bros kick it into high gear, especially with the Tag Team Championship Tournament scheduled for this fall. If this were football, consider the preseason officially over. Sky and Kazarian (with Christopher Daniels in their corner) are tag team specialists who can adapt seamlessly to any opponents in the ring. Penta and Fenix are masterful Mexican luchadores who blend shades of the stiff Japanese strong style into their arsenal. With both teams hungry for redemption, along with the plethora of pro wrestling styles that will be on display, don’t be surprised if this match is the sleeper-hit of the night.


Hangman Page will be facing Chris Jericho on August 31st at ALL OUT with the winner to be crowned the first AEW World Champion, but at FIGHT FOR THE FALLEN, Page needs to be hyper vigilant and not look too far into the future, past Kip Sabian. An injury or defeat at the hands of Sabian could do serious damage to Page’s game plan when he enters training camp for his upcoming bout with Chris Jericho. Page is riding high after winning the Casino Battle Royale at DOUBLE OR NOTHING, and he won a four-way match at FYTER FEST (vs. MJF vs. Jungle Boy vs. Jimmy Havoc), but he can’t take Sabian lightly. During DOUBLE OR NOTHING’S BUY-IN preshow, the high-flying Sabian bested Sammy Guevara, capitalizing on the worldwide exposure that competing on an AEW event afforded him. At FIGHT FOR THE FALLEN, Sabian is aiming to continue making himself a household brand with a three-count over one of the hottest names in pro wrestling today, Hangman Page.


CIMA is a smooth as silk in-ring technician who can go move-for-move with the best in the sport. At FYTER FEST, he showed AEW fans exactly that by earning a victory against renowned ring general, “the Fallen Angel”, Christopher Daniels. “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega did some housecleaning at that same event, first with his victory with the Young Bucks against the Lucha Bros. and Laredo Kid. Omega put an exclamation point at the end of the sentence later that night by attacking a prone Jon Moxley in an attempt to even up their personal vendetta. Omega may have only kicked the hornet’s nest that is Jon Moxley’s mind, but he’ll have to give his undivided attention to veteran CIMA, or else “the Cleaner” will lose valuable momentum going into his match against Moxley next month at ALL OUT.


In a dream tag team match, The Young Bucks, Nick and Matt Jackson, will square off with Cody and Dustin Rhodes, for the first—and perhaps final—time!

The Bucks, arguably the greatest tag team of the modern era, have spent most of 2019 embroiled in a heated rivalry with the Lucha Bros. They hold two wins against the Lucha Bros. in an AEW ring, the first at DOUBLE OR NOTHING this past May in Vegas, and the second just weeks ago at FYTER FEST (in the aforementioned three-man tag with their Being the Elite partner, Kenny Omega).

Cody battled brother Dustin Rhodes in an instant classic at DOUBLE OR NOTHING, where the two came to terms and reformed their bond. In an emotional scene, Cody requested that Dustin team with him at FIGHT FOR THE FALLEN. With little hesitation, Dustin agreed, and the two embraced, putting the past behind them.

The Bucks have been poking and prodding Cody and Dustin Rhodes during the past few weeks, mocking the poignant and tearful post-match promo from DOUBLE OR NOTHING (“Dustin, I don’t need a partner. I don’t need a friend. I need my older brother!”). Cody and Dustin Rhodes haven’t tagged with one another in over four years, but they’re looking to recapture some of the magic again, and a win over the Young Bucks would certainly do the trick.

Also appearing: Chris Jericho will be in attendance at FIGHT FOR THE FALLEN, for the first time since his victory over Kenny Omega at DOUBLE OR NOTHING. Is Jericho looking for more than a “thank you” from Tony Khan and the AEW roster? Tune in Saturday night to find out!

To watch AEW’s FIGHT FOR THE FALLEN, live and free of charge, visit


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