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A Little Bit Of The Bubbly!

By now, we all now that Chris Jericho became the first ever All Elite Wrestling World Champion at “All Out” when he defeated “Hangman” Adam Page in the main event. Just like everyone surmised, it provided Jericho with yet ANOTHER reason to demand his “thank you” from every human being, animal, or plant remotely connected with AEW.

But the one thing no one could have predicted, that no one could have guessed, is how the outlandish antics of the World Champion after he won the belt would explode all over the internet in one hilarious fashion after another. See, after the match, during the post-show on AEW's YouTube channel, Jericho took the live camera on a tour of the backstage area as he...well, see for yourself:

“A little bit of the bubbly!”

Six simple words and it has exploded all over the internet in one meme after another!!!

The impact of the new AEW World Champion is being felt all over the social media as the meme train continues to roll on and on and The Bubbly takes over the internet! The Bubbly is hitting so hard that you know it had to culminate in this...

Yes, a Bubbly t-shirt at; you know you want it, you want it all, and you want it now! With just a few weeks left until AEW premieres on TNT on October 2nd, and with the World Title back in his possession, who knows what else Chris Jericho will unleash upon the world...


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