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AEW Collision Results for June 29, 2024


Welcome to FORBIDDEN DOOR weekend! Tonight’s episode of AEW COLLISION was broadcast on TNT from the KeyBank Arena in Buffalo, NY!

It’s Saturday night and you know what that means! Saturday night’s alright for fighting!

Excalibur and Nigel McGuinness were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

Collision kicked off tonight with…

“Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy & Tomohiro Ishii


TMDK’s Robbie Eagles & Shane Haste!

Cassidy put Haste in a side headlock and then dropped a shoulder. Haste didn’t budge. Ishii tagged in and he and Haste rammed into one another like two bulls. Orange came in and distracted Haste. Orange jumped at Haste with a shoulder block. Orange and Ishii dropped Haste with a double shoulder tackle. 

Ishii chopped at Haste in the corner. Cassidy tagged in, as did Robbie Eagles. Robbie used a hurracanrana on Orange. They exchanged arm drags and Cassidy avoided the final arm drag. Cassidy followed up with a flying mare. Haste grabbed Orange and planted him on the ring apron. Eagles seized the moment to dive on Orange with a tope con hiro!

TMDK double teamed Orange, stomping on him in the ring. Orange escaped their clutches and tagged Ishii. The Stone Pitbull cleaned house on TMDK, suplexing Haste for a near fall. Orange and Ishii blasted Haste with a double clothesline. Cassidy dropped an elbow off the top rope on Haste for a near fall.

Haste dodged the Orange Punch and drilled Orange with the Falcon Arrow. Eagles grabbed a tag, but Orange nailed him with the Stun Dog Millionaire. Eagles sat out with a back pack and covered Orange but Ishii broke up the pin attempt just in the nick of time. Haste ate a lariat from Ishii! Orange caught Eagles, drilled him with the Beach Break, and scored the pin!

NJPW Strong Women & CMLL World Women’s Champion Stephanie Vaquer 


Lady Frost!

TBS Champion “The CEO” Mercedes Moné came out to watch the match from ringside. 

Stephanie had Lady Frost tied up in a version of the STF. Lady Frost connected with a high kick. Frost jumped off the steel ring steps and took down Vaquer with an arm drag. Vaquer cracked Lady Frost with a thrust kick right in the face!

“That was a message to Mercedes,” said Excalibur.

Vaquer applied a straitjacket to Lady Frost. Vaquer drove the head of Frost into the mat over and over. Lady Frost escaped a package pile driver attempt and countered with an explosive lariat. Lady Frost splashed Vaquer with a cannonball in the corner. Lady Frost connected with the Frost Bite for a near fall.

Stephanie Vaquer spiked Lady Frost with a DDT but Frost kicked out at the two-count. Lady Frost vaulted over Vaquer and dropkicked Vaquer in the back. Vaquer blasted Lady Frost with rapid headbutts. Vaquer followed up with a dragon screw leg whip. Vaquer nailed Lady Frost with a package back breaker and scored the pin!

“Quite a statement win for Vaquer, but come 24 hours, will be mo’ Moné, mo’ problems for Stephanie Vaquer,” wondered Nigel.

After the match, Stephanie Vaquer’s tag team partner, Zeuxis, ambushed Moné! Mercedes rallied back with a backstabber. Vaquer jumped back in the ring and stuffed “The CEO” with a nasty back breaker!

FTW Champion “The Learning Tree” Chris Jericho, the “Redwood” Big Bill, and “Bad Apple” Bryan Keith were walking backstage in the arena!

Jericho opened a door and Samoa Joe, HOOK, and Shibata were waiting for him!

“Hi, Chris,” said Samoa Joe, before clubbing Jericho! The two teams began to brawl backstage. The action spilled into the arena, as Samoa Joe battered Jericho with body shots. Samoa Joe sent Jericho over the barricade. Hook stomped on Keith in the corner. Shibata and Hook double teamed Big Bill. Jeff Cobb ran into the ring and hurled Hook and Shibata with suplexes! Jeff Cobb and Samoa Joe had a stare down but then Cobb planted Samoa Joe with a spinebuster!

“Has Chris Jericho found some reinforcements for Forbidden Door?” asked Excalibur.

“Jeff Cobb is a decision maker here tonight and tomorrow night he might shut the Forbidden Door in the face of Samoa Joe, Hook, and Shibata,” replied Nigel.

“The Professor” Serena Deeb vs. Kelly Madan!

Deeb clobbered Madan in the corner turnbuckles with kicks and strikes. Deeb was very aggressive early on, looking to make a statement. Deeb hit a draping neck breaker.

“Seamless offense from the Professor,” said Nigel.

After a DDT to Madan, Deeb followed up with a faceplant to her opponent and scored the pin fall victory!

“That was impressive, quite simply,” added Nigel.

Serena Deeb: “What’s up Buffalo? Listen, I know how this story goes. Yes, I fell short in my quest to become AEW Women’s World Champion. But I refuse to be put into wrestling purgatory. This is AEW, where the best wrestle!

“Well guess what? I am the freakin’ best! Bell to bell, in between these ropes, I prove that every time I’m in this ring. So c’mon, AEW, give me some one to wrestle that’s on the Professor’s level!”

Riho walked onto the ramp and down to the ring!

Riho and Deeb smiled at one another. Deeb rolled out of the ring, not looking for competition tonight.

“The Professor will study up,” said Nigel.

CMLL’s Hechicero vs. Kevin Blackwood!

Hechicero grappled Buffalo’s own Blackwood to the mat. Hechicero cracked Kevin with a running knee strike. Hechicero blasted Blackwood with the Mad Scientist Bomb. Hechicero locked up Blackwood and forced him to tap out! Hechicero wouldn’t release the hold, making a statement to MJF, ahead of their match tomorrow night at Forbidden Door!

Lexy Nair was backstage to interview The Patriarchy—Christian Cage, Mother Wayne, Nick Wayne, and Killswitch!

Christian Cage: “My eyes are on the Trios Championships. Christian Cage has carried this company on his shoulder for the past year. And as the uncrowned World Heavyweight champion, I deserve to be recognized as such. There’s no better way to recognize the Patriarchy as a group—we are the next Trios champs—”

The Undisputed Trios Champs the Bang Bang Gang interrupted Christian Cage!

“Switchblade” Jay White: “Whoa, whoa, whoa, you can’t be talking about the Bang Bang Gang. Christian Cage, have you apologized to your new family for setting such a poor example? But I get it, you’re trying to redeem yourself in front of your new wife and dinosaur. I get what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to ride the coattail of the Catalyst.”

The Battle of Buffalo!

Daniel Garcia vs. The Butcher!

“Daddy Magic” Matt Menard joined the broadcast booth for this match.

Butcher muscled Garcia into the corner. Butcher stomped a mudhole into Garcia, but Garcia turned it around and dropkicked Butcher’s knee. Butcher wiped out Garcia with a running crossbody press to the midsection. 

Garcia charged at the Butcher and blasted him with two boots. Garcia tried again but Butcher countered by hoisting up Garcia and planting Garcia across the barricade. Butcher walloped Garcia with a back breaker and then a snap suplex.

Butcher taunted Garcia and the crowd by performing Garcia’s dance. Butcher nailed Garcia with a half nelson back breaker. Garcia connected with a neck breaker out of nowhere. Garcia took Butcher off his feet with a lariat. Garcia spiked Butcher with a piledriver and scored the pin!

“Daniel Garcia turns his attention to Dynamite: Beach Break this Wednesday where he faces AEW International Champion Will Ospreay, and depending on the outcome of Forbidden Door tomorrow, it could also be for the AEW World Championship too,” said Excalibur.

Lexy Nair interviewed “The Scapegoat” Jack Perry backstage!

Jack Perry: “I actually never agreed to part of this match tonight. The only people I would ever team with is the Elite. But tomorrow night I will be the next TNT Champion—”

“Hold on, hold on, hold on,” said Christopher Daniels.

Daniels: “Now Lexy, I don’t mean to interrupt, but Jack there’s a problem with this train of thought that you’re on. By all means you’re welcome to back out of any match you want but there will be repercussions. Meaning if you don’t wrestle this match on Collision tonight, I’ll be forced to take you out of the Ladder Match at Forbidden Door so make whatever decision you think is best.”

Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Quarterfinal!

Hikaru Shida vs. “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo!

Purrazzo backed Shida into the corner. Both women exchanged strikes. Shida dropped Deonna with a swift kick. Shida jumped off the middle rope and crashed onto Deonna with a diving cross body to the arena floor. Deonna took Shida off her feet with a pump kick!

Shida used a flurry of forearms on Deonna to take her down. Shida followed up with a short arm lariat. Shida caught Deonna with a jumping knee strike. Deonna retaliated with a Russian Leg Sweep. Deonna applied an arm bar on Shida, but Shida extended her leg to the bottom rope to force the ref to break the hold.

Shida smashed Deonna with a Falcon Arrow. Shida released the Katana spinning knee strike and pinned Deonna Purrazzo! Hikaru Shida advances to the next round of the tournament!

After the match, Deonna blindsided Shida. Deonna picked up Shida’s kendo stick. Thunder Rosa sprinted to the ring to even up the odds for Shida. Deonna quickly retaliated to the back.

The fans chanted “Thunder Rosa! Thunder Rosa!”

Lexy Nair interviewed AEW International Champion Will Ospreay backstage, asking if things have become personal between him and AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland!

Ospreay: “It’s become a little bit personal, yeah, but I can wait until tomorrow before I cave his head in.”

Don Callis interrupted the interview, joined by the Don Callis Family.

Callis: “This is going to be just like when I helped you beat Kenny Omega. We’re so proud of you. I’ve got some ideas on how we can maximize this.”

Ospreay: “Like I said last week, I can do this by myself. Kyle, Swerve is going to have his entire crew out there. Can I have somebody out there watching my back?”

Kyle Fletcher: “I mean—”

Callis: “Will, go out there and enjoy yourself.”

Trent: “Don!”

Callis: “Guys, it’s cool, it’s cool, the family is happy.”

Rush walked onto the set, put his hand on Callis’ shoulder, and got his attention!

Trios Tag Team Match!

El Phantasmo, “The Scapegoat” Jack Perry, & “The Alpha” Konosuke Takeshita


ROH World Champion Mark Briscoe, Lio Rush, & Dante Martin (with Darius Martin & Action Andretti)!

“In less than 24 hours, one of these men will be crowned the new TNT Champion,” said Excalibur.

Don Callis joined the broadcast team for this match.

Lio Rush and Jack Perry began for their respective teams, but Perry tagged out right away to Takeshita. “The Alpha” rocked Rush with a pump kick! El Phantasmo grabbed a tag and Dante, Mark, and Lio used triple team offense on El-P!

El Phantasmo back dropped Lio into Dante, but then Mark Briscoe jumped through the ropes with a diving double boot to El Phantasmo. Takeshita and El Phantasmo got into a shoving match, as things began to break down. Dante took them down with a double hurracanrana.

Mark Briscoe tagged in and cleaned house with his redneck kung fu! El-P escaped a Jay Driller from Mark and cracked him with a thrust kick. Lio Rush rocketed out of the ring with a tope suicida to Takeshita. Phantasmo hit a tope of his own to Lio. Lio frog splashed El Phantasmo from the middle rope while Dante connected with a frog splash from the top rope. Jack Perry jumped in to break up the pin.

Takeshita sent Lio flying with a German Suplex. Takeshita tried one on Dante, but Dante landed on his feet! Dante went for a hurracanrana, but Takeshita tried to reverse with an avalanche powerbomb, but Dante reversed that! Takeshita blasted Dante with the Blue Thunder Bomb and then drilled Dante with the power drive knee strike to score the win!

After the match, Jack Perry waffled Takeshita with the TNT Championship! El Phantasmo rocked Perry with a shot of his own. Lio Rush and Dante Martin had a tug of war over the TNT Championship. Mark Briscoe jumped into the ring with a ladder and smashed it into Rush and Martin’s heads. Mark Briscoe climbed the ladder, jumped off the top, and wiped out everyone on the arena floor!

“What a moment for Mark Briscoe!” said Excalibur.

“And what insight we’ve got for the TNT Title Match tomorrow at Forbidden Door,” added Nigel.

“Takeshita got the win tonight, but tomorrow night at Forbidden Door it will be anyone’s game. All six of these athletes will be competing for the vacant TNT Championship,” replied Excalibur.

AEW World Championship Weigh-in for Forbidden Door!

Prince Nana welcomed the audience to the official weigh-in to the AEW World Championship Match, which will be held tomorrow night at Forbidden Door.

Prince Nana introduced the challenger first— AEW International Champion “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay! Kyle Fletcher stood by Ospreay’s side. Ospreay confidently stepped on the scale, weighing in at 220 lbs. 

Next, Prince Nana brought out AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland! The champion came out with hip hop royalty Westside Gunn. Swerve weighed in at 230 lbs. 

The two had a stare down for the official fight photos ahead of tomorrow’s match. Both men posed for the photographers on the ramp.

Ospreay: “24 hours you’ve got, until I knock that dirty ass grill out of your mouth, son. You are about to find out why my name is Will Ospreay, and I am on another level!”

Swerve: “This man over here keeps saying the pressure is on me. No, it’s on you, Will. I’m on another level. Look how I handle my business. You come out here dressed like a bum. I come out here dressed like a businessman. How about I offer you and your wife a contract—”

Will swung at Swerve and security had to keep both men separated. Will ran around security and wiped out Swerve with the Hidden Blade! Will held up both championship belts, standing over Swerve Strickland!

“Swerve and Ospreay will finally meet tomorrow night, one on one, for the AEW World Championship, in less than 24 hours at Forbidden Door! You have no excuse for not joining us!” said Excalibur.

Catch the fallout from AEW FORBIDDEN DOOR 2024 during AEW DYNAMITE: Beach Break on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, IL!

But first get ready for AEW: FORBIDDEN DOOR 2024, live on pay-per-view tomorrow, June 30th, from the UBS Arena in Long Island, NY!

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And remember… We are AEW—Where The Best Wrestle! 


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