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AEW Dynamite: New Year's Smash Results for December 28, 2022


Tonight’s episode of AEW DYNAMITE: New Year’s Smash was broadcast live from the 1stBank Center in Broomfield, CO!

Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page (with Stokely Hathaway)!

Before the match began, AEW World Champion MJF’s music hit! MJF was in a skybox and he began to taunt Danielson on the microphone! Ethan Page used the distraction to ambush Danielson!

Ethan Page bodyslammed Danielson. Bryan fired back with a running elbow, and then he chopped Page in the corner. Danielson continued the attack with round kicks. Danielson stomped on Page’s ankle.

Page used his size advantage to take down Bryan. Danielson headbutted Page and then followed up with a dropkick. Hathaway jumped onto the ring apron to scream at Danielson. Bryan avoided another ambush from Page and then jumped out at “All Ego” with a tope suicida.

Back in the ring, Bryan defended with a German Suplex. The two competitors traded strikes in the center of the ring. Danielson sent Page spilling into the middle of the ring with a top rope hurracanrana.

Danielson tried hit Page with a flying knee off the apron but Hathaway shoved Page out of the way. Page powerslammed Danielson on the arena floor! Page followed up with a cutter on Danielson in the ring.

Bryan countered a slam by Page with a DDT. Bryan Danielson applied the cross face but Ethan Page managed to touch the bottom rope with his boot, forcing the ref to break the hold. Ethan Page had Bryan on the top turnbuckle but Bryan countered with hammer and anvil elbows. Page trapped Bryan’s arm, propped Bryan over his shoulder, and smashed him with an avalanche powerslam for a near fall!

“Again the perseverance of Bryan Danielson,” said Ethan Page.

Bryan escaped the Ego’s Edge and blasted Page with the running knee. Bryan Danielson grabbed Page in a submission after nailing him with elbows and Page was out!

After the match, Bryan Danielson pointed at MJF in the skybox and invited him to come to the ring.

Renee Paquette was interviewing Wardlow backstage when Samoa Joe attacked him with a steel pipe ahead of their match!

After a commercial break, Renee Paquette tried to get a medical update from “Hangman” Adam Page!

The medical staff said as long as Adam Page stayed away from Moxley, there was a change Page would be ready to go in two weeks.

Blackpool Combat Club’s Jon Moxley & ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli


Top Flight—Dante & Darius Martin!

Darius jumped through the ropes at Moxley and Moxley caught him and rammed him into the barricade. Meanwhile, Claudio caught Dante, countering Dante’s tope!

“That was a bad move, but I respect Top Flight’s attempt to kick off a match,” said Taz.

Claudio tossed Darius with a gut wrench in the ring. Moxley tagged in and drove his boot into the head of Darius. Dante tagged in and used a springboard crossbody press onto Moxley! Dante connected with a standing moonsault press. Moxley retaliated with a side suplex. He hammered down elbows on Dante. Darius jumped into the ring and hit Moxley’s knee from behind.

Claudio tagged in and he rocked Dante with European Uppercuts. Claudio was looking for the Giant Swing but Darius pulled his brother out of the way. Claudio grabbed Darius with the Giant Swing but Top Flight used tandem offense to take Claudio off his feet.

“What a match,” said Taz.

Top Flight tried for a double suplex on Claudio but Claudio countered by suplexing both men at once! Top Flight fired back with combination offense. Darius wiped out Claudio with a standing Spanish Fly for a near fall on Claudio!

Claudio came back with a Neutralizer on Darius for a near fall!

“Top Flight showing what they’re made of,” said Taz.

“Claudio is stunned,” replied Excalibur.

Moxley smashed Dante with the King Kong Lariat! Moxley spiked Dante with the Paradigm Shift on the floor! Claudio spun around and clobbered Darius with a killing blow, good enough to pin Darius!

“Claudio put everything he had into that uppercut,” said Excalibur.

“He had to,” replied Taz.

FTW Champion HOOK vs. Baylum Lynx!

Hook clubbed Lynx with body shots. Hook tossed Lynx with an overhead suplex. Hook locked in the Redrum and forced Baylum Lynx to tap out!

After the match, Stokely Hathaway walked onto the ramp with W. Morrissey and Lee Moriarty! They came down to the ring but “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry sprinted to the ring and took down Lee Moriarty!

In the ring, Big Bill had a face-off with Hook. Hook almost got the T-bone on Big Bill but Bill countered, trying to chokeslam Hook. Jungle Boy jumped into the ring with a 2x4 and swung it at Big Bill, helping even up the odds for Hook!

Backstage Chris Jericho said “Absolute” Ricky Starks was foolish for turning down his invitation to join the J.A.S.

Jericho: “You have the confidence of a superstar, but you don’t have all the tools. On January 4th, I’m going to school you. I am a Wizard. I am the Ocho. I am Chris Jericho and I always win. Go ask Action Andretti who got a fireball in the face. Starks, in Seattle, you are going to pay the price and I’m going to embarrass you and put an end to the Starks experiment.”

Renee Paquette interviewed Swerve Strickland backstage!

Wheeler Yuta interrupted and challenged Swerve to a match this Friday on Rampage!

Match Six: Falls Count Anywhere!

AEW Trios Champions Death Triangle—PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo, & Rey Fenix (3)


The Elite—Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks—Nick & Matt Jackson (2)!

Don Callis joined the commentary team for this match.

The match began backstage with both teams brawling! Penta El Zero Miedo swung a metal garbage can at the Elite. Pac smashed Kenny with a brainbuster on a stack of pallets. Pac used a moonsault off risers, landing on the Young Bucks!

Nick Jackson wheeled Pac on a travel case directly into a superkick from Matt Jackson! Penta El Zero Miedo threw a trashcan at Nick! Matt Jackson nailed Pac with right hands!

Rey Fenix was perched atop the entrance ramp. Fenix jumped off with a tornillo onto the Bucks! Kenny Omega ran through the tunnel with a V-Trigger on Rey Fenix!

“That was a shot! Damn!” said Taz.

Pac dropped Omega with a German Suplex on the ramp! Matt Jackson broke up Pac’s pinfall attempt on Omega.

“This is awesome! This is awesome!” chanted the fans.

Matt Jackson planted Pac and Rey Fenix with locomotion Northern Lights suplexes down the ramp! Back in the ring, Death Triangle triple dropkicked Kenny Omega, who had a garbage can on his head!

Penta El Zero Miedo used a sling blade on Nick Jackson but Matt Jackson was there to wipe out Penta El Zero Miedo with a destroyer! Omega placed the trash can over Pac’s head and then crunched him with the V-Trigger! Omega planted Pac with a Doctor Bomb on the trash can for a near fall!

The Lucha Bros rocked Omega with the Fear Factor on the floor! Rey Fenix rocketed out of the ring, through the ropes, and crashed into Omega and Matt Jackson! Penta attempted the Fear Factor on the apron but Nick Jackson backdropped his way out of it.

Nick Jackson threw a steel chair at Pac and Penta El Zero Miedo. The Bucks smashed Penta with the BTE Trigger. Matt went for the pin but Pac saved his partner, breaking up the pin attempt.

The fans chanted “Fight forever! Fight forever!”

Pac placed Matt Jackson in the Brutalizer. Meanwhile Omega smashed Rey Fenix with the One-Winged Angel through a table and then pinned Fenix! Matt Jackson tapped out to Pac’s brutalizer but Omega already pinned Fenix prior to Matt taping out.

“It was a photo finish for the Elite but they have forced a seventh match,” said Excalibur.

Ruby Soho & Willow Nightingale


Jericho Appreciation Society’s Anna Jay A.S. & Tay Melo!

Willow took down Tay. Tay quickly tagged out to Anna Jay. Ruby tagged in and pummeled Anna Jay with right hands.

Willow splashed Anna in the corner and then took her down with a high boot. Willow dropped a cross body on Anna for a near fall. Willow attempted to tag out but Tay pulled the ankles of Ruby.

Tay and Anna utilized quick tags and tandem offense on Willow in their team’s corner. Willow fought back with a lariat to Anna. Willow tagged out to Ruby, getting the break she needed.

Ruby clobbered Tay with a forearm! Ruby landed the No Future on Tay for a near fall!

“I thought Ruby had it there,” said Taz.

Tay pump kicked Willow. Tay tried again but Willow answered with a roundhouse kick. Tay spiked Ruby with a DDT! Willow snap suplexed Anna on the arena floor.

Ruby and Tay traded strikes in the middle of the ring. As ref Aubrey Edwards was distracted, Tay pump kicked a chair into Ruby’s face! Tay followed up with the Tay-KO and then pinned Ruby!

TNT Championship Match!

“King of Television” Samoa Joe (c.) vs. Wardlow!

Samoa Joe grabbed the microphone before the match.

Samoa Joe: “Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately tonight it looks like Wardlow has a little bit of stage fright tonight.”

Wardlow hobbled to the ring, not listening to the advice of the AEW medical staff, shoving them away.

Wardlow planted Joe with a spinebuster. Instead of going for the pin, Wardlow pounded Samoa Joe with fists.

Samoa Joe chopped at Wardlow, but Wardlow stood up and answered with a clothesline. Samoa Joe fired back with a knee breaker on Wardlow!

Samoa Joe propped Wardlow on the turnbuckles but Wardlow shoved Joe to the mat. Wardlow splashed Samoa Joe with a senton atomico! Wardlow nailed Samoa Joe with two German Suplexes!

Wardlow reared back for a clothesline but Joe blocked it. Wardlow headbutted Samoa Joe and then headbutted Samoa Joe for a near fall. Samoa Joe swept out Wardlow’s legs out from under him!

Wardlow powerbombed Samoa Joe off the turnbuckles, feeding off the energy of the crowd. Wardlow tried to powerbomb Samoa Joe again but Wardlow’s legs gave out. Samoa Joe chop blocked Wardlow and then locked Wardlow in a rear naked choke. Wardlow was rendered unconscious and Samoa Joe earned the victory!

After the match, Samoa Joe smashed his two title belts into Wardlow’s head! Samoa Joe grabbed a tool box from beneath the ring. He pulled out a pair of scissors. Ref Paul Turner tried to stop Samoa Joe but Samoa Joe headbutted Turner! Samoa Joe cut off Wardlow’s ponytail!

Darby Allin’s music hit! Darby smacked Samoa Joe in the spine with his skateboard! Darby held up Samoa Joe’s TNT Championship.

“Wow, Darby Allin making his intentions clear,” said Excalibur.

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, WA!

This Friday tune in to AEW RAMPAGE: New Year’s Smash on TNT at 10pm ET!

And remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling!

Happy Holidays!


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