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AEW DYNAMITE Preview for April 1, 2020

Another Wednesday brings to you, the amazing fans of All Elite Wrestling, another edition of “Dynamite”! Hitting the airwaves at 8pm EST/7pm CST on TNT, we are bringing to you the absolute best wrestling on television. Last week fans saw “Broken” Matt Hardy and “Le Champion” Chris Jericho have a face-to-face confrontation, as well as Kenny Omega retain the AAA Mega Championship in an epic clash with Sammy Guevara. Plus Cody heard the words (embedded below) from Jake Roberts pertaining to Lance Archer, after going through a tremendous battle with Jimmy Havoc. What will this week have in store for the athletes of AEW when we take to the airwaves for “Dynamite”?

***RANKINGS AS OF 3/25***


As announced during this week's “Road To...” episode embedded above, AEW is introducing a brand new belt in the TNT Championship, and the tournament to crown the first ever champion will begin on “Dynamite” next week April 8th! The format is as follows: an 8-Man, Single Elimination Tournament with the Finals to be held at the “Double or Nothing” PPV event in Las Vegas on May 23rd!

Tuesday night on AEW Dark, the first four names for the tournament were announced, and what a loaded field we have already with the initial quartet of names and their Quarter-Final match-ups: Shawn Spears vs. Cody and Sammy Guevara vs. Darby Allin. Two huge rematches, and we will see all four men wrapped up in a tag team battle this week. Also coming Wednesday night, to be announced live on “Dynamite”, the other four competitors, and their match-ups for the TNT Championship Title Tournament, will be officially set! Who will get the nod for those slots? And who will you be putting your money on for this historic tournament?


Following Cody's victory over Jimmy Havoc last week, the above video message was delivered to “The American Nightmare” courtesy of Jake Roberts on behalf of his client Lance Archer. Cody immediately praised the talent of Archer, but stated that Lance was not about to come into AEW and get a match against Cody without ever having earned his stripes in All Elite Wrestling.

This is that opportunity to begin earning his stripes, and everyone should say a prayer to whatever they believe in for the person across the ring from The MurderHawk. Another video (Watch Here) shared by Roberts and Archer showed the man decimating one opponent after another, albeit in a completely uncontrolled setting, but demonstrating just how much of a threat he is to the AEW roster, and possibly Cody in the future. Who will be brave enough to step up to attempt to derail Lance Archer and his mission?



For the very first time, Kenny Omega will go one-on-one with one-half of The Best Friends, Trent! One week ago, in his first match back since suffering a wrist fracture, Omega returned to form in a excellent outing with Sammy Guevara over the AAA Mega Championship. Sammy pushed him to his limit, but Omega managed to pick up the hard-fought victory. The question going into this one though is how much that match may have taken out of him? Coming fresh off an injury and going through a match like he did last week, it's bound to take a toll even on the best of men.

As for Trent, of late he and his compatriots have been embroiled in a rapidly bitter rivalry with The Death Triangle of PAC, Pentagon Jr, and Rey Fenix. Two weeks ago, fans witnessed The Best Friends get defeated by The Lucha Bros in rather underhanded fashion, and lay the challenge out for a Parking Lot fight. Circumstances in the world being what they are, that fight is still potentially on the horizon, and the delay allows Trent to focus on what's in front of him. Trent has proven he has what it takes when running solo, holding a victory over Pentagon as well as holding his own in losses against Rey Fenix, PAC, and Jon Moxley. This is not only a golden opportunity for Trent to continue resume building as a singles competitor in AEW, but a victory over one-half of the World Tag Team Champions could throws some cred the way of The Best Friends in that division as well.

This one has all the potential to steal the show, much like Omega/Guevara contest did last week, so do not miss out with this one-on-one clash!



One rivalry renewed, and another yet to be settled; that is what we have before us with this intriguing tag team battle. The history of Cody and Shawn Spears has been well documented here in All Elite Wrestling, and none will ever forget that vicious chair shot delivered from the self-proclaimed “Chairman of AEW” to the skull of Cody many moons ago. Cody may have exacted his revenge for that assault, for that betrayal by Spears, but that's the kind of wound that never fully heals. Rather it's the kind that leaves a scab that itches in just the wrong kind of weather, or should that be, the wrong person enters your space.

Just as none can forget that attack from Spears, none will forget the assault perpetrated on Darby Allin by Sammy Guevara and The Inner Circle, the skateboard-assisted assault that robbed Darby of his voice for weeks, and could just as easily robbed him of a career, Darby got a measure of vengeance at “Revolution” several weeks ago, but it did not quell the bad blood, and it's doubtful much will aside from the utter decimation of The Inner Circle.

Now we can add a new wrinkle to this match after Tuesday night's episode of “AEW DARK”, and that is the TNT Championship Title Tournament! In the Quarter-Final matches of the tournament that begins April 8th, Cody will go head-up with Shawn Spears, while Darby will get another crack at Sammy's jaw one-on-one!

Now Cody is coming off a win over Havoc last “Dynamite”, while the other three men in this bout all secured victories on “AEW Dark” this past Tuesday night. But this tag right here, this is a chance for one duo to get a leg-up on the competition, to gain that psychological advantage via tag team victory as each man heads into their respective singles matches in that tournament.

Who will survive The MurderHawk and what will be left of them? Can Trent take down “The Best Bout Machine”? Will it be Cody & Darby or Sammy & Spears who get the leg up on their competition? And just who will get the final four slots in the TNT Title Tournament? Make sure you tune in Wednesday night to find out firsthand at 8pm EST/7pm CST, LIVE on TNT!


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