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AEW DYNAMITE Preview for June 24, 2020

We are only a week away from the first night of the “FYTER FEST” extravaganza and the heat is indeed on! Last week it was announced that Orange Cassidy would face the biggest challenge of his AEW career at “FF” against “Le Champion” Chris Jericho, The Best Friends secured their Tag Team Title opportunity during “FF”, Page & Omega retained those titles to set that match-up, Colt Cabana apparently signed on with Mr. Brodie Lee and The Dark Order, and MJF continued his AEW win streak over Billy!

This week it all comes to ahead before “FYTER FEST” when “DYNAMITE” takes to the airwaves LIVE on TNT at 8pm EST/7pm CST, and on for our international fans! And don't forget the Pre- & Post-Game shows hosted on our official YouTube channel! Check those out to get the full “AEW DYNAMITE” experience!


Matt Hardy vs. Santana

As announced Monday night, The Inner Circle's own Santana is stepping up to the plate to go one-on-one with Matt Hardy, the very man he and Ortiz tried to take out of the Stadium Stampede, but ended up suffering the wrath of multiple incarnations of The Broken One.

This Wednesday night on “DYNAMITE”, the decision for just which of Matt Hardy's personas will enter the ring is entirely in YOUR hands! If you head on over to the AEW Twitter account here (Watch Here), the choice is yours as to just who will meet Santana in the ring come bell time.

Will it be Broken Matt, Unkillable Matt, or the Old School version of Matt Hardy who steps between the ropes to continue his this war with The Inner Circle? Go place your vote and tune in Wednesday night to see your voice be heard!


A couple weeks ago, Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle left Orange Cassidy bloody and battered in the ring, an assault that led to last week's Number One Contender's tag team match between Le Sex Gods and The Best Friends. In the closing moments of the match, one of the camera man seemed to get accidentally involved, leading directly to Trent picking up the victory for his team, and securing their World Tag Team Title match for “FYTER FEST”.

Then things got nuts...

As Jericho stood in the ring lamenting his team's defeat, that aforementioned camera operator made his way to the stage and revealed himself to be none other than Orange Cassidy! With a bandage adorning his head, OC tackled the head of The Inner Circle to the mat! multiple times and laid into the former World Champion! Then, as Jericho thought stumbled to his feet, Cassidy laid him out with a devastating Superman punch worthy of its namesake!

This week, with their “FYTER FEST” collision on the horizon, “Freshly Squeezed” and “Le Champion” will face off on “DYNAMITE”! Knowing Jericho, he will look to get an advantage over his opponent out of this confrontation, but hopefully The Best Friends are ready to jump if The Inner Circle starts feeling froggy.


With his AEW World Championship on the line at “FF” against “The Machine” Brian Cage, Jon Moxley looks to keep himself loose and ready for the fight with a match this week on “DYNAMITE”. And joining the commentary booth to call the action will be none other than Cage's own personal coach, “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz.

No matter who Mox's opponent is for the evening, you can bet he will be seeing Brian Cage's face, and it's probably a good thing the commentary is only for the viewing audience, because Taz won't hesitate to speak his mind about the World Champion either.

And where will Taz's protege be during all this? Safe to say Mox best be prepared for anything to happen Wednesday night when he steps into that ring...


FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) vs. S.C.U (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

Things are constantly in-flux and match-ups can change just like that. Now it will be the SoCal Uncensored duo of Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian who will lock horns with FTR this week on “DYNAMITE”! As multi-time former champions prior to AEW, CD and Kaz were originally slated to compete in the AEW World Tag Team Title tournament together but an injury to “The Fallen Angel” forced Scorpio Sky into that position with Kaz, and would lead to the duo becoming the first-ever champions. Since that pairing lost the titles, Kaz has tagged up with Daniels on two occasions in “AEW DARK” matches, both victorious contests, and now will face their toughest competition as a pair in AEW when they step into the ring with the red-hot FTR!

Dax and Cash have made a tremendous impact on AEW since their arrival several weeks ago when they saved The Young Bucks from an assault by The Butcher and The Blade. They followed that up with a victory over B&B two weeks ago, and once again made their presence felt last week in the aftermath of The Young Bucks tag team victory. They come carrying a fire and desire to rule tag team wrestling, and AEW's division is just the place to show and prove!

Both teams are looking to work their way into championship contention, and a victory here will go a long way for either team to crack the top five rankings. Do not miss out on this one as AEW demonstrates just why the best teams in wrestling compete here!


“The Exalted One” Mr. Brodie Lee & Colt Cabana vs. “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela & “The Concrete Rose” Sonny Kiss

For the last several weeks Mr. Brodie Lee and The Dark Order have been courting a rather frustrated Colt Cabana to join their ranks. Starting as a simple flyer or an innocuous bottle of water, it progressed into a closed door meeting between the two, and then a sealed envelope handed to Colt as he sat ringside during the Abadon/Anna Jay match last week. What was contained in that envelope is known only to The Dark Order and Cabana (well Isiah Kassidy too as he was peeping over Colt's shoulder), but it seems with this tag team match that “Boom Boom” might be embracing what Mr. Brodie Lee has to offer.

(It must also be noted that, before departing the ringside area, Mr. Brodie Lee and The Dark Order helped Anna Jay out of the ring and escorted her through the tunnel.)

On the other side of the ring will be the nascent duo of Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss who made their impressive debut as a tag team on “AEW DARK” a few weeks ago. Janela and Kiss are looking to make waves in the extremely loaded tag division, and toppling the head of The Dark Order would certainly establish them as a force to be reckoned with regardless of the neophyte nature of the Lee/Cabana duo.

Is Cabana as fully invested in The Dark Order as it seems? We shall see when this tag team match goes down Wednesday night on “DYNAMITE”!


“Mr. Mayhem” Wardlow vs. Luchasaurus

This one feels like fans have been anticipating it for ages, and it is finally here. Two of the behemoths of the AEW locker room are finally going to lock horns inside a ring, surrounded by lumberjacks who can only hope to contain their combat.

On multiple occasions, MJF has used Wardlow as his human shield when it comes to confrontations, and as his secret weapon whenever possible. Just look at this past week's match against Billy when Wardlow slipped Max the Dynamite Diamond Ring to help secure his victory over the Hall of Famer. But in the aftermath, when Jungle Boy took Max to task for his actions, it exploded into a brawl at ringside with the full Jurassic Express getting involved as well as other members of the locker room watching from ringside.

Following that brawl, it was set that these two monster would meet one-on-one this Wednesday night! For Luchasaurus, it is his first singles match since December, while for Wardlow it is his biggest one-on-one since meeting Cody inside a Steel Cage back in February. It will certainly be a knockdown, drag out fight between two powerhouses of AEW, but one can't help to look at the whole situation and realize this is all MJF's responsibility.

At what point does Wardlow get fed up with fighting Max's battles for him? Or perhaps that point does not exist as long as the money keeps flowing in the right direction straight into Mr. Mayhem's pocket.


In addition to everything above, we will see highlights from the “FYTER FEST” Press Conference featuring, amongst other items, the TNT Champion Cody as he prepares to defend his title against Jake Hager during the two week extravaganza! He has already turned back the challenges of Jungle Boy, Marq Quen, and Ricky Starks since beating “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer for the title at “DOUBLE OR NOTHING”. Will Jake Hager be the next name added to the list, or will Hager bring a championship back to The Inner Circle? The stage will be set with this presser, and you will see the highlights this Wednesday night!

All the action comes your way LIVE at 8pm EST/7pm CST on TNT, and on for our International audience! It is the last stop on the road to “FYTER FEST”, and with the World Champion in action, Jericho and Cassidy face-to-face, Matt Hardy continuing his fight with The Inner Circle, and The Dark Order's numbers possibly swelling, this is another edition of “DYNAMITE” not to be missed!

And make sure to tune into our official YouTube account for the Pre- and Post-Game shows for the full AEW experience!


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