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AEW Dynamite Results for June 19, 2024


AEW DYNAMITE was broadcast live on TBS from the EagleBank Arena in Fairfax, VA!

Excalibur, Taz, and Tony Schiavone were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

Kicking off tonight’s DYNAMITE commercial free…


They charged at one another and slugged it out in the center of the ring. Rush connected with an overhand chop. MJF fired back with a chop of his own. Rush invited MJF to hit him. MJF poked Rush in the eyes. Rush baited MJF in and then headbutted MJF in the face. MJF was busted wide open.

Rush rocked MJF with a haymaker. Rush kicked MJF in the jaw and then taunted MJF with a pose. MJF jumped on top of Rush, but Rush turned the tables and stomped on MJF’s abdomen. Rush went for the Bull’s Horns but Max dodged Rush. MJF rolled up Rush in a cradle for a near fall. MJF followed up with a thrust kick to Rush’s jaw. MJF applied a hammer lock and then spiked Rush with a DDT, but Rush kicked out at the two-count.

“What a landing on Rush’s skull, I don’t know how he kicked out,” said Taz.

MJF spiked Rush with a piledriver and covered Rush for a near fall. MJF charged at Rush, but Rush countered with a belly-to-belly suplex, using MJF’s momentum against him. MJF jumped of the ropes, but MJF slipped, and Rush took advantage of it with a KO strike. Rush nailed MJF with a straitjacket piledriver for a near fall. Rush clocked MJF with a strike and knocked MJF out of the ring.

Rush whipped MJF into the barricade multiple times. Rush grabbed a steel chair and slid it into the ring after being admonished by the referee. The ref jumped into the ring to grab the chair and while his back was turned, Rush began to whip MJF with the TV camera cable. Rush charged at MJF, but MJF countered with a drop toehold, sending Rush headfirst into a steel chair.

MJF and Rush jockeyed for position on the apron. Rush sent MJF flying with a belly to belly suplex off the apron, with Max crashing onto the arena floor with a brutal landing. Rush lined up for the Bull’s Horns, but MJF countered with a lariat to Rush. MJF planted Rush with a spinebuster and then grounded and pounded Rush. 

MJF chomped on Rush’s forehead. MJF blasted Rush with the Heat Seeker piledriver. MJF drilled Rush with a brainbuster and then pinned Rush!

The Cage of Agony appeared on the big screen, saying they had a message for MJF from the EVPs. At FORBIDDEN DOOR, MJF will be facing Hechicero!

Excalibur informed us the match isn’t yet official, regardless of what The Elite want.

AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland and AEW International Champion Will Ospreay went Face-to-Face ahead of their match at FORBIDDEN DOOR!

Will: “Well Swerve here we are in the same ring at the same time again. The last time we were in the ring together, you said, ‘I can’t carry the weight of both worlds. I am more than capable of doing that. I held three different championships at three different continents at the same time. Swerve I’m about to test you because you’re about to find out what the world already knows. I’m the best wrestler in the world today.”

Swerve: “See, Will, you already messed up. I’m the best wrestler in the world today. We’ve been taking two different career paths for the past five years, but it all culminates at Forbidden Door. Don’t make me forget last year at Forbidden Door, you beat Kenny Omega, but it wasn’t by yourself. Are you going to have to get on the phone with Don Callis to try to take this championship away from me?”

Will: “You think I need Don Callis. Trust me when I say this bruv. I don’t need Don Callis. I can do this by myself. But seeing you want to bring up what I did last year to Kenny Omega, don’t stop there. Because after that it was Okada, then Jericho. Bruv, while you had a hit row, I had a hit list, and I didn’t miss one of them. 

“Do you feel that pressure now in being in the world with the best in the world. This is your first ever pay-per-view main event as champion. Everyone is here to see you. What if that kill shot that you promised me is just centimeters off? Whatever move I hit, the next morning you’ll wake up without that championship. The pain that you feel if I use the Tiger Driver ’91, you won’t walk out of the arena alive.”

Swerve: “I go off of certainties. This is your first pay-per-view main event, period. I don’t have any friends. I got rid of them. Anyone I had to go through to get the championship, they are in the grave. They are numbers to me. 

“What if I break your leg at Forbidden Door? Who is Will Ospreay then? You can break my legs or arms and I can still walk out of Forbidden Door, and I am still the mogul. You’ve got to sacrifice and sacrifice to get into the position that I’m in. You’ll have to sacrifice the love of your family, and I don’t think you’re willing to do that.”

Will: “Don’t you dare mention my son again. Don’t you dare make this personal, bruv.”

Prince Nana: “Guys, this is not the place or time. You need to save all the emotion for Forbidden Door!” Whose house?”

Will: “My house!”

Swerve: “Cut the damn music! Will, I’ve got a question for you. What if I do want to make this personal? Because when it comes to this AEW World Championship, it’s always personal. So, when you go home, send my regards to your wife and son again!”

Ospreay jumped back into the ring and he and Swerve got into each other’s faces.

The Don Callis Family was watching backstage. Callis assured them that it’d all be fine, despite Trent saying that Will betrayed them. “Guys, it’ll all be fine,” said Callis to Trent, Fletcher, and Takeshita. 

All Star 8-Man Tag Match!

ROH World Champion Mark Briscoe, “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy, Top Flight’s Dante Martin, & Kyle O’Reilly


Roderick Strong, Zack Sabre Jr., & Don Callis Family’s ROH World TV Champion Kyle Fletcher and Konosuke Takeshita!

Both teams brawled with one another outside the ring. Briscoe chopped at Fletcher. Kyle Fletcher flew out of the ring with a tope suicida to Mark Briscoe. Cassidy hit Takeshita with a dropkick. Sabre put Orange in an Octopus Hold in the ropes. Dante jumped off the top rope and wiped out the entire pile of opposition outside the ring!

Takeshita cold cocked Orange with a huge haymaker. Roderick Strong tagged himself in and he and Takeshita began to argue. Kyle O’Reilly hit both of them with round kicks. Roddy and Kyle exchanged chops. Kyle caught Roddy’s chop and drove Roddy’s shoulder into the mat. Dante grabbed a tag and took down Strong and Sabre with a hurracanrana.

Dante was double teamed by Takeshita and Fletcher. Takeshita power bombed Dante off the top rope with an assist from Fletcher. Dante’s teammates ran in to break up the pin attempt on Dante.

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Dante was able to make the tag to Briscoe. Mark cleaned house on Roddy and Fletcher with redneck kung fu. Takeshita gouged Mark’s eyes. Briscoe retaliated with a Death Valley Driver and then the Froggy Bow. Orange dropped an elbow on Takeshita after some great team work from Dante and Kyle. Sabre grabbed Orange’s ankle in the corner while Takeshita hit a helluva kick. 

Takeshita cracked Dante with a jumping knee strike. Orange pulped Takeshita with a Stun Dog Millionaire. Dante blasted Takeshita with a cannonball. Briscoe jumped off the apron with a neck breaker to Takeshita. Sabre countered the Stun Dog Millionaire and went for a pin, but Kyle O’Reilly jumped in to break up the pin attempt. 

Roddy planted Cassidy onto the mat. Roddy charged in but O’Reilly pushed Cassidy out of the way and took the knee strike for Orange. Orange walloped Roddy with the Orange Punch and then pinned Roddy!

After the match, Jack Perry wiped out Dante Martin with a blindside shot. Briscoe and Takeshita fought their way up the ramp. Orange and Sabre got face to face in the ring ahead of their match at Forbidden Door.

Don Callis was with Rush backstage offering him a shoulder after Rush’s loss.  

Callis walked away before Rush said anything. 

“Always recruiting,” said Excalibur. 

AEW World Tag Team Championship Eliminator Match!

The Young Bucks (c.)—EVPs Matthew & Nicholas Jackson


The Acclaimed— “Platinum” Max Caster & Anthony Bowens!

Backstage, Okada pulled the plug on Caster’s rap. Bowens back dropped Nicholas onto the ramp. In the ring, Caster connected with European Uppercuts to Matthew. Bowens tagged in and connected with the Scissor Me Timbers on Nicholas. 

Matthew grabbed a tag, but Caster was waiting for him with hip tosses. The Bucks double teamed Caster until Caster made the tag to Bowens. Bowens tried to plan on his left leg, but it gave out on him. Matthew cracked Bowens with a stinging superkick! Nicholas crushed Bowens with a senton.

The Bucks were looking for the EVP Trigger on Bowens, but Bowens blocked it. Bowens got kicked in his injured leg by Matthew. Nicholas superkicked Bowens. The Bucks pumped up their Reeboks and then smashed Bowens with a superkick party! Bowens broke up the pin attempt on Caster.

Matthew blocked the ref’s vision with his body and hit a low blow on Bowens. The Bucks rocked Bowens with an EVP Trigger, but Caster jumped in to break up the pin attempt. The Bucks double teamed Bowens and Nicholas covered Bowens, but Bowens kicked out at the two-count!

Matthew punished Bowens in the injured left thigh with kicks. Matthew grabbed a tag title and went to strike Bowens with it but Bowens ducked and the ref pulled the belt away from Matthew. Nicholas ran into the ring with his title belt, Bowens ducked again, and this time Nicholas inadvertently connected with a belt shot to Matthew! Bowens planted Matthew with the Arrival! Caster followed up with the Mic Drop and pinned Matthew!

Daddy Ass sprinted to the ring and helped the Acclaimed celebrate after the match!

Samoa Joe and HOOK were backstage, and they went into the Premier Athletes’ locker room. 

There was a note waiting for Joe and HOOK. The Premier Athletes challenged Hook and Samoa Joe to a three on three match at Collision.

Samoa Joe: “So we got a fist fight this weekend, you all in?”

Hook: “Bet.”

Shibata (via phone translator): “I am going to smash them.”

Up Next: AEW Women’s World Championship Contract Signing for FORBIDDEN DOOR between champion “Timeless” Toni Storm and Mina Shirakawa!

Mariah May hosted the contract signing. Mariah May told them she loved both of them, and no matter what happened at Forbidden Door…

Mina: “Mariah, shut up. Toni, in Stardom, you are a legend. In AEW, you became a star, but as champion, you got soft. You got weak. Everybody says, ‘we want Mina.’ Nobody wants you. At Forbidden Door, I take your title and my girl.”

Toni: “Raise your voice like that to her again and I’ll slap you. You don’t want Toni Storm? Well, this buffet is wide open so grab a bowl and line up. Because darling, I have some advice for you. Chin up, tits out, and watch for the shoe!”

They both signed the contract and made the match official.

Mariah May: “Well it’s official!”

Mina: “Mariah, you must choose. Me or her?”

Saraya and Harley Cameron walked onto the ramp!

Saraya: “Shut up! I am so sick of this, and I am so sick of you! And you know what, I didn’t come alone.”

Anna Jay snuck up and pulled Mina out of the ring and rammed her into the steel ring post. Saraya attacked Mariah May. Anna Jay and Harley Cameron propped up the table against the turnbuckles. Saraya grabbed Mariah but Toni Storm protected Mariah May, wiped out Anna Jay and Harley with her shoe. Toni charged at Saraya with a hip attack, but Saraya moved out of the way and Toni crashed through the table. Mariah May stood back on the ramp with Mina!

The Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Quarterfinal Match!

Kris Statlander (with Stokely Hathaway) vs. Nyla Rose!

Nyla connected with a cross body press on Kris. Nyla tried climbing the turnbuckles, but Kris charged at her, knocking Nyla to the arena floor. Statlander stomped Nyla. Nyla Rose hit Kris with a clothesline, knocking Kris for a loop. Nyla charged in with a cannonball for a near fall.

Kris escaped the Beast Bomb and rocked Rose with an ax kick across the back of the neck! Stat attempted a 450 from the top but Nyla moved out of the way. Nyla hit a back elbow on Statlander for a near fall. Statlander spiked Nyla Rose with a tombstone piledriver and scored the pin!

“Statlander advances to the semifinal round,” said Excalibur.

Stokely: “Willow, after what we did last week, I know you want to bust our asses, but if you lay a hand on us, you’ll be in jail.”

Willow appeared on the big screen.

Willow: “Congrats on your win. I don’t know if you’ve seen the brackets, but I’ve got Serena Deeb on Friday night on Rampage. And when I win and move on to the second round, there will be no more running. I’ll get to whoop your ass, Kris, and move one step closer to my goal of Wembley Stadium.”

Renee Paquette was backstage with Private Party!

Marq Quen: “Chris Jericho learned Private Party ain’t no joke.”

FTW Champion “The Learning Tree” Chris Jericho interrupted, along with Big Bill and “Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith!

Jericho: “You did get the upper hand on us last week but you kind of cheated to do it. This week’s lesson is this, when you’re facing luchadores on Rampage, like I did in Mexico, I always avoided the pile driver. I always said, ‘That doesn’t work for me, brother.’”

Big Bill: “You guys made quite the first impression. Not all first impressions are good. We are really looking forward to our match on Collision. And good luck on Rampage.”

Daniel Garcia vs. Rhett Titus!

“Daddy Magic” Matt Menard joined the broadcast booth for this match.

Garcia blasted Rhett with a shotgun dropkick in the corner. Garcia followed up with a series of neck breakers. Garcia planted Rhett head first and then pinned him.

After the match, the Gates of Agony double teamed Daddy Magic! Brian Cage and Hechicero walked down the ramp toward the ring. Cage and Hechicero assaulted Garcia with Cage power bombing Garcia. MJF ran to the ring and charged at Hechicero. 

MJF cleaned house on the Cage of Agony! Cage suplexed MJF as MJF was dealing with Hechicero. Hechicero wrenched on MJF’s arm until Will Ospreay came to the aid of MJF! Ospreay and MJF clotheslined Cage and Hechicero out of the ring. MJF and Ospreay backed into each other and then had a stare down as the fans went bananas! Ospreay helped Garcia to his feet.

After a commercial break, Renee Paquette interviewed Will Ospreay, asking him what that was about between him and MJF.

Will: “I don’t give a crap about MJF. I saw Daniel Garcia needed help—”

Brian Cage came barreling towards Ospreay and challenged Will to a match at Collision this Saturday. Will accepted with the title on the line.

“Will see if that’s official but it sounds like it is,” said Taz on commentary. 

The Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Quarterfinal Match!

Blackpool Combat Club’s Claudio Castagnoli vs. “The Bastard” Pac!

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson was on commentary for this match.

Pac backed Claudio up with a dropkick. Claudio clocked Pac with European Uppercuts. Pac whipped Claudio into the barricade. Claudio clobbered Pac with a pop-up European Uppercut!

Pac wiped out Claudio with a hurracanrana off the apron. Pac followed up with a moonsault. Claudio continued to clutch his injured hip. Pac went for another moonsault, but Claudio caught him. Pac countered with a DDT to Claudio on the arena floor. Pac followed up with a springboard elbow drop.

Pac snapped Claudio with a release German Suplex. Pac took Claudio down with thrust kicks. Pac climbed to the top looking for the Black Arrow. Claudio moved and bulldozed Pac with a running European Uppercut for a near fall on Pac!

Claudio hurled Pac around the ring with the Giant Swing! Claudio nearly decapitated Pac with a running lariat. Claudio hoisted up Pac, but Pac transitioned to the Brutalizer! Claudio escaped and applied the Sharp Shooter. Claudio gave up the Sharp Shooter and put Pac into the cross face! Pac escaped and cradled Claudio for a near fall. After a series of reversals, Pac rolled up Claudio and pinned him!

“It’s hard to out technique Claudio but Pac just did it. I’m shocked and you can see the disappointment on Claudio’s face,” said Danielson.

This Friday tune in to AEW RAMPAGE at 10/9c on TNT!

Don’t miss AEW COLLISION on Saturday on TNT at 8/7c from the PPL Center in Allentown, PA!

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from the KeyBank Arena in Buffalo, NY!

Get ready for AEW: FORBIDDEN DOOR 2024, live on pay-per-view on Sunday, June 30th, from the UBS Arena in Long Island, NY!

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