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AEW Dynamite Results for November 11, 2020


Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

Matt Sydal vs. FTW Champion “The Machine” Brian Cage (accompanied by Taz & “Absolute” Ricky Starks)!

Before the match, Taz grabbed the mic and called out the new TNT Champion Darby Allin, who was watching from the upper area of the arena. Taz said Darby, “the new face of TNT,” has no respect. Then Taz joined the commentary team.

Sydal has won five of his past six matches.

Sydal connected with a sliding dropkick on Cage, but Cage outmuscled him. Cage hurled Sydal into the corner and followed up with a belly-to-belly suplex. Cage hip tossed Sydal into a backbreaker!

“Look at the poise of Cage. That’s the poise of a veteran,” noted Taz.

Sydal flipped over Cage in the corner, but Cage followed up with a lariat. Cage performed biceps curls with Sydal and then tossed him overhead! Sydal fired back with kicks and chops, but once again, Cage powered out. Cage went for a hurracanrana but Sydal reversed it with a powerbomb! Sydal jumped off the top rope with a meteora onto Cage on the ramp! Sydal used the “question mark” kick and a standing moonsault but Cage kicked out at the two-count!

Sydal ducked a discus lariat but Cage caught him with a short clothesline! Cage attempted a suplex but Sydal countered with a hurracanrana for a very near fall! Sydal ran to the top rope and rocketed towards Cage, but Cage caught him, snatching him out of midair with the drill claw! That was more than enough for Cage to pin Sydal.

After the match, Ricky Starks warned that Team Taz’s presence will be felt soon enough!

Next “the American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes was in the ring to reveal his upcoming plans!

“I’ll go ahead right now, I did it on social media, it’s important I do it in person, let’s congratulate the new TNT Champion Darby Allin. Arn Anderson and I will not be seeking a rematch at this time. I’m thinking MJF—”

Cody Rhodes was interrupted when a woman entered the ring and grabbed his microphone.

“Cody, how dare you sit here and lie to our prestigious AEW audience? For those that don’t know, my name is Jade Cargill and I’m the total package, baby. I’ve been sitting on the sidelines week after week, studying my competition. And you, Cody Rhodes, ‘the American Nightmare, the Prince of Pro Wrestling,’ I think I even heard you refer to yourself one week as ‘the giant killer.’ Cody what do you know about giants? There is nothing giant about you. I know a giant. A real giant. And slick statements like yours, that’s an echo loud enough to wake him. So the next time you feel the need to think out loud, I suggest you keep that s—t to yourself. You watch your back, giant killer. I am nothing to be played with. And by the way, congratulations on your name but I guess you didn’t have the balls to go by one name. That giant that you are talking about, oh he’s the real star and you know what his name is? Shaq!”

Brandi Rhodes ran out onto the stage and had a few choice words: “Don’t you ever talk to him like that again! Do you understand me? B—ch get your ass out of here!”

Suddenly “the Machine” Brian Cage jumped Cody from behind! Ricky Starks joined Cage to double-team Cody. Darby Allin sprinted down to the ring and he and Cody forced Team Taz to retreat! Will Hobbs joined Cody and Darby in the ring to even up the odds!

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley was backstage with Alex Marvez:

“Something occurred to me this weekend at FULL GEAR: I couldn’t say the words ‘I Quit.’ I realized on Saturday this championship represents everyone who can’t pay their bills right now, every kid that loves pro wrestling. I beat Kenny Omega once. Beating Kenny Omega twice will require somebody special but I create magic in that ring and if anybody can beat Kenny Omega twice, it’s me.”

It was announced that Mox will be defending against Kenny Omega on December 2nd on DYNAMITE!

In a Bunkhouse Match! The Butcher & The Blade (with The Bunny) vs. “Natural Nightmares”—“The Natural” Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall!

QT tried to strip off his belt but the Blade grabbed it and started to whip him with it. On the outside, Dustin gave the Butcher a face buster on a steel chair! The “Natural Nightmares” set up a table, but Blade smashed a guitar over QT’s head!

Dustin Rhodes had a bull rope with a cowbell and went after Blade, but the Butcher rammed a chair to Dustin’s head! Bunny jumped to the apron and handcuffed Dustin to the ropes! Butcher and the Blade had QT outnumbered and slung him into a ladder that was propped in the corner turnbuckles. QT was busted wide open by this point!

“Nothing but chaos and calamity! This match has no rules, no time limit, no count out,” said Jim Ross.

Dustin Rhodes escaped one of the handcuffs and released some flip, flop and fly on Butcher and the Blade. He lashed Butcher with a Singapore cane! Dustin hit a bulldog off the ramp onto plywood down below.

The Blade and QT Marshall slugged it out in the middle of the ring! QT smacked a bloodied Blade with the lid of a garbage can! QT climbed to the top of the ladder and dropped an elbow down across the throat of the Blade, and somehow the Blade kicked out! Butcher and Dustin joined them back in the ring. The Blade took a steel chain and ran with it across Dustin’s throat. Butcher and the Blade hit “full death” on Dustin on two chairs, but QT made the save for his partner!

QT dodged a clothesline from the Butcher and countered with a diamond cutter. QT tried for a diamond cutter on the Blade but the Blade blocked it. The Blade grabbed a chair and QT elbowed the chair, knocking it into the Blade’s head—which knocked the Blade into the Bunny. The impact sent the Bunny flying off the apron and crashing through the table set up at ringside! Dustin grabbed the cowbell and nailed Blade with it, and then QT finished off Blade with a diamond cutter and the “Natural Nightmares” scored the victory!

It was time for MJF and Wardlow’s induction into the Inner Circle!

A podium was set up in the ring with an Inner Circle banner draped from it. Jericho introduced the “OG IC” before bringing out the two newest members. Sammy was conspicuous by his absence, while the other original members, Ortiz, Santana and Hager, were proud to join Jericho in the ring.

MJF and Wardlow were introduced. MJF immediately went to the podium and said, “It’s been a long road, a long five years, with a lot of pressure, but it created the diamond you see before you today.” MJF read a poem (which were lyrics from Drake that he passed off as his own).

Ortiz told Jericho he had to see through this. Jericho said that MJF beat him, and this is the new unstoppable force in AEW. Jericho insisted to Ortiz that they’d all better get along.

MJF sang “Happy Birthday” to Chris Jericho and presented the “Demo God” and the other members of the Inner Circle tickets to Vegas for next week: “We’re going to Vegas!”

Alex Marvez interviewed new AEW tag champs the Young Bucks backstage.

Matt Jackson said eventually they’ll rematch FTR, but for now they’re interested in a top independent tag team that caught their eyes months ago. So next week, it’ll be the team of “Top Flight” against the new top guys—the Young Bucks!

Up next: Shawn Spears (with Tully Blanchard) vs. Scorpio Sky!

Sky is 12-3 in his past 15 matches.

Sky connected with a big elbow strike to Spears’ jaw! Spears went outside to the floor to collect himself but Sky followed him out there and bit him, and then delivered a running lariat. They returned to the ring and Sky climbed to the top turnbuckle. Spears ran and met Sky up there, then suplexed Sky back down to the mat!

Spears looked for C4 but Sky clotheslined Spears to the outside. Sky slingshot himself over the top rope with a cross body block to Spears. On the outside of the ring, Spears hit a thrust kick on Sky, and then dropped him back first on the edge of the steel ring steps!

In the ring, Sky rallied back and applied the scorpion death lock. Tully Blanchard left the steel slug from Spears’ glove on the ring apron, and while the referee was distracted, Spears put the slug inside his leather glove. Tully Blanchard tossed a slug to Scorpio Sky too, but Sky didn’t want to win that way and chucked it away. When Sky turned around, Spears blasted him with the loaded glove and then pinned him for the three-count!

Alex Marvez caught up with #1 Contender for the AEW World Championship—Kenny Omega—outside the arena:

“Where’s the ‘cleaner?’ I’ve heard the chatter. I never left. I’m ready to resume my responsibility. At the biggest DYNAMITE ever on December 2nd, what’s going to happen when you face me in a regular wrestling match, Jon?”

This was followed by Tay Conti (with “Queen Slayer” Anna Jay of the Dark Order) vs. Red Velvet (with Brandi Rhodes of the Nightmare Family)!

Red Velvet tried to put a quick end to the match, but Tay wouldn’t allow it. Red Velvet hit a leg lariat and then a standing moonsault but Tay kicked out! They slugged it out but Tay Conti took down Red Velvet with repeated Judo throws!

Red Velvet used two consecutive clotheslines, an elbow and then a bulldog. She hit double knees on Conti! Red Velvet followed up with a stunner for a near fall!

“Conti’s in big time trouble,” said Schiavone.

They hit double roundhouse kicks on one another, and both were knocked to the mat! Anna Jay slid a chair into the ring for Tay to use, but Tay didn’t want the chair. Tay used a knee instead and pinned Red Velvet!

Alex Marvez interviewed the Inner Circle backstage.

Sammy Guevara crashed the interview and said MJF sent him an email and told him to be at the beach. MJF defended himself and said he sent a second email telling him to be here at the arena instead. Sammy was upset and Jericho told him to calm down because they’re going to Vegas next week. MJF gave a ticket to MJF and said, “It’s on me.”

Eddie Kingston came out with a microphone. He said one day he’d be the world champ despite losing to Moxley at FULL GEAR this past Saturday. Eddie Kingston joined the commentary team for this match.

Main Event Time!

The Lucha Bros face off in a rematch!

Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Rey Fenix!

Rey Fenix dodged a clothesline from Penta El Zero Miedo but then his brother blasted him with a thrust kick! They traded kicks until Rey Fenix rolled up Penta El Zero Miedo for a near fall.

Rey Fenix was backdropped over the top to the arena floor by Penta El Zero Miedo! Rey Fenix jumped back into the ring to give some back to his brother, but he was quickly stopped. Penta El Zero Miedo ripped at his brother’s mask, nearly tearing it off!

Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero Miedo chopped at one another’s chests. Penta El Zero Miedo was looking for the package piledriver but Rey Fenix fought out and rolled up his brother for a near fall. Rey Fenix hit a springboard for another near fall! Rey Fenix did a handstand flip into the ropes into a cutter on Penta El Zero Miedo for a two-count! Now Rey Fenix tried to rip the mask off Penta El Zero Miedo’s head! Rey Fenix rolled through but Penta El Zero Miedo spiked him on the head for a two-count!

Rey Fenix used a tornillo to the floor on his older brother! Rey Fenix followed up with a senton atomico for a near fall on Penta El Zero Miedo! They traded strikes on the ring apron until Penta El Zero Miedo smashed Rey Fenix with a package piledriver on the apron, and then a second package piledriver to the outside! After a third package piledriver in the ring, Penta El Zero Miedo pinned Rey Fenix!

Eddie Kingston grabbed the microphone after the match. Kingston congratulated Penta El Zero Miedo, his “best friend. Then he pushed Rey Fenix out of the ring with the heel of his boot and said, “You don’t need that deadweight of a brother!”

“The Bastard” Pac came out on the ramp!

“Bad news—‘the Bastard’ is back!” Pac said.

Pac charged at Kingston but the AEW officials had to keep the two men separated! It was an intense showdown as “the Bastard” Pac made his long awaited, surprise return to DYNAMITE!

Be sure to join us next Wednesday for all the explosive action as AEW DYNAMITE is broadcast on TNT!


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