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AEW Dynamite Results for October 26, 2022


Tonight’s episode of AEW DYNAMITE was broadcast live from the Chartway Center in Norfolk, VA!

Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

ROH World Champion Chris Jericho & ROH Pure Champion Daniel Garcia


Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta (with William Regal)!

Jericho Appreciation Society members Matt Menard, Jake Hager, and Angelo Parker came to the ring with Jericho and Garcia.

William Regal joined the commentary team for this match.

Jericho flipped off Claudio and Claudio answered with European Uppercuts! Garcia ran in and Claudio stopped him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Yuta tagged in and he and Claudio clocked Garcia with a double boot to the face. Garcia headbutted Yuta, a tactic he used to slow down Yuta’s offense. Hager and Menard pulled Jericho and Garcia out of the ring, trying to give their teammates a breather. But Claudio and Yuta wasted no time to bring the fight back to Jericho and Garcia to keep the momentum on track.

Hager distracted Claudio, which allowed enough time for Jericho to sneak up with a dropkick off the turnbuckles to Claudio. Yuta tagged, hoisted up Jericho and planted him for a near fall. Jericho got spiked after Claudio helped Yuta complete a DDT!

Jericho countered Claudio with a Code Breaker for a near fall but Yuta broke up the pin attempt! Jericho grabbed his baseball bat but Claudio powerbombed him, which caused Jericho to drop the bat. Claudio used the big swing on Jericho—with Garcia on his back! Claudio wiped out Hager with a senton!

“That’s why I call him the ultimate competitor,” said Regal.

Claudio planted Jericho with the Neutralizer and then pinned Jericho!

“You can sense the momentum build up by Claudio throughout that whole thing,” said Taz.

Renee Paquette was at the Mongo position backstage with Bryan Danielson!

Danielson: “I’m going to take all my frustrations out on Sammy tonight!”

Wheeler Yuta approached Danielson.

Yuta: “I’m not your son, I’m a grown man!”

Danielson slapped Yuta! Claudio and Regal separated the two of them. Claudio insisted that after Danielson’s match, Danielson and Yuta will sit down and talk this out like adults.

The Jericho Appreciation Society was backstage with Tony Schiavone.

Jericho was fired up, and blamed Claudio for bringing the bat into the ring during their match. Jericho issued an open challenge next week to any former ROH World Champion!

AEW World Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s Match!

FTR—Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood


Swerve In Our Glory—Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland!

Austin and Colton Gunn were sitting front row, mocking FTR.

AEW World Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed came out and sat on the stage, scouting the match.

Keith Lee wiped out both members of the opposition! Cash tried to get a tag but Keith shoved him back into the turnbuckles. Swerve tagged in but Cash was able to reach Dax for the tag!

Dax chopped away at Swerve. Keith Lee got into the fray but Dax chopped at him too.

Harwood hit a high German Suplex on Swerve. Cash and Dax hit tandem offense on Swerve as Keith Lee was recovering outside the ring. Cash caught Swerve underneath the chin with an uppercut.

Swerve made the tag to Keith Lee and they double teamed Cash with an assisted powerbomb for a near fall. Swerve was looking for the stomp but Dax countered with a slingshot powerbomb! Keith Lee pounced Dax and then headbutted Cash for a near fall!

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Cash superplexed Keith Lee and then Dax splashed him off the top ropes for a near fall. FTR smashed Keith Lee with the Big Rig but Swerve pulled Dax out of the ring by the feet!

“What an assist!” said Taz.

Swerve hit Dax with a low blow while the ref had his attention turned. The Gunns held back Cash while Keith Lee finished off Dax Harwood and pinned Dax!

The Acclaimed sprinted down to even up the odds for FTR. The Gunns retreated!

Renee Paquette was backstage with Saraya!

Dr. Britt Baker interrupted Saraya until Renee told Baker and Saraya to stop arguing.

Renee Paquette was on the ramp to interview MJF next!

MJF: “Cut my music! I got it from here Renee. Ladies and gentlemen, the devil has arrived in Virginia. We got any devil worshippers in the house today?”

Renee: “Should Jon Moxley retain tonight, you’ll be facing him at FULL GEAR. How do you feel about that?”

MJF: “Listen, Renee, with all due respect, and I do mean with all due respect, when I think of Jonathan, only one word comes to mind: Mid. Last week when I said I was going to earn it, I meant what I said. I may have gotten carried away when I said I was going to wrestle the whole thing clean. I mean, c’mon, I’m still MJF.

“When Regal said he used his brass knuckles because he wanted to, not because he wanted to. Alluding to my Dynamite Diamond Ring. So I promise I will not use my Dynamite Diamond Ring at FULL GEAR. Because I don’t need it. I only need a grudge. And I’m chock full of them.

“And come November 19th, I ain’t fighting Regal, I ain’t fighting Moxley, I ain’t fighting Penta, I am fighting every single scumbag who said I wasn’t good enough. And I’m going to take this chip on my shoulder and shove it down each and every one of their throats when I become AEW World Champion—”

Stokely Hathaway interrupted MJF.

“Max, I get it, you want Mox at 100% at FULL GEAR and we won’t lay a hand on him.”

MJF hit the microphone out of Hathaway’s hand.

MJF: “If Moxley gets past Pentagon tonight, I need him at 110% at FULL GEAR. You don’t look at him or touch him or you’re fired.”

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. “Spanish God” Sammy Guevara (with Tay Melo)!

Sammy went right after Bryan Danielson. Sammy hit a springboard cutter for a near fall on Bryan!

“Wow, Sammy going right to big stuff immediately,” said Taz.

Sammy tried for a dropkick but Danielson countered and then put Sammy in the Romero Special. Danielson drove his knee into Sammy’s back. He followed up with uppercuts to Sammy.

“He’s the perfect wrestler, Bryan Danielson,” said Regal.

Danielson blasted Sammy with kicks and then knocked him down with a European uppercut. Danielson grounded and pounded Sammy with palm strikes.

Sammy rolled to the outside. Danielson jumped off the apron but Sammy countered with a rising knee strike. Back in the ring, Sammy walloped Bryan with round kicks, but they only fired up Danielson!

Danielson turned Sammy inside out with an elbow strike! Danielson backdropped Sammy to the outside of the ring and then went airborne with a tope suicida! Danielson blasted Sammy with a shotgun dropkick!

Sammy came back with a standing Spanish Fly! Sammy climbed to the top turnbuckle but Danielson shoved him. Danielson tried for a suplex off the turnbuckles but Sammy landed on his feet. Bryan countered a standing moonsault from Sammy with the LeBell lock. Sammy reached the ropes with his feet, forcing the break.

Danielson climbed to the top rope but Sammy jumped up there and sent Bryan crashing with the Spanish Fly! Sammy bit down on Bryan’s forehead. Sammy tried for the GTH but Bryan blocked it and countered with a reverse hurracanrana! Bryan charged at Sammy with the running knee strike!

Bryan grabbed Sammy’s wrists and then stomped him. Bryan applied the triangle to Sammy and the ref stopped the match.

“Sammy Guevara goes out!” said Excalibur.

Renee Paquette was backstage with Rey Fenix and Alex Abrahantes!

Rey: “Tonight, my brother will be a double-double champion. Penta and any member of the Death Triangle could be a double-double champion.”

Christian Cage and Luchasaurus interrupted. Christian Cage said Luchasaurus deserved a shot at the All-Atlantic Championship ahead of anyone else.

Orange Cassidy came onto the scene: “Next week, let’s do this.”

Paquette: “Sounds like we have a match.”

Riho vs. Jamie Hayter (with Dr. Britt Baker and Rebel)!

Hayter shoulder tackled Riho, running her right over. Riho bridged up but Baker grabbed Riho’s boot. Riho low-bridged Jamie and then jumped off the top turnbuckle, coming down with a crossbody press to Jamie on the floor.

Back in the ring, Hayter hit a snap suplex on Riho. Hayter hit Riho with elbows but Riho used a Northern Lights Suplex. Hayter smashed Riho with a brainbuster for a near fall.

Baker grabbed Riho’s boot as Rebel had the ref’s attention. Hayter popped up Riho but Riho countered with a Code Red for a two-count. Hayter cracked Riho with a backbreaker. Riho answered with a dragon suplex for a near fall.

Hayter booted Riho with a big kick and then blasted Riho with the rip cord lariat to pin her.

After the match, AEW Interim Women’s Champion Toni Storm came out and stood on top of the stage, holding her belt up high.

Renee Paquette interviewed Eddie Kingston!

Eddie said people need to leave him alone because he’s fine.

Main Event Time!

AEW World Championship Match!

Jon Moxley (c.) vs. Penta El Zero Miedo (with Alex Abrahantes)!

Mox and Penta El Zero Miedo traded chops and then forearms in the center of the ring. Moxley’s Death Rider was blocked by Penta. Moxley tried for the King Kong Lariat but Penta ducked it.

Penta rocked Mox with a thrust kick! Penta flipped over the top rope and landed on Moxley on the arena floor!

“Moxley is hurting right now,” said Taz.

Penta charged at Mox but Mox countered with a release overhead suplex into the turnbuckles. Penta fired back with the sling blade on Moxley for a near fall. Moxley hit a cutter on Penta and then a stuffed piledriver for a near fall.

Moxley dropped the hammer and anvil elbows on Penta El Zero Miedo. Moxley got caught by Penta who sat back, trying to tear Moxley’s shoulder out of the socket!

Moxley DDT’ed Penta on the edge of the steel ring steps! Moxley cracked Penta with the King Kong Lariat for a two-count. Penta rallied back with diving foot stomps and then the Fear Factor on Moxley for a near fall!

“I don’t know how Mox kicked out,” said Taz.

Penta jumped off the ropes with a springboard but Moxley was there with the Paradigm Shift and then the Death Rider DDT. Two were enough for Moxley to pin Penta!

W. Morrisey and the Firm hit the ring after the match! They ambushed Moxley.

Backstage, the Blackpool Combat Club had been locked in their dressing room.

Moxley tried to fight back but the numbers were too great.

A conflicted MJF walked onto the ramp.

“What’s he gonna do here?” asked Taz.

MJF ran to the ring and shoved the Firm away from Moxley. MJF fired Stokely and the Firm. When MJF turned around, Ethan Page nailed MJF with a kick! The Firm took their revenge out on MJF for being fired! Ethan Page sent MJF crashing to the mat with the Ego’s Edge!

“What a statement made by the Firm here tonight,” said Excalibur.

“They are tossing around MJF like he’s garbage,” replied Taz.

W. Morrisey chokeslammed MJF through the timekeeper’s table!

“Neither the champion nor the challenger will walk into FULL GEAR at 100%,” said Excalibur.

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from the Chesapeake Arena in Baltimore, MD!

This Friday tune in to RAMPAGE live on TNT at 10pm ET from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT!

And remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling!


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