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AEW Full Gear 2021 Results


AEW Full Gear emanated from the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN!

It’s Saturday and you know what that means!

The Buy-In!

Excalibur and Tony Schiavone were the broadcast team for the Buy-In portion of the card.

Tony Schiavone was in the ring to interview Minneapolis’ own Dante Martin!

Schiavone asked about the offer Dante received from Team Taz last night.

“I’ve had just under 24 hours—,” said Dante, before The Acclaimed interrupted him.

Max Caster said Dante should join The Acclaimed.

Anthony Bowens: “Dante, you have a lot on your mind with people asking you to align yourself with them. You’ve got Matt Sydal. Or Lio Rush. Or Team Taz. But Max and I think that you should join The Acclaimed. We’d be the hottest team in professional wrestling.

“So you’re either with us or against us. What’s it going to be? You either give us the answer we want or we’ll break your legs and send you home crying like your brother.”

Dante Martin gave The Acclaimed his answer when he took flight like a rocket ship and launched himself over the top rope, crashlanding onto The Acclaimed!

Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa vs. Jamie Hayter & “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose (with Vickie Guerrero)!

Nyla Rose hoisted up Thunder Rosa but Rosa countered with a rollup, looking to make a quick end to things. Thunder Rosa followed up with a dropkick that was right on target. Shida tagged in, rushing in with a running knee to Nyla. Thunder Rosa and Shida tried to suplex Nyla Rose but Nyla outpowered them! Nyla double suplexed Thunder Rosa and Shida!

Jamie Hayter tagged in and chopped away at Thunder Rosa. Hayter overwhelmed Thunder Rosa with her power and stomped her with boots. Shida was back in and stopped Jamie Hayter in her tracks with a roundhouse kick! Shida ran towards the ropes but Nyla pulled the ropes down, sending Shida crashing on the arena floor.

Serena Deeb was shown watching from the front row seats.

Nyla Rose and Jamie Hayter double teamed Shida in their corner of the ring. They choke slammed Shida. Hayter hit a backbreaker on Shida for a near fall. Thunder Rosa got the hot tag and drove double knees into Nyla Rose then took Hayter off her feet with a shotgun dropkick! Shida and Thunder Rosa used an aerial assault on Hayter and Nyla outside the ring. Shida began to jaw jack with Deeb, and while Shida was distracted, Vickie rocked her with the kendo stick!

Nyla Rose was looking for the Beast Bomb in the ring but Shida countered with a jackknife pin and picked up a crucial victory!

“Shida overcame the odds,” said Excalibur.

Jim Ross joined the commentary team for the pay-per-view portion of the show.

Our Full Gear opener: Darby Allin (with Sting) vs. MJF!

MJF forced Justin Roberts to introduce him as the man that can beat Darby Allin with a headlock takeover.

Sting accompanied Darby out, they fist pumped, and Sting walked to the back. Darby skateboarded alone to the ring.

“Darby Allin is the only man among that four pillars that MJF has not pinned,” said Excalibur.

They traded offense and counters with some beautiful chain wrestling to start the match. Darby bridged out of a pin attempt from MJF and connected with a hurracanrana.

“Neither man with the clear technical advantage here in the opening stages of the match,” said Excalibur.

MJF collided with a stiff lariat to Darby on the outside of the ring. MJF turned his attention to jaw jack with a fan. Darby sprinted in the ring and then back out like a missile at MJF! Darby attempted a Coffin Drop onto the apron and MJF rolled out of that way!

“That was a disgusting impact as Darby’s body just ricocheted off the apron,” said Excalibur.

MJF worked over Darby with back breakers in the ring.

“MJF may have tweaked his knee,” said Tony Schiavone.

Darby blasted MJF with a stunner off the middle rope. Darby headbutted MJF in the jaw. He climbed back up the ropes for the Coffin Drop and MJF rolled before Darby could jump. MJF grabbed Darby and powerbombed him right across his knee! MJF thumbed Darby in the eye. Darby tried to rally back with the Code Red but MJF countered with a powerbomb for a near fall!

MJF applied the sharpshooter but Darby escaped and chop blocked MJF’s injured knee. Darby locked on the figure four, putting a great amount of pressure on MJF’s knees.

“What a battle,” said Tony Schiavone.

Darby tried to suplex MJF off the apron but MJF countered with a tombstone piledriver on the ring apron! MJF was clutching his knee from the hard landing.

MJF tried a suplex on Darby but Darby was playing possum and rolled up MJF in a cradle. They each countered with unique pinning predicaments. They stood up and Darby spiked MJF with the Code Red for a near fall! Darby took advantage in the shift in momentum and Coffin Dropped off the top rope onto MJF on the outside of the ring! Darby hit a second Coffin Drop, this time inside the ring, but MJF raised his injured knee.

Wardlow and Shawn Spears walked out to interfere on MJF’s behalf but Sting appeared and hit the Pinnacle members with his baseball bat!

MJF grabbed Darby Allin’s skateboard and rolled it across the mat to Darby. He ordered Darby to hit him with the skateboard so that Darby would get disqualified. Darby thought better of it. Ref Bryce Remsburg took the skateboard and passed it outside the ring, but as Bryce was distracted, MJF walloped Darby with the Dynamite diamond ring. And then to add insult to injury, MJF pinned Darby with a side headlock.

“This was an amazing wrestling match,” said Jim Ross.

AEW World Tag Team Title Match!

The Lucha Bros (c.)—Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix (with Alex Abrahantes) vs. AAA World Tag Team Champions FTR—Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood (with Tully Blanchard)!

Dax got right in the face of Penta El Zero Miedo. They traded forearms and chops. Dax rolled up Penta El Zero Miedo for a near fall. Cash tagged in and squared off with Rey Fenix. The Lucha Bros were trying to hit stereo thrust kicks on Cash but Dax pulled his partner out of the ring. FTR caught Rey Fenix outside the ring and threw him on Penta El Zero Miedo!

Penta El Zero Miedo fired up and fired back with sling blade clotheslines on FTR in the ring. Rey Fenix used an assisted cannonball splash, sending his brother Penta El Zero Miedo crashing into FTR in the corner! The Lucha Bros applied stereo submission moves on FTR but ref Rick Knox forced the illegal men out of the ring.

Cash tied Penta El Zero Miedo by the mask to the bottom rope. Dax stomped away at Penta El Zero Miedo until ref Rick Knox untied the mask. Cash wiped out Penta El Zero Miedo with nasty uppercuts.

“The champions looking like underdogs here,” said Excalibur of the Lucha Bros.

Penta El Zero Miedo finally made the tag to Rey Fenix and Fenix turned the tables on FTR! Rey Fenix nailed FTR with a double cutter for a very serious near fall on Dax! Rey Fenix walked the ropes and landed a kick to the side of Dax Harwood’s head!

Dax shoved Rey Fenix into Cash Wheeler who was holding the AAA belt. Cash clocked Rey Fenix but Fenix weathered the storm and kicked out of Dax’s pin. FTR were looking for the Big Rig but Penta El Zero Miedo stopped them in their tracks with a thrust kick!

Penta El Zero Miedo ran into the ropes but Tully Blanchard grabbed Penta El Zero Miedo’s ankle. Harwood rocked Penta El Zero Miedo with a punch when he turned around. Dax was putting the Three Amigos onto Penta El Zero Miedo but Penta El Zero Miedo halted Dax and used his own Three Amigos! Rey Fenix shot off the top rope with the frog splash but Dax kicked out just in time!

The Lucha Bros were looking for the assisted Fear Factory but Cash interfered. FTR nearly impaled Rey Fenix with the stuffed piledriver but Rey kicked out.

“The Lucha Bros are fighting on a completely different level here tonight,” said Excalibur.

“Holy s—t!” chanted the fans in the sold-out arena.

Cash and Dax put their Super Ranas masks on and Cash—the fresh but illegal man—almost pinned Penta El Zero Miedo with his feet on the ropes but ref Rick Knox saw the illegal move. The Lucha Bros finished off Cash with the stuffed piledriver and pinned him!

“Still the champs!” said Tony Schiavone.

2021 Men’s World Title Eliminator Tournament Final!

“The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. “God’s Forsaken Champion” Miro!

Danielson offered to shake Miro’s hand before the match and Miro refused. Miro’s right quad was taped up.

Bryan kicked the quad of Miro. “The American Dragon” tried for another kick but Miro blocked it and chucked Bryan across the ring. Danielson came back with chops and kicks to Miro in the corner. Miro bull rushed Danielson into the corner. Miro followed up with a shoulder tackle.

Miro dumped Danielson on the arena floor with an overhead suplex! Miro sent Danielson crashing hard into the steel barricade and then the ring steps. Back in the ring, Miro suplexed Danielson twice, using his brute strength. Miro blasted Danielson with vicious body shots.

Danielson connected with two running dropkicks. Miro fought back with a Samoan drop. Miro shoved Danielson into the steel post. Danielson sat up on the arena floor, clutching his left shoulder.

Danielson collected his thoughts and shoved Miro’s head into the post. Danielson ran and jumped off the apron, his knee landing right on target on Miro! Danielson knocked Miro for a loop with a shotgun dropkick! And then Danielson battered Miro’s chest and back with roundhouse kicks!

“The American Dragon” transitioned into a knee bar on Miro. Danielson began to manipulate the ankle of Miro. Miro was in agony and almost tapped. Miro gutted it out and used a deadlift gut wrench suplex on Danielson!

“I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like that,” said Tony Schiavone.

“Unmitigated strength and grit from Miro,” added Jim Ross.

“The winner of this match will be next in line for either Kenny Omega or ‘Hangman’ Adam Page,” noted Excalibur.

Danielson grabbed a front face lock and drove his knees into Miro. Danielson captured Miro’s wrists and began to stomp Miro’s head!

“No defense for this at all,” said Schiavone.

Danielson charged at Miro but Miro countered with a powerbomb! Miro stomped on Bryan’s back and attempted to lock on the Game Over submission. Miro locked both hands and wrenched back!

“Can Danielson withstand this!” asked Excalibur.

Danielson had an adrenaline rush and powered to the ropes, forcing the ref break. Miro stomped on Danielson’s back again, tenderizing it. He tried to lock on the Game Over again but Danielson countered with the LeBell Lock! Miro escaped and hammered on Bryan with a ground and pound attack. Danielson caught Miro’s elbow and locked in a triangle sleeper! Miro gouged at Bryan’s eyes.

Danielson stood toe to toe with Miro, trading forearms. Miro invited Danielson to kick him and Danielson accepted!

“This is more than a wrestling match, this is a struggle,” said Schiavone.

Miro lifted Danielson onto the top turnbuckle. Danielson used hammer and anvil elbows and then DDT’ed Miro off the top rope!

“Miro may be knocked out,” said Jim Ross.

Danielson applied a submission but Miro was knocked out from the well-placed DDT and ref Aubrey Edwards stopped the match. Danielson is the new #1 contender!

Falls Count Anywhere Match!

Christian Cage & Jurassic Express—Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus vs. The SuperKliq—Adam Cole, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson (with Brandon Cutler and Michael Nakazawa)!

Nick Jackson’s mustache was dyed pinkish purple! Christian Cage and Jurassic Express were wearing blue jeans for this Falls Count Anywhere match.

Luchasaurus used a moonsault off the apron onto the Bucks! In the ring, Christian Cage was going for the Kill Switch but Cole escaped. Jungle Boy took down Cole with an arm drag and then a dropkick.

The Bucks knocked down Jungle Boy with double lariats. Adam Cole chucked a chair at Luchasaurus! Jungle Boy tossed the steel chair right back in the face of Adam Cole!

Cole used a big-time knee strike on Jungle Boy. Christian used a reverse DDT on Cole onto the steel chair! Luchasaurus German suplexed both Young Bucks at the same time! Cole smashed a trashcan into Luchasaurus’ head!

“Down goes the dinosaur,” said Schiavone.

Jungle Boy connected with two tope suicidas on Adam Cole. He tried for a tope con hiro but the Bucks swung the trashcan at him! Outside the ring, Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy used combination offense on Cole and dropped him right on the steel chair!

Jurassic Express pulled a table out from beneath the ring and set it up. Jungle Boy rammed Cole into the ring post and Cole was busted wide open. Christian Cage told Jungle Boy to sandwich Cole’s head with the conchairto but the Bucks interfered just in time, saving Adam Cole.

“I really didn’t think it would be this extreme,” said Jim Ross.

Jungle Boy used a step up hurracanrana on smashed Adam Cole through a table! Matt Jackson connected with a high elbow drop onto Luchasaurus and planted him through another table! Christian Cage climbed up and jumped off a balcony onto the Bucks!

Matt Jackson reversed an Irish whip and sent Christian into the ring steps! Adam Cole used a wheelbarrow suplex on Jungle Boy into the edge of the ring! Cole pulled out a bag of thumbtacks from beneath the ring. The SuperKliq put the thumbtacks in Jungle Boy’s mouth and superkicked him!

“I’m not so sure how much Jungle Boy has left after that,” noted Schiavone.

Cole and the Bucks brought a ladder into the ring. Christian Cage surprised Nick Jackson with a swinging DDT onto the ladder! Luchasaurus ate a pump kick from Adam Cole. Cole tried to follow up with the Panama Sunrise but Luchasaurus planted him onto the ladder!

“It looks like a car crash!” said Jim Ross.

Michael Nakazawa passed a trash can to Matt Jackson and Matt hit Luchasaurus repeatedly with it. Matt superkicked Luchasaurus and Luchasaurus kicked out after only a one-count! Matt Jackson was retreating up the ramp but Jungle Boy was waiting for him. Jungle Boy attempted to put on the Snare Trap but Cole sprinted up the ramp to make the save for Matt!

“No team can get an advantage here,” said Tony Schiavone.

Matt Jackson did a stage dive onto Luchasaurus! Jungle Boy climbed the lighting rig but Cole kicked out Jungle Boy’s knee. Cole climbed up and stuck Jungle Boy with the Panama Sunrise! Jungle Boy managed to kick out!

Adam Cole pulled out thumbtack knee pads for him and the Bucks. The SuperKliq hit a three-way BTE trigger on Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy broke up their pin attempt! Christian Cage speared Matt Jackson! Luchasaurus choke slammed Adam Cole off the stage onto Nick Jackson! Luchasaurus followed up with a shooting star press off the ramp onto Nick, Nakazawa, and Cutler!

“Fans have been trying to catch their breath! This has been a ride from start to finish,” said Jim Ross.

Jungle Boy grabbed a steel chair from Christian Cage. Jungle Boy hit the conchairto on Matt Jackson and pinned him!

“At the end of the day, the youngest man in the match stepped up to the front of the line,” said Jim Ross.

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (with “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson) & “The Bastard” PAC vs. Andrade El Idolo (with Jose the Assistant) & Malakai Black!

Rhodes and PAC kept tagging each other at the beginning of the match, apparently having a communication breakdown.

PAC had a headlock on Andrade El Idolo but El Idolo backed him into the corner. Malakai Black tagged in. Cody tagged himself in and got right in the face of Malakai. Andrade El Idolo tagged in and he and Cody traded punches on the ring apron. Jose the Assistant grabbed Cody’s boot. Andrade El Idolo chopped Cody but Cody fired back with a powerslam on Andrade El Idolo. PAC used an aggressive blind tag to Cody.

Malakai Black rammed into PAC. He held PAC and tagged Andrade El Idolo. Andrade hammered PAC with his boots. Andrade asked for a tag and Malakai Black slowly tagged him.

“We’re seeing things break down between these two,” said Excalibur.

Cody connected with the Cody Cutter on Black. Cody attempted the Tiger Driver but Black pushed out of it. PAC tagged in and took down both members of the opposition with a moonsault to the outside!

Jose removed his jacket and bowed up to Arn Anderson. “The Enforcer” began to clobber Jose with punches. PAC attempted the Black Arrow on Black but before he could execute it, Black pushed him off the top turnbuckle! Andrade sent PAC throat-first into the ring barricade!

Malakai Black rocked PAC with roundhouse kicks in the corner.

“Not many men can take PAC off his feet quite like that,” said Excalibur.

Andrade El Idolo suplexed PAC into the turnbuckles and followed up with a split legged moonsault! PAC was looking for a tag but Cody was on the arena floor, still clearing the cobwebs from an earlier heel kick from Malakai. Andrade El Idolo took advantage of the moment and nailed PAC with a pendulum DDT onto the ring apron!

PAC avoided a spinning heel kick from Black and dropped him with a thrust kick! Cody urged on PAC and PAC tagged Cody into the match! Cody took Andrade El Idolo down hard with a reverse suplex off the top rope! Cody clotheslined Malakai Black on the outside!

Back in the ring, Andrade El Idolo found himself in Cody’s figure four. PAC tagged himself in and splashed Andrade El Idolo with the 450! PAC attempted a springboard press onto Malakai Black outside the ring but Black pushed Cody into PAC’s path! Malakai Black kicked Cody in the face, sending him into the front row. PAC spiked Andrade El Idolo with the poison rana and finished him of with the Black Arrow!

After the bell, Cash Wheeler of FTR ran to the ring and kicked PAC’s head!

AEW Women’s World Championship Match!

Champion Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (with Rebel and Jamie Hayter) vs. Tay Conti!

“The top ranked Tay Conti in the biggest professional wrestling match of her career,” said Excalibur.

Baker was played out to the ring by Fozzy’s guitarist!

Baker used a quick rollup as the match began but Tay escaped right away. They shoved one another. Tay grabbed wrist control and tossed Baker around. Tay tried for a cross arm breaker in the ropes but Baker escaped.

“Britt is just slugging her way through this,” said Tony Schiavone.

Britt connected with a fishermen’s neck breaker on Tay! Conti rallied back with a flying knee to Baker’s head! Tay waffled Baker with three pump kicks in the corner! Tay connected with a cross body press on Baker for a near fall! Tay tossed Baker overhead with a release German Suplex for another near fall!

Tay climbed the turnbuckles and Britt kicked out Tay’s ankle. Baker used the curb stomp on the back of Tay’s head! Baker put on the surgical glove but walked right into a stunner from Tay! Baker dropped Tay right on her head with the Air Raid Crash on the apron! Britt wanted the Lock Jaw but Tay slid her hips and got closer to the ropes, preventing Britt from locking it on.

Tay nailed Baker with the Tay-KO and at the last possible moment, Baker kicked out of the pin attempt! Tay found her mark with a pump kick. Tay spiked Baker with the Gotch-style piledriver! Somehow Baker managed to kick out!

Rebel distracted ref Paul Turner and then Jamie Hayter hit Tay with a cheap shot. Britt Baker used the curb stomp on the steel ring steps! Baker applied the Lock Jaw but Tay rolled toward the ropes and forced the ref to break the hold. Tay knocked Baker outside the ring with a pump kick!

“Things are looking bleak for the champion,” said Excalibur.

Tay Conti climbed to the top turnbuckle and moonsaulted Rebel and Jamie! Conti neutralized the champion next! Back in the ring, Tay pancaked Baker with the DD-Tay but Britt kicked out!

“How much more can Britt Baker withstand?” said Excalibur.

Tay put a hammerlock on Britt but Britt cradled Tay and pinned her!

“We said this would be Britt Baker’s toughest challenge yet as AEW Women’s Champion and Tay Conti lived up to that statement,” said Excalibur.

“It could have gone either way,” said Jim Ross.

“The Best In The World” CM Punk vs. “Mad King” Eddie Kingston!

Eddie Kingston had his fists taped up.

Kingston smashed Punk with the spinning backfist before the match began!

“He got the jump on CM Punk,” said Jim Ross.

Punk sat up and flipped off Kingston. “Mad King” Eddie Kingston wrenched the ear of Punk outside the ring. Punk ate an exploder suplex by Kingston. Punk jumped off the middle rope, grounded Kingston, and began pounding him with hard shots. Kingston poked Punk in the eyes.

Punk kicked Kingston in the jaw. Punk slammed Eddie’s hand on the steel ring steps. Kingston nailed Punk and busted his forehead open.

“Eddie sees making Punk bleed as a victory itself,” said Schiavone.

Punk flew off the apron onto Kingston! Punk connected with two shoulder tackles. Both men flipped off one another! The crowd was standing on their feet. Punk suplexed Kingston Guerrero-style with the three amigos. Angered, Kingston superplexed Punk off the turnbuckle!

Punk and Kingston charged at one another and traded rapid fire strikes! Kingston motioned for the GTS but as he turned around, Punk rocked Kingston with the Go-To-Sleep!

The fans were chanting “This is awesome!”

Punk ducked a spinning backfist from Kingston! Punk dropped brutal elbows on Kingston’s head! He followed up with knees, cracked Kingston with the GTS, and pinned him!

“What a fist fight! This is another indication of why AEW is #1 in pro wrestling,” said Jim Ross.

“Punk survived everything Eddie Kingston threw at him,” noted Excalibur.

“Eddie Kingston fought his ass off but it wasn’t enough to get it done tonight,” replied Jim Ross.

CM Punk offered to shake Kingston’s hand but Kington declined and walked off.

Minneapolis Street Fight!

The Inner Circle—“Demo God” Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, TNT Champion Sammy Guevara, Santana & Ortiz vs. The Men Of The Year—“All Ego” Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky—& American Top Team—Dan Lambert, Andrei Arlovski, & Junior Dos Santos!

Sammy took down Scorpio Sky with a corkscrew dropkick. Santana and Ortiz used double-team offense on Sky for a near fall.

“Sky has taken a drubbing thus far in the match,” said Excalibur.

Andrei and Hager traded shots! Hager tried for a heel lock but Andrei escaped and dumped Hager with a Samoan Drop!

Junior Dos Santos tagged in as did Jericho, and Jericho was looking for a hockey fight! JDS powerslammed Jericho and was happy with his handiwork. JDS followed up with a delayed vertical suplex and then a standing moonsault for a near fall on Jericho!

Dan Lambert tagged in, thinking Jericho was cooked. Lambert went to slap Jericho but Jericho blocked it. Things broke down and the Inner Circle cleared the ring of American Top Team and The Men Of The Year! Jericho chased after Lambert on the outside but Ethan Page smacked Jericho with a hockey stick! Hager jumped off the top turnbuckle onto a pile of humanity outside the ring!

Lambert found a steel pipe but he coward away from Jericho. The fans chanted “Purple Rain” after Jericho clocked Sky with a Prince logo-shaped metal sign. The Men Of The Year worked over Ortiz in the ring. Santana and Ortiz cleaned house on The Men Of The Year. Santana and Ortiz applied stereo submissions to the Men Of The Year. Sammy fired off a spiral football at Sky’s abdomen!

Andrei splashed Ortiz in the corner. He picked up Ortiz and dropped him with a spinebuster! Hager jumped back into the ring with a toaster! The Men Of The Year outnumbered Hager. Jericho came to Hager’s aid with a waterski! Sammy splashed Sky with a senton atomico!

“Sammy is fearless,” said Jim Ros.

JDS climbed to the top turnbuckle but Santana and Ortiz met him up there. Santana and Ortiz superplexed JDS into the ring! Sammy climbed a ladder and dropped a senton onto Scorpio Sky!

“Shattered bodies all over the ringside area,” said Excalibur.

Ethan Page got in the face of Jake Hager’s wife who was sitting ringside. Baron Von Raschke was ringside, too, and put Page in the iron claw!

Lambert was alone in the ring and Jericho cornered him. Jericho was going for the lionsault but JDS smacked him from outside the ring! Dan Lambert grabbed Jericho to put him in the Walls of Jericho but Jericho escaped and smacked Lambert and JDS with shots from the kendo stick! Jericho took Lambert off his feet with a stapler below the belt! Jericho pinned Lambert after the frog splash!

Tony Schiavone was on the stage for a very special announcement! 20-Year veteran and multi-time champion Jay Lethal was introduced to the crowd!

Lethal said he found the forbidden door, he has stepped through it, and he is All Elite!

“I heard there was an open challenge for the TNT title. So Sammy, how about me and you this Wednesday at DYNAMITE?” asked Lethal.

Sammy Guevara walked out with his title. He had a facedown with Jay Lethal. Sammy held up his title and said, “You’re on!”

AEW Men’s World Championship!

“The Cleaner” Kenny Omega (c.) (with Don Callis) vs. “Hangman” Adam Page!

Page blistered the chest of the champion with knife-edged chops. Callis grabbed Page’s boot from outside and Omega took advantage. Omega kicked Page but Page pulled himself over the top rope and down onto the champ!

Omega targeted the spine of Page, but Page reversed a suplex outside the ring. Page connected with a big-time cross body press onto Omega for a near fall. Omega thumbed Page in the eyes.

“Omega is someone who has cardio for days,” said Excalibur.

Page regrouped and hammered Omega with heavy shots. Kenny took down the challenger with a hurracanrana, sending Page to the floor. Omega crashed onto Page with the Terminator dive! Page blocked a moonsault from Omega by raising his knees. ‘Hangman’ tossed Omega with the fallaway slam! Omega rolled out of the ring and Page wasted no time with a tope suicida! Page didn’t give Omega any time to rest, hitting a moonsault from the ring post onto Omega!

“Man, this match is everything I thought it might be and more,” said Jim Ross.

Omega disoriented the challenger with palm strikes and then a springboard Liger Bomb! Omega hit Page with the Snap Dragon suplex. Omega nailed Page with a Snap Dragon suplex on the ring apron! He followed up with the V-Trigger! Page escaped the One-Winged Angel from Omega, but then Omega spiked Page with a Tiger Driver 98!

The fans chanted “Let’s go ‘Hangman’!”

Omega began to bite at the laceration on Adam Page’s head. Kenny climbed to the top turnbuckle but Page shoved him and then began to bite on Kenny’s head! Page sent Omega flying to the mat with an avalanche blockbuster for a near fall!

Page jumped off the steel post and met Omega with a flying lariat, smashing Omega through the timekeeper’s table! Adam Page was looking for the Buckshot Lariat but Omega collapsed. Instead Page went for the V-Trigger but Omega dodged it. Page transitioned to the Buckshot Lariat but Omega pulled ref Paul Turner into the line of fire!

Don Callis jumped into the ring with the AEW World title but Hangman ducked the belt shot! Page had Omega in his clutches when ref Aubrey Edwards sprinted down. Omega kicked out at the two-count!

Omega was knocked on his knees after V-Triggers. Omega went for another V-Trigger but Page caught Omega with the rolling elbow strike!

“These men are exchanging some heavy, heavy blows,” said Jim Ross.

Kenny Omega hit Page with Kawada kicks! Page flipped off Omega and turned Omega inside out with a lariat!

The Young Bucks limped out to the ringside area. Omega and Page exchanged backdrop drivers! Page’s Buck Shot Lariat was countered by a V-Trigger! Page nailed Omega with the One-Winged Angel but Kenny kicked out. Page looked down at Matt Jackson and Matt Jackson nodded at him. Page finished off Omega with the Buck Shot Lariat and pinned him!

And new AEW World Champion…“Hangman” Adam Page!

The Dark Order walked out onto the ramp to applaud the new champ! Page invited them into the ring and gave them a group hug!

If you missed any of tonight’s historic card, order the replay via, the B/R app, or On-Demand through cable and satellite TV providers!

Be sure to tune in Wednesday to AEW DYNAMITE live on TNT from the Chartway Arena in Norfolk, VA. Witness the fallout from FULL GEAR!

And remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling!


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