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AEW Saturday Night Dynamite Preview for October 16, 2021

It's certainly a twist on the usual week for All Elite Wrestling, but that just means DYNAMITE is adding an extra blast to your weekend with this special Saturday night edition! Still coming at you LIVE on TNT, and, at 8pm EST/7pm CST, this weekend broadcast of AEW's flagship program is stacked with a AAA Tag Team Title fight, “The American Dragon” in action, and young Dante Martin entering The House Of Black! Plus CM Punk, on the heels of his tremendous victory over Matt Sydal on RAMPAGE, will join the commentary team for SATURDAY NIGHT DYNAMITE!

This comes your way on the heels of a loaded edition of RAMPAGE that crossed over from the official AEW YouTube channel, where the RAMPAGE:BUY-IN presented Danielson versus Suzuki and Fish versus Moriarty, to TNT with Ruby Soho taking on The Bunny, CM Punk battling Matt Sydal, and The Inner Circle's battle with The Men Of The Year and Junior Dos Santos.

The red-hot action in Miami will continue at the James L. Knight Center on Saturday with doors opening at 6pm, and the in-ring action getting started at 7pm EST! Head to to get your seats to experience AEW first-hand, or join us on TNT and this Saturday night to witness the best wrestling available anywhere!


The Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) (c) vs. Andrade El Idolo's Masked Team

Essentially since his debut in AEW, Andrade El Idolo has made himself a presence in the life of Death Triangle, or rather a thorn in their side would be a more accurate description. He attempted to drive a wedge between The Lucha Brothers and PAC by insisting they worked FOR “The Bastard” rather than WITH him, essentially insulting them whilst making a bid for their services. Clearly that play did not work, and Andrade's claims that Penta and Fenix would never be AEW World Tag Champions without him were laid to rest at ALL OUT 2021 when they ended The Young Bucks record-setting reign inside a Steel Cage.

Andrade would, with some undesired assistance from Chavo Guerrero, at least add some credence to his boastful claims by beating PAC in a one-on-one contest during the 9/10 edition of RAMPAGE, and would again make quite an impact on “The Bastard” during the Casino Ladder Match last Wednesday night...

But it is safe to say PAC made one of his own...

But with neither man proven the victor in the Casino Ladder Match, Andrade turns his sights back on The Lucha Brothers and the AAA Tag Team Titles they have held for over 850 days. They first bested The Young Bucks to become champions at AAA Verano de Escandalo 2019, and have succesfully defended the titles on seven occasions since then. Matt and Nick failed to reclaim them at ALL OUT 2019 in the hellacious Escalera de la Muerte Ladder Match, Santana and Ortiz also failed in their bid, and the same can be said on five more instances, with the most recent being at AAA's Heroes Inmortales XIV on October 9th against Laredo Kid and Hijo del Vikingo. After the victory that night, two men came to the ring to issue a challenge for the championships, leading to speculation that they would be the two men coming to AEW under those masks, but Andrade himself has alluded otherwise:

So just who will step up for Andrade El Idolo as challengers to end the longest reign in the history of the AAA World Tag Team Titles? As battle ready as the champions may be, The Lucha Brothers are coming off a grueling title defense in AAA on Saturday, as well as a successful defense of their AEW World Tag Titles last Friday on RAMPAGE, not to mention the rigors of international travel that go along with their schedule, and they have no idea who they are facing in order to game plan for the fight. It is going to be a true test of Penta and Fenix's abilities when they step into the ring this Saturday night for their 8th title match, but will it also be their last? It shall be if Andrade El Idolo has anything to say about it...


Dante Martin vs. Malakai Black

Twenty years old, at just twenty years old Dante Martin has captured the imaginations of both wrestling fans and wrestlers alike. For as many fans sit back in amazement at the feats this young man has proven capable inside the wrestling ring, there are just as many people in the locker room watching on the monitors with mouths agape.

Thus, when Martin entered the ring to issue a challenge to anybody in the AEW locker room, there was certainly a moment excitement as to who might respond to that challenge in the future. It is doubtful, however, that Dante expected an immediate answer to his call out, much less in the form of Malakai Black and that lethal spinning kick to the head that put Martin's lights out instantaneously. Martin wanted to face the best, and that is exactly what he is going to get it in rapid fashion this Saturday night when he enters into The House Of Black. It is a domicile no one has survived once they've entered, not Cody Rhodes or Arn Anderson or Lee Johnson, not a soul has has ventured into that House and left it whole.

If Martin can survive this experience, it will be a banner night in his young career; if he can actually win this battle, now that will establish him instantaneously as one of the top threats in all of All Elite Wrestling!


“The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Bobby Fish

As is the case with a great many wrestlers in the AEW locker room, at some point prior to the companies inception, the paths of Bryan Danielson and Bobby Fish have crossed. As two men who spent time in Pro Wrestling NOAH, Fish and Bryan were united during one Spring 2008 tour for a handful of tag team and trios matches in which they were victorious in four out of the six outings.

Two years later, July 23rd of 2010, the two grapplers would once more share the ring, but unlike their NOAH tour, this time it would be as foes. For nearly 21 minutes, in front of a few hundred die hard wrestling fanatics, Bryan and Bobby battled it out inside The ACE Arena with “The American Dragon” scoring a victory over “The Infamous”.

Now, eleven years later, these two world-class competitors will get a chance to dance once again, this time in front of the worldwide audience watching SATURDAY NIGHT DYNAMITE as it emanates LIVE from the James L. Knight Center in Miami, FL! These two men are tremendous parallels in terms of how they handle their in-ring business, a hybrid of MMA and professional wrestling, and as those who have seen their original bout know, make a tremendous pairing as opponents! While Bryan aims to build his resume to a World Title bout, Bobby Fish has stated he isn't finished with Sammy Guevara; for both men to achieve their goals, this bout is of utmost importance!


Adam Page, Colt Cabana, Jungle Boy, Kenny Omega, Penta El Zero Miedo, Rey Fenix, Sonny Kiss, and Wardlow; one year ago, on the October 21st edition of DYNAMITE to be exact, those eight competitors began the original World Title Eliminator Tournament with a mission to become the next top contender for the championship then held by Jon Moxley. That first night Adam Page, Kenny Omega, Wardlow, and Rey Fenix all advanced towards the finals that would go down at FULL GEAR 2020. Fenix had to best his own brother to do so, Page had to battle The Dark Order's Colt Cabana, Wardlow stopped Jungle Boy, and Kenny Omega scored his fastest victory in AEW over Sonny Kiss.

An unfortunate injury, and a little insistence from Eddie Kingston, forced Fenix out of his semi-final contest with Penta being inserted into the spot. Either way, it did not matter, because Kenny Omega won it again, as did Hangman with his fight against the power of Wardlow. Thus the stage was set for a battle of former World Tag Team Championship partners at FULL GEAR 2020 in Jacksonville. FL with a future challenge for the AEW World Championship hanging in the balance. Nearly 17 minutes later, Omega topped his former partner to win the tournament, and would parlay that victory into a championship win over Mox one month later at DYNAMITE: WINTER IS COMING.

This year, the tournament will once again play out in the weeks leading up to FULL GEAR 2021 (Buy Tickets) with hopes to be the next man challenging for the World Title! This Saturday night on DYNAMITE, the full bracket will be announced LIVE on TNT! Which eight competitors have earned this tremendous opportunity? And will the victor have the same success as “The Cleaner” when their moment comes? Only time will tell with the latter, but we will find out the former during SATURDAY NIGHT DYNAMITE!!!


Penelope Ford vs. Kiera Hogan

Penelope Ford picked her spot last night on RAMPAGE when she chose to blindside Ruby Soho after her victory over Ford's ally The Bunny. What Ruby will have to say, or rather what she will do about that attack remains to be seen, but this Saturday night on DYNAMITE “The Superbad Girl” will have to face her foe head-on when she goes one-on-one with Kiera Hogan!

One of the most recent additions to the AEW Women's roster, Kiera is looking to establish her presence among the best women in professional wrestler just as she has done throughout her career, and what better way to do that than by toppling one of the most established competitors in the division. Plus, with the TBS Title Tournament looming, and the brackets due to be announced next week on RAMPAGE, every match in the division is crucial to being considered for a spot in the tourney.

Will the new face on the block score her biggest AEW win, or will Ford add to her solid 15-4 singles record on the year? Tune into SATURDAY NIGHT DYNAMITE to watch it LIVE!


Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler Yuta

Moxley cannot be a happy man after failing to win the Casino Ladder Match, thus missing out on an opportunity to reclaim the AEW World Title from Kenny Omega, and it looks like Wheeler Yuta will be the man who has to contend with the fury this Saturday night.

Yuta, in his young AEW career, has been tested against the likes of Darby Allin, Matt Hardy, and Karl Anderson, but this is certainly the biggest challenge he has faced to date! Given their drastically different approaches to professional wrestling, Yuta leaning more on the technically proficient side while Moxley just wants to punch a face or two, this should make for quite an interesting clash of styles! It's Yuta's chance to shock the world by knocking off a former AEW World Champion, he just best be prepared for the violence that is sure to come his way once that bell rings!


It's not the first time that “Hangman” Adam Page has been on the cusp of a World Championship match, he was one-half of the original World Title match at ALL OUT 2019 after coming in as the Joker in the first Casino Battle Royale, but came up short against Chris Jericho that night two years ago. He was nearly there at FULL GEAR 2020 in the World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals, but fell to Kenny Omega, only to then witness his former partner defeat Jon Moxley for the AEW World Title. Hangman was most recently in that position as the top contender heading into ALL OUT 2021, but risked it all FIGHT FOR THE FALLEN 2021 in an effort to earn The Dark Order a World Tag Team Title bout with The Young Bucks. His team failed in that Elimination affair, and one week later The Elite decimated their former friend, putting him out of action until his surprise return, and subsequent victory, as The Joker Card in the Casino Ladder Match during last week's DYNAMITE.

Once more Hangman Page is in the driver's seat as the number one contender, once more it will be Kenny Omega he must stare down in order to make his dream a reality, a dream many assumed would've come to life two years ago in that aforementioned match with Jericho. On SATURDAY NIGHT DYNAMITE we will hear from the “Anxious Millennial Cowboy” about his impending World Title Match, and although it's quite exciting that Hangman has a new date with destiny, the question must be asked if Adam's mindset is still that of the man who stepped up to the entire Elite by himself at HOMECOMING 2021?


The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, Evil Uno, & John Silver)


The SuperKliq (Adam Cole & The Young Bucks)

The members of The Dark Order are ecstatic that “Hangman” Adam Page has returned to All Elite Wrestling, and even more excited that he is set to challenge for the AEW World Title against Kenny Omega! But, as seen in the interview embedded above, The DO isn't waiting for The SuperKliq to stick their noses into their friend's match when it happens, they got preemptive and challenged The Elite trio to meet them inside the squared circle! The Dark Order didn't have to wait long to get their wish...

It is going down on SATURDAY NIGHT DYNAMITE between Alex Reynolds, John Silver, Evil Uno, Adam Cole, and the brothers Jackson! There's a lot of bad blood between The Dark Order and The Elite dating back to the early days of AEW, and although each group has gone through their fair share of changes, that ill will hasn't abated! Do not miss out on this exciting Trios contest going down LIVE on TNT, as well as, when DYNAMITE kicks off at 8pm EST/7pm CST!


During the mass assault that The Men Of The Year and American Top Team perpetrated on Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, and Sammy Guevara following their victory on RAMPAGE, Santana and Ortiz hit the stage to help out The Inner Circle allies! Saturday night on DYNAMITE, the full Inner Circle reunites for the first time in months and anyone standing at Dan Lambert's side best be wary of AEW's original bad boys!

You can still snag your tickets for SATURDAY NIGHT DYNAMITE (Buy Tickets) now, and be there in-person for the absolute best wrestling going today! Between the mystery of the AAA World Tag Team Title match, the wrestling showcase that will be Danielson versus Fish, Dante Martin's biggest challenge to date, and the unveiling of the World Title Eliminator Tournament field, this special edition of DYNAMITE is loaded with intrigue! It goes down this Saturday night at 8pm EST/7pm CST LIVE on TNT, as well as for our International fans! And CM Punk has just signed on, in the aftermath of his victory over Matt Sydal on RAMPAGE, to join in on commentary this Saturday evening!

Be sure to drop in on the official AEW YouTube account for highlights from RAMPAGE, the full RAMPAGE: BUY-IN featuring Danielson/Suzuki, as well as the 3 hour collection of DARK and DARK:ELEVATION favorites!


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