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Double or Nothing 2024 Results


AEW presented AEW DOUBLE OR NOTHING 2024 live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV!

The Buy-In portion of the show kicked off! 

Your announce team for Buy-In was Excalibur, “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard, and Tony Schiavone.

Grudge Match!

“La Mera Mera” Thunder Rosa vs. “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo!

Deonna stomped Thunder Rosa in the corner. Thunder Rosa fired back with a diving back elbow. Thunder Rosa connected with a dropkick. Thunder Rosa followed up with a sliding dropkick through the ropes. Deonna dropped Thunder Rosa with a pump kick on the floor. Deonna rammed Thunder Rosa into the edge of the ring. 

Back in the ring, Thunder Rosa nailed Deonna with a neck breaker. Thunder Rosa charged at Deonna with a dropkick for a near fall. Deonna locked up Thunder Rosa in the Tree of Woe and bulldozed Thunder Rosa with a running shoulder tackle in the corner. Thunder Rosa fired back with a forearm. Thunder Rosa was thinking about a Tijuana Bomb, but Deonna countered with a Fujiwara Arm Bar. Thunder Rosa escaped and hit a backstabber on Deonna. Thunder Rosa attempted to apply a cobra clutch, but Deonna shoved off the ropes, cradled Thunder Rosa, and pinned Thunder Rosa while holding the ropes for leverage.

“She stole one right there,” said Tony Schiavone. 

Renee Paquette introduced Dr. Martha Hart and AEW President, CEO, and founder Tony Khan for a very special announcement!

This is the 25th anniversary of the Owen Hart Foundation, and Dr. Martha Hart said because of that they had something special planned for this year’s Owen Hart Foundation Cup Tournament. This year the winners of the Men’s and Women’s Owen Cups will get World Title shots! The finals of the tournament will be in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on July 10th at the Scotiabank Saddledome. The winners will get World Title shots at AEW: ALL IN LONDON at Wembley Stadium!

Trios Match!

The Acclaimed—Anthony Bowens, Max Caster, & Daddy Ass


The Cage of Agony— “The Machine” Brian Cage & The Gates of Agony—Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona!

Daddy Ass wanted Brian Cage in the ring. Cage obliged. Cage and Daddy Ass had a pose down. Cage shoulder tackled Daddy Ass and posed again. Cage rocked Billy Gunn with a dropkick to the jaw. Cage clotheslined Billy over the top rope and to the floor. Bowens had his leg wedged between the steps by Toa. Toa then whipped Billy into the steps, crushing Bowens’ leg between the steps and the edge of the ring.

Caster was triple teamed in the ring by the Cage of Agony. Kaun dropped Caster spine-first on the top turnbuckle. Toa followed up with a senton. Cage suplexed Caster from out of the ring and down into the ring for a near fall!

Cage chopped Caster in the chest. Bishop Kaun tagged in and tried to superplex Caster. Caster knocked Kaun down and connected with a cross body press for a near fall. Billy Gunn tagged in and cleaned house on the Cage of Agony! Billy Gunn planted Kaun for a two-count. Billy was looking for the Fame Asser, but Toa jumped in to save Bishop Kaun. Bishop blasted Caster with a lung blower and then Toa followed up with a discus lariat. The Cage of Agony triple power bombed Billy, but Bowens jumped in from out of nowhere and broke up the pin attempt!

Brian Cage grabbed a steel chair, but Chance the Las Vegas Golden Knights mascot stole the chair. Caster clobbered Cage with a Fame Asser on the arena floor. Toa Liona swarmed on top of Caster. Inside the ring Billy cradled Bishop and scored the pin!

The main card for AEW DOUBLE OR NOTHING 2024 kicked off next with…

AEW International Championship Match!

Undisputed Kingdom’s Roderick Strong (c.) (with ROH World Tag Champs The Kingdom—Matt Taven & Mike Bennett)


“The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay!

Taz joined the broadcast team for the main card.

Don Callis was on commentary for this match.

Ospreay was looking for the Hidden Blade right off the bat but Strong saw it coming. Ospreay went over the top rope and booted Bennett and Taven, knocking them over the barricades. Roderick whipped Ospreay into the barricade, but Ospreay jumped over the barricade and wiped out Taven and Bennett with a forward flip. Will catapulted Roderick into the steel ring post!

The crowd chanted “Bruv! Bruv! Bruv!”

While the ref was distracted by Roderick, Bennett put Will on his shoulders and Taven jumped over the top with a doomsday device! Back in the ring, Roddy was looking for a cross face on Ospreay. Strong and Ospreay exchanged chops to the chest, holding nothing back. Roddy smashed Will with a back breaker. 

Will blistered the chest of Roderick with chops. Ospreay nailed Roddy with a corkscrew kick. Bennett and Taven jumped on the ring apron, but the ref saw them. As the ref was arguing with Bennett and Taven, Wardlow jumped in the ring from the other side. Wardlow was about to power bomb Ospreay, but the referee saw it before it happened and stopped it. The ref ejected Wardlow from the ring. 

Roddy tried for a running knee, but Will dodged it. Ospreay kicked Roddy, knocking him out of the ring. Ospreay connected with a Sky Twister Press onto Roddy, Taven, and Bennett on the floor. The ref ejected the Undisputed Kingdom from ringside.

Ospreay got a two-count on Roderick after a fisherman’s suplex. Ospreay climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Roddy shoved him, forcing Will to lose his balance. Will knocked Roddy to the mat. Will flipped off the top turnbuckle, Roddy moved, but Will landed awkwardly, tweaking his knee. Strong grabbed a single leg crab and transitioned into a Texas Cloverleaf. Will managed to grab the bottom rope to force the break. 

Strong superplexed Will. Strong followed up with a wicked back breaker for a near fall. Roddy charged at Will, looking for a high boot, but Will intercepted him midair, and power bombed Roddy. Ospreay nailed Strong with the Os Cutter for a near fall. The ref stopped to check on Strong. Callis yelled at Ospreay and told him to use the Tiger Driver on Strong. Ospreay shoved the ref out of the way and went for the Tiger Driver, but he decided against it. Roderick countered with a gut buster and a running kick for a two-count!

Ospreay countered the End of Heartache with a rana for a near fall. Ospreay wiped out Strong with the Hidden Blade and then the Storm Breaker to pin Strong!

And New AEW International Champion “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay!

After Ospreay went to the back, the head of the Undisputed Kingdom Adam Cole came down to the ring!

Adam Cole: “Who is ready for story time with Adam Cole BayBay? Las Vegas, you all suck. You want to know why? I shouldn’t even be out here right now. I should be checking on Roderick Strong in the back. Truth be told I shouldn’t even be in this city. I should be home rehabbing this ankle. None of you have any idea the hell I’ve been through these past two years, and I still get disrespected.

“We do have a little devil inside all of us. And I want to make one promise very clear. When I am 100%, you will give the devil his due and his name is…”

MJF’s music hit! MJF stormed down to the ring! MJF looked down at the Devil mask that Adam Cole had dropped on the mat. 

Adam Cole wanted a hug from MJF. MJF agreed to a hug and then kicked Cole with a low blow. MJF spiked Cole with a brain buster!

“Well, MJF is back!” said Taz.

“And he looks great!” added Schiavone.

MJF: “Adam Cole, you SOB, did I hurt the baybay? Tough! Someone get him out of this ring. Cole, I gave you something I’ve never given anybody else before: trust. And thanks to you, that’s never happening again. 

“He didn’t take out MJF. All he did was wake him up. Now I remember exactly who the hell I am. I’m the greatest wrestler on God’s green Earth. My name is MJF and I’m better than you and you know it. But why is that? Unlike Adam Cole and all those schmucks in the back, I don’t need a New Japan or a Vince McMahon to make MJF because MJF made MJF!

“So back to the Salt of the Earth. No more ha-ha, no more friendships, no more kangaroo kicks, no more bullshit! Back to being driven by what I’m being driven by best. I’m talking hate, hate, hate! And when your boy is driven by hate, nobody is safe.”

MJF picked up the Devil mask.

MJF: “And you see this stupid mask? Masks are adorned by cowards who want to hide. I’m done hiding and apologizing. I’m the best and no one is more complete than me. I don’t need a mask to prove that no one is on the level of the devil. So, this stupid, goofy mask that symbolizes the tail end of 2023, this dumb mask and everything it symbolizes can go straight to hell!

“I’ve been betting on myself since day one. I’m all in, double or nothing. So, in regard to my contract status, if it wasn’t already painfully obvious, to quote one of the all time greats, may he rest in peace, camera man, zoom in.”

MJF revealed a tattoo on the back of his leg that said “Bet On Yourself” with an AEW poker chip!

MJF: “When it comes to MJF in AEW, you can call me the Wolf of Wrestling because I’m not leaving!”

Unified World Trios Championship Match!

Bang Bang Gang (c.)— “Switchblade” Jay White & The Gunns—Austin & Colten


The Death Triangle— “The Bastard” PAC & The Lucha Bros.—Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix!

Death Triangle cleaned house of the Bang Bang Gang early on! Jay White planted Pac with a vicious DDT, stopping the momentum of the Death Triangle in its tracks. Jay White catapulted Pac throat first into the bottom rope. Pac managed to tag Penta and Penta crumpled the Gunns with leg kicks. Fenix ran across the top rope with a kick to Austin. Penta followed up with a lung blower to Austin.

Pac snapped Colten back with a German Suplex. Pac followed up with a German to Austin. The Lucha Bros smashed Jay White with the stuffed Fear Factor! Pac climbed to the top rope, but Juice Robinson came out of nowhere and knocked Pac off the top turnbuckle! Jay White stunned Pac with the Blade Runner and scored the pin!

“A massive assist from the returning Juice Robinson,” said Taz.

AEW Women’s World Championship Match!

“Timeless” Toni Storm (c.) (with Luther & Mariah Mah) vs. “The Professor” Serena Deeb!

Nigel McGuinness joined the broadcast booth for this match.

Deeb put Toni in the Paradise Lock and then dropkicked her. Storm slugged Deeb with a forearm and then sent Deeb crashing to the floor with a running hip attack. Deeb dropped Storm with a dragon screw leg whip through the ropes and then a neck breaker on the arena floor. 

Deeb applied the flying octopus hold to Storm. Storm broke the hold by biting the rope. Storm cracked Deeb with a headbutt to the face. Storm followed up with a back stabber and a DDT. Storm connected with a fisherman’s suplex for a near fall on “The Professor.”

Storm put Deeb in the Texas Cloverleaf. Deeb crawled and reached the ropes to force the ref to break the hold. Deeb walloped Storm with lefts and rights, staggering the champ. Deeb took the champ down with a running lariat. Deeb dropped Storm with a neck breaker on the middle rope. Deeb hit another neck breaker. Deeb targeted the neck again with a German Suplex and then a lariat for a near fall. 

Deeb and Storm traded open handed strikes. Deeb rolled up Storm for a near fall. Storm fired back with a Sky High for a two-count on Deeb. Serena Deeb moved out of the corner and applied a single leg Boston Crab. Storm kicked her way out, but Deeb drilled Storm with a knee. Mariah May was trying to throw in the towel, but Luther prevented her. Storm reached the ropes, and the ref broke the hold. Storm saw Luther holding the towel, called him a bastard and threw the towel over the barricade. Storm smashed Deeb with the Storm Zero but Deeb kicked out!

Serena Deeb tore apart Toni Storm’s left knee with three dragon screws through the ropes. Serena nailed Toni with the Deeb Tox on the apron. Serena followed up with a second Deeb Tox in the ring for a near fall. 

Deeb climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Storm met her up there and Storm spiked Deeb with an avalanche piledriver! Storm followed up with the Storm Zero and pinned Deeb!

Grudge Match!

“Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy vs. Trent Beretta!

Don Callis joined the broadcast team for this match.

Orange Cassidy came out to his previous entrance music by the Pixies. Trent and Orange exchanged forearms at the start of the match. Trent hit Orange with a shot to the windpipe. Cassidy wiped out Trent with a big cross body press and then a DDT! Orange pulped Trent with an elbow suicida.

Orange charged at Trent, but Trent side stepped him and stunned Trent with German Suplexes. Cassidy dropkicked Trent and then stomped Trent in the corner. Orange jumped off the turnbuckles, but Trent countered with a Gotch style piledriver on the apron! Orange rallied back with a Beach Break on the arena floor!

The momentum changed as Trent crushed Cassidy with a Storm Zero in the ring for a near fall. Orange hit another Beach Break out of nowhere on Trent for a two-count. Trent countered the Orange Punch with a triangle choke, but Orange vaulted off the bottom rope, rolled through and pinned Trent!

“That’s greatness right there! That’s an icon,” said Don Callis.

“It was a straight up wrestling hold that beat Beretta,” added Excalibur.

Rocky Romero and Renee Paquette approached Trent after the match.

Trent: “I’m not doing this. I’m done.”

Trent shoved Rocky out of the way and left the arena.

Three-Way FTW Championship Match (FTW Rules)!

“The Learning Tree” Chris Jericho (c.) 




Katsuyori Shibata!

Shibata chopped at Jericho, looking to make him pay. Hook suplexed Jericho and then t-boned Shibata with a suplex. Hook pulled a table out from beneath the ring. Shibata booted Hook and Jericho off the apron. Jericho suplexed Hook on the arena floor. Jericho pulled a bag out from beneath the ring. Jericho opened the bag and poured dice out of the bag and onto the mat. Hook suplexed Jericho onto the dice. Then Shibata suplexed Jericho onto the dice. Hook and Shibata picked up handfuls of dice and threw them at Jericho. Shibata dropped Hook with a suplex onto the dice.

Shibata and Hook grabbed kendo sticks. Jericho had a kendo stick too. Hook and Shibata battered Jericho with the kendo sticks. Shibata set up a table in the ring. Jericho knocked Shibata down, but Hook hurled Jericho onto the dice with a Northern Lights Suplex. Shibata drilled Hook with a Death Valley Driver off the ropes onto Jericho who was on the table!

Shibata whipped Jericho through the table and followed up with a dropkick for a near fall. Jericho rocked Hook with a Code Breaker. Hook dodged the Judas Effect. Hook applied the Red Rum. Big Bill ran down and jumped into the ring, dropping a big elbow on Hook. Hook t-boned Big Bill off the apron and through a table on the arena floor!

Jericho trapped Shibata in the Walls of Jericho. Shibata escaped and countered with a figure four! Hook applied the Red Rum. Someone dressed all in black, wearing a black mask, jumped into the ring with a trash can! The masked man kicked Hook and then placed Shibata in the trash can and squashed him with a standing senton. The masked man revealed himself to be “The Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith!

Hook cracked Keith with the kendo stick! Jericho blasted Hook with the Judas Effect! Jericho covered Shibata and pinned him, retaining the FTW Championship!

IWGP World Heavyweight Championship Eliminator Match!

Blackpool Combat Club’s Jon Moxley (c.)


The Don Callis Family’s “The Alpha” Konosuke Takeshita (with Don Callis)!

Moxley and Takeshita brawled around the ring. Takeshita pinned Moxley’s taped up arm between a chair and the barricade and kicked it. Takeshita whipped Moxley into the steel ring steps. 

Takeshita dropped Moxley with a stiff forearm shot. Takeshita drove Moxley’s shoulder into the mat. Takeshita walloped Moxley with a brain buster. Moxley got to his feet and headbutted Takeshita. Moxley caught Takeshita with a cutter out of nowhere!

Takeshita power bombed Moxley and wrenched back on Moxley’s arm. Moxley rallied back with a tope suicida to Takeshita. Moxley clocked Takeshita with a lariat. Takeshita fired back with a wheelbarrow German Suplex. Moxley countered a Power Drive Knee and spiked Takeshita with a Paradigm Shift!

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Takeshita flattened Moxley with the Power Drive Knee for a near fall. Moxley was trying for the Death Rider, but Takeshita escaped and rammed Moxley shoulder first into the ring post. Takeshita wiped out Moxley with a Death Rider for a near fall!

Takeshita threw some chairs into the ring. As Takeshita got back into the ring, Moxley curb stomped Takeshita onto the chair. Moxley hit the Death Rider and pinned Takeshita!

“I’ve seen it all now,” said Tony Schiavone.

TNT Championship Barbed Wire Cage Match!

“The Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland (c.)


House of Black’s Malakai Black!

Copeland and Black jousted with steel chairs. Copeland booted Black in the face. Copeland pulled some of the barbed wire off the cage. Black recovered but Copeland dug the barbed wire strand into Black’s forehead. 

Copeland rammed Black into the cage wall and then power bombed Black for a near fall. Copeland stuck Black with the Impaler. Black swept out Copeland’s feet, forcing Copeland’s head to bash into a barbed wire wrapped turnbuckle. 

Malakai pulled a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat down from the cage and ground it into Copeland’s forehead! Copeland got the bat away from Black and swung it into Black’s abdomen. Copeland climbed the cage, but Black kicked out Cope’s legs. Copeland crotched himself on the top rope. Black power bombed Copeland off the ropes and through the table!

Copeland speared Black for a near fall! Copeland wrapped barbed wire around Black, trapping him onto a table. Copeland climbed the cage, all the way to the top! Copeland dropped an elbow from the top of the cage, down onto Black below!

Copeland went for a spear but Black countered with the End kick for a near fall! Malakai grabbed a spool of barbed wire and stabbed through the canvas with it, Copeland moving just in the nick of time. Black kicked Copeland through the cage door! The kick was powerful enough to break the chain on the lock. Black left the ring to retrieve Copeland, but Copeland speared Black!

Brody King and Buddy Matthews came out and walked to the ring. It appeared Brody and Buddy were going to side with Copeland, betraying Black, but it was a ruse! Brody and Buddy attacked Copeland! The House of Black pulled Copeland into ring and triple teamed him. Malakai Black put Copeland’s wedding ring around his neck. They wrapped Copeland in barbed wire. 

The arena lights began to flash red! Black asked, “What is going on?”

Gangrel crawled through the ring and blew bloody mist into Brody’s eyes! Then he spit the mist into Buddy’s eyes! Gangrel spiked Buddy and Brody with Impalers! Malakai Black connected with a kick to Gangrel! Copeland speared Black! Copeland wrapped barbed wire around Black’s head, locked in a cross face, and the ref stopped the match as Black was unconscious!

“Wow. Holy hell. Look at the carnage,” said Schiavone. 

Gangrel and Copeland hugged after the match and celebrated together.

Lexy Nair was backstage with Don Callis, who gave her a scoop!

Callis: “Based on what I say tonight, I will be at Dynamite this Wednesday presenting a contract for the Don Callis Family!”

TBS Championship Match!

Willow Nightingale (c.) (with Stokely Hathaway & Kris Statlander) 


“The CEO” Mercedes Moné!

There were dueling chants at the start of the match. Mercedes took down Willow with an arm drag and rolled Willow up with a crucifix for a near fall. Willow paint brushed Mercedes. Willow charged at Mercedes, but Mercedes pulled the ropes down and Willow’s momentum carried her through them and to the floor. Willow intercepted a sliding dropkick and power bombed Mercedes onto the apron!

Willow dropped Mercedes with a delayed vertical suplex for a two-count. Willow walloped Mercedes with a German Suplex. Mercedes countered a gut wrench suplex attempt and targeted Willow’s ankle with a chop block. Mercedes splashed Willow with a leaping double knee stomp for a near fall.

Mercedes had Willow in an ankle lock. Willow escaped with more paint brush strikes. Mercedes wiped out Willow with a vicious dragon screw leg whip. Mercedes blasted Willow with a backstabber. Willow grabbed an ankle lock, but Mercedes escaped. Mercedes ran off the ropes, but Willow pounced her!

“What a shot, man. Haymaker Jones,” said Taz.

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Willow stunned Mercedes with a spinebuster! Mercedes countered a power bomb, but Willow hit a fisherman’s suplex for a two-count. Willow tried for a superplex, but Mercedes slipped out and power bombed Mercedes. Willow chopped at Mercedes’ ankle and then dropped her on the apron with a knee breaker!

Willow swung Mercedes around the ring in an inverted cloverleaf. Willow followed up with a Death Valley Driver in the corner. Willow went for a cannonball, but Mercedes moved out of the way! Mercedes smashed Willow with a meteora for a near fall! Mercedes followed up with another meteora, this time from the apron and smashing Willow onto the floor. While Stokely and Statlander were arguing with the referee on the apron, Willow doctor bombed Mercedes and went for the cover. The ref finally turned around and began the count, but Mercedes had enough time to recover and kick out.

“The retain was there but Stokely and Statlander realized they screwed up,” said Taz.

“Willow had the win. She can’t allow this to affect her,” replied Excalibur.

Willow went for another doctor bomb, but this time Mercedes escaped and locked in the cross face on Willow. Mercedes transitioned to the STF. Willow reached the ropes and forced the ref to break the hold. Mercedes planted Willow with the Moné Maker and pinned Willow!

“She earned this one!” said Tony Schiavone.

And new TBS Champion… “The CEO” Mercedes Moné!

After the match, Stokely Hathaway yelled at Willow, pointing his finger and blaming her for the loss.

“This is classless by Stokely,” said Excalibur.

Statlander shoved Stokely to the mat. 

“Thankfully Willow Nightingale has a friend in Kris Statlander,” said Excalibur.

Kris Statlander helped Willow to her feet and began to assist Willow walking to the back. Statlander grabbed Willow and shoved her down onto the ramp! Stokely was laughing in the ring!

“What did we just see?” asked a shocked Tony Schiavone

Kris Statlander ripped off her friendship bracelet and chucked it into Willow’s face.

“Statlander what are you doing?” wondered Taz.

Statlander wiped out Willow with a discus lariat. Stokely and Statlander walked out together as Willow writhed in pain on the ramp.

AEW World Championship Match!

Swerve Strickland (c.) (with Prince Nana) 

vs. Christian Cage (with The Patriarchy’s Mother Wayne, Kill Switch, and Nick Wayne)!

Christian countered a suplex with a reverse DDT. Swerve moved out of the way of a diving headbutt. Swerve jumped off the top turnbuckle to the outside, but Christian dodged him. Swerve collided headfirst with the barricade. 

Christian planted Swerve with a DDT. Christian hit a frog splash for a near fall. Nick Wayne hit Swerve with a cheap shot behind the ref’s back. Swerve reversed an Irish Whip from Christian, sending the challenger into the turnbuckles. Christian went for the spear, but Swerve countered it and power slammed Christian for a near fall.

Swerve smashed Christian with a flying European Uppercut to the back of the neck. Swerve pulled Christian’s turtleneck over Christian’s head and nailed Christian with three consecutive neck breakers. Swerve back flipped over the top rope and crash landed on Christian. Swerve followed up with a flying cross body splash, but Christian kicked out at the two-count.

Christian avoided the House Call kick. Christian locked on the Sharpshooter. Swerve escaped but both wrestlers collided. Mother Wayne grabbed the AEW World Championship, but Prince Nana yanked it away. Nick Wayne got the referee’s attention and pointed to Prince Nana, who was holding the belt. The referee ejected Prince Nana from ringside!

Killswitch and Nick Wayne double teamed Swerve outside the ring as Christian Cage distracted the ref. Christian whispered into Mother Wayne’s ear, telling her to get the ref’s attention. Killswitch jumped on the apron and went to headbutt Swerve, but Swerve ducked and Killswitch inadvertently headbutted Christian! Swerve swept out Killswitch’s legs and double stomped Killswitch. Nick Wayne charged at Swerve but Swerve back dropped Nick! Christian avoided the Swerve Stomp and countered with the spear! Christian went for the cover, but Swerve kicked out at the two-count!

Killswitch, Mother Wayne, and Nick Wayne jumped on the apron, surrounding the ring. Ref Paul Turner saw them and ejected them! Swerve rocked Christian with a flatliner. Swerve moved the steel ring steps. Christian Cage gouged the eyes of Swerve and was going to power bomb him onto the steel ring steps but Swerve escaped and double stomped Christian! Swerve charged at Christian, but Christian moved out of the way! Swerve’s momentum carried him through the ropes and sent him crashing onto the steel ring steps. 

Christian Cage tried to remove the turnbuckle pad, but ref Paul Turner admonished him and tried to get him to stop. As the ref was dealing with Christian, Nick Wayne ran to the ring and hit a cutter on Swerve. Christian planted Swerve with a Killswitch in the ring but Swerve kicked out at the two-count!

Prince Nana ran to the ring with a steel pipe and chased Nick Wayne through the crowd! Christian Cage put Swerve on the Spanish announce desk. Christian attempted the Killswitch on the desk, but Swerve countered with a double stomp!

Christian avoided a House Call kick in the ring. Christian grabbed Swerve with a whiplash. Christian went for the spear, but Swerve countered with the House Call kick in midair! Swerve smashed Christian with the Swerve Stomp off the top turnbuckle! Swerve hit another House Call kick to Christian and pinned Christian!

And still your AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland!

Anarchy In The Arena Match!

The Elite—AEW World Tag Champions Matthew & Nicholas Jackson, AEW Continental Champion “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada, 

& “The Scapegoat” Jack Perry


Team AEW— “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, FTR—Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood, & Darby Allin!

Team AEW jumped the Elite as the Elite were making their entrance. Matt Jackson told the production truck to cut off Darby’s music and play their entrance song instead. Bryan Danielson grabbed a microphone and ordered the production truck to play the “Final Countdown”!

Danielson and Okada paired off and brawled around the ring. Darby and Jack Perry slugged it out through the back and then outside the arena. Matt smashed Cash with a trash can. The Bucks hit the Shatter Machine on Dax, who was busted wide open by the Elite.

Danielson went for a tope, but Okada countered with a steel chair to Danielson’s head. Darby was in a pile of trash outside. Jack Perry jumped in a bus and rammed it into the pile! Jack knocked himself unconscious upon impact as his head hit the steering wheel.

FTR spiked Nicholas on the apron with a piledriver. Dax superplexed Matthew and then Cash splashed Matthew for the Power and Glory. Okada dropped an elbow from the top rope onto Dax! Okada flipped off the crowd, but Cash grabbed Okada’s hand and bit Okada’s finger. Okada dropkicked Cash and then nailed Cash with a tombstone piledriver.

Darby staggered from the pile and down to the ring. Okada stomped on Darby’s broken ankle. Darby stunned Okada with the Code Red for a near fall. The Bucks grabbed Darby and power bombed Darby onto steel chairs. Danielson charged at Okada with a running knee strike.

The Bucks pulled Darby up the ramp and to their elevator. The Bucks ordered the production truck to lower the elevator while Darby was on it, neutralizing Darby. Matthew rammed Danielson into the giant poker chip. The Bucks decimated Danielson with a TK Driver onto the giant poker chip!

Dax hit Matthew with a DDT onto the poker chip. Cash rammed Nicholas into the LED board! Cash set up a table on the ramp. Okada grabbed Cash and DDT’ed Cash onto the ramp. Okada put Cash onto the table. Nicholas climbed to the top of the entrance tunnel. Nicholas splashed Cash with a senton atomico off the entrance tunnel and through the table!

Jack Perry got back into the fray. Perry saw Tony Khan sitting backstage behind the production monitors. Darby Allin walked onto the stage with a flame thrower. Perry had Tony Khan. Darby saw Jack Perry and torched Jack Perry with the flamethrower. The Bucks grabbed fire extinguishers and sprayed Perry with it, putting the fire out. 

Matthew and Nicholas Jackson had Darby isolated in the ring. They removed the protective mask that Darby was wearing for his recently broken nose. Darby fought off the Bucks. Okada went for the Rainmaker, but Darby hit Okada with a low blow. Darby nailed Okada with a Coffin Drop but the Bucks broke up the pin attempt. The Bucks gestured up toward the roof of the arena. A cable came down from the top of the arena. The Bucks hogtied Darby’s ankles with the cable. FTR rocked Nicholas with a Shatter Machine, but Okada jumped in to break up the pin. 

Dax went to piledrive Okada, but Matthew smashed an exploding chair onto Dax’s head! Nicholas super kicked Cash Wheeler. Okada applied a thumbtack laden sleeve. Okada clocked Cash with the Rainmaker clothesline. Okada pulled out a pair of the Bucks’ Reebok Pumps, which had soles covered in thumbtacks. The Bucks put the shoes on. Matthew yelled, “Put him up, put him up!”

The cable that had Darby began to rise, pulling Darby up and off the apron. Darby was strung upside down by his ankles. The Bucks pumped up their Reeboks and super kicked Darby in the nose. Danielson fought off the Elite. Danielson pulled the Reebok off Matthew’s foot and rammed the EVPs with it! Danielson stomped the Bucks! Danielson charged at Nicholas with a knee strike against a steel chair. Okada broke up the pin attempt and smashed Danielson with the Rainmaker. The Bucks blasted Danielson with an EVP Trigger! Jack Perry jumped in the ring and drilled Danielson with a running knee strike, scoring the pin!

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