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In Memory of Brodie Lee (1979-2020)

When he strode onto your television screen, Brodie Lee was a monster of man that arrived wrapped up in a business suit, shirt and tie restraining a tremendous fury that was saved for the inside of a professional wrestling ring. He was The Exalted One, directing The Dark Order through the power of naked fear and, as witnessed time and again on episodes of BEING THE ELITE, the colorful use of rage-filled language.

In front of those cameras, MISTER Brodie Lee was the man who decimated The Nightmare Family, leaving Cody, Dustin, Arn Anderson, Brandi Rhodes, and QT Marshall broken in the wake of his TNT Title victory. He was the man who pushed Jon Moxley to his limits for the right to be called AEW World Champion. Mr. Brodie Lee was a man who willingly strapped a dog collar around his neck and chained himself to Cody, and fought his heart out to still be called TNT Champion.

Mr. Brodie Lee was one of the most terrifying presences in All Elite Wrestling, striking fear into foe and flock alike. Anyone who stood across the ring from him knew it was going to be one of the hardest battles of their wrestling career.

But all that was what happened when the cameras clicked on and “The Exalted One,” Mr. Brodie Lee, emerged from somewhere deep inside the man known as Jon Huber.

Before that transformation, after walking back through the tunnel, the man behind Mr. Brodie Lee was known throughout the wrestling landscape as one of the good ones, as a man who's driving motivation in life was to be a good father to his children, Brodie and Nolan, and a loving husband to his wife Amanda. Jon's devotion to his family served as an inspiration to so many of the men and women he encountered throughout his nearly twenty-year career, and his genuine care for others has been illustrated so wonderfully by so many voices on social media.

Universally loved and respected, Jon touched the hearts of fans around the world, as well as those of his wrestling brethren across the whole of professional wrestling. One look at Twitter will tell you the kind of impact Jon Huber had on the lives of countless others across the globe, from both sides of the guardrail, and from wrestling companies worldwide.

“...One of the best men I have ever met...”

“...a kind and warming presence...”

“...Jon was a great man...”

“...loved and respected by everyone who knew him...”

“...A great man and an even better husband & father...”

“...a family man and a first-class human being...”

And those are just a tiny sprinkling of the tributes that have poured from social media platforms representing so many different voices; voices of love, praise, and respect, of support for one another, and for the wife and children that Jon cared for so deeply.

All Elite Wrestling was blessed to have him as part of our family, privileged to call him brother/friend/mentor, and his presence will be greatly, deeply missed by all of us.


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