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“Why Even Get There? Why Even Try? ”Brandi and Allie Face Off In Jacksonville...

“Road To Fight For The Fallen: Episode 2” was certainly an unexpected and emotional shock to the system. After viewers were treated to the announcement of a rather insane Trios bout with Havoc, Allin, and Janela taking on MJF, Guevara, and Spears, the shot faded into an image of Brandi Rhodes watching the empty ring prior to “Fyter Fest” (Watch Here).

The tale that Brandi laid out for the audience was a heartbreaking one, yet ultimately, a hopeful one. It was the story of a girl who loved figure skating from the age of 4, a girl who excelled at figure skating, but who managed to sabotage herself at the most crucial moments; in the words of that woman as she tearfully looked back on that girl “What stopped me in figure skating was me...”

That woman would go on to say “I single-handedly killed my skating career, but I was a kid...I figured one of these days I'll catch up mentally, and one of these days I'll be able to do this.” And as Brandi continued to lay open her deepest wounds for all to see, it became rather uncomfortable to watch; but that's the point, letting the world know that it's okay to not only have fears but also that they don't have to remain hidden.

“I'm going to get passed the demons in my head telling me I can't do this.” is as much a message for everyone watching who struggles through life as it is Brandi's personal rallying cry as heading into “Fight For The Fallen” and her mano y mano encounter with Allie.

As for Allie, in an interview with Alex Marvez following her victory over Librarian Leva Bates during the “Fyter Fest: Buy In” (Watch Here), she simply said that she's ready, that she knows Brandi was watching, and that she saw Allie is ready for July 13th. Check out the match for yourself right here (Watch Here) to see what Allie is bringing to the table in Jacksonville.

For Brandi, this is her first bout for AEW and as she clearly laid out, one of great personal importance to her career and mentally as well. For Allie, while it's not the first, it is certainly the most important of the two matches in her AEW career. The win over Leva may have given Allie momentum heading into this Saturday, but a win over Brandi will net headlines, it will further put Allie's name into the women's title picture as it takes form, and it will no doubt be a moral boost given some of the ways Brandi has talked Allie down over recent months.

Brandi may say in the aforementioned “Road to...” video that it was more projecting her feelings about herself onto Allie, but it doesn't make the words sting less nor take back the fact they were spoken in the first place.

"Fight For The Fallen”, presented by Farah & Farah, comes to you live and absolutely free for US-based viewers on B/R Live ( THIS Saturday night July 13th, and on Fite.TV for our fans in the UK ( Select tickets can also be purchased here: Buy Tickets.


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