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AEW Dynamite Results for August 3, 2022


Tonight’s episode of AEW DYNAMITE was broadcast live from the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, OH!

Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, and “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

Jay Lethal (with Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh) vs. “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy!

Orange ducked a charging Jay Lethal and tried for a cradle pin. Orange snatched a side headlock. Jay Lethal quickly got to his feet and took Orange Cassidy down with an arm drag. Lethal attempted the Lethal Injection but Orange Cassidy countered and then followed up with a tope suicida.

Lethal crawled up the ramp and Orange followed him. Satnam Singh walked out of the tunnel to the top of the ramp. Chuck Taylor had Trent on his shoulders and they had a face off until Sonjay Dutt warned Satnam that Chuck Taylor was hiding himself under Trent’s trench coat.

Jay Lethal used the distraction to his advantage and began to work over Orange’s legs. Jay Lethal sandwiched Cassidy’s leg in between the steel ring steps and then dropkicked the steps!

“Jay Lethal is attempting to dismantle the leg of Orange Cassidy,” said Excalibur.

“It’s apparent Lethal is trying to set up Orange for a figure four leglock,” replied Tony Schiavone.

And then Jay Lethal locked on the figure four but Orange rolled to the ropes to force the ref to break the hold. Jay Lethal attempted to suplex Orange back into the ring but Orange countered with a Stun Dog Millionaire. Jay Lethal fired back with the Lethal Combination counter!

“Very impressive by Jay,” said Taz.

Orange Cassidy fought back with body shops and then landed a diving DDT on Lethal! He followed back with a second DDT to Lethal for a near fall!

Orange was about to go for the Orange Punch but his leg gave out and he crumbled to the mat. Jay Lethal tried to hoist him up but Orange countered with the Beach Break for a two-count. Orange tried to power through for an Orange Punch but Lethal dodged it. Lethal kicked out Orange’s leg and then scored the pin on Orange after the Lethal Injection!

Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh came to the ring to help Jay celebrate. Sonjay asked Lethal his thoughts on Wardlow.

Jay Lethal: “Wardlow came out last week and stuck his nose in our business because he wants to protect his new friend Orange Cassidy. Wardlow, if you’re listening, you might want to come out right now because I’m going to put the figure four on Orange Cassidy and break his leg!”

Best Friends rang to the ring and then the TNT Champ Wardlow stormed to the ring. Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh retreated from the ring.

Sonjay Dutt: “How about this Wardlow, Battle Of The Belts III, put that title up on the line against my man!”

Wardlow: “Columbus, Ohio, welcome to Wardlow’s world! If you ain’t got the balls to do it tonight, I don’t care what time, what city, the end result is Wardlow is going to whoop you!”

Next: The Undisputed Elite Returned!

Out walked Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish, Adam Cole, and The Young Bucks—Nick & Matt Jackson!

Adam Cole: “My God, does it feel good to be back in this ring. More importantly, it feels great to be back in this ring with my friends. Unfortunately I am still not medically cleared but I took this time to think about a lot of things. Such as things we can work on.

“It’s not just great leadership that makes up a faction. It’s chemistry, which we have in spades. It’s talent. Most importantly, it’s about loyalty. It’s about fighting alongside your brothers no matter what. And my God, we had that too. I came to AEW because of the Young Bucks. I have traveled around the globe with Kyle and Bobby. Loyalty is everything. Which brings me to this trios tournament.

“Matt, Nick, guys there’s nothing that I would love more than for the Undisputed Elite to be the winners of this trios tournament. But if I’m not medically cleared, and if Kyle’s not medically cleared, and Bucks, if you’re not choosing Bobby to be your partner, then you two won’t be physically capable of competing in this tournament.”

Adam Cole and ReDRagon ambushed the Young Bucks!

“I can’t believe what we just witnessed,” said Tony Schiavone.

Bobby Fish placed Matt’s head in between a steel chair and Adam Code was going to jump off the top turnbuckle but “Hangman” Adam Page sprinted to the ring with a metal pipe and Cole and ReDRagon ran off!

Adam Cole offered his hand to Matt Jackson and Matt accepted!

“Tony, can we say it? Are the Elite back?” wondered Excalibur.

“It may be premature but it seems that way,” replied Tony Schiavone.

AEW Interim World Champion Jon Moxley was backstage with some words!

“I don’t care who wins tonight between Chris Jericho and Wheeler Yuta. It’s not a stock answer. I don’t care. When the bell rings, I have no respect for anybody. When I get into the ring, I’m trying to hurt by opponent. I will not stop until somebody goes to the hospital, even if it’s me.

“And when the BCC is all said and done, we’re going to make the Hart Dungeon look like a day care. But whoever wins tonight, they’d better be ready when they step into the ring with me next week. When they step into the ring with me, this is not a game.”

Earlier in the day, Tony Schiavone tried to interview Christian Cage backstage.

Christian Cage was interrupted as Jungle Boy almost ran over Christian Cage in an SUV!

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. & Jamie Hayter (with Rebel)


Thunder Storm—AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa & Toni Storm!

Thunder Rosa used a double leg takedown on Britt Baker but then Baker went for the Lock Jaw. Thunder Rosa countered with a suplex.

Jamie Hayter tagged in but Thunder Rosa nailed her with a running dropkick. Thunder Rosa chopped Jamie in the chest. Toni tagged in and charged at Hayter with a running uppercut. Thunder Storm used a double vertical suplex on Jamie Hayter. Thunder Rosa cracked Hayter in the jaw with a powerful shot and followed up with a snap mare.

Britt Baker tagged in and sent Rosa into the turnbuckles. Hayter followed up with running double knees to Thunder Rosa. Toni Storm made the tag and hit a high cross body on Hayter. Storm DDT’ed Britt Baker outside the ring. Toni hit another crossbody on Hayter. Toni grabbed a near fall after a water wheel drop on Hayter.

Britt Baker tagged in and blasted Rosa with a rip cord strike. Thunder Rosa fired back with a Death Valley Driver. Toni climbed to the top rope but after some distraction by Rebel, Baker climbed to the top rope and hit an avalanche air raid crash on Toni Storm!

Hayter hit a sliding lariat to Toni Storm. Hayter went for the pin but Thunder Rosa jumped out of nowhere to break up the pin! Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker hit each other with strikes but then Britt Baker connected with the air raid crash! Toni Storm launched off the ropes with a DDT to Baker but Hayter became a difference maker and planted Storm!

“This is awesome! This is awesome! This is awesome!” the fans chanted.

Toni Storm used her hip attack but then Baker pulled Thunder Rosa down, forcing Toni to crash into her. Hayter wasted no time to score the pinfall on Toni Storm!

Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti were shown in Paris and announced they are busy this week getting married!

Eddie Kingston interrupted the video package. He said Sammy had a receipt (and a contract) coming. “See you at the pay-per-view!”

From the broadcast booth, Taz said Team Taz was finished! Team Taz is no more!

Up next: Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ren Jones!

Hobbs squashed Jones into the corner with a running splash. Hobbs hoisted up Jones and smashed him with a leaping Oklahoma Slam. Hobbs pinned Ren Jones in short order!

Ricky Starks ran to the ring and began to brawl with Powerhouse Hobbs. Starks ate a spinebuster from Powerhouse Hobbs and then Hobbs left the ring.

Darby Allin was somewhere tattooing Brody King’s name on his hand! He said that Brody asked for this match. And next week it’ll be Brody King vs. Darby Allin in a Coffin Match!

Jim Ross joined the broadcast booth for hour two of DYNAMITE!

Christian Cage vs. Matt Hardy!

“This is a rivalry that dates back over 23 years,” said Excalibur.

Matt Hardy used a quick double leg on Christian Cage and swarmed him with strikes! Christian Cage rallied back but then Matt Hardy shoved him off the turnbuckles, back onto the ring apron!

Hardy whipped Christian Cage into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Hardy smashed Christian’s head into the turnbuckles and followed up with a powerbomb for a near fall.

Christian Cage rammed Hardy into the steel ring steps and then hit Hardy with a running knee to the head! But Matt Hardy mustered the strength to superplex Christian Cage back into the ring! Hardy got good height on a back body drop to Christian Cage.

Matt Hardy dropped the point of his elbow on Christian Cage’s neck. Cage countered the Twist of Fate. Matt Hardy back body dropped Cage off the turnbuckles and followed up with a diving elbow for a near fall.

Christian Cage attempted the Kill Switch but Matt Hardy countered it. Cage came back with a diving headbutt for a near fall!

“These two men are leaving it all out here,” said Taz.

Matt Hardy rocked Christian Cage with the Side Effect for a two-count! Matt followed up with a Side Effect on the apron! Matt Hardy grabbed the time keeper’s table and moved it closer to the ring. Hardy placed Christian Cage on the table and then tried for an elbow drop off the apron but Christian moved!

“Hardy’s broken body just went through the table,” said Jim Ross.

Christian Cage was looking for the Kill Switch inside the ring and he nailed it on Matt Hardy for the pin!

“Perfectly executed by the most hated man in All Elite Wrestling,” said Jim Ross.

Christian Cage pulled two steel chairs out from beneath the ring. Christian was setting up the con-chair-to on Matt Hardy but then Luchasaurus walked onto the ramp. As Christian Cage was distracted, Jungle Boy jumped into the ring! Christian Cage ran through the crowd to get some distance from Jungle Boy!

Tony Schiavone was backstage with Daniel Garcia!

Garcia: “My win against Bryan Danielson was the biggest win in AEW. I am the dragon slayer! Bryan, whenever you’re ready to come back from injury, I’m going to slay the dragon again.”

“All Ego” Ethan Page was in the ring asking why he wasn’t featured on TV every week!

Page: “Ethan Page deserves better! Why would you guys cheer? When my t-shirt goes on sale, you nitwits are first in line for an Orange Cassidy or CM Punk t-shirt. But you don’t have my back. And every single week that I’m not on TV, this company is leaving money on the table!”

Stokely Hathaway entered the ring.

Hathaway: “What are you doing?”

Hathaway handed his business card to Ethan Page and Page smiled.

“Apparently Stokely Hathaway making a very compelling offer to Ethan Page,” said Excalibur.

Tony Schiavone was backstage with Anna Jay, Angelo Parker, and Matt Menard of the Jericho Appreciation Society!

Matt: “One week from tonight, Chris Jericho will become the champ for a second time!”

Angelo Parker: “We’re the greatest faction in sports entertainment.”

Anna Jay put an AEW crew member in a choke hold!

Tag Team Dumpster Match!

The Acclaimed—Anthony Bowens & Max Caster


The Gunn Club—Austin & Colten (with Billy)!

The Gunn Club tried to double suplex Bowens onto trash cans but Bowens reversed it by suplexing the Gunn Club! The Gunn Club powerbombed Bowens into the dumpster! Caster was backdropped into the dumpster but Caster hit back with a cookie sheet!

The teams brawled to the top of the ramp!

“I don’t think the Gunn Club will be happy with just winning this match,” said Taz.

Austin Gunn was on top of the tunnel but Caster climbed up and threw Austin into the dumpster! Bowens placed Colten on a table and Caster nailed him with the Mic Drop! They placed both members of the Gunn Club in the dumpster and then tied the lid shut, winning the match!

The Acclaimed pushed the dumpster off the ramp and sent it crashing onto the floor below!

“The Wizard” Chris Jericho (with Angelo Parker and Matt Menard) vs. ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta!

The winner will earn an Interim Title Match with Jon Moxley on next week’s episode of DYNAMITE!

William Regal joined the commentary team for this match.

ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli walked to the ring to help even up the odds for Wheeler Yuta.

Yuta flicked Jericho’s broken nose, a move that Regal taught him. Jericho rolled out of the ring but Wheeler chased after him and then whipped Jericho into the steel guardrails. Parker grabbed Yuta’s boot and ref Aubrey Edwards ejected them from the ringside area.

Jericho tried to roll up Wheeler for a quick pin but Wheeler went after Jericho’s broken nose again. Wheeler Yuta climbed to the top turnbuckle but Jericho knocked Yuta off his perch.

Yuta rallied back, stringing some combos together, nailing Jericho. Both men collided into one another with cross body presses. On their knees, they traded palm strikes. Yuta used a German Suplex, and then a second German Suplex, and then a third, and then a fourth, and then a fifth on Jericho for a near fall! Jericho countered with the Walls of Jericho. Yuta grabbed the bottom rope, forcing the ref break.

Jericho charged at Yuta but Yuta dumped Jericho over the top rope! Yuta connected with two tope suicidas!

“Amazing passion!” said Jim Ross.

Yuta caught Jericho off guard with a third tope suicida! Jericho attempted the lionsault but Yuta raised his knees to block it! Yuta jumped off the top rope but Jericho countered with the Code Breaker for a two-count!

“Jericho is a little perplexed,” said Taz.

Jericho used the hammer and anvil elbows on Yuta but Yuta grabbed Jericho’s broken nose again. Yuta had Jericho in a submission. Jericho grabbed his baseball bat but ref Aubrey Edwards yanked it away. When she had her back turned, Jericho hit Yuta with a low blow. Jericho applied the Lion Tamer and Wheeler Yuta was forced to tap out!

Jericho would not release the Lion Tamer even after the bell rang! Jon Moxley had seen enough, storming to the ring. Jericho finally released the hold at the sight of an angry Moxley.

Chris Jericho: “Moxley, you just unleashed the demon! You opened the pandora’s box. You want “Lionheart” Chris Jericho? You got it! But I’m gonna stretch the s—t out of you!”

Catch AEW DYNAMITE: Quake By The Lake on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN!

This Friday tune in to RAMPAGE live on TNT at 10pm ET from the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI!

Tune in this Saturday as AEW presents Battle Of The Belts III at 8/7c on TNT!

And remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling!


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