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AEW Dynamite Results for March 10, 2021


Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It's Wednesday night and you know what that means!

What an opening match!

For the First Time Ever!

Matt Jackson—one-half of the AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks (accompanied by Nick Jackson) vs. Death Triangle’s Rey Fenix (with PAC)!

They locked up and after fighting for wrist control, Rey Fenix hit a dropkick on Matt Jackson. Rey Fenix used a big overhand chop on Matt and then a hurracanrana off the apron onto Matt!

“Rey Fenix is just so fluid!” said Tony Schiavone.

“He may be the very best in the world with this high risk offense,” replied Jim Ross.

Rey Fenix applied body scissors to Matt Jackson and then changed levels with a thrust kick to the back of Matt’s head. They battled on top of the turnbuckles and Matt countered with a powerbomb! Matt punished Rey Fenix’s back with a double sledgehammer and then a stomp. Rey Fenix got back up to the vertical position just long enough for Matt to flatten him for a two-count! Rey Fenix reversed a powerbomb attempt from Matt but Matt countered it with a sharpshooter! Rey Fenix got the upper hand again with a springboard up off the middle and then hitting a pinpoint accurate dropkick off the top rope to Matt! Rey Fenix rolled through into a cutter onto Matt! It was clear both wrestlers were still feeling the pain from their respective matches this past Sunday at REVOLUTION.

Rey Fenix went for the tightrope walk penalty kick but Matt dodged it and surprised Rey Fenix with a destroyer! He followed it up with a destroyer on the arena floor! Matt blasted Rey Fenix with a Randy Savage-like elbow drop off the top for a near fall on Rey Fenix! SCU were watching in the stands and were clearly impressed with what they saw. Matt Jackson applied the sharpshooter again and Rey Fenix barely made it to the ropes. Rey Fenix attempted to dropkick Matt but hit Nick Jackson instead. Matt Jackson evened it up by superkicking PAC on the outside.

Rey Fenix tried for a release German suplex but Matt landed on his feet and returned fire with a superkick! They traded offense and counters until both were knocked to the mat! They started dishing out chops, forearms, and then kicks to one another. Rey Fenix planted Matt Jackson with a piledriver and pinned him!

“What a prelude to the AEW Tag Team Championship match between The Young Bucks and PAC and Rey Fenix,” said Excalibur.

Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley were shown drinking.

Kingston said he had flashbacks to jail and he blacked out covering up Jon Moxley after Mox’s match at REVOLUTION.

“Eddie, I think Impact paid for that bomb. Kenny, when it came in the mail did it come with big bold letters that said ‘ACME’? I didn’t win my belt back at REVOLUTION. All I got was this t-shirt, but I did get my drinking buddy back, too. Kenny, The Good Brothers, if you’re gonna flash a weapon, you better use it,” said Jon Moxley.

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (with Arn Anderson) vs. Seth Gargis!

Cody’s left shoulder was taped up. Cody lifted Gargis and planted him with a running powerslam. Cody applied the figure four and forced Gargis to tap!

Tony Schiavone entered the ring to interview Cody after the match.

Arn Anderson was clearly pleased with Cody’s quick and effective performance tonight, pointing at his wristwatch and smiling.

“Cody, let’s talk about the shoulder and how you’re feeling right now,” said Tony Schiavone.

Before he could answer in full, Penta El Zero Miedo interrupted him from the Spanish announce team and using Alex Abrahantes as a translator, Penta El Zero Miedo said if Cody is the prince of pro wrestling, that Penta El Zero Miedo is the Lord of Lucha Libre!

“At REVOLUTION you lost. And had it just been you and me in that ring, you would have lost more than the match. You know why?” Penta El Zero Miedo said he would have hurt Cody’s injured arm so much that he wouldn’t be able to pick up his baby. Cody heard enough and he sprinted out of the ring and into the crowd. He and Penta El Zero Miedo began to brawl and had to be separated!

Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy were at an arcade.

“Please, Miro, give us one more match. And if we lose, I’ll be your butler forever. But my buddy Orange had a really good idea. How about we put all these arcade games at ringside and we put you through them.”

“And then we break you,” added Orange Cassidy.

After his successful return in his first match since 2015, Sting appeared live for an interview with Tony Schiavone!

“Tony, let me tell you something about Darby. He is a dangerous, dangerous man. And he takes risks with his own body, and you combine that with the Stinger and you combine that with the menacing environment of the streets, and you get a win. Darby gets a win and Sting gets a win!”

“The MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer and Jake “The Snake” Roberts interrupted Sting.

“If you won’t give us time, we’ll take time,” said Archer.

“Well this is Sting’s time here right now,” replied Tony Schiavone.

“We’ll see you around,” said Jake Roberts.

“All Ego” Ethan Page vs. Lee Johnson (with QT Marshall)!

Ethan Page shoulder blocked Lee to the mat and lifted his arms up to show off. Page had a flurry of offense punishing Lee’s page. Lee used a hanging neck breaker and then a blue thunder bomb for a near fall! Lee Johnson took Ethan Page to the top turnbuckle but Page body slammed him from up there. Page used a cutter for a two-count!

Johnson attempted a leap frog and landed wrong on his knee. Ethan Page didn’t wait as the ref was checking on Lee Johnson, rocking Lee with a pump kick! Ethan Page hurled Lee Johnson half way across the ring with the Ego’s Edge and pinned Lee Johnson! Ethan Page continued to attack Lee Johnson after the match until Dustin Rhodes ran down to chase Ethan Page away. QT Marshall never intervened and then simply walked off.

Alex Marvez was backstage to interview “Hangman” Adam Page.

He told Marvez how he spent Matt Hardy’s money after winning the “Big Money Match” at REVOLUTION. He said he bought the entire Dwight Yoakam catalogue on vinyl, he purchased some whiskey, donated most of it, and also bought a new riding lawnmower. He invited the Dark Order to jump on and they drove off to get ice cream together!

Tony Schiavone was out to interview Christian Cage!

Schiavone was interrupted when the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega came out instead. He was joined by Impact’s Don Callis and The Good Brothers! Tony Schiavone left to go back to the broadcast booth.

Don Callis said he was sorry that the audience wouldn’t get to hear from the brand new AEW signing Christian Cage right now because “we call the shots around here. And I’m standing next to the king of the death match, Kenny Omega! On Sunday at REVOLUTION, it all went according to plan.”

“Maybe not everything,” replied Omega.

“Oh, you mean the explosion not heard around the world? We’re getting a lot of heat. I’m not going to confirm or deny that we had anything to do with that. What I will confirm is how happy it made us to take away what the fans wanted, taking away Tony Khan’s chance to create big moments. We took away Eddie Kingston’s star making heroic moment. If the ring somehow didn’t blow up, we looked even better because we still walked out with the championship and Moxley and Kingston looked like a pair of idiots,” said Don Callis.

Omega: “It’s sweet that I beat you and I embarrassed you, leaving you and Kingston looking like losers in the ring while four sparklers short from the corner posts.”

Eddie Kingston walked down to the ring.

Callis: “I know this guy. I had you working for me in Impact Wrestling because I saw the toughness and you had it all, but I had to fire you Eddie. Because you did the same thing in Impact Wrestling working for me that you did your whole life. When you’re close to grabbing the brass ring, you find a way to screw it up. Just like you did at REVOLUTION. That was your moment and we took it away and we laughed at you. And you’re a little outgunned here tonight. And because I like you, I’m going to give you 10 seconds to get out of here before these guys kick your ass.”

The countdown clock began to play on the big screen. Kenny and Don mocked Kingston, with Kenny pretending to be frightened, asking Don to cover him up and protect him..

Omega: “What do you hope to accomplish, Eddie, standing in here with a bunch of guys that can kick your ass. Take your best shot. First one’s free. But you don’t have the balls.”

Kingston shrugged and then smacked Omega! The Good Brothers began to stomp on Eddie Kingston until Jon Moxley sprinted out to help his friend Eddie Kingston!

Christian Cage’s music began to play and he walked out and down to the ring. Christian Cage slowly approached the world champion Kenny Omega and then he got in Omega’s face. Omega offered his hand, but Christian Cage wanted no part of it. Omega tried to cheap shot Christian Cage but Christian Cage countered it and was about to drop Omega on his head! Don Callis pulled out Kenny Omega to safety. Christian Cage picked up the AEW World Title and held it in his hands, and then he dropped it back to the mat!

“The forecast of what may be someday here on DYNAMITE,” said Jim Ross.

Up next: A Trios Match!

Hikaru Shida, Ryo Mizunami, and Thunder Rosa vs. “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose (with Vickie Guerrero), Maki Itoh, and Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D (with Rebel, still using a crutch to walk)!

The fight began as Maki Itoh continued to sing her own theme on the entrance ramp! She didn’t want her performance interrupted!

Itoh charged Shida but Shida used her power to force Itoh to the mat. Ryo tagged in and splashed Itoh in the corner. Thunder Rosa and Nyla Rose both tagged in for their respective teams. Vickie Guerrero distracted Thunder Rosa and Nyla Rose walloped Thunder Rosa from behind!

Shida connected with a running knee to Britt Baker for a near fall. Itoh ran in and hammered Shida with her hard headbutt! Thunder Rosa clubbed Baker with back elbows and forearms. Thunder Rosa climbed to the top rope and launched herself, taking down everyone with the Cancun tornado! Itoh spiked Thunder Rosa with a swinging DDT. Rebel tried to get involved and interfere while the ref was distracted. Instead Thunder Rosa spiked Itoh and pinned her. After the match, Vickie, Nyla Rose and Rebel interfered, allowing Britt Baker to apply the lockjaw on Thunder Rosa!

“That will come with a price,” said Jim Ross.

Private Party and Matt Hardy were backstage. Hardy said he signed new additions to the Hardy empire: The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny. He said they were going to destroy the Dark Order for what they did to him!

The next match was tor the TNT Title!

TNT Champion Darby Allin defending against “the Face of the REVOLUTION” Scorpio Sky!

“Darby cannot be 100% after his street fight at REVOLUTION,” said Jim Ross.

“Neither can Scorpio Sky after winning his ladder match at REVOLUTION,” added Excalibur.

They fist bumped one another to start the match as a sign of mutual respect. Darby took Sky down with a side headlock. Darby applied a tight hammerlock. Darby rolled up Sky twice but Sky avoided the pin both times.

Darby grappled Sky on the mat until Sky grabbed a rope. He pushed Darby away, showing a bit of a temper flare up. Darby tried to flip off Scorpio Sky’s back and tweaked his ankle. Sky covered Darby, trying to put a quick end to the match, but Darby kicked out. Scorpio Sky smashed Darby with a back breaker across his knee! Darby escaped an abdominal stretch but he walked into a powerful right hand shot from Scorpio Sky.

“Darby got rocked!” said Excalibur.

Sky tried for another but Darby dodged it and countered with a stunner for a near fall. He followed up with a Code Red on Sky for another two-count!

“Darby came into that Code Red with such velocity that Sky was planted on his neck,” said Excalibur.

Darby charged at Sky but Sky nailed him with a big boot! Sky blasted Darby with the three amigos, the third and final suplex sending Darby’s neck against the turnbuckle! Darby rallied back though and tried for a tope suicida but Sky blocked it with a stunner on the arena floor!

Sky hooked Darby after a brainbuster but Darby kicked out in the nick of time! Sky hoisted Darby onto the top rope but Darby knocked Sky off with an elbow. Darby went for the coffin drop but Sky anticipated it and caught him with a powerbomb! Sky lifted Darby for the TKO but Darby cradled him and retained the championship by the skin of his teeth!

After the match Scorpio Sky locked on a heel hook on Darby until the referees ran down to pull him off the champ! Scorpio Sky looked down at his hands and then smiled.

Time for The Inner Circle’s war council!

“When any great army needs to change their course in the middle of battle, they hold a war council. The decline we’ve had in the past few weeks is easily remedied. It’s time for a new outlook. Maybe it’s time to introduce a new member into the Inner Circle,” said Jericho.

“Whoa, I don’t think we need to add a new member. Maybe it’s time we let someone go,” said MJF.

Sammy Guevara’s music hit!

“Great ovation for Sammy’s return,” said Excalibur.

Jericho: “Wow. Look who’s here. What are you doing?”

“I need you to see this. I need to show you something,” said Sammy.

“You’re dead to us,” said Jericho.

“Chris, after everything we’ve been through, I need you to look at something. Just look.”

Sammy had a video play on the big screen. It showed footage from earlier in the day, when Sammy had placed a hidden camera in their dressing room. It showed a recording of MJF telling Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz that it was time to rid the Inner Circle of Jericho.

Back in the ring, MJF said to Jericho, “I didn’t want you to find out like this.”

Hager, Santana, and Ortiz acted like they were going to assault Jericho but then they turned around and stood next to Jericho.

“Shut up you stupid idiot. On behalf of Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle, your ass is fired,” said Jericho, as he shoved MJF to the mat.

MJF: “Hear me out, Chris. I swear I didn’t want to take over your group…because I was too busy building my own.”

The arena lights went dark!

FTR, Tully, Wardlow, and Shawn Spears were in the ring when the lights turned back on. Dax Harwood smashed a glass bottle on Jake Hager and then they completely ambushed the Inner Circle.

“Look at MJF just perched on the top rope watching this,” said Excalibur.

FTR handcuffed Santana and Ortiz and then lifted them up. Tully jumped off the turnbuckle and helped FTR spike Santana and Ortiz with piledrivers! Wardlow held up Jericho and MJF punched him in the head with the Dynamite Diamond ring, busting open Jericho’s head. Tully picked up Jericho’s bat and handed it to MJF, who then rammed it against Jericho’s skull!

FTR and Spears carried Jericho up the ramp. Wardlow grabbed Jericho and powerbombed him off the stage and sent him crashing through a table below!

“Well there is a new faction in town, boys,” said Tony Schiavone.

“MJF has pulled off a coup. It’s an all-star team,” said Jim Ross.

Be sure to catch AEW DYNAMITE next Wednesday live on TNT!


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