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AEW Dynamite Results for May 19, 2021


Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It's Wednesday night and you know what that means!

Our opening contest tonight was Christian Cage vs. Matt Sydal!

Taz joined the commentary team for this match.

Both Christian Cage and Matt Sydal are entrants into the Casino Battle Royale match at DOUBLE OR NOTHING on pay-per-view on May 30th.

They locked up and Christian Cage used a side headlock and then a shoulder block on Sydal. Christian Cage applied a headlock but Sydal slid out and reversed it. Sydal followed up with a flying mare for a near fall. Sydal jumped to the middle rope for a moonsault press but Christian Cage kicked him, knocking him off balance. Cage connected with a thunderous dropkick through the ropes to the outside on Matt Sydal.

Christian Cage tried to keep Sydal grounded, employing a backbreaker. Cage used a diving uppercut for a two-count. He dropped a headbutt to Sydal’s spine.

“The winner of this match is going to have some momentum going into DOUBLE OR NOTHING,” said Tony Schiavone.

Matt Sydal jumped to the top turnbuckle, but Christian Cage cut him off at the pass, meeting him up there with stiff body shots. Sydal was able to create some distance, knocking Christian back down to the mat. Matt Sydal followed up with the meteora for a near fall! Sydal worked over Christian’s legs with leg kicks and then a lariat for a near fall. Sydal took advantage of a mistimed maneuver by Christian Cage and dropped him with a leg lariat! Sydal ran in with a driving knee strike for another two-count on Christian!

Matt Sydal was searching for the lightning spiral, but Christian Cage countered with a backbreaker. Christian ran in for a spear but Sydal dodged it, hooking Christian Cage with a deep sunset flip for a two-count! Sydal wasted no time applying the grounded straitjacket submission hold on Christian. Ref Paul Turner broke the hold once Christian was able to grab the ropes. Christian Cage speared Matt Sydal!

“It’s anybody’s ball game right now,” said Jim Ross.

Sydal surprised Christian Cage with a knee strike, catching him right on the jaw! Sydal tried for a standing moonsault but Christian Cage got his knees up in time! Christian Cage hit the Kill Switch on Matt Sydal for the pin!

“Still undefeated here in AEW at 3-0,” observed Tony Schiavone.

After the match, “Absolute” Ricky Starks walked onto the ramp.

“I’m letting you know right now, Christian Cage, I’m front and center. Between you and me, Christian Cage, we’ve got some business to handle,” said Starks.

Starks called out Team Taz to join him, but it was a trap. Brian Cage, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Hook ambushed Christian Cage and Matt Sydal from behind!

“A well thought out plan, Taz,” said Jim Ross.

“Wow, a highly orchestrated assault,” added Excalibur.

“Hangman” Adam Page came out and gave his drink to Ricky Starks to hold onto. Page cleaned house on Team Taz until finally Hook took out one of Page’s legs with a chop block. “The Machine” Brian Cage blasted “Hangman” Adam Page with a devastating powerbomb!

“Call the dogs off, Taz,” said Jim Ross.

The Acclaimed—Max Caster & Anthony Bowens vs. Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston!

Mox wasted no time blasting Bowens with a right hand, taking offense to a few bars in The Acclaimed’s rap that mentioned Mox’s wife.

“Anthony Bowens just got his block knocked off!” said Excalibur.

Kingston chopped away at “Platinum” Max Caster. Kingston whipped Caster into the turnbuckles and tagged in Moxley. Mox stomped a mudhole into Max Caster. Kingston tagged in and took Caster over the top with a standing vertical suplex. Mox and Eddie utilized quick tags to get the upper hand on Max Caster.

“Max Caster has been absolutely battered by Kingston and Moxley,” said Excalibur.

Caster came back with a dragon screw off the middle rope on Kingston. Bowens tagged in and continued to work over Kingston’s leg.

“This is the best Bowens has looked,” said Jim Ross.

Bowens applied the Price of Fame inverted cloverleaf submission on Kingston, but Moxley jumped in to make the save for his partner. The veteran Kingston shoved Bowens and Caster together to buy himself some time and distance. Kingston got the tag to Moxley who steamrolled through The Acclaimed with a double clothesline! Moxley mauled Caster with a release German suplex and then a King Kong lariat to “Platinum” Max! The Acclaimed battled back with tandem offense on Moxley until Kingston ran in to even up the odds.

“Kingston hurled his body on one leg to make the break,” said Schiavone.

Caster threw a chain to Bowens while the referee had his back turned. Bowens wrapped the heavy metal chain around his fist. The ref turned around in time to see Bowens, but on the other side of the ring, Caster slid in with the boom box. Moxley was there to intercept it! Moxley rammed the boom box into Caster’s face! Kingston hoisted up Bowens in a wheelbarrow position and then Moxley took over and planted Bowens with a tandem Paradigm Shift! Mox pinned Bowens!

“A resounding victory,” said Jim Ross.

“That’s a huge win for the undefeated team of Eddie Kingston and Moxley, and they’ll be moving up the ranks,” noted Tony Schiavone.

Tony Schiavone interviewed “All Ego” Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky in the ring.

Scorpio Sky: “When I was a child, Sting was everything I loved about pro wrestling. He was everything good about this business. And just like all the other little stingers, I wanted to be just like him. And then something happened: Time. You are not the same man you used to be. And I am no longer a child. I am a grown man warning you to step aside or I will put you down.”

Ethan Page: “Scorpio you already proved you could put him down when you locked Sting in that heel hook and made him miss a week of DYNAMITE. And on that week, you missed, I hope you were watching, Sting, when I threw Darby Allin down the steps. And then the week after you lost the TNT Title. I’m here to take everything away from Darby Allin. I will be the nail in your coffin!”

The lights turned off and when they came back on it began to snow in Jacksonville!

Sting went right to the ring, while Darby attacked Page and Sky with his skateboard! Darby Allin grounded and pounded Ethan Page while Sting hit a bigtime clothesline on Scorpio Sky! Sting locked in the Scorpion Deathlock on Scorpio Sky while Darby Allin whacked away at Ethan Page with the skateboard, keeping him at bay.

Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky attempted to retreat to the back, but they were stopped by The Dark Order! Page and Sky had to find another exit strategy and ran away!

MJF and The Pinnacle were eating steak at a five-star restaurant.

“If you decide to do Stadium Stampede, just know that it’ll be your last match, Inner Circle. Because when you’re in The Pinnacle, you’re always on top,” said MJF.

Rebel (with Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.) vs. AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida was next!

Rebel feigned injury early on but Shida didn’t take the bait. She kicked Rebel back against the ropes. Shida rocked Rebel with a forearm to the jaw. Shida put on a doctor’s glove and was about to apply the lockjaw. This got under Britt Baker’s skin. Baker jumped up on the ring apron and hoisted Shida’s championship above her. The referee tried to restore order and get Baker off the apron, and while this was happening, Rebel took her crutch and waffled Shida in the back with it!

“She says her crutch is clutch and buddy, it was there,” said Schiavone.

Rebel got a near fall on Shida after a suplex toss. Shida went after Rebel’s leg and sat out with a knee breaker. She locked in the stretch muffler and Rebel tapped out! Britt Baker blindsided Shida and curb stomped Shida face first onto the title belt!

“Demo God” Chris Jericho and Inner Circle were out to make an announcement!

“What’s the Inner Circle gonna do about The Pinnacle? At this point talk is cheap. Plain and simple: I wanna fight,” said Ortiz.

“I cannot agree with you more. As long as the Inner Circle and The Pinnacle work for AEW, this is never gonna end. This is not gonna end until we get this match. You want to know my answer? You already know what I’m gonna say,” added Sammy Guevara.

“If you ask me, we don’t have a choice. Since the beginning of DYNAMITE, the Inner Circle said we are the baddest. If we don’t accept then we are just like them,” said Jake Hager.

“Cowards,” added Sammy.

“Exactly The last thing we want is to be a bunch of schoolgirl b—ches like you, Pinnacle,” said Jake Hager.

“I heard The Pinnacle’s challenge for the Stadium Stampede loud and clear, and the stipulation that if we lose, the Inner Circle has to break up forever. And I’m wondering, is it worth it? And I’m wondering if BLOOD & GUTS was worth it. I’m still thinking about it every day. The toll that it took on all ten of us. A bucket of blood. A pound of flesh. A piece of our souls. It never comes back. Was it worth it? None of us will forget that night, especially me, ‘cause I’ll never be the same again. Because of MJF,” said Chris Jericho.

“Max, you hurt me bad,” continued Jericho. “What won’t go away is the mental image of you throwing me off the top of the cage. The most terrifying moment of my life. You scared my family. You scared my children. You scared every single person you watched BLOOD & GUTS two weeks ago. Was it worth it? The only answer that I have is when I think of the revenge I’m going to get on you MJF. Yes, it was 1000% worth it.

“If you want our answer as to whether or not the Inner Circle accepts your challenge for Stadium Stampede, it is 1000% yes! And if we can’t beat The Pinnacle after all we’ve been through, then we don’t deserve to be together anymore. But that won’t happen. Because we told you. We warned you. You’re going to have to kill us to beat us and we’re still alive. At Stadium Stampede, the Inner Circle is coming for you. Hell is coming for you Pinnacle! May 30th, DOUBLE OR NOTHING, we’re gonna dance all over your face and piss all over your grave!”

Earlier in the day, Tony Schiavone interviewed Jade Cargill.

Schiavone asked if she decided about choosing a manager.

“Tony, I am tired of reiterating myself. I’m my own boss.”

Jade was interrupted by Mark Sterling, Esq. He said that unlike the other potential managers, he was going to work for Jade, and not the other way around. Jade told Sterling to exit left, and she’d think about it.

“Who is that guy?” Jade asked, clearly annoyed.

NWA Women’s World Champion Serena Deeb vs. Red Velvet!

Deeb went right after Red Velvet with stiff European uppercuts. She hooked Red Velvet with a twisting neck breaker for a near fall! Serena was looking for the Deeb-tox, but Red Velvet escaped. Deeb delivered a back elbow to Velvet’s jaw.

Red Velvet turned the tables and laid in a series of body shots. Deeb countered with a dragon screw! She followed up with Ronnie Garvin-esque stomps to Red Velvet. Deeb catapulted Velvet into the bottom rope. Red Velvet fired back with clotheslines, a drop toehold, and then a moonsault press for a near fall! Red Velvet connected with a moonsault press off the ring apron! Velvet used a corkscrew shot onto Deeb for a near fall!

Red Velvet attempted her patented Just Desserts high kick, but Serena Deeb dodged it. Velvet sat down onto Deeb’s shoulders for a near fall.

“How close was that?!” asked a bewildered Tony Schiavone.

Red Velvet climbed to the top rope and launched herself with a moonsault press but Deeb lifted her knees in the nick of time! Deeb planted Red Velvet with a powerbomb but Velvet kicked out before the three-count. Deeb applied the Serenity Lock but Velvet wouldn’t tap. Deeb used a chop block and then smashed Velvet’s knee into the canvas. She applied the Serenity Lock again and Red Velvet had no choice but to tap!

Anthony Ogogo (with The Factory—QT Marshall, Aaron Solow, & Nick Comorotto) vs. Austin Gunn (with Cody Rhodes & Arn Anderson)!

As the bell rang to begin the match, Austin Gunn surprised Anthony Ogogo with a shotgun dropkick! He hammered away at Ogogo and then swept his leg out from under him! Gunn went for a hip toss but Ogogo pulverized him with his toxic hook!

“Cody is looking on at ringside. He needs to be wary of that vicious gut punch. That could be the difference maker at DOUBLE OR NOTHING,” noted Tony Schiavone.

Gunn tried to get to his feet but Ogogo found him with another gut punch! Gunn was bleeding from the mouth! Ogogo lifted Austin Gunn off his feet and then drilled him with another strike! The referee stopped the match as Gunn was no longer able to defend himself.

“That is a lethal weapon—those hands,” said Jim Ross.

Backstage Alex Marvez was standing by with Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian of SCU.

Marvez asked what the future held for Christopher Daniels. “The Fallen Angel” didn’t say a word to Marvez and shook Frankie’s hand. Daniels whispered something into Frankie’s ear, patted him on the shoulder, and then walked off.

Frankie Kazarian: “I’m going to hunt down every member of The Elite. You’re going to learn about loss. You’re going to learn what it feels like to get your heart ripped out of your chest. Right now, you are looking at a bomb that you can’t diffuse and a gun that you can’t unload. That is not a promise. That is not a threat. That’s the gospel according to Frankie Kazarian.”

TNT Champion “The Best Man” Miro came out to the ring.

“Now you know. Now you know it doesn’t matter if you’re the baddest man on Earth, or the hottest thing in AEW, if you have what I want, it’s done. Darby Allin you disrespected me. It’s okay, I forgive you. I’m a reasonable man. All you have to do is go home. Make another one of your gritty student videos.”

The fans chanted “We want Darby.”

Miro held up the TNT championship and said, “Here’s your Darby right here.”

Miro said he is going to defend the championship next Friday on DYNAMITE.

“The MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer stormed out onto the ramp with Jake “The Snake” Roberts. “Miro, shut the hell up. I’ll be damned if I don’t walk out May 30th the new TNT Champion,” said Archer.

But first, next Friday it’ll be TNT Champion Miro vs. Dante Martin!

*Also, Joey Janela vs. “Hangman” Adam Page!

*The Weigh-In for the Anthony Ogogo/Cody Rhodes DOUBLE OR NOTHING match!

*And Jade Cargill has issued an open challenge for any opponent to step into the ring with her next week!

*Plus, AEW Presents “A Celebration of the Inner Circle”!

*Dark Order’s Evil Uno & Stu Grayson vs. Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page!

*Darby Allin (with Sting) vs. Cezar Bononi (with Ryan Nemeth)!

*And AEW will honor Hikaru Shida’s one year anniversary as AEW Women’s World Champion!

*Orange Cassidy will respond to Kenny Omega’s offer to defer his DOUBLE OR NOTHING title shot!

All happening next week on DYNAMITE on a special day and time on TNT—live on Friday, May 28th at 10/9c!

It was time for our main event of the evening and the AEW Tag Team Championship is on the line!

AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks—Matt & Nick Jackson (with Don Callis) vs. Varsity Blonds—Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman, Jr. (with Julia Hart)!

Don Callis joined the commentary team for this match.

Garrison delivered a thunderous boot to Nick Jackson to begin the match! Matt tagged in and he was used like a Ping-Pong back and forth between Garrison and Pillman! The Varsity Blonds hit stereo dropkicks on the Bucks! Pillman hip tossed Matt and then used an arm drag on him.

“I think your team is a little off tonight, Don,” said Jim Ross.

The momentum quickly shifted as the Bucks used innovative tandem offense on the Varsity Blonds. Nick walked the top rope and stomped onto Pillman on the ramp and then followed up with a splash onto Garrison!

Brian Pillman took down Nick Jackson with a crossbody block! Griff tagged in and cleaned house on the Bucks!

“Griff’s a really good athlete and he’s 6’4’’,” said Jim Ross.

Garrison jumped over the top rope and splashed down onto The Young Bucks on the outside of the ring!

“Look at the height he got on that leap,” said Tony Schiavone.

“This kid has everything you look for in a young athlete,” noted Don Callis.

Inside the ring, Pillman connected with a flying clothesline on Matt Jackson. The Varsity Blonds were looking for the powerbomb finisher, but Nick Jackson stopped Pillman in his tracks on the top rope. The Bucks had it scouted!

Matt Jackson suplexed Pillman off the second turnbuckle. The Bucks took turns kicking Pillman in the spine! After a blind tag, Matt Jackson applied the scorpion deathlock on Pillman. From the outside, Nick Jackson blinded Pillman with the cold freeze spray! Matt Jackson had another can of spray from Brandon Cutler and he sprayed Julia Hart with it! Pillman rolled up Matt in a small package for a near fall!

Pillman tried for a thrust kick but Matt Jackson swept out his leg and applied the scorpion deathlock again! Nick Jackson used a face buster on Pillman! Matt still had the scorpion deathlock applied and Pillman tapped!

“The Varsity Blonds wrestled the match of their lives,” said Excalibur.

As the Bucks were celebrating their successful title defense, Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston entered the ring undetected!

“Moxley and Kingston just stomping and biting The Young Bucks!” said Excalibur.

Moxley locked in his sleeper hold on Matt Jackson! Kingston applied one of his own on Nick Jackson!

“The Young Bucks are out!” said Excalibur.

“This undefeated team of Moxley and Kingston has overwhelmed the world tag team champions. Both Nick and Matt are down,” added Tony Schiavone.

Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley stole the sneakers off The Young Bucks.

And Tony Schiavone broke the news that live on pay-per-view on Sunday, May 30th at DOUBLE OR NOTHING, it’ll be AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks defending against Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston!

*Be sure to catch AEW DYNAMITE next week on a special night and time on TNT—live on Friday, May 28th at 10/9c!

Don’t forget AEW DARK: ELEVATION every Monday at 7/6c and AEW DARK every Tuesday at 7/6c on the official AEW YouTube channel!


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