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Where Angels Fear To Tread...Moxley Meets Janela at Fyter Fest

The full quote from Alexander Pope's “An Essay on Criticism” may read “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”, but never mistake either Jon Moxley or Joey Janela for fools.

Risk Takers? Yes.

Crazy? Perhaps.

But certainly not fools...

Look at the career paths of each individual and it's fairly clear that neither man would be classified as an angel. Look at the violence that has pockmarked their careers at various points and it is clear as crystal that both Moxley and Janela are willing to go places very few would ever think to explore. It would even be safe to say that both wrestlers have experienced levels of success that far too many critics thought neither would ever see in their lives.

Each have taken personal and professional risks with their careers, and both have seen their fair share of blood, weapons, and barbed wire. They have shared opponents, traveled within the same promotions, but not until the closing moments of “Being The Elite Ep. 154” (Watch Here) have Joey Janela and Jon Moxley occupied the same space at the same time. No words exchanged, just a cigarette lit, a cigarette hit, and a cigarette stolen simply to be discarded.

The look on Joey's face said it all; the excitement there seemed to be when he first walked into that room rapidly fading into a look of disgust and anger.

So it was on May 28th that the announcement was made; one month later, June 29th as part of the “Fyter Fest” event in Daytona Beach, Moxley and Janela would step into the squared circle together for the first time ever. The question that must be asked though is what will these two men bring to the table that hot summer night?

This is a Jon Moxley unleashed for the first time in ages, and as anyone who has followed his career over the last fifteen years has seen, that can be a scary sight. This is a Joey Janela in, undoubtedly, the biggest fight of his near 15 year wrestling career, and on the highest profile stage he has ever competed. This is Joey's opportunity to prove himself against a man who has set the wrestling world ablaze in the last several months. Moxley is as hot now as he has ever been, carrying all the momentum of a bullet train, and “The Bad Boy” is standing on the tracks with a smile on his face, cigarette dangling from his lips like a 21st Century James Dean, looking forward to see what happens when they collide. You can almost picture the thought bubble over his head reading “This will be fun”...

As for Mox, well we don't need to imagine his thoughts, he shared them with the world on June 5th during Episode 1 of “The Road to Fyter Fest” (Watch Here). “Like Amazon Prime for head trauma...” was just one way Jon Moxley chose to describe what will occur on 6/28 when the bell rings and Joey becomes his “...enemy for the duration”. The warning is clear, the message to Joey pretty straight forward when Moxley says “...make sure you're sure you want to become my enemy.”

If “Double or Nothing” was the statement Moment for Moxley, this is no doubt the statement Match for both men and it goes down at “Fyter Fest” on Saturday June 29th in Daytona.

There are a few, extremely limited tickets left on Ticketmaster, but if you can't be there live, don't you worry and don't you fret because fans can catch all the action as it happens ABSOLUTELY FREE on B/R Live (Link To Watch) starting at 8pm EST! It's Moxley vs. Janela, the debut of Darby Allin against Cody, Michael Nakazawa vs. Alex Jebailey in a Hardcore Match, The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega vs. The Lucha Bros & A Mystery Partner, and more!!!


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