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AEW Dynamite: Holiday Bash Preview for December 22, 2021

DYNAMITE: HOLIDAY BASH (Buy Tickets) emanates from Greensboro, NC and the legendary Coliseum this Wednesday night on TNT! Sting returns there for the first time in 27 years to team with Darby and Punk to fight MJF and FTR in Trios action, Malakai Black contends with a vengeful Griff Garrison, Orange Cassidy and Adam Cole go head-to-head, and the Semi-Final round of the TBS Women's Title Tournament gets underway!

DYNAMITE: HOLIDAY BASH begins at 8pm EST/7pm CST on TNT, and at for our international audience, this Wednesday night LIVE from Greensboro, NC (Buy Tickets)! But the AEW action begins prior to that at the official AEW YouTube channel with the latest DARK: ELEVATION, AEW DARK, and ROAD TO editions to get you ready for the explosive action!


CM Punk, Darby Allin, & Sting


The Pinnacle (Cash Wheeler, Dax Harwood, 3x Dynamite Diamond Ring Winner MJF)

Darby Allin and Sting did their dance with FTR back at DYNAMITE: GRAND SLAM three months ago, and emerged victorious over the former AEW World Tag Team Champions. But that loss there, that doesn't mean Cash and Dax were necessarily done with the painted pair, and their Pinnacle affiliation with Maxwell Jacob Friedman, given his own issues with Allin and “The Icon”, pretty much solidified the inevitability of a return collision.

As for MJF and CM Punk, now those two have been engaged in a war of words for several weeks now that has gotten downright vicious in content, and nearly got physical last week following Max's third consecutive Dynamite Diamond Ring victory. As seen in the video above, The Pinnacle's celebration turned into Sting and Darby gunning for payback which once again turned into a 3-on-2 assault after Max drilled Sting, from behind of course, right in the nether regions.

It was only the timely arrival of “The Best In The World” that dispersed The Pinnacle, the baseball bat Punk hit the ring wielding certainly helped the situation, and has now brought us to this Trios match between MJF, Cash, Dax and a threesome no one could have ever seen coming together at the start of 2021!

Can MJF, with the help of FTR, continue on this roll he has been on since beating Darby at FULL GEAR 2021? Or will it be the newborn unit of Punk, Darby, and Sting who head into the holidays with a victory under their belt?


“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose vs. “The Runaway” Ruby Soho


The Semi-Finals of the TBS Women's Title Tournament get underway this Wednesday night during HOLIDAY BASH, and given the violence that's already occurred between these two fighters, this bout is likely to be explosive!

Even before these two women were slated to face one another, after Ruby had already advanced to the Quarter-Finals, they squared off in a tag team battle with Emi Sakura and Ryo Mizunami as their respective partners. Soho and Ryo scored the victory on that ELEVATION evening, but “The Native Beast” came a-hunting one month later after “The Runaway” beat Kris Statlander to advance to the Semi-Finals. That victory solidified a collision between Nyla and Ruby, but rather than waiting for the match to be set, the former AEW Women's World Champion had Vicki Guerrero distract Statlander while she left a battered Ruby Soho laying in the ring.

Now with the TBS Title so close for each of these women, they will lock horns on Wednesday to see who will advance to the finals. The advantages each fighter possesses over the other are quite evident, the speed advantage, the power advantage, etc, but the heart factor is one thing not evident to the naked eye. That is clearly in the favor of Ruby Soho; Nyla has anger and rage to motivate her, that burns hot and strong, but isn't sustainable (although “The Native Beast” may argue otherwise). Ruby has that heart, something that only gets stronger and more powerful through a fight, something that motivates one to continue on even when the odds seem insurmountable.

Heart versus Hate; Nyla Rose versus Ruby Soho; the TBS Women's Title Finals draw nigh...


Adam Cole vs. “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy

And speaking of hate; there is certainly a fair bit of that stemming from Adam Cole and aimed in the direction of Orange Cassidy. Cole's words in the CONTROL CENTER video at the bottom of the page are familiar ones to the ears of OC, the statement that he makes “a mockery of pro wrestling” is something “Freshly Squeezed” has heard numerous times throughout his career. He heard it on the indies, and he has heard it from his fellows in the AEW locker room; it is nothing new, nor is the fact it usually comes from the wrestlers he has beaten and embarrassed in the process.

Did it feel like a mockery of pro wrestling for Matt Jackson when he ate an Orange Punch across the chin last Friday night on RAMPAGE? Did Chris Jericho feel like OC made a mockery of pro wrestling when he beat the former AEW World Champion two times last year? Did PAC think that when Cassidy took him to a limit nearly two years ago at REVOLUTION 2020? Kenny Omega? Matt Hardy? Penta? Cody?

No, each and every single one of those people, whether OC won, lost, or took them to a draw, he showed them all just how much of a threat he is once that bell rings. Regardless of the foe or what style they bring to the table, Orange Cassidy has an adaptable bag of tricks developed over the last 17 years of competition, and the ability to get under the skin of virtually any opponent.

Clearly Adam Cole has been gotten to; as a matter of fact it's safe to say The SuperKliq as a whole has been triggered by The Best Friends/CHAOS contingent, and last week's loss certainly did not help matters either. That angry ranting version of Adam Cole needs to get a measure of vengeance, a common theme on the evening actually, but to do so he has to contend with one of the most well-rounded grapplers on the roster in Orange Cassidy. Will Cole make the same mistake as so many before him and underestimate all that “Freshly Squeezed” brings to the table?


Malakai Black vs. Griff Garrison

Nothing that Malakai Black does is random; no words he utters nor actions he takes are just something of the moment. Every step he has made in relation to Cody Rhodes, in relation to PAC, it all has been calculated with some larger purpose in mind. Whether that purpose was evident to the public eye was an entirely inconsequential matter to The Lord of The House Of Black, Malakai knows the reason, he knows his ends, and can likely justify any means to get there. Hence the moment captured in the above embedded tweet and the injury inflicted upon Julia Hart.

The fallout of that unprovoked assault, perhaps the intent of it in the first place, has driven a bit of a wedge between The Varsity Blonds as to how to handle their response. Pillman seems to want a more rational response, something less impulsive, while Griff wanted to jump straight into the fight and actually called out Malakai Black himself. Clearly Garrison wasn't of a mindset to listen to cooler heads, actually shoving Pillman out of the picture as he directed his words towards Malakai, but hopefully young Griff won't live to regret it all when he faces Black one-on-one during DYNAMITE: HOLIDAY BASH.

But this isn't the only plate Malakai Black seems to be spinning right now, just watch the video embedded below to see just what The House Of Black has unfolding inside its walls:


This Wednesday night, just a few days before Christmas, the AEW Women's World Champion and her BFF Tony Schiavone are apparently having a little party to celebrate the holiday! Will this mean some egg nog and Christmas cookies? Ugly sweaters and caroling? Stringing lights and the surprise arrival of some Cousin Eddie type relative? We will have to wait until DYNAMITE to find out, but suffice to say that Britt's last party, the Thanksgiving debacle when Baker found out about her Black Friday Deal match with Riho, was not exactly a festive occasion. Hopefully the Good Doctor's own personal holiday bash turns out better for her than the last!

The DYNAMITE: HOLIDAY BASH kicks off at 8pm EST/7pm CST on TNT, as well as on for our international audiences, and with it comes the return of “The Icon” Sting to Greensboro! It's the legend's first time back in the Greensboro Coliseum since 1994, and also a return to very location where Sting first became a top shelf player back in March 1988! With CM Punk and Darby Allin by his side, “The Icon” looks to teach The Pinnacle a lesson in respect and humility! Plus the first Semi-Final match in the TBS Women's Title Tournament will go down, Adam Cole and Griff Garrison are both looking for some revenge, and we will have ourselves a Holiday Party!

But before DYNAMITE kicks off, be sure to visit the official AEW YouTube channel for the latest editions of DARK: ELEVATION, AEW DARK, the CONTROL CENTER, and ROAD TO! Also, be sure to follow the official Twitter for breaking news, highlights from events AS THEY HAPPEN, the latest rankings and more!


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