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AEW Dynamite Results for April 13, 2022


Tonight’s episode of AEW DYNAMITE was broadcast live from the UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, LA!

Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, and Jim Ross were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

CM Punk vs. Penta Oscuro (with Alex Abrahantes)!

They had a stare down and then shoved one another. Neither Punk nor Penta would back down. Punk chopped and then Penta fired back an elbow strike. Things broke down and they traded a flurry of strikes!

Punk was looking for the GTS early but Penta Oscura countered and went for an ankle lock. Punk countered by sending Penta Oscura facefirst into the turnbuckle. Penta retaliated with a sling blade for a near fall on Punk.

Penta Oscuro kicked CM Punk in the quad and then threw him to the arena floor. Punk was waiting and jumped back into the ring—only to rocket himself to the outside onto Penta Oscuro with a tope suicida!

“This match could have huge ramifications in the top 5 ranking of AEW,” said Excalibur.

Punk slipped off the top rope, landing on his knee, and began writhing in pain. Penta Oscuro quickly went to work on Punk’s knee.

“All is not right with the world and CM Punk’s leg,” said Jim Ross.

Punk fired back with a hurracanrana off the top rope. He followed up with a rising knee strike to Penta Oscuro. Punk was trying for the GTS but Penta dropped elbows on Punk. Somehow Punk transitioned to the Anaconda Vice but Penta Oscuro managed to reach the ropes, forcing the ref to break the hold.

Punk and Penta Oscuro went toe to toe on the ring apron. Penta booted Punk in the midsection and tried to go for Fear Factor. Punk connected with a roundhouse kick to Penta Oscuro, knocking Penta back into the ring. Punk followed up with a springboard lariat.

Punk rocked Penta Oscuro with a rising knee strike in the corner. Punk hoisted up Penta Oscuro and went for the GTS but Penta blocked it! Penta drilled Punk with an enzaguri kick! Penta cradled Punk for a near fall.

Penta Oscuro knocked Punk silly with a kick. Punk caught Penta in midair and drilled him with the GTS for the pin!

“CM Punk scored the victory but at what cost. You can see Punk still clutching that left knee,” said Excalibur.

AEW World Tag Team Title Match!

Champs Jurassic Express—Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus (with Christian Cage) vs. reDRagon—Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly!

Jungle Boy dropkicked Bobby Fish, but Fish kicked at the inside of Jungle Boy’s knee. Kyle tagged in and put Jungle Boy in a headlock. Luchasaurus tagged in and put his boots to good use on Kyle O’Reilly!

Outside the ring, Bobby Fish used a dragon screw on Luchasaurus, chopping the big man down. ReDRagon used tandem offense on Luchasaurus in their corner. Jungle Boy tagged in and body slammed Bobby Fish. He hit a comebacker lariat on Kyle and then a tope suicida. And then Jungle Boy his a top suicida on Bobby Fish!

While Kyle distracted the ref, Fish yanked Jungle Boy’s arm and pulled him down, with Jungle Boy’s shoulder smashing into the edge of the ring! Luckily Luchasaurus cleaned house on ReDRagon with a double chokeslam and then a standing moonsault press on Kyle for a near fall!

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome! This is awesome!”

ReDRagon double teamed Jungle Boy and Kyle put Jungle Boy into a cross arm breaker! Jungle Boy reached the ropes with his foot and the ref broke up the hold. Bobby Fish hit an avalanche falcon arrow on Jungle Boy but Luchasaurus broke up the pinfall!

Kyle and Luchasaurus traded strikes. Jungle Boy DDT’ed Kyle! Luchasaurus cracked Fish with a tail whip! After their tandem finisher, Jungle Boy pinned Bobby Fish!

“Hard fought but well-deserved victory for the AEW Tag Team Champions here tonight,” said Excalibur.

ReDRagon attacked Jurassic Express with chairs from behind after the bell!

ROH and Triple A Tag Team Champions FTR—Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler—came out and confronted ReDRagon on the ramp!

The Blackpool Combat Club were backstage with Tony Schiavone.

They were fired up about their trios match against the Gunn Club this Friday on RAMPAGE!

“On Friday, the real work begins,” said Wheeler Yuta.

MJF (with Shawn Spears) vs. Captain Shawn Dean!

MJF blindsided Shawn Dean from behind. MJF grabbed Dean’s arm and whipped him into the turnbuckles. Backstage footage showed us that security was knocked out.

The fans chanted “We want Wardlow! We want Wardlow! We want Wardlow!”

MJF was ringside when Wardlow, dressed as AEW security, surprised MJF!

MJF ran off! Shawn Spears cracked Wardlow from behind with a steel chair but Wardlow shrugged it off! An army of security swarmed Wardlow! Because of the sea of security guards holding Wardlow back, MJF couldn’t get back into the ring.

MJF was counted out of the ring, and the winner was Captain Shawn Dean!

Trios Match!

The Jericho Appreciation Society—“The Influencer” Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia, & Jake Hager vs. “Mad King” Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz!

Jericho flipped off Santana at the start of the match. Santana connected with a stray punch to Jericho. Santana dropped big right hands-on Jericho. Santana connected with a big boot!

Kingston teed off on Garcia outside the ring while Ortiz went after Hager! Santana pursued Jericho but Santana caught Jericho and drilled him with forehead punches.

Hager flattened Ortiz back in the ring. Ortiz tried to even the odds with a dropkick to Hager’s knee. Garcia tagged in and used the ground and pound attack on Ortiz. Jericho tagged back in with a cocky cover on Ortiz but Ortiz pushed Jericho off.

Ortiz finally made the tag to Kingston, who then suplexed Garcia. Santana tagged in and hit the three amigos suplexes on Garcia! Santana followed up with a frog splash for a near fall on Garcia!

Kingston collided with Hager with a tope suicida! Santana jumped out of the ring! Ortiz wiped out Angelo Parker Matt Menard on the outside!

Kingston slapped Garcia and followed up with an exploder suplex! Jericho cracked Kingston in the back with Jericho’s baseball bat, unbeknownst to the ref, and then Garcia pinned Kinston!

The Jericho Appreciation Society used their numbers advantage and decimated Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz after the match!

Alex Marvez was backstage with MJF!

MJF: “I’m the pinnacle of professional wrestling but people want to laugh about what happened to me tonight. I don’t need sympathy because I have money.”

MJF said he was going to send Wardlow to slaughter…by The Butcher!

“The Problem” Marina Shafir (making her DYNAMITE debut) vs. Skye Blue!

Marina hurled Blue around with Judo throws. Marina chucked Blue to the mat.

“Marina making easy work of Skye Blue here,” said Excalibur.

TBS Champion Jade Cargill and “Smart” Mark Sterling were seen watching backstage.

Marina Shafir hurled Blue overhead. Marina hit Blue in the sternum with a palm strike. Marina locked Marina in a triangle and forced her to tap out!

Lexy Nair attempted to interview HOOK backstage about his first match on DYNAMITE next week!

“Smart” Mark Sterling and Tony Neese interrupted the interview. HOOK stood up and Sterling and Neese walked off. Danhausen tried to curse HOOK but again, it didn’t work!

FTW Champion “Absolute” Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs vs. “Limitless” Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland!

Swerve and Starks began the match for their respective teams. Starks quickly tagged out to Hobbs. Swerve ducked shots from Hobbs but then Hobbs shoulder blocked Swerve! Hobbs tossed Swerve with a fallaway slam. Starks tagged in, walked the ropes, and dropped an elbow onto Swerve.

Keith Lee tagged in and went for overhead chops but Starks ducked them. Swerve held back Starks while Lee connected with overhead chops! The sound of the chops echoed throughout the arena!

Swerve launched himself off the chest of Keith Lee and then backflipped onto Hobbs and Starks who were outside the ring! Hobbs got to his feet and shoulder tackled Swerve!

Back in the ring, Keith Lee manhandled Starks in the corner. Hobbs splashed Keith Lee from behind. Starks connected with a knee strike. Lee lifted Starks and hurled him at Hobbs! Swerve and Lee used a combination assault on Starks for a near fall!

Starks speared Swerve! Starks blasted Swerve with a flipping DDT for a two-count!

Hobbs and Lee faced off but Hobbs was an illegal man and the ref forced him out of the ring. Starks nailed Lee with a kick.

Taz walked out to the ring!

Hobbs blocked a tornado DDT from Starks but Starks speared Hobbs. Starks covered Lee but Swerve broke up the count with a 450 splash!

“This is awesome!” the fans chanted.

Taz grabbed Lee’s boot while the ref was distracted and then Hobbs planted Lee with the spinebuster. Hobbs pinned Keith Lee after the interference.

Tony Schiavone interviewed AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa backstage!

Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero interrupted them backstage with a cake. Thunder Rosa smashed the cake into Nyla’s face and then it broke down into a brawl!

ROH World TV Title Match!

Champ Minoru Suzuki vs. Samoa Joe!

Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt were ringside.

Joe and Suzuki traded hard palm strikes!

“This match is a chop fest!” said Jim Ross.

The fans chanted “This is awesome!”

Joe staggered Suzuki with a forearm to the jaw. Suzuki fired back with a forearm to Joe and Joe smiled!

Joe lured Suzuki in and used his 80lb weight advantage to drive Suzuki off his feet. Suzuki trapped Joe in the ropes with an arm bar! Joe was able to reverse the momentum and began to stretch Suzuki, putting all his weight on Suzuki.

Suzuki kicked Joe in the chest for a near fall. Suzuki was looking for the Gotch-style piledriver but instead decided for another chop fest with Joe! Suzuki ducked a chop but Joe came back with a side suplex.

Suzuki connected with a well-placed dropkick on Samoa Joe. Suzuki tried for the Gotch style piledriver but Joe backed out of it. Joe used his bulk to push Suzuki back into the turnbuckles. Joe nailed Suzuki with the muscle buster and pinned him!

Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal had a present for Joe…a middle finger! The lights went out in the arena! When the lights returned, Satnam Singh made his TV debut and rammed Joe into the steel ring steps! After Samoa Joe was softened up by Satnam Singh, Lethal and Dutt picked apart the new ROH TV champ! Lethal drilled Joe with the Lethal Injection!

“A despicable scene here tonight,” said Excalibur.

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh, PA!

This week’s RAMPAGE will be coming to you at a special start time of 7/6c on TNT and features AEW World Champion “Hangman” Adam Page taking on Adam Cole #BayBay in a Texas Death Match for the world title!

And don’t forget BATTLE OF THE BELTS II this Saturday at 8/7c on TNT!

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