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AEW Dynamite Results for February 23, 2022


Tonight’s episode of AEW DYNAMITE was broadcast live from the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, CT!

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, and Jim Ross were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

Tag Team Battle Royale!

Participants included:

-2point0—Jeff Parker & Matt Lee

-The Dark Order—Alex Reynolds & John Silver

-Private Party—Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen

-Gunn Club—Austin & Colten Gunn

-The Best Friends—Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta

-The Young Bucks—Matt & Nick Jackson

-The Butcher & The Blade

-Santana & Ortiz

-FTR—Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood

-ReDRagon—Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly

The winning team advances to REVOLUTION 2022 Title Match!

AEW World Tag Team Champs Jurassic Express, with Christian Cage, were watching the match unfold from the ramp.

The Blade shoved Alex Reynolds off the apron onto the floor, but then John Reynolds dumped the Blade over the top rope!

Ortiz eliminated Austin Gunn and then Santana hurled Colten to the outside.

“That was kind of a rookie mistake by the Gunn Club,” said Schiavone.

The Butcher blocked a swinging DDT from Trent and then suplexed Trent. The Butcher slugged away at Trent. Chuck Taylor lured in the Butcher, eliminating him over the top rope!

ReDRagon used their tandem offense to eliminate Chuck Taylor from the match. Private Party were eliminated right in front of a frustrated Matt Hardy.

“Hardy is walking out on Private Party once again,” said Excalibur.

Santana singlehandedly eliminated 2point0! FTR landed the Big Rig on John Silver! ReDRagon attacked FTR from behind. Nick Jackson nailed Trent with a running bulldog. FTR tossed Nick Jackson over the top, but Matt Jackson was still in the match. Santana clipped Matt Jackson from behind.

“Trent is taking some ungodly punishment in this match,” said Jim Ross.

Trent was almost eliminated but Orange Cassidy popped out, hoisting Trent on his shoulders and placing him back in the ring. Trent sent Bobby Fish over the top rope with a lariat!

Cash Wheeler was eliminated after interference from Tully Blanchard backfired! John Silver German Suplexed Matt Jackson and followed up with a straight jacket backstabber!

Trent and Santana had a stare down and the fans were on their feet! Trent and Santana picked right off from where they left off in the parking lot at Daily’s Place. Santana wiped out Trent with a discus lariat! Trent hung on after a pump kick from Santana. As Trent and Santana battled on the ring apron, Matt Jackson and Kyle O’Reilly charged at them and eliminated Trent and Santana!

Dax ate a series of knee strikes from Kyle. Dax struck back with a suplex. Dax stomped a mudhole into Kyle on the ring apron. Bobby Fish, who was previously eliminated, knocked Dax off the apron, eliminating him.

John Silver sent Matt for a ride with the Spin Doctor! Kyle and Matt double-teamed John Silver. Matt tossed Silver over, and in the process, Kyle snuck up from behind and eliminated Matt Jackson!

“Things seem to have broken down once again between the Young Bucks and ReDRagon,” said Excalibur.

AEW World Champion “Hangman” Adam Page stormed out to the ring! Page got revenge on ReDRagon after they blindsided him last week. Adam Cole sprinted to the ring but Page turned around and walloped him with punches! The Young Bucks walked out on ReDRagon, allowing “Hangman” Page to do as he pleased with ReDRagon.

Page grabbed a microphone: “Who’s ready for story time with Adam Page, baybay? Cole decided to come after the most prestigious prize in professional wrestler. Cole dug his own grave, and the better Adam will leave him there at REVOLUTION on March 6th on pay-per-view!”

MJF walked out to the ring!

MJF: “Guys I get it. I used to love CM Punk too. And I get that you guys want to boo me. I’m not the easiest person to like. Just give me an opportunity here. CM Punk showed a photograph last week and said for him it was just another Friday. For me it wasn’t. The fact of the matter is the only reason I got out of bed in the morning was I love professional wrestling. I love AEW. And that day meant everything to me.

“Let me go back to when I was 11 years old. I had severe ADHD. Every day for me in school was hell. I tried out for the football team. The next day I see jocks walking up to me in the hall and they look angry. And in their hands they’re holding rolls of quarters. And they all decided to throw quarters at me as hard as they could. I went home and I cried and I cried and I cried. But I realized today is Friday and I get to meet my hero CM Punk at an autograph signing.

“That day meant everything to me. And I made a promise to myself that day, I wasn’t going to be afraid to stick up for myself. I was going to become the best in the world. Fast forward to 2013. I had football scholarships coming for me, but I didn’t care, I just wanted to be just like CM Punk.

“January 2014 you leave me when I needed you most. When I believed in you. You left me. You left all of us. That’s when I realized that if the Best in the World couldn’t do it, how could I? So I packed my bags and went to college and buried my dreams.

“And I was scrolling on social media and I saw a photo of CM Punk shaking hands with Bryan Danielson. I made a promise to myself that day that I would become the best in the world in spite of CM Punk. I made a promise that I wouldn’t be a gutless coward like CM Punk. At REVOLUTION, you can choke me with the chain, you can make me bleed buckets, but I won’t quit. My name is MJF and I’m better than you and you know it!”

CM Punk walked out to the ring. “Is it true? Is it real?” Punk asked.

MJF, with a tear coming down his cheek, said it was true and walked off. CM Punk was left conflicted after MJF’s emotional speech.

Kings Of The Black Throne—Brody King & Malakai Black vs. Death Triangle—PAC & Penta El Zero Miedo (with Alex Abrahantes)!

Penta Oscuro (the dark and violent side of Penta El Zero Miedo) walked to the ring with a shovel.

PAC planted Black with a 450 splash for a near fall! Penta Oscuro tagged in and blasted Malakia Black with hard shots to the quads.

“The Bastard” PAC tagged back in but Black shoved him into the corner and Brody King tagged in. Brody nearly decapitated PAC with a clothesline. Brody took out both members of the opposition with a tope suicida!

Malakai Black stomped onto PAC with double knees and followed up with a German Suplex! Penta Oscuro hit a cross body off the top rope onto Brody King!

The Kings were looking for Dante’s Inferno but PAC made the save. PAC stagged Brody King with a pump kick to the jaw. PAC German Suplexed Brody King. Black made a blind tag and went for the mist on Penta Oscuro but Penta Oscuro covered Black’s mouth and rolled him up for the pin!

“Black swallowed his own mist and he’s choking on it,” said Excalibur.

Brody King pummeled Penta Oscuro after that match! Then he went after PAC!

Malakai Black brought the shovel into the ring.

The arena lights turned off and then Buddy Matthews appeared in the ring!

“This kid is awesome! If he signed with AEW, it’s a hell of a get,” said Jim Ross.

“He and Malakai have so much history between one another,” added Excalibur.

Buddy Matthews attacked Penta Oscuro and PAC!

Black commanded Buddy to smash Penta Oscuro’s face into the steel chair, and Buddy Matthews obeyed!

“Mad King” Eddie Kingston came out to confront “The Influencer” Chris Jericho!

A row of security guards lined up in the ring.

Jericho: “I arranged for the security to be here because I want us to be able to talk like men, not fight like common street thugs.”

Kingston: “Are you calling me a common street thug?”

Jericho: “Yes.”

Kingston: “I’m not a sports entertainer, Chris. This is a wrestling company. My man, go down the block.”

Jericho: “Eddie when I first heard you were coming to AEW, everyone was so excited. And I kept thinking, ‘Who the hell is Eddie Kingston?’ I thought they were talking about Eddie Edwards. And then I looked at you and realized I hadn’t heard of you because you looked like a jobber. But then I saw your match and heard you talk, I told you it wouldn’t be long before you’d be a huge babyface.”

Kingston: “What’s a babyface?”

Jericho: Everyone was so happy you overcame your issues when you signed with AEW at 38 years old. You didn’t make it to the big time until you were 38. I made the big time when I was 22 years old. By the time I was 38 I’d made millions of dollars. And you’re jealous because deep down inside you don’t believe you can ever be at my level, am I right?”

Kingston: “What do you want, a cookie for that? Because guess who doesn’t care. The only reason you main evented all those places is because I wasn’t there. I’m not like the rest of the carnies that lie. I’m going to be me till I die. And now you’re out here talking about this and that, and I’m tired of it.

“You know what Chris? I want a fight. How about it? Me and you at the pay-per-view. How about it? C’mon!”

Jericho: “You’re terrified to make it to the top. The mountain, the level that I live on, because if you did, you’d fall off. I know your family history. Your very first hero was your uncle and he was a failure. You believe in your father and he was a failure. And deep down inside you think you’re a failure as well.

“You can’t win the big one. And in this company, I am the big one in this company! If you want to challenge me at the pay-per-view at REVOLUTION, you’ve got it! But if you do manage to beat me, I swear to God, I will look you in the eye, shake your hand, because that means I will have helped you overcome your fear of success.”

Kingston: “Give me the Chris Jericho that was the first world champion in the company. Give me the Chris Jericho that your close friend Levesque hated. Because if you don’t, I’m going to eat you alive.”

Jericho: “I’ve gonna give you that Chris Jericho and so much more. And I can see it in your eyes, you don’t believe you can beat me, and your opinion deep down inside is the same opinion I have of you, you’re a loser and you can’t win the big won.”

Face Of The Revolution Qualifying Match!

FTW World Champion “Absolute” Ricky Starks (with Powerhouse Hobbs) vs. Dark Order’s Pres10 Vance!

Taz joined the commentary team for this match.

10 hit a shoulder tackle on Starks. Ricky jumped back at 10 with a shoulder block of his own. 10 planted Starks with a delayed vertical suplex!

10 clobbered Starks with a discus clothesline! 10 locked on a full nelson. Starks spun 10’s mask around, forcing 10 to let go of the hold. Starks speared 10 and then pinned him!

“Taz, you’ve got two men in the Face Of The Revolution Qualifying Match,” said Jim Ross.

TBS Championship Match!

Champ Jade Cargill (with “Smart” Mark Sterling) vs. The Bunny!

“The Bunny is looking to hand Jade her first career loss,” noted Excalibur.

“Jade is 27-0,” added Jim Ross.

Jade pump kicked the Bunny! Jade dropped her leg on the Bunny’s arm. The Bunny escaped a hammerlock and whiplashed Jade’s neck. The Bunny hit Jade with a Russian Leg Sweep on the arena floor right into the steel barricade!

“Big Money” Matt Hardy stormed out to the ring!

Jade hit a fallaway slam on the Bunny. She followed up with a big back elbow on the Bunny.

The Bunny rocked Jade with a big knee left. Bunny charged at Jade but Jade countered with a spinebuster! Matt Hardy tossed brass knux into the ring. Mark Sterling slid in the TBS Title! The Bunny punched at Jade with the knux but Jade blocked it with the championship belt!

Ref Aubrey Edwards had enough and ejected Sterling and Hardy!

Jade smashed the Bunny with Jaded and pinned her!

Jade: “I am 28-0. Soon to be 50-0. So the question is who’s next? Better yet: who’s left?”

Tay Conti walked onto the ramp with a mic in hand.

Tay: “I’m not just next. Actually I’m the one who’s going to beat your ass—”

Tay charged the ring but the Bunny grabbed her. Tay nailed the Bunny with the Tay-KO! Jade nearly knocked Tay’s block off with a pump kick! Anna Jay sprinted to the ring with a steel chair to even up the odds and Jade jumped out of the ring.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Daniel Garcia!

Danielson powered Garcia into the corner and clubbed him with a forearm. Garcia fired back with a chop! Danielson got the ground and pound game on Garcia.

Danielson nearly had the Le Bell Lock on Garcia but Garcia touched the ropes with his boot, forcing the ref to break the hold. Garcia chop blocked Danielson’s leg out from under him!

Outside the ring, Garcia swung Danielson’s leg into the steel ring post! Garcia brought Danielson back into the ring and worked him over with chops in the corner and then hit the dragon screw leg whip.

“Bryan Danielson is getting outwrestled by Garcia,” said Excalibur.

Garcia got suplexed to the outside by Danielson. “American Dragon” followed up with a running knee off the apron onto Garcia! Danielson blasted Garcia with a shotgun dropkick off the top rope!

Danielson wrenched back on Garcia’s leg with a leg lock! Garcia grabbed a leg lock at the same time. Danielson tiger suplexed Garcia and transitioned into Cattle Mutilation!

Garcia grabbed an ankle lock and then stomped on Danielson’s head. Danielson escaped and with their hands interlocked, they traded forearms.

Garcia tried for the dragon screw leg whip but Danielson countered with the triangle sleeper and choked Garcia out!

Danielson grabbed a mic after the match.

Danielson: “Garcia that was exactly what I wanted to see tonight.”

2point0 ambushed Danielson from behind!

Jon Moxley charged into the fray and wiped out 2point0. Garcia grabbed a chair and was about to waffle Mox from behind but Danielson stopped Garcia. Mox turned around and hit the Paradigm Shift on Garcia!

“This is awesome!” the fans chanted.

Danielson and Mox had a stare down!

Danielson: “So in order for us to fight together, we need to bleed together? You want a match at REVOLUTION, you’ve got it. But don’t be surprised if you’re the only person bleeding.”

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL!

Don’t miss AEW RAMPAGE this Friday at 10pm EST on TNT!

And remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling!


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