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AEW Dynamite Results for March 31, 2021


Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It's Wednesday night and you know what that means!

Tonight’s DYNAMITE kicked off with the AEW debut of Christian Cage!

It was Christian Cage vs. SCU’s Frankie Kazarian!

“One of the most highly anticipated debuts in AEW history…his return to the ring after a seven year layoff,” said Excalibur.

“He’s a hell of an asset for this company,” replied Jim Ross.

J.R. noted that Kazarian is 11-0 in 2021.

They locked up with a collar and elbow tie-up, feeling each other out. Cage went for a quick cover after a shoulder block. Frankie escaped a wrist lock after a flip and then a snap mare. Frankie Kazarian plowed into Christian Cage with an elbow, knocking him through the ropes and onto the entrance ramp. Christian Cage had to clear up the cobwebs after the shot. Kazarian wasted no time and backdropped him into the ring!

Kazarian hammered Christian Cage with a big right hands! Cage waited and then connected with a back elbow. Kazarian shoved Christian Cage from the top turnbuckle and down onto the arena floor! Kazarian worked over Christian Cage’s shoulder and neck with a submission.

“Christian Cage is fading,” said Excalibur, as Kazarian exerted more pressure, trying to put his opponent to sleep.

“Restricting the flow of blood to the brain can cause unconsciousness,” said Jim Ross.

Kazarian transitioned and dropped Cage right on his head for a very close near fall! Frankie grew frustrated and took the boots to Cage.

“We’re seeing a mean streak from Kazarian,” observed Tony Schiavone.

Jim Ross wondered if Christian Cage was suffering from ring rust.

Cage rallied back with a swinging DDT on Kazarian! Christian Cage blasted Kazarian with a diving European uppercut. The fans chanted “This is awesome!”

Kazarian attempted to apply a chicken wing but Christian Cage had it scouted and countered with elbows. Cage was looking for the Kill Switch but Kazarian countered. Cage got the better of the exchange with a reverse DDT on Frankie!

“This has been a clinic. Fundamental soundness on both sides,” said Jim Ross.

Kazarian caught Cage with the cross face chicken wing! Cage scooted over and found the ropes, forcing the ref to break the hold. Kazarian smashed onto Christian Cage with his big springboard leg drop! Cage kicked out at 2.99! Kazarian hoisted Cage onto the top turnbuckle, and hit nailed Cage with the flux capacitor! Again, Cage kicked out!

“Has Frankie Kazarian thrown his best shot?” wondered Excalibur.

Christian Cage flew high and crashed down onto Kazarian with a massive frog splash, and somehow Kazarian kicked out before the three-count!

“About as close as you can get without walking to the pay window with your hand out,” noted Jim Ross.

Christian Cage dodged Frankie Kazarian, sending him shoulder-first into the ring post! Christian Cage wrapped it up with a thunderous Kill Switch and pinned Kazarian!

A video package aired of Sting and TNT Champion Darby Allin. The champ told Matt Hardy that Hardy would have to earn his respect because his money didn’t mean s—t to him.

Highlights of Jade Cargill played. Jade Cargill said she knew she had Red Velvet shook. “You keep talking week after week because nobody can be me, because I am that woman, I am that bitch!”

In an Exhibition Match with special guest referee “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson, it was “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (with Dustin Rhodes & Billy) vs. his best friend QT Marshall!

The ring was surrounded by members of the Nightmare Factory who have trained under Cody and QT.

“Cody coming out with all the fanfare, QT coming out with none of it, but that’s really been QT’s story here in AEW. He’s the unsung hero,” said Excalibur.

In a show of sportsmanship, QT and Cody shook hands before the match. After they both crisscrossed the ring, Cody took down QT with two consecutive arm drags.

“Cody channeling Ricky Steamboat tonight with those beautiful arm drags,” said Jim Ross.

“We are seeing a great display of technical wrestling by two great technical wrestlers. QT is very underrated in his technical skills,” added Tony Schiavone.

Cody took QT down to the mat with a wristlock and could have stomped his boot on him but he showed restraint, as after all, this was an exhibition match between best friends. QT stood up and shoved Cody! “The American Nightmare” dropped down and caught QT with an uppercut. QT had an answer of his own with a high dropkick to Cody! QT worked over Cody’s injured shoulder.

“QT Marshall is going after Cody’s left shoulder. Cody told me earlier that the injury so far is nonsurgical in nature but…,” said Excalibur.

“But more of those arm whips from QT and it’ll be surgical in nature,” replied Tony Schiavone.

Cody knocked QT off his feet with an uppercut. QT got back to his feet and applied a hammerlock to Cody, pulling down on Cody’s shoulder. Cody turned the tables on Marshall and was about to apply the figure four leglock, but he released the hold. QT swung at Cody and Cody countered with a CrossRhodes but again, he let QT out of the hold before doing any damage to his friend.

QT stood up and slapped Cody in the face! Cody ducked a diving cross body from an overzealous QT Marshall, whose momentum rolled him out to the floor. Dustin Rhodes patted QT on the back but QT knocked Dustin’s hands off him. Cody held the ropes while QT returned to the ring and then whack!—QT suckered Arn Anderson with a cheap shot!

“Are you kidding me!? That’s repulsive!” said Jim Ross, as QT Marshall hopped out of the ring.

“I have no explanation for this. It looks like he understands what he did was wrong,” said Tony Schiavone.

The Nightmare Family jumped into the ring. Suddenly Aaron Solow hit Billy of The Gunn Club with a steel chair as Billy was checking on Arn Anderson! Ex-Olympian boxer Anthony Ogogo started clearing the ring of wrestlers, knocking Billy out of the ring with one of his devastating strikes! Aaron Solow was choking out Cody with the chair and then he struck Dustin Rhodes with it! Nick Comoroto, another student of the Nightmare Factory, grabbed Lee Johnson. QT Marshall motioned at the ring, instructing Comoroto to follow his command. Comoroto powerbombed “Big Shotty” Lee Johnson onto the entrance ramp! QT Marshall smiled with satisfaction. He walked over to Arn Anderson and crunched “The Enforcer’s” arm across the steel ring barricade!

“QT has poisoned his students’ minds,” said Tony Schiavone.

QT decimated Dustin Rhodes with a piledriver on the steel ring steps! QT ordered Comoroto, Solow, and Ogogo to get Cody! They held Cody back while Ogogo dropped Cody with a left strike! They rolled Cody up to QT Marshall, and before he could swing the chair at Cody’s arm, Red Velvet ran out, pleading QT to stop!

“It seems like she’s been able to reason with QT Marshall,” said Excalibur, at QT and his students walked away.

“I can’t believe what we have witnessed,” said Jim Ross.

“All Ego” Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky said they were going to take everything and anything they want and it starts this Monday as they team up to face Matt & Mike Sydal on AEW DARK: ELEVATION!

Dasha was backstage to interview Red Velvet, but Red Velvet was ambushed by Jade Cargill!

Up next: “The Purveyor of Violence” Jon Moxley vs. Cezar Bononi (with Ryan Nemeth & JD Drake)!

Neither man backed down from the other. Bononi got the first shot, but Mox came back with rapid-fire forearm strikes! Bononi tried to lift his boot but Mox countered with a dragon screw leg whip! Moxley stepped over in a single leg crab but Bononi powered out. Nemeth grabbed at Moxley’s boot and Bononi charged at Moxley with a cheap shot! Bononi suplexed Moxley for a near fall. JD Drake clotheslined Moxley on the floor.

Bononi had the advantage on Moxley after delivering two running clotheslines in the corner. Bononi charged the corner again with a knee but Mox moved! Bononi’s knee collided with the top turnbuckle pad. Moxley made up for lost time with rolling elbow strikes, followed by a running lariat. Mox grounded big Bononi with a German suplex!

“That is a lot of mass to move for Moxley,” said Excalibur.

Moxley set up Bononi on the top and hit a superplex. Moxley applied a cross arm breaker but JD Drake distracted referee Paul Turner. As the ref had his back turned, Nemeth jumped into the ring. Mox neutralized Nemeth with a Paradigm Shift DDT! Bononi grabbed Mox with a pump handle but Mox escaped and transitioned into the rear naked choke. Bononi dropped to the mat, losing consciousness, and the referee stopped the match. Your winner: Jon Moxley!

“He fought off three men to win that match, did Jon Moxley,” said Tony Schiavone.

MJF was backstage with The Pinnacle to give them their gift.

MJF introduced them to The Pinnacle’s personal stylist. He also said he got them an interior decorator to spruce up their backstage lounge area. MJF opened up the bathroom door and was shocked to find Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, and Santana and Ortiz waiting for him! MJF slammed the door, turned around and said to The Pinnacle that they all had to leave. MJF scurried to the exit, opened the door, and found Jake Hager waiting for him! The Inner Circle went to war with The Pinnacle, clubbing them with closed fists! The AEW television crew struggled to keep up with all the action! Sammy slammed the door on Shawn Spears’ head! Hager pancaked Wardlow through a massage table! Santana and Ortiz rammed Cash into the ice bath! Santana clubbed a bloodied Dax with a broken chair leg! Jericho took MJF’s head and gave him a swirlie face first in the toilet! Then Jericho rammed MJF into the refrigerator, shattering the glass on the door! “This is our dressing room, bitch,” said Jericho, as he poured out champagne on MJF.

“The Inner Circle is taking out the trash,” said Jim Ross.

Alex Marvez was backstage to interview The Young Bucks when Don Callis interrupted.

Nick Jackson walked away and then Callis ordered Marvez to leave. Callis said he didn’t know how to reach Matt, asking him if he was dead inside, and then he slapped him across the face!

Matt was furious and grabbed Don Callis by the collar. Matt finally relinquished.

“Is there anything inside you at all? You make me sick,” said Don Callis before walking away.

Next was a Trios Match!

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers—Anderson & Gallows (with Impact’s Don Callis) vs. The Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) & Laredo Kid!

As Omega and the Good Brothers were making their entrance, Laredo Kid was elevated over the top by Penta El Zero Miedo. Laredo Kid crashed down onto all three members of the opposing team! Rey Fenix walked the tightrope and moonsaulted onto the pile of men!

“There are bodies everywhere,” observed Tony Schiavone.

Don Callis joined the commentary team for this match.

Laredo Kid connected with a thrust kick onto Kenny’s jaw! Rey Fenix followed up with a thrust kick to Kenny too! Then Rey Fenix, Laredo Kid, and Penta El Zero Miedo hit triple thrust kicks on the AEW World Champ! Laredo Kid used a string of offense on Kenny Omega including two moonsaults for a near fall on Kenny Omega!

“The AEW Champion has not been able to get out of the blocks,” said Jim Ross.

Finally Omega exploded out of the corner, drove Laredo Kid down to the mat, and tagged in Gallows!

“So Kenny Omega took the best of what Laredo Kid had to offer and still came out on top,” said Callis.

After a distraction from Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows caught Laredo Kid with a massive roundhouse kick! Gallows pounded away at Laredo Kid with body shots. Anderson tagged in and used a backbreaker on Laredo Kid. Omega tagged in and used a sledgehammer shot on the shoulder of Laredo Kid. Gallows tagged in and dropped elbows as the team continued to isolate Laredo Kid in their corner. They triple splashed Laredo Kid!

“If I were the ref I would stop this match,” said Don Callis.

Laredo Kid finally caught a break, planting Gallows with a DDT! Laredo Kid made the tag to Penta El Zero Meido. He stormed in with a sling blade clothesline to Karl Anderson! Then he delivered one to Kenny Omega! Rey Fenix tagged in and blindsided Anderson and Omega with double cutters! Rey Fenix used a senton atomico onto Karl Anderson and went for the cover but Omega broke it up!

“I’ll say it again: Rey Fenix is absolutely amazing,” said Tony Schiavone.

Omega and the Good Brothers pulled the Lucha Brothers out of the ring and then went to town on Rey Fenix! They triple teamed Rey Fenix until Penta El Zero Meido saved his younger brother. Penta El Zero Miedo paid for it when they dumped him to the outside of the ring. Karl Anderson turned Rey Fenix inside out after a high running boot! The Good Brothers set up Rey Fenix for the Magic Killer but Penta El Zero Miedo made the save, and then he smashed Omega with a beautiful Canadian Destroyer! The pace turned up to an even higher gear here with both teams trading high risk maneuvers!

“This match has been offensibly nonstop,” said J.R.

Laredo Kick spring boarded from the top strand but Omega caught him with a powerbomb! He followed up with the V-trigger! Laredo Kid kicked out just in time! Omega attempted a One-Winged Angel but Laredo Kid countered and then blasted Omega with an absolutely tremendous tope suicida!

Back in the ring, the Good Brothers and the Lucha Bros slugged it out! Laredo Kid snatched up Omega and spiked him with a Michinoku Driver! Kenny kicked out!

“Omega is being pushed to the limit,” said Jim Ross.

Omega narrowly avoided a splash off the top from Laredo Kid. The champ followed up with the V-trigger!

“Kenny has seemingly had enough,” added Tony Schiavone.

After nailing Laredo Kid with a brutal One-Winged Angel, Kenny Omega pinned him!

Don Callis skipped down to the ring to help his team celebrate. Jon Moxley strolled out onto the ramp. The Young Bucks joined him out there! The Bucks and Moxley charged the ring and immediately Omega and the Good Brothers turned tail and ran!

“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose & The Bunny (with the Hardy Family Office & Vickie Guerrero) vs. AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida & Tay Conti (with Dark Order)!

Nyla and the Bunny charged Conti and Shida to start the match! Nyla forced Shida to the mat with a shoulder block! Shida sprung up and fired off strikes to Nyla Rose! “The Native Beast” stopped Shida in her tracks and then hit a big leg drop on the champ. The Bunny tagged in and pounded on Shida. The champ got the upper hand and applied an arm bar on The Bunny. She followed up with her patented driving knee strike onto The Bunny! Shida was distracted by matt Hardy just long enough to allow Nyla Rose to ambush her.

Back in the ring, Shida turned the tables and suplexed The Bunny onto Nyla Rose in the turnbuckles! Tay Conti tagged in and twirled The Bunny down hard onto the mat with Judo throws! She followed up with a bicycle knee strike on The Bunny! She clobbered The Bunny with a punt kick! Conti used a backbreaker on The Bunny directly in front of “Big Money” Matt Hardy. As “Big Money” moved forward toward Conti, the Dark Order saw enough and they charged at the Hardy Family Office! All hell broke loose on the outside of the ring!

Tay Conti avoided a clothesline attempt by The Bunny and blasted her with the Tay-KO! She covered The Bunny but Nyla Rose broke up the pin! Shida launched off the back of Conti with a knee strike to Nyla! Shida jumped to the outside on The Butcher and The Blade and Private Party but they caught her and held her up! Tay Conti saw this and jumped onto the pile, wiping them all out!

Inside the ring, The Bunny walloped Tay Conti with Shida’s kendo stick while Vickie Guerrero distracted ref Aubrey Edwards! The Bunny sent Conti “Down the Rabbit Hole” with his finisher and then pinned her for the victory!

Time for Arcade Anarchy!

Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy vs. “SuperBad” Kip Sabian (with Penelope Ford) and Miro!

“Freshly Squeezed” and “The Kentucky Gentleman” ran down the ramp and took the fight to their opponents! Miro used a fallaway slam on Chuckie T.! Orange Cassidy rammed Kip Sabian through the whack-a-mole machine! Out of nowhere Miro ran Cassidy over! Miro rammed Cassidy shoulder-first into the steel post and then body slammed him.

Miro propped up a barricade and placed it onto another. Chuck Taylor tried to prevent more damage on Orange Cassidy and smashed Miro with a leaping forearm, but Miro responded by suplexing Taylor onto the barricade!

Miro brought a steel chair into the ring and set it up in the corner turnbuckles. Miro rammed Orange into the chair! Chuck Taylor jumped off the Mortal Kombat machine and landed on Miro! Orange Cassidy rang Miro’s bell with a garbage can lid. Chuck Taylor swung a kendo stick at Miro!

“It’s all legal,” said Jim Ross.

Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor used the barricade as a battering ram on “The Best Man” Miro! Kip Sabian came to the aid of Miro and rocked Orange Cassidy with a running shotgun dropkick! Sabian suplexed Chuck Taylor onto the arena floor!

Chuck Taylor grabbed a plush Teddy Bear and then ripped it open, spilling Legos onto the mat! Before Chuck could use those colorful building blocks to his advantage, Kip Sabian powerbombed him onto the Legos!

“Nothing is as unforgiving as a Lego,” said Tony Schiavone.

Orange Cassidy ran in with a Beach Break on Kip Sabian for a near fall! Cassidy followed up with the Orange Punch, dropping Sabian. Cassidy tried to pin Kip but Penelope Ford pulled ref Aubrey Edwards outside the ring! Orange rolled to the outside where Penelope kicked him with a low blow. Penelope pulled off her belt and was about to whip Orange Cassidy. Kris Statlander—“The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien—popped out of the prize crane machine and shoved Penelope Ford!

“Kris Statlander is back for the first time in months!” said Tony Schiavone.

Statlander dropped Ford off the apron, the two of them crashing through the air hockey table! Miro swung a chair at Cassidy and Taylor! Trent’s mom Sue pulled up in the van. Trent returned! The Best Friends are reunited!

The Best Friends clubbed Miro, making him pay up for lost time!

“They’re just ping ponging Miro back and forth,” said Excalibur.

Miro bludgeoned back and then struck with thrust kicks! Trent clubbed at Miro with forearms!

“There’s not a man on this roster that Miro can’t manhandle,” said Jim Ross.

Miro waved to Sue and then approached the minivan. Trent came to his mom’s rescue. Miro chucked an arcade machine at Trent but Trent dodged it! Trent cracked Miro in the head with a chair! Trent speared Miro through a table! Chuck Taylor grabbed Kip Sabian and jumped off the stage with a running powerslam through the stage below! Chuck Taylor pinned Kip Sabian!

“Arcade Anarchy lived up to the name. This was absolutely insane. What a main event here on DYNAMITE,” said Excalibur.

Be sure to catch AEW DYNAMITE next Wednesday live on TNT!


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