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AEW Rampage Holiday Bash 2022 Results for December 23, 2022


Tonight’s AEW RAMPAGE: Holiday Bash was broadcast from the historic Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, TX!

It’s Friday and you know what that means!

Tonight’s announce team was Chris Jericho, Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Jim Ross.

$300,000 Three Kings Christmas Casino Trios Royale!

Participants included:

-AR Fox & Top Flight—Dante Martin & Darius Martin

-Ari Daivari & Varsity Athletes—Josh Woods & Tony Nese

-Best Friends—Chuck Taylor, Trent, & Orange Cassidy

-Blackpool Combat Club’s Claudio Castagnoli, Jon Moxley, & Wheeler Yuta

-Dark Order—Alex Reynolds, Evil Uno, & John Silver

-Kip Sabian and The Butcher & The Blade

-LFI—Dralistico, Preston Vance, & Rush

-Spanish Announce Project—Angelico, Luther, & Serpentico!

“We’re kicking things off with eight teams competing for their share of $300,000,” said Excalibur.

“For a team to be eliminated, all three members must be thrown over the top rope,” added Chris Jericho.

Rush wrapped the TV camera cord around Orange’s neck and began to pull back. Preston Vance planted Chuck Taylor with a spinebuster.

The Blackpool Combat Club came out next and entered the ring like a wrecking ball! Kip Sabian stomped on Orange Cassidy in the corner.

“The Rampage brand is growing each and every week,” said Jim Ross.

Dark Order entered the fray next! They charged right at Preston Vance, their former partner.

“Vance deserves this beat down,” said Excalibur.

Orange Cassidy jumped off the top rope with a crossbody press but was caught by Claudio, Evil Uno, and Alex Reynolds! Orange escaped and landed on his feet but was blindsided by the Blade.

Kip Sabian eliminated Orange Cassidy and the two men brawled on the ramp!

“This is a personal fight between the two of them,” said Jericho.

The Spanish Announce Project entered the match next. Luther used Serpentico as a weapon. Claudio eliminated Angelico. John Silver tossed Serpentico over the top rope but was eliminated himself by Rush.

Claudio hurled Luther over the top rope. “Smart” Mark Sterling came to the ring with Ari Daivari and the Varsity Athletes—Josh Woods & Tony Nese next.

Rush suplexed Yuta right into the turnbuckles and followed up with the Bull’s Horns. He eliminated Wheeler. Preston rocked Serpentico and threw him over the top rope.

The final team was AR Fox and Top Flight. The tripled up on Trent with their offense.

“This trio looks good right out of the gate,” said Jericho.

Dante eliminated Josh Woods. Darius launched Tony Nese out of the ring next. Trent spiked Butcher with a piledriver on the apron and eliminated Butcher, but then Rush knocked Trent to the floor.

Claudio blasted Rush with European Uppercuts. Claudio battered Rush on the ring apron and then cracked Rush out of the ring. Mox wiped out AR Fox.

Claudio and Mox duked it out in the center of the ring with Top Flight! “Hangman” Adam Page jumped into the ring and began to brawl with Moxley until AEW Security separated the two men!

“I don’t think Page is cleared to fight,” said Jim Ross.

In the fray, Mox was eliminated and he and Hangman kept fighting outside the ring! Claudio manhandled Top Flight by himself! Darius rocked Claudio with a flatliner. Top Flight tried to throw Claudio out of the ring but he battled back.

Darius landed a thrust kick on Claudio. Using team work, Top Flight eliminated Claudio with an assisted hurracanrana! Your winners: AR Fox and Top Flight!

Up next: “Mad King” Eddie Kingston and Ortiz made their way to the ring!

Kingston: “Lately we’ve been seeing the House of Black come out here and beat everybody up. Last time I saw them they dropped my man. House of Black—we sent the contract to you but you didn’t sign it. I want to fight you guys now!

“So House of Black—let’s go. I am not waiting!”

The lights turned off! Julia Hart stood on the ramp and pointed to the giant screen, were the House of Black appeared with a message.

Malakai Black: “All in due time. However, Eddie, I was thinking, if the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then if the friend of my enemy is influence by me, would he then be his enemy to? Interesting, right?”

In the ring, Kingston questioned the friendship of Ortiz, after what Malakai Black insinuated.

Renee Paquette interviewed Danial Garcia and Sammy Garcia backstage.

Garcia: “Sammy I don’t like anything about you. But if Chris Jericho thinks we should be together, because I’m a professional and a team player, I’m willing to do it.”

Sammy: “You’re a professional tight ass. You know what you need? You need a hug. We’re a family and as the new year approaches, we’re going to do great things together, you and me. Merry Christmas, brother.”

TBS Championship Eliminator Match!

TBS Champion Jade Cargill (with The Baddies—Red Velvet & Leila Grey) vs. Vertvixen!

Jade quickly flattened Vertvixen to the mat. Jade pummeled Vertvixen in the corner and then scoop slammed her.

Jade charged into the corner but Vertvixen slipped out of the corner. Jade blasted Vertvixen with a pump kick and then pinned Vertvixen.

“Didn’t even need Jaded,” said Jim Ross.

Main Event Time!

The Acclaimed’s Anthony Bowens & Daddy Ass (with Max Caster) vs. Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett (with Satnam Singh & Sonjay Dutt)!

Lethal attempted the figure four but Bowens countered with an inside cradle. Bowens connected with a thrust kick. Daddy Ass tagged in, as did Jeff Jarrett. Daddy Ass was taken off his feet from a back elbow. Jarrett strutted across the ring but turned around to a hard clothesline from Billy Gunn.

Lethal jumped off the top rope looking for a double sledge, but Billy countered it and tagged in Bowens. They dropped a double elbow on Lethal for a near fall.

Lethal nailed Bowens with the Lethal Combination. Double J tagged in and started to stomp on Bowens.

Bowens rocked Jarrett with a thrust kick and tagged out to Daddy Ass. Billy took out his frustrations on Lethal and Jarrett. Lethal tried for the Lethal Injection but Billy countered and planted Lethal for a near fall.

Jarrett grabbed Bowens with the Stroke in the center of the ring! Billy sent Jeff flying to the outside. Sonjay smashed Billy with a low blow while the ref was distracted. Lethal took advantage and seized the opportunity to hit the Lethal Injection on Daddy Ass! Lethal scored the pin on Daddy Ass!

“They’re red-hot right now, even though they won it by these means,” said Schiavone.

Catch AEW DYNAMITE: New Year’s Smash on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from the 1stBank Center in Broomfield, CO!

And remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling!

Happy Holidays!


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