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MJF Is Back!

MJF’s music hit! MJF stormed down to the ring! MJF looked down at the Devil mask that Adam Cole had dropped on the mat. 

Adam Cole wanted a hug from MJF. MJF agreed to a hug and then kicked Cole with a low blow. MJF spiked Cole with a brain buster!

“Well, MJF is back!” said Taz.

“And he looks great!” added Schiavone.

MJF: “Adam Cole, you SOB, did I hurt the baybay? Tough! Someone get him out of this ring. Cole, I gave you something I’ve never given anybody else before: trust. And thanks to you, that’s never happening again. 

“He didn’t take out MJF. All he did was wake him up. Now I remember exactly who the hell I am. I’m the greatest wrestler on God’s green Earth. My name is MJF and I’m better than you and you know it. But why is that? Unlike Adam Cole and all those schmucks in the back, I don’t need a New Japan or a Vince McMahon to make MJF because MJF made MJF!

“So back to the Salt of the Earth. No more ha-ha, no more friendships, no more kangaroo kicks, no more bullshit! Back to being driven by what I’m being driven by best. I’m talking hate, hate, hate! And when your boy is driven by hate, nobody is safe.”

MJF picked up the Devil mask.

MJF: “And you see this stupid mask? Masks are adorned by cowards who want to hide. I’m done hiding and apologizing. I’m the best and no one is more complete than me. I don’t need a mask to prove that no one is on the level of the devil. So, this stupid, goofy mask that symbolizes the tail end of 2023, this dumb mask and everything it symbolizes can go straight to hell!

“I’ve been betting on myself since day one. I’m all in, double or nothing. So, in regard to my contract status, if it wasn’t already painfully obvious, to quote one of the all time greats, may he rest in peace, camera man, zoom in.”

MJF revealed a tattoo on the back of his leg that said “Bet On Yourself” with an AEW poker chip!

MJF: “When it comes to MJF in AEW, you can call me the Wolf of Wrestling because I’m not leaving!”


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